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Grow an Online Business - A fun weekly podcast about how to start an online business for yourself.

Grow an Online Business - A fun weekly podcast about how to start an online business for yourself.

By Aaron Jarrels
This podcast is going to be the telling of the real-time story. One of taking a startup online business from absolute zero to either success or failure. Follow along as he uses and shares the techniques, tips, and advice to grow an online business yourself. Learn how to develop a brand, engage and grow an audience with your unique story, build an email list, and connect with others in a way that truly resonates with them. Join Aaron Jarrels as he helps ordinary people grow extraordinary online businesses. Join the community and learn many of the ways you can earn money online helping others.
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Week Ending 14-Expectancy Theory

Grow an Online Business - A fun weekly podcast about how to start an online business for yourself.

Week Ending 14-Expectancy Theory

Grow an Online Business - A fun weekly podcast about how to start an online business for yourself.

S4 E2 We are Regrouping
Let me start off by saying thank you to all of our listeners and supporters. I have had a great time doing this podcast this last year. But now for the exciting news: We are getting ready for an amazing Season 4. We are getting ready to rebrand the podcast and take this thing to a whole new level. Stay tuned for our return to the podcast in November 2021. We are taking the next month off to regroup and prepare for the next big thing. We are excited to be relaunching the Podcast as the Build Your Online Business Podcast. Please stay tuned for the website address for the newest evolution of the brand and business. We are hoping to help more startups and first-time online business builders in 2022.  For now, you can visit our FB Group at Grow an Online Business
August 30, 2021
S4 E1 Not What I thought
This is not what I thought I was going to be launching for season 4. Season 4 is going to be a transition season for documenting the process of converting Grow an Online Business to Build Your Online Business. Each week I/we will be discussing the progress, process, and steps we go through while we transition and relaunch the business in its new form. We are so excited to be able to give everyone the birds-eye view of us putting together, organizing, and expanding the brand. Please come back each week and share this with everyone you know who could benefit from the podcast or our mission. Find us on Facebook at Grow an Online Business
August 23, 2021
S3 E13 GOAB Season 3 Wrap-up
This is the final episode for season 3 of Grow an Online Business. We have big plans in the works for next year. Watch for the first evolution into BYOB Build Your Online Business. As we continue to grow, we want to continue to keep the personal contact with our group members, listeners, and fellow online business builders. We will be launching our new BYOB website to give you easier and faster access to hardware, software, tips, walk-throughs, and answers to the questions you have about building your own online business.
August 16, 2021
S3 E12 Brainstorming
Never Stop Brainstorming The power of brainstorming cannot be oversold. It is how new ideas are brought into reality. You can brainstorm by yourself, but some of the best ideas come from groups of people because of misheard ideas and spurred concepts from seemingly bad ideas. For those who are looking for a little help brainstorming, we are going to do a little bit of online live help for a few of our listeners and group members. We are growing our group on Facebook. Come by and check out the Grow an Online Business Group. Week  Ending Report I am having trouble with my GA. It has 2 of my websites crossed. It shows views on pages from a different website. I am guessing that it is down anyway, but I am not even going to post the numbers this week. I am going to try and get it straightened out this week. Come give the webpage a look at Broken Moon Media. I would also like any help with topics for using media to grow your business that you would like to read about.
August 09, 2021
S3 E11 Coffee Subscription Launch
The Coffee Subscription launch is all set for Aug 15th. It has been a fun journey watching as CJ and his team put together a coffee subscription business. It is finally ready to ship and deliver it's first batches of fresh brewed coffee. Tasty Sample: I was privileged enough to get a small sample of the first tester batch of coffee. It was smooth and rich without any acidity. It was fresh and fruity with deep flavor without having to be burnt. It was a welcome change from the swill I have been having to drink. I am looking forward to getting it freshly delivered every two weeks. If you have been listening this season then you are aware of the coffee subscription business we have been following this season. It is almost ready. Be sure to check out the website here at Roast of the Week. Week Ending: Strangely this week was much better- Users up 9.1% to 36, Sessions consistent at 39, Bounce Rate up 46.2% to 48.72, Session Duration up 49.2% to 3m-39s. I am not sure I believe this increase is accurate, but here we are, I'm just reporting the numbers. I'll keep you posted. Check out the site for yourself at Broken Moon Media.
August 02, 2021
S3 E10 How to Use Your Website
Having a website is not enough, you need to know how to use your website to make money. We sometimes forget that a website is a tool for leading people. We need to keep it working and directing people where we are trying to send them. Either in a effort to help them, teach them something, solve a problem, or whatever. Keep in mind the purpose of your website.use it for what is is for. Be sure to add content to it and keep the pages current, up to date , and all links working properly. SEO is an ongoing effort. Each time the algorithm changes, you need to adjust your site to keep it search engine friendly. Week Ending: What a dismal week. Google Analytics has changed the way they measure things, so there is no comparison by percentage of week over week. That being said, I only got 7 to the site this week, and average engagement time dropped to only 17 seconds. It seems I am being punished for something I didn't do. But that's the way things go i guess. I'll try harder next week.
July 26, 2021
S3 E9 Make Better Decisions
How to Make Better Decisions making decisions can be difficult. Having a system to make things easier is a must in today's world. We can spend too much time deliberating over decisions that could be easy. Find out how easy making decisions can be with this ingenious technique.  2 of 3 Means Go! By having two of the three deciding measures, you can quickly make decisions. The art of deciding is important. The most successful people do not waste time deliberating on what to do, they make a decision quickly and give it their best. The truth is there is no way to judge a decision before it is made. The results of the decision are often how we judge ourselves and our decision making ability.  Successful people however, decide quickly and if they fail, they consider it a lesson, if they succeed just another feather in their cap. When you must make a decision, there are three possibilities,the first is you choose wrong. The second is you choose the best answer. The last is you take so long to decide you either do not choose anything at all or by the time you do choose either answer is about the same.  The Early Bird Gets the Worm Have you noticed that it seems that the most successful people make snap decisions. The reason is very often, they have a fast way to come to a choice. The new technique should turn you into a rapid decision maker, and guess what, you will make better choices every time. So much of life is confidence, as you begin to choose faster you will become more confident in your choices. This will make choosing become easier, and you will be less emotionally attached or invested in your choices. So even when a choice did not result in the best case scenario, you won't mind near as much as if you had invested a lot of time and effort making the decision. Week Ending Not too bad this week. Not great yet, but I'm confident that the site will settle in and traffic will increase. Users stayed the same this week 17, New Users increased 6.6% to 17, Average engagement time went up 923.3% to 51 seconds. I still have not put much time into the site, I did add a couple backlinks to the website, but no new articles. Check it out at Broken Moon Media. Come Join the Fun in Our Facebook Group The Grow an Online Business FB group is a great place for us to answer any questions you have about growing an online business. We are also doing some listener appreciation things there, so come join the fun.
July 19, 2021
S3 E8 Landing Pages
Landing Pages are where your first impression is often formed. Learn how to use landing pages to build your website the right way. What are landing pages? A landing page is the spot where different people land on your website either through an ad, or other promotional shared link. They allow you to give the specific message to the visitor you intend. You can have different landing pages depending on the offering you are presenting to your visitor. A landing page sometimes called a sales page is where you share with the visitor what you want them to know. You may be looking to schedule meetings. You may be selling a product or service. But whatever you are doing you can give the specific details in the best way for the visitor. This is also a great way to test which landing page works best for you. You may make two different landing pages and run a split test, with the two pages being sent to half of the ad recipients. Week Ending: This week was up and down. Users up 41.7% to 17; New Users up 33.3% to 16; But Average Engagement time down 43.8% to 5s. I am getting no return users. In fact only 4 return users since May 30th. I need to add new articles I guess. I would like to add more content, I have just been spending most of my time working on my other sites. This site gets very little added to it beyond the podcast uploaded weekly. Check it out at Broken Moon Media and jump over to the FB Group "Grow an Online Business"
July 12, 2021
S3 E7 When Life Gets in the Way
Yeah, this one's a few days early. The key to your online business is to keep consistent when life gets in the way. This was a very busy and difficult week. CJ was tied up as was I. We were not able to do the podcast this week like we had planned.  Life got in the way this week. I do not like when life gets in the way, but the key is to stay consistent and keep going. It is easier to steer a moving ship than a still one. Be sure to do something in your business every week no matter if life gets right in your way. Things will inevitably go wrong and be more difficult that they need to. But do not let that stop you.  If you are looking for a group of likeminded people who are all working on their online business together, come over to the Grow an Online Business Facebook Group. We would love to have you join us. We are looking for more engaged members who aren't afraid to ask questions. Week Ending Report:  I honestly don't know. I was too busy this week to check it. I am not ashamed to say I was tied up, only had limited time, and decided to use it to shoot videos rather than check up on the analytics. Something had to give, this week it was that. Sorry, check back next week. Or head over to the website at Broken Moon Media.
July 03, 2021
S3 E6 Side Hustle Advantage
The Side Hustle Advantage If you are just starting your business and can never find enough time or money because you are starting out as a side hustle rather than a full-time gig, listen up. Here are some of the many advantages to starting out as a side hustle. CJ Jolliff jumps right into the heavy stuff in this discussion about the advantages of your online business starting out as a side hustle. He gives personal examples as well as some from his clients. If you haven't been listening long you may not have noticed that this season, I have a partner in crime. CJ Jolliff has joined the Grow and Online Business Crew. We are trying to give you all the tips, advice, and techniques you could possibly need to get yourself an online business going for yourself. Be sure to join us in our Grow an Online Business Facebook Group. We do live Q&A's as well as posting other tips. Be sure to ask anything you want in the group and have your questions answered. We look forward to chatting with you there. Week Ending Report: As for this week, it appears that everything is down this week. Users are down 18.8% to 13 the new users are down 20% to 12 and average engagement time down 32.5% to 43s. That stinks, but I'll just keep you posted. Feel free to check out the page yourself at Broken Moon Media.
June 28, 2021
S3 E5 Add Courses to Your Website
Add Courses to Your Website Are you thinking you want to add courses to your website? You won't want to miss this episode. Aaron Jarrels and CJ Jolliff go over some of the best practices and ways to add a course or training to your website. You do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars if you use a simple plugin for your wordpress website. I never thought talking business would be so much fun. I have really enjoyed having CJ join the Podcast and the Grow an Online Business Team. He has agreed to begin doing live podcasts via video on our Facebook Group page. So be sure to drop by, ask questions, and join in the fun. Week Ending Report: It looks like things on my Broken Moon Media Website this week were not the best, but things are slowly getting better. Users down 36% to 16, New Users down 34.8% to 15, Average engagement time is up 2,368.8% to 1m 04s. That means the ones that are getting to the website are finding what they were looking for, so that is good news.  Plus my organic traffic was better this week than last, according to search console, 6 organic clicks, and from GA4 I had an increase in organic visitors; 4 this week over 3 last week. As far as queries, or keywords I am down to 203. But I showed up for affordable SEO agency and affordable SEO companies this week, as well as how to make money blogging for beginners.
June 21, 2021
S3 E4 The ROTW Updates!
This week CJ and I go over the ROTW updates. A few weeks ago we discussed his newest venture into subscription based businesses "Roast of the Week. He shares an inside look into what he and his partners are up to in order to start this subscription based business as lean as possible.  Also we would love to hear from you in our Facebook Grow an Online Business Group. Please follow the link and join so we can connect. You can also leave us a voice message, and have you question played on air with us and we will answer it. Here's the link to leave us a voice message: Voice Message Aaron and CJ at GaOB.
June 14, 2021
S3 E3 Story Branding Your Website
Why is Story Branding Your Website so Important? People do not buy really buy products. They buy the story behind the product. When you buy a lemonade from a machine $0.50 feels like too much money for what you bought. But have you ever considered that paying $2.50 for a tiny little lemonade from the the child's stand at the corner makes you feel good for supporting your entrepreneurs? Why I will often buy the lemonade and not even drink it, it's not about the lemonade, it's about the story the kid has, by setting up a stand and working hard, I want to support him or her. Do You Have a Clear Story?  Your story should be a clear message, your potential customers should know who you are, and why you are selling what you sell. If you can win them over with your story, your price becomes secondary. I spend more very often with brands I like rather than purchase cheaper products from brands I do not like. Is it Discernable on your website? In the first few seconds your potential customers should be able to see you have a unique proposition, story, or reason for selling what you sell. If not you are just a me too business and in that case you simply need to be the cheapest. Being second cheapest is not a compelling advantage in the marketplace. If you cannot win on price, you must win with your story. Is it Consistent Across all Media? If you use social media, advertising, a website, or other marketplace for selling your goods or services, your message needs to be the same across all forms. So that when your potential customers or clients tell others about you they do not get a completely different impression of you from you if they use a different media to find you. Week Ending for my Website: This week was not great for traffic. New visitors are down, and they are not staying long. I am going to have to change up my strategy. i think I am going to have CJ take a look at my website and give me some pointers to make it better. Check it out here: Broken Moon Media Be sure to join the Facebook Group Grow an Online Business because we are going to be doing some live Q&A videos for our group members.
June 07, 2021
S3 E2 Online Website Hosting Options
Online Website Hosting Options with CJ Jolliff In this episode I discuss online website hosting options in a interview CJ Jolliff from Infini Systems and Infini Sites. He discusses the difference between having a "hands off" and "hands on" approach when hosting your website.  A hands on approach is where you as the website owner wants to get in and build out your own website using their intuitive builder. This gives you a real time opportunity to get your hands dirty building a website, but maintaining the professional service that hands off hosting is known for. The hands off approach to having your website hosted is having the professionals there to build, update, and change your website without you needing to know how to do any of it yourself. Something you may not have considered: sometimes you have more time than money, so learning to build out your own website makes sense, but if you have no time, then it makes more sense to have others do what they are god at, and that way you simply focus on what you do best. In Season 3 of the Grow an Online Business Podcast, I am hoping to get CJ Jolliff to co-host the podcast with me every week for the entire season. Now is the time to submit your questions and get them answered. Jump over to the Grow an Online Business Facebook Group Page and post your question. He has agreed to join me for a few "live" Q&A sessions on the GaOB FB Group Page. Week Ending Report: This week, according to GA4: my users were up115% to 41, new users were up127% to 41, but my average engagement time dropped 85% to 01s. So that was a mixed bag. Google Search Console: shows my impressions slightly increasing week over week, and my keywords still decreasing. I am now down to 284 words last week. My average position for the keywords is 50.7 That puts me around page 5 or 6. Not great yet for driving traffic, but if I can continue to creep up, it is only a matter of time before I can hopefully hit page 1 for some keyword. I would like it to be a keyword in one of my affiliate articles.  In other news, I lost my Amazon Affiliate account. It said I had not made enough sales in the allotted amount of time. That was a personal blow to my pride. But as I told you before, you will hear about the wins and loses. I am hoping to share a win soon :)
May 30, 2021
S3 Launching a Subscription Based Business
Launching a Subscription Based Business Online with CJ Jolliff In Season 3 we are departing from our old format for a new look at how to grow an online business.  This Episode is an interview with Christopher CJ Jolliff. We had so much fun doing this episode, I am considering asking him to co-host the podcast. CJ discusses the preliminary build up to the launch of his new business. I am specifically looking forward to when it launches. Check out his newest website here: Roast of the Week. Check out Broken Moon Media Join us in the Grow an Online Business Facebook Group for live Q&A coming soon!
May 24, 2021
S2 E21 Variety Seeking Behavior
The Consumer Behavior Series Part 4 Variety Seeking Behavior When consumers buy a new product, not because they were dissatisfied with the last product they purchased, but they want to try something new all the time. These are buyers that are great one time purchasers. They do not make great long term clients or customers, as they are always looking for the latest trend, fad, or change of pace.  Week Ending This week was not a great week for my website. While my keyword total continues to lower, my CTR keeps climbing, but the total impressions are down. I should probably review the keywords I am trying to rank for and make some adjustments.  Check out the website for yourself at Broken moon Media Please check out the Facebook group at Grow an Online Business
May 17, 2021
S2 E20 Habitual Buying Behavior
What is Habitual Buying Behavior Habitual buying behavior are purchases characterized by uninvolved buying patterns. Consumers are not as concerned by the specific brands, but habitually buy the product type.  Think bread or cereal from the grocery store. If your favorite brand is not there, you'll often buy a different brand as long as it is the type of bread you were looking for, sourdough, wheat, white, french loaf, etc... How to use habitual buying behavior to sell more products When customers just want to buy the type of product you can have mimicking packaging, for in store sales, but it is easier to rank for the search term that people will use when trying to purchase the type of product online.  Examples: If you are selling snail killer- write a great article on best box of pellets to shake over flower beds. If you are a plumber- write articles on how to replace a hose bib, how to stop a leaking pipe, how to change a faucet, etc...  If you sell coffee beans- write great articles on why the degree of roasting is as important as the bean origin, using best flavor coffee bean as a keyword. Week Ending: This week was interesting, I a still all over the board with the terms I am ranking for. My site has not yet begun to rank very high for any of my targeted keywords. I'll keep you posted as the site matures. Please join the conversation on our Facebook Page Grow an Online Business And check out the website at Broken Moon Media
May 10, 2021
S2 E19 Dissonance-reducing buying behavior
Dissonance-reducing buying behavior This is the second episode in the four part series on consumer behavior. Dissonance-reducing buying behavior is when your customers question their decision after purchase. They will look for evidence to prove they were right and made the right decision.  Be sure to put enough information on your webpage, your ad, your copy, your group, wherever your clients get information about you, your product, or service.  Week Ending Wrap-up This week I found that I am still having my keywords narrowed down and I am to the weekly count of 124 words. My average position is around 47-49% so I think that will continue to get better. Not to mention my impressions are on a slight arch upward. Let's hope that holds steady for a little while. Please check out my Facebook Group and leave me a comment to let me know how I'm doing with the podcast.
May 03, 2021
S2 E18 Complex Buying Behavior
#1 of the four types of consumer behavior: Complex Buying Behavior  We are starting a four part podcast about consumer behavior. We are going to dive into the 4 types of buying behavior you need to be aware of. How you can use your knowledge of the types of buying behavior to adjust your marketing approach. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast to not miss any of the four behaviors.  This week we discuss Complex Buying Behavior. This is when buyers are considering expensive purchases that are infrequent. Think car, boat, house, hot water heater, etc... Customers are much more directly involved in the research process. They want to be sure they are getting a good deal, they have all of their questions answered, and believe they are making a smart choice. Be sure to answer all of the customer's concerns, questions, and road blocks. Give your potential customer the ability to feel good about their purchase. Make sure the product is worth the cost, and the cost should hurt just a little. In truth the customer will value it more that way. We will discuss the psychological principles about why in a later podcast. Week Ending for the Online Business Little happened, this week, but there were slightly more organic traffic leads sent to the website. The site needs more time to ripen or mature. We will check back n it next week. Be sure to Check out the website for yourself at Broken Moon Media Come give us a holler at Grow an Online Business on Facebook
April 26, 2021
S2 E17 Time to Grow
Is it time for you to add another person to your business? Is your business needing more time and effort than you can afford to give it? Is it time to grow?  There are many things to consider while you are thinking about adding another person to your business. There is how you hire them to help you, such as an employee, contractor, part-time gig helper.  You also need to really think about what you are going to have them do. Don't just hand them the jobs you do not like.  You need to make a schedule list. It should have all the tasks on the list with ways of marking how important the task is, what type expertise is needed, and how much time it takes. You may find after making the list, you just need to rearrange the tasks to get them all done. You may also find that you already need two people to help you, because there were more things being missed than you thought. Be sure to remember to stay in your skill pocket. You may know how to do many f not all the other tasks, but be sure your primary function and tasks are within your skill pocket. Let others do what they do best, so your business works as a well oiled machine. Week Ending Report: Okay, this week was slightly better, although I am still not seeing as much growth as I would like. I will keep you posted.
April 19, 2021
S2 E16 Increase your Network
Increase Your Network to Increase Your Business To increase your network you need to do a few specific things: 1. Identify all of your different networks. Too often we believe we only have one circle of influence, as it turns out most people have between three and seven different circles of influence. You need to identify yours and give them labels or names. 2. Have a clear understanding of your customers/clients. Identify what/who your potential leads are, what they like, what they spend their money and time on, what they are missing, and what they are having trouble with. 3. When you figure out where they spend their time, join the groups, clubs, or places they go to for information on the topic you are looking at selling, servicing, or offering assistance with.  4. Make new connections, new contacts, and new network leads. Most importantly, make new friends. (People do not care about how much you know, until they know how much you care). 6. This allows for "Soft Introductions" to your product or service. Listen to find out why this is so important. This information works with all types of business. Most business vehicles work most smoothly when networks of people are talking about them. If you are involved in trying to grow a network for your network marketing business and are interested in making it as easy as possible to grow quickly check out the network fundamental education training membership at Week Ending Successes and Failures This week as well as the past 4 weeks are slipping a touch. Except for the crazy one day anomaly in Google Analytics on March 22 that showed a 2600% increase in organic traffic from the word moon. On March 22 I was in the number 3 position on Google for the word moon. Being in the top three positions for the keyword you want would mean a substantial increase in traffic to your website.  Be sure to leave me a message on my Grow an Online Business Facebook Group or visit my website at Broken Moon Media
April 12, 2021
S2 E15 Part 3 of 3 How to Increase Business Revenue
In part three of this three part series on how to increase business revenue, we discuss the process of increasing customers. It may sound obvious right? but all to often we forget to go after new customers by asking our existing customers to bring us new clients or customers. All too often we thing standard advertising is the only way to attract new customers. There are alternative ways to pay for advertising besides just paying for google ads or social media ads. Take a hard look at who your customer base is and ask yourself where are they spending time? Who is an influencer in their circle? Who might they listen to? You may be able to get an influencer to share your product or service for only a free sample and an affiliate link. That way you are only paying for the customers that they send to you not just for them mentioning your business or service. In the previous episodes we discussed the other ways to increase business revenue by making hard choices that you can act on, but this week it is much easier, you just need to decide where you are going to spend your advertising budget, and what that budget is going to include. We will take a look at how our website business is doing after taking off three weeks to allow google to settle after trimming down the keywords my website was showing up in search for. The average search placement is creeping up and so is my CTR. I hope to have good news to share next week. Until then come see the new face of Broken Moon Media and please check out the Facebook Group Grow and Online Business where we discuss all the tips, techniques, and advice you need to build an online business for yourself.
April 05, 2021
S2 E14 Part 2 of 3 How to Increase Business Revenue
This is the second part in a three part series on how to increase your business revenue. This episode we discuss and dive into the concept of selling more frequently by using subscriptions. Customers often forget to buy your product or service. Give them the opportunity to receive your product or service every day, week, month, quarter or however often you sell your things. People will appreciate not having to remember.  Be sure to listen to the other two episodes to find out more ways to increase your business revenue. As for the weekly business review, we are giving the website and google a few weeks to settle after the last algorithm change. Like always please share this with your friends, like, and subscribe!  Thanks. Visit the website for more at Broken Moon Media and join our Facebook Group
March 29, 2021
S2 E13 Part 1 of 3 How to Increase Business Revenue
This is the first part in a three part series on how to increase your business revenue. This episode we discuss and dive into the concept of charging more money or increasing the sale. Customers like to pay more for things they want. They only like discounts on things they do not want but feel they need. So if you are selling something (your product or service) that is something that people want, you can charge more for it, or give them additional ways to spend more with you on accessories, add-ons, or upgrades. Be sure to listen to the next two episodes to find out more ways to increase your business revenue. As for the weekly business review, we are giving the website and google a few weeks to settle after the last algorithm change. Like always please share this with your friends, like, and subscribe! Thanks. Visit the website for more at Broken Moon Media and join our Facebook Group
March 22, 2021
S2 E12 The Importance of Branding
This episode covers the importance of branding your business. You should spend an appropriate amount of time figuring out what the message is you want to portray to anyone who sees your brand, logo, or marketing that do not know who you are. The font you choose, tells the reader something about you as does your choice of colors. Take a few minutes to look at the logos of the top companies in the world, as well as those of your competition, see which has the strongest appeal, and be sure yours is at least as good or better, (more on point with the message) For more on this topic be sure to read this article: Branding and Why it is Important. This week was another win, although the numbers were down just a bit. Oh! and please let me know what you know about how to crack the algorithm on Pinterest. I have been struggling with it for months now and have not figured out how to get any real traction with any of my pins. Be sure to join the conversation in our Facebook Group.
March 15, 2021
S2 E11 Small Surprises
There is an enormous value in giving away small surprises. A small surprise can be something as simple as having your shipping upgraded for free overnight shipping. It can be something as thoughtful as a handwritten thank you note on the packing slip. Even placing a free sticker of your brand inside the package can go a long way toward fostering the relationship between you and your customer. Because of surprise reciprocity, customers will be so impressed with and happy about being surprised, they will feel almost indebted to you and fill in an online review, share with a friend how great your company is, or even continue ordering from you.  Repeat customers are made by making customers happy, and a nice little surprise can do just the trick. Be sure you try to surprise your customers. Last week in business: Google is continuing to trim down the keywords my website ranks for. The traffic is down, but the quality of the customers seems a little bit higher. The people who land on the articles are taking the time to read them.  But that brings me to my plan for next week. I need to add calls to action on each page and at the beginning of each article. I noticed that while the organic traffic is coming to the website, they are not necessarily going any deeper into the site. My goal is to get them to give me their email, and I do not have good enough offerings or calls to action to convince them to sign up for my email list. That is what I will be working on this week. Check out the changes to the website here Broken Moon Media Please come visit the Grow an Online Business Facebook Group and drop me a comment on the Tune-in Tuesday of this week's episode, or PM me and let me know what else you would like to hear me go over on the podcast. If you are interested in being interviewed as a business owner, let me know that as well.
March 08, 2021
S2 E10 Play The Devil's Advocate
This week we talk about how and why you may want to play the devil's advocate with your customers. Research shows that doing so makes them not just more comfortable, but also more convinced in their decision to buy your product or service. When people must defend their decision, they often dig deep into their position in a defensive manner. This works to your benefit by allowing you to "attack" your own product or service and have them defend it. We also looked at the marketing moves we made this week, what worked, and what didn't do much. We are still trying to make movement on Pinterest, and this week we are going to attempt to use emotional grabbing pictures in an effort to showcase the benefits rather than the features. Thanks for all of your continued support. Check out our Facebook Group Page for some exclusive content.
March 01, 2021
S2 E9 Take a Stance
Give your audience or clients something to connect with by sharing your Brand's values. Take a stance on what you believe in or want your brand to stand for.  People will like your brand more and thus feel motivated to support it if your brand's beliefs and values align with their beliefs. Do not be afraid to share your beliefs and values especially on emotional triggers. You may offend some people, but their counterparts (hopefully your target customers) will become loyal supporters. They will be more forgiving if you make an error and will defend you and your stance to others.  As for what happened this week in business: still on a slightly downward trajectory in terms of traffic. I believe it due to thin content on some of the pages of my website. My articles are flushed out with content and information, including FAQ sections. I am considering adding some additional rich media (videos). I'm working on setting up better lighting (my first videos of myself were pretty bad.) I am usually behind the camera, it has been difficult to move to the front of the camera and microphone. The Plan moving forward this next week is to add information, appropriate keyword-rich content t the pages of my website. I'll let you know how that goes next week. Oh! Please hit me up on my Facebook Page "Grow an Online Business" to share your startup story and let me know if you have interest in having me share your story on-air or if you would like to be interviewed on the podcast.  Check out the website at Broken Moon Media
February 22, 2021
S2 E8 Reframing
This week in business we discuss the ups and downs of the website. More downs this week. I didn't spend much time working on the website and didn't share anything online. It showed.  We also take a dive into reframing. We are able to change or reality by reframing our view of it. By changing the meaning we give to the things that happen, we are able to take control of our lives in a new way. If you are not happy or comfortable with the way you interpret life, reframe it to something that is better.  Sometimes you have to take a few minutes to see things from a different perspective, maybe you will have to dig deep to find another way of seeing things, but it is always worth it. Reframing will change your world literally. As for next week in business, I am going to focus on creating "pins" for Pinterest. I intend to do an A,B,C,D split test. Stay tuned to "see"/hear the results. Please join me on Facebook Check us out at Broken Moon Media
February 15, 2021
S2 E7 Divide and Conquer
Divide and Conquer your audience, clients, and customers. That means give them a category or segment to claim and hold on to. People will divide into groups over the slightest things and then place great value on the label. Offer labels or different groups of customers if possible, if not use the niche you serve as your label. Offer them what they want and claim the niche with pride. People will be die-hard fans of you if you do.  Yes, you will make enemies of everyone else, just as fans of particular sports franchises do, but you gain the strong support of the same team fans you serve. If you are ever able to find a niche that allows you to serve others independently, then more power to you, until then, divide and conquer. Thank you to all of our growing podcast fans, and please be sure to join the Grow an Online Business Facebook Group to connect with other business owners that are growing an online business. Stop By Broken Moon Media.
February 08, 2021
S2 E6 Give Customers Instant Gratification
Don't make your clients, audience, or customers wait for something they can get right away, and even more importantly, Have your product or service eliminate a wait for them.  MRI studies show that the frontal cortex of customers' brains becomes activated when they have to wait. This is bad because this means they are thinking too much, this gives them time to talk themselves out of your offering. It also means people are not in a comfortable state when they have to wait for something. How well do you think a weight loss plan would do if they said, "guess what, you put this weight n about 3lbs a year and we are going to help you take it off at the same speed?" Who would go for that? Does anyone get suckered into the latest get rich slowly plan? No, but get rich quick schemes are sold and generate millions of dollars in courses, programs, and guides every month. Try to sell immediate gratification, not waiting. Amazon sells "order today and get it tomorrow" which is why they sell so much more than regular online businesses. If you are a shipper, at the very least try to offer free shipping, so they can experience the immediate thrill of getting something "right then" for free.  If you are interested in video cameras or lighting for shooting video, click the links or visit us at Broken Moon Media.
February 01, 2021
S2 E5 Following Up and Thru
If you are not following up with your leads, clients, and potential customers you are missing out on a substantial portion of missed opportunities. We often forget that we like when people follow up with us that we appreciate the effort and thought that lead to the follow-up. So be the one to follow up.  Be the one who is not afraid to pick up the phone and call the other person. If you will take this advice to heart and happy it to all aspects of your life, you will find that you are blessed with many more successful opportunities. Friends will be glad you called them or texted as long as you reached out.  As for the successes for this week, I was able to get Calendly installed onto my website, it seems to be working fine. I uninstalled WooCommerce and installed stripe in its place as I do not need the added load on my website and due to the nature of my customers, it makes more sense to not use a third-party plug-in. The plans for next week on the website are to optimize the podcast to be found more easily, as well as optimize my blog articles. I want to make them more easily found by Google and potential readers and listeners. Check out the website at Broken Moon Media.
January 25, 2021
S2 E4 Be Transparent with Strategic Mistakes
This week we discuss the psychological principle of being transparent about your strategic mistakes or missteps. Rather than trying to blame your mistakes on outside events or circumstances by admitting you erred, and are taking measures to right the error, customers will often respect your ability to accept blame and continue to purchase from you even after the blunder.  In the week ending wrap up, I am seeing a slight upswing in traffic again. I remove the WooCommerce add-on for subscriptions and will replace it this week with gravity-forms (I'll keep you posted on how that goes). Be sure to visit the Facebook Group "Grow an Online Business" to comment on the podcast, ask questions, or post your business victories this week. Check out the Website here: Broken Moon Media
January 18, 2021
S2 E3 Understanding the Three Types Of Buyers
In this episode, we go over the three types of buyers. Neuroscientists have discovered that people "spend till it hurts" and can be categorized into different types. The three types are separated by their pain level when it comes to spending money. Spendthrifts are the buyers/spenders with the highest pain tolerance when it comes to spending money and make up 15% of the spenders. ^1% make up the majority of spenders/buyers and are considered unconflicted with an average pain tolerance for spending. But the most sought-after group in the bunch is the tightwads, they make up almost 24% of the population of spenders so they are a group large enough to target.  If you can package your products and services in a way to get tightwads to buy it the other types will already be buying. So spend time figuring out how to get money from the tightwads. There are three ways to get past their apprehensive nature when it comes to relinquishing money for goods and services. The first is reframing your proposition. By testing and retesting your copy, you can hone in and soften your pitch. Consider if your subscription costs about $1000 a year. That is a big nut to swallow, but $89 dollar a month is far easier to sneak into the budget. So break it into small pieces, such as "only four easy payments of $19.95" rather than $80. The second way is to create added value by bundling. Making bundles that add value but hold higher prices give the impression that they are receiving more than they are paying for. The last is sweating the small things. A simple adjective such as "small" in front of the word fee can change your conversion by 20% in some studies. Be very aware of the verbiage you use to describe your offers. Please check out my updated website here: Broken Moon Media and give me your opinion of the message or first impression you receive when looking at it. Here on my Facebook page. 
January 11, 2021
S2 Give Your Customers a Label
Be sure to give your customers a label. Be sure it contains a powerful word that will make them more likely to feel an invisible pressure to live up to the label.  Labeling and calling people "Active Listeners" will psychologically make them more likely to be active listeners. We like to be and feel consistent, so when we believe that others see us a certain way, we feel an unconscious pull to remain consistent with that way of being thought of. You can even create labels for your audience, clients, or customers that they can strive for. Week ending: last week I saw a bit more traffic, I posted only one additional article on my website, but I plan to remake the home page soon and add a product line. I'll keep you posted. Future plans: this week I plan to research my local competition, and create a product line that will be competitive in price, but offer greater value. Stay tuned to see how that goes. Check out the changes as they happen: Broken Moon Media
January 05, 2021
S2 Be Sure to Have a Minimum Offer
It is imperative to have a minimum offer for customers. Here's why. When people have to spend any amount of time thinking about something it can create "action paralysis" causing them to shut down and not make a decision, they may even put it off and never actually make it.  But having a minimum offer for them to choose to start with it lets them off the hook with an easy choice. This is better for them and you. Giving people a small choice or minimum offer to choose from, allows them to say yes to you or your service. This is important for several reasons.  First, it makes them a customer or client. When people are customers or clients, they begin to experience a sense of loyalty toward you if you give them a feeling of receiving value.  Second, it gets your foot in the door. When people say yes to you, your product, or service, they become more likely to say yes to a larger request. Especially when they feel they are going to continue to get valuable information, goods, or services from you. Be sure to check out Broken Moon Media for more information on small business marketing and other ways to grow an online business.
December 28, 2020
Week Ending 14-Expectancy Theory
People will very often do what is expected of them, even if it is uncomfortable or inconvenient for them to do so if they also believe it will benefit them in some way. You can use this to increase engagement in your live events, either in person, on Facebook, or on Youtube.  Very often people underestimate their value and in so doing tend to let people off the hook when it comes to asking them to do something that may be out of their comfort zone. But if you instead send messages of expectancy about doing things like showing up, or purchasing your product or service, it will have a strong effect as long as what you are offering them is believed to benefit them. It is also the end of week 14 and we do a wrap up of what has been working and what is still taking time to really get a foothold. In the coming weeks and months, we will be talking about how to use each of the different platforms to promote your content. We will also be doing a complete overhaul of our websites together to add story branding so we can add a customer journey on our sites that will lead to greater engagement and conversions.
December 14, 2020
Week 13 Ending-Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
Today w are discussing the differences and often misunderstood intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Many people believe that they are motivated by money, this is a misconception. Money is only a means to an end. It is a tool for getting what people really want and motivates them. Money is a placeholder. Do not fall to the shortcut of offering people money if you are trying to truly motivate them. Spend the additional few minutes to find out what they would use the money, they seem to want, for. In this way, you will be tapping into a much deeper desire and stronger motivator. Join us on Facebook
December 07, 2020
Week 12 Ending-Information Gap Theory
Welcome to the 12th week of the Podcast. This week we talk about the Information Gap Theory. Developed by George Loewenstein in the early 1990s, this theory suggests that people will have a desire to fill in a gap in the knowledge between the information they have and the information they find out they are missing.  By having an intriguing title on your article or ad, you can entice them to want to fill the gap in their knowledge by staying tuned to your video, article,  podcast, or advertisement.  This is often abused by less scrupulous people and it is known as clickbait. Be sure to deliver on what you promise your audience unless you want them to resent and avoid you in the future. This is also one of the foundations of the marketing tactic used when people offer a free download in exchange for your email. Too often we are taught that you need to offer people a free download of some sort in exchange for their email, but what is neglected from the description is to be sure what you are offering is an item that will fill the information gap they have.  If you are interested in learning more about the psychological aspects of marketing, be sure to stay tuned to this podcast and join the Facebook Group Grow an Online Business.
November 30, 2020
Week 11 Ending-Scarcity
This week we talked about the psychological principle of Scarcity. When things are harder to acquire, and the supply is limited, they become more attractive.  How to use this to grow your business: You can limit the number of available products or services. You can limit the window of opportunity to purchase your product or service. You could even make it available only to the who complete some other request or task first.  Think for a moment about a group or club that makes you earn badges in a specific order, or try to remember a commercial that didn't say for a limited time only. We are often moved into action because we believe we may miss out on a deal or service. Used properly it can help your potential customers make the action necessary to purchase what you are offering. Check out our Facebook Group and be sure to let me know if there is a specific principle you would like to hear about. Check out our Website for our tips and techniques for growing an online business from our podcast and Blog.
November 23, 2020
Week 10 Ending-Authority
People are hard-wired to listen and obey authority figures. We are taught at a very young age to respect elders and obey authority figures. We assume that people in uniforms are in positions of authority. People whose opinions we value have authority over us. We need to be more mindful of who we have authority over and we can also use this phenomenon to help us grow our business just like the big guys do. By having testimonials from people who others value and hold in a position of authority, you can maximize the likelihood that they will listen and also purchase.  If you are looking for additional information on how to set up your sales funnel be sure to check out this great guide: The Comprehensive Guide to Sales Funnels.
November 16, 2020
Week 9 Ending-Liking
It isn't much wonder that we are more likely to purchase from or support a person or business we like over one we have no connection with. Spend the time and energy to make connections with your customers and clients. If they like you, they will be much more likely to buy what you are selling. If you want to make the process of selling more virtual while letting your customers like you, be sure to read the article "Sales Funnels" and "Funnel Marketing" on our website: Broken Moon Media. If you like what you heard, please be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on any information. Also please review this podcast on your favorite platform. Thanks!
November 09, 2020
Week 8 Ending-Social Proof
In this episode, I explain the psychological phenomenon of social proof. I go over why it is important for you to use customer testimony to increase the likelihood that people will buy from you.  Please subscribe so you don't miss anything and if you like this podcast, please rate it on whichever platform you listen on. For more information on funnel marketing be sure to subscribe here and get your own free download of the Comprehensive Funnel Marketing Guide to find out how funnel marketing works and how to use it to increase your online conversions. Check out the other great articles here: Broken Moon Media
November 03, 2020
Week 7 Ending-Consistency and Commitment
In this episode, I go over how the seventh week in business went and ended and I talk about the psychology secret of consistency and commitment. The week ended with a bit more organic traffic (I'm up to 6 this week), but nothing to get overly excited about yet. I worked on writing keyword-rich articles and targeting long-tail keywords in an attempt to increase my site's authority by ranking high for topics with low volume traffic and competition. The psychology principle we discuss this week is consistency and commitment. People are much more likely to stay consistent when they have made a commitment. The size and scope of the commitment are less important than that they made one. Even just showing interest is a form of commitment. So get people interested and have them commit. Getting customers or potential clients to press a button then says they are interested, is a form of committing to an idea or topic. If you can get them to offer a valuable form of payment, then all the better. An email, a small monetary payment, initial trial for a largely reduced fee (possibly only $1) increases the chance that they will purchase from you or stay enrolled in your program.  That is because people like to stay consistent. If you can get them to make a small commitment to you, your products, or services, they are highly likely to stay consistent and continue to purchase your products and services. Use the psychology secret of consistency and commitment to help grow your online business. Check us out at for more information and to read the helpful articles.
October 25, 2020
Week 6 Ending-Reciprocity
In this episode, I talk about how the 6th week went, it was a fast week and I slacked off on the amount of work I did on the business. I was only able to commit 2 hours to work on my business and have a long laundry list of things that need to get one. The psychology principle of the theory of reciprocity is a game-changer for small businesses, especially online businesses. It helps businesses connect with their customers and creates a two-way exchange, without much risk on the part of the customer. Be sure to check out this quick little podcast to learn a little more. Check out our Facebook Group Grow an Online Business to connect with others who are using this technique to their and their customer's benefit.  To learn more about what you can do to increase the volume of your online business check out our website at Broken Moon Media.
October 19, 2020
Week 5 Ending-Be Consistent
In this episode, I give you the rundown of the week in business for week five. I focused primarily on Facebook and trying to obtain backlinks. I was not surprised to see that Facebook still rewards native content, especially that which is created live for Facebook, and they punish any posts that attempt to lead you away from their platform. Be sure to subscribe and listen every week for more information about my business successes and failures as well as some tips, and techniques you can use yourself to build yourself an online business.
October 12, 2020
Week 4 ending-Staying Motivated
This week was tough. Staying motivated is difficult unless you have a mentor to help you through the tough times. They keep you pointed in the right direction. As for progress this week, virtually none. Which is why I needed the additional motivation to keep going. But I was reminded that consistency is the key to success by my mentor. So I dove in and wrote an article defining and exploring being consistent. Read it here: The 5 Benefits of Being Consistent. Please Check out the website Join the Facebook Group: Join the Facebook Page:
October 05, 2020
Week 3 Ending-Getting Ready
In this episode, I go over the way week three wrapped up. It was not as exciting or expansive as I would have hoped, but it was a good week anyway. We also touch on getting ready to launch your online business. I mention a free download of my Prelaunch Checklist. So follow this link and get yours today.
September 28, 2020
Week 2 Ending-Getting Organized
In this episode, I go over the second week in business. The website has been launched, it's getting only a little social traffic and virtually no organic traffic yet. We also take the opportunity to discuss getting organized and getting started. We cover identifying your skill set, your potential market, and your goals. We also go over why it is so important to allow yourself the right to be bad at this long enough to get good. Please check out our Facebok group Grow an Online Business to connect with other like minded new and aspiring online entrepreneurs.  And be sure to check out my Website at Broken Moon Media for free downloadable cheat sheets to help you build an Online Business for yourself.
September 20, 2020
Week 1 Ending-Planning to Start
This episode I talk about what it means to plan, why it is important, and why it may be your undoing when it comes to starting your business right. Plus I will do a week 11 overview of my case study and attempt to put my money where my mouth is, and build an online business from scratch.
September 14, 2020
Podcast Number 1-Introduction
This is the very first episode for the Grow an Online Business Podcast. This is the description and introduction to the podcast and the reason for creating it. It is a bumpy ride, but I have to start somewhere, at least it seems that I can only get better next time.
September 08, 2020