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Grow Deep Podcast

Grow Deep Podcast

By Grow Deep
A podcast about relationships, life, and faith. Talks about what's real, kahit masakit, and deepening our understanding of it. When you know the truth you can live it out and make better decisions. Join us for our weekly kwentuhan!
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#96 How Do I Deal with Negative Emotions?
Negative emotions WILL come. And we're not ready for it, they can dictate our life. How do we deal? Take a Listen. 
October 26, 2020
#95 How to Cope with FOMO
Break down natin ang FOMO. What is it and how does it affect our mental health? More importantly, how can we cope with it?
October 19, 2020
#94 How do I Live in the Moment?
Daming nangyayari sa paligid ay naguguluhan na tayo, sana we can all live in the moment para masaya. Paano nga ba ma-achieve yun? 
October 12, 2020
#93 How Can I Overcome My Past?
Mabigat maalala ang nakaraan kasi it can also bring guilt and shame. Pwede rin nito maconfuse ang identity mo at ma-trap ka sa isang cycle of painful remembrance. Kinig na dito and find hope. Para makawala ka na jan. 
September 29, 2020
#92 Is God present in moments of my life?
Sometimes God is there pero we miss him. So akala lang natin wala... pero meron, meron, meron. 
September 24, 2020
#91 Ang 'yong Tunay na Halaga (LIVE EPISODE)
Let's deepen our understanding of self-worth with Ken and Benny of Beings Together podcast.
September 22, 2020
#90 Pano naman ako? Self-worth and Value (LIVE EPISODE)
Feeling unimportant or ignored lately? Tara chill tayo together! Sama ka samin to talk about our value and worth.
September 22, 2020
#89 Do I have Sadness, Depression, or Both? (LIVE EPISODE)
Alisin ang lungkot! Alamin ang tungkol sa sadness and depression.  Miss Shaina, clinical psychologist and counselor, joins us for this episode!
September 22, 2020
#88 Pano Yung Lungkot? (LIVE episode)
Kasama  si Janna - Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nag-Palawan at si MM - Umibig, Umasa,  Umakyat ng Bundok. Para pagusapan at malaman kung Pano yung Lungkot na  nararamdaman natin sa puso natin.
September 22, 2020
#87 Advice on How to Respond to Uncertainty
Hindi tayo helpless sa uncertain times. We can respond to it. Here's an episode for you while you work or chill.
August 19, 2020
#86 Trusting God When You're Stuck in Uncertainty
Sa dami ng pagbabago at nangyayari sa buhay natin, we encounter uncertainty a lot. This causes us to fear and overthink. What should we believe when we are in a season or time of uncertainty?
August 10, 2020
Faith & Gaming - SPECIAL EPISODE
We talk with John Benares about how faith & gaming come together for a Christian. Listen to some principles and practical tips regarding your gaming life. Check out Level Up Game Nights on Facebook.
August 4, 2020
#85 What to Believe When Feeling Useless
Listen to this if you feel useless at times.  
July 28, 2020
#84 Lifechange
Na-frustrate ka na ba sa sarili mo or sa isang tao? Maybe you wanted to change but you could not. Or umasa ka na magbago ang isang tao pero hindi pa ito nangyari. JM and Aicezen joins us again in this episode about Lifechange.
July 20, 2020
#83 How to Revive My Relationship with God
Feeling cold in the faith lately? This podcast is for you. 
July 13, 2020
#82 Determination
Makulay ang buhay. Minsan dark yung colors nito. when trials come, we can practice the attitude of determination. Develop determination by knowing what God promises related to it. You will experience hardship but if you know God's promises, you can overcome. Join us in this episode.
July 6, 2020
#81 Forgiveness
Hirap magpatawad pero napaka-important nito sa buhay at relationships. 
June 22, 2020
#80 Developing an Eternal Perspective
We are in this world but we are not of this world. Developing an eternal perspective is very important for a Christian's life. 
May 1, 2020
#79 Facing the Fear of Making Mistakes
Sumuko ka na ba dahil tingin mo magkakamali ka lang ulit? We sometimes apply this thinking to our spiritual walk. But we must be encouraged by God's perspective in times of struggle. 
April 24, 2020
#78 Finding Meaning in a "Meaningless" Day
Anong pwede natin gawin para hindi natin mamiss yung meaningfulness ng mga araw natin? Let's study from Bible to learn from this.
April 13, 2020
#77 All About Overthinking with Miss Shaina Cua
Overthinker kaba? or may kakilala kang overthinker? Para sa inyo iyo. Pag-usapan natin ito in this episode.
March 30, 2020
#76 Engaging Your Mind, Avoiding Idle Time
Week 2 ng Quarantine tapos parang naubusan ka na ng gagawin. Ang daming galit sa social media. Toxic na nga yung virus toxic pa yung posts. Healthy pa ba ang mind mo? Let's talk some about this.
March 27, 2020
#75 Overcoming Bitterness
Madaling maging bitter pero dahan-dahan kang magiging toxic kung papabayaan mo ito. Pano nga ba pwedeng maovercome ang ampalaya attitude na ito?
March 23, 2020
#74 Reminders During Tough Times & COVID-19 Myths
COVID-19 outbreak. What should we remember during tough times? Let's also talk about being an encourager.
March 16, 2020
#73 How to Break Sinful Habits
Nakakapagod na ma-trap sa cycle of sin. The longer we are trapped the more we are changed for the worse. In this episode we talk about How to Break your sinful habit cycle. 
March 9, 2020
#72 How to Talk About Porn
Porn is really dangerous to men and women. Pano magstart ng conversation about this para magkaroon ng move towards victory?
March 2, 2020
Special Episode: How to Be Healthy in a Relationship with BW podcast
Let's listen to our collab with Boiling Waters podcast in discussing How to be Healthy in a Relationship. 
March 1, 2020
#71 Telling Your Parents You're Ready for a Romantic Relationship
Pano iwasan ang patagong relationship na hindi supported ng magulang? Here are tips for you.
February 27, 2020
#70 Check Your Idea About God's Love
Let's talk about what God's love is like. And let's also think about what we THINK it is like. 
February 20, 2020
#69 Truths that we must live by amidst nCoV entering the Philippines
So many people on Social Media are posting whatever they think about the virus entering the Philippines. Tanong muna natin ano ba sabi ng Bible in times of crisis like this. 
January 31, 2020
#68 Reflecting on God's Will
Napakinggan mo na ba will ni Lord tapos ang tanong mo "Lord, how?" Well ako rin. 
January 28, 2020
#67 Leadership Podcast: Leading from the Word
To be leaders God planned us to be, we need to be rooted in His Word. What does this mean? Does it mean memorization? Reading daily? Kung hindi natin alam ang sinasabi ng Bible we will not be able to lead people well. Upo tayo with Pastor Rei Crizaldo to discuss and reflect on this.
January 28, 2020
#66 Ask for God's Right Hand
Ever wonder what "God's Right Hand" means? You're missing a lot!
January 22, 2020
#65 How can I have Joy in Jesus?
In a world where everybody settles for happiness, God has set up his children for JOY. What does the Bible say about discovering the Joy of Jesus? 
January 21, 2020
#64 How can I hear the voice of Jesus?
So many of our problems come from our failure to hear God's voice. Listen to this episode and find out how God might be speaking to you today. 
January 19, 2020
#63 This Year: BE DOERS OF THE WORD!
Jump start your #perspective and #goals with this podcast episode on James 1:22. Have a fruitful 2020!
January 15, 2020
#62 Godly Wisdom
There is wisdom and then there is GODLY wisdom.  Without godly wisdom we cannot be truly fruitful.  Discover what this means in this episode. 
November 20, 2019
#61 Growing in Character
Character is one of the most important things in this life. How can we grow in character?
November 13, 2019
#60 We are called to Fruitfulness
I want to talk about fruitfulness as I also seek this to be real in my life. 
November 6, 2019
#59 Faith: Pastor Philip Tarroja
Faith is so important to a leader. Let's deepen our understanding of it and reflect with Pastor Philip Tarroja.  Listen to this podcast and more episode on YouTube:
October 18, 2019
#58 Suicide, Depression, at Church Culture with Ken and Benny Guillermo
Pag-usapan natin ito with kuya Ken and ate Benny, counselors and radio broadcasters from Victory Quezon Avenue. We talk about the issue and how the church can be better in responding to it. Listen to this podcast and more episode on YouTube: Reach Out for Counseling at Back to the Bible Ministries - 135 West Avenue, Quezon City (02) 371-9488 or 371 94 89 Are you having suicidal thoughts? You may call National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) hotline: 0917-899-USAP (8727) or 0917-989-8727
September 27, 2019
#57 Kapag Christian Nag-suicide Saan Napupunta? (Podcast) - Suicide Prevention Awareness Episode 2
Follow this podcast! September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month. Linawin natin ang perspective natin. Let's hear from Pastor Aldrin Peñamora, PhD in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Subscribe to the Grow Deep YouTube channel here: Reach Out for Counseling at Back to the Bible Ministries - 135 West Avenue, Quezon City (02) 371-9488 or 371 94 89 Are you having suicidal thoughts? You may call National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) hotline: 0917-899-USAP (8727) or 0917-989-8727
September 27, 2019
#56 Pag-isipan Natin ang Suicide
Follow this podcast! September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month. Palawakin natin ang alam natin tungkol dito.  Subscribe to the Grow Deep YouTube channel here:  Are you having suicidal thoughts? You may call National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) hotline:  0917-899-USAP (8727) or 0917-989-8727
September 25, 2019
#55 Ouch, Lord! Masakit.
Na-discipline ka na ba ni Lord? Diba masakit?  Since discipline is an important part of our spiritual life we must have a good understanding of it. 
July 9, 2019
#54 God's Got My Back!
Sino ang backer mo? When Christians experience adversity we can trust that God will fight for us. Like this episode? Share it to a friend!
July 1, 2019
#53 Producing Fruit Worthy of Repentance
Kamusta repentance mo? John the baptist addresses hypocrisy that many still have today. 
June 25, 2019
#52 Do You have a Heart of Stone?
Check natin kung meron tayong pusong bato sa pag-relate natin kay Lord. Let's also talk about the new heart which relates with God properly. 
March 29, 2019
#51 Is my Praise to God Complete?
All Christians love giving praise to the Lord. We like doing it as often as we can. But how does God want to be praised? Let's talk about it. 
March 19, 2019
#50 Start Becoming a Loving Person
Jesus is our best example in loving others. Let's talk about his radical perspective and learn how to become a loving person. 
March 18, 2019
#49 Good Advice for Happiness
Do you desire happiness? Let's gain insights from King David's song of thanksgiving in the Bible. 
March 15, 2019
#48 Makinig Muna Bago Manligaw or Magpaligaw
Check natin ang standards natin pagdating sa "love life". Here's a throwback podcast that discusses this.
February 7, 2019
#47 A Simple Plan when Spending Time with God
A plan makes our time with God quality. Let's talk about a simple plan that we can follow. 
January 29, 2019
#46 Choosing a Place to Spend Time with God
Saan nga ba magandang mag-spend time with the Lord? Let's add to our knowledge through this episode. 
January 29, 2019
#45 Selecting a Time to Spend with God
When should we have a meaningful time with God? Pag-usapan natin yan sa series na ito.  
January 29, 2019
#44 Right Attitudes to have a Meaningful Time with God
How can we have a meaningful time with God? Importante ang attitude natin. Pag-usapan natin yan sa series na ito. 
January 29, 2019
#43 How to have Peaceful Nights and Hopeful Mornings
What can we do to get better sleep at night? Sundan natin ang isang simple model for reflection in this episode. 
January 26, 2019
#42 Five Prayers God Always Answers
Ang mga prayer na ito ay laging makakatanggap ng positive answer from God. Decide to make 2019 a life-changing year by asking God one of these things.
January 21, 2019
#41 A Meaningful Christmas #4
Let's learn from the only prophetess mentioned in the New Testament.
December 20, 2018
#40 A Meaningful Christmas #3
Kilala mo ba si Simeon? May magandang lessons na dala ang last moments ng buhay niya.
December 19, 2018
#39 A Meaningful Christmas #2
Pano yung desires ko at yung situations ng buhay ko ngayong pasko?
December 7, 2018
#38 A Meaningful Christmas #1
Gawin nating meaningful yung Christmas season by making time to meditate on the story of Jesus. Let's begin from John chapter 1.
December 6, 2018
#37 Offer Your Not-enough
Madalas ang focus natin is kung gaano ka kulang ang meron tayo. How does Jesus handle our not-enough?
November 9, 2018
#36 Jesus and the Two Criminals
Pareho silang criminal. Magkaiba sila ng treatment kay Jesus. Anong lessons ang meron for us sa story na ito?
November 8, 2018
#35 Buhay na Sacrifice para kay God
Sa lahat ng oras mag-decide tayo na maging buhay na sacrifice para kay Lord.
November 7, 2018
#34 Embracing God in the middle of Pain
Yakapin natin si Lord kahit na ang dami na nating tanong sa puso natin.
November 6, 2018
#33 Real Rest
Sa busy world, kailangan ng totoong rest.
October 28, 2018
#32 God's Reaction to Hidden Realities of Our Life
Paano nagre-react ang Diyos sa buong katotohanan ng buhay natin?
October 27, 2018
#31 Peace sa Gitna ng Nakakarinding Ingay
Here's a short devotion from the words of Jesus in John chapter 14.
October 26, 2018
#30 A Calling from God
God calls us to bless us. How? Let's look at God's call to Jeremiah.
October 25, 2018
#29 Halloween na! Should Christians celebrate it?
Ano ang Halloween? Let's discuss this annual event and think about how we can honor God when it happens.
October 24, 2018
#28 Christianity is truly "walang iwanan"
Let's expand our understanding of "sharing" each others' "burdens."
October 23, 2018
#27 When God Calls You to Do Something
Ever felt the call of God for you? Learn about calling from God's call to Jeremiah.
October 23, 2018
#26 Following the Humility of Jesus
Are you a humble person? If your answer is "yes," this is for you.
October 23, 2018
#25 The Lie of Sin, the Freedom in Jesus.
What is freedom in it's true sense?
October 23, 2018
#24 God is the strength of My Heart
Latest episode of Grow Deep
October 23, 2018
#23 Calling on God in truth
An encouragement from a personal connection to God.
October 23, 2018
#22 God is our Refuge and Strength in Times of Need
Where do you run to when you are in trouble?
October 23, 2018
#21 Taste and See God's Goodness
Can God's goodness be as real as food?
October 23, 2018
#20 Open Rebuke is a Show of Love
There's more to a rebuke than just correcting bad habits.
October 23, 2018
#19 Avoiding Worry
Escaping the heart of unbelief.
October 23, 2018
#18 Questions to Help Seek God's Kingdom
What can we ask ourselves to help keep our hearts in the right place?
October 23, 2018
#17 Accepting correction and Increasing in Wisdom
What is a healthy perspective on accepting criticism?
October 23, 2018
#16 Jesus the Bread of Life
Love Jesus more than the things that He can do.
October 23, 2018
#15 Best Source of Wisdom for a Troubled Mind
Latest episode of Grow Deep
October 23, 2018
#14 God's Comfort in Times of Trouble
We can always come to God when we feel powerless.
October 23, 2018
#13 Pay Attention to the Lord
God works in ways we sometimes don't expect.
October 23, 2018
#12 Confidence in Unchanging Jesus
Here are some insights we can gain from the unchanging character of God.
October 21, 2018
#11 The Great God behind the Great Cloud
It's inspiring how many people have experienced God's work. Listen to this discussion from Hebrews 12:1
October 21, 2018
#10 Having the Fruit of the Spirit
How can we change from walking by the flesh to walking in the Spirit?
October 21, 2018
#09 Doing Good to all has Eternal Value
Use your freedom to bless the people around you.
October 21, 2018
#08 A Proper Look at the Armor of God
When we put on God's armor, our focus must be on something else.
October 21, 2018
#07 Reasons to Boast about Our Weakness
Boasting about our weakness brings glory to God. Let's find out how.
October 21, 2018
#06 Eternal Things Keep Us Going
Set your mind on eternal things when you experience challenges in life.
October 21, 2018
#05 Jesus Makes us Right with God
Jesus made it possible for us to have a right relationship with God.
October 21, 2018
#04 Life is Meaningful because of the Father's Work
Let's discover how we can acknowledge and thank the Father for our salvation.
October 21, 2018
#03 Living Freely in a Way that Honors God
Freedom is designed by God. We can make the most out of it when we use it the way God designed it.
October 21, 2018
#02 - Battling Division in the Church
Don't give the enemy room to divide your church family. 1 Corinthians 1:10 teaches us some lessons for this.
October 21, 2018
#01 Two Things to Keep in Mind in Victory
How can we honor God when we experience victories in life? Let's find out from 2 Chronicles 16:11
October 21, 2018