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GROWL Radio: Bark Less, Hustle More

GROWL Radio: Bark Less, Hustle More

By GROWL Agency
Even though most people prefer the bark, others choose to hustle and make their business dreams come true and thrive.

Ever wondered what happens backstage of successful business stories? Learn from owners and entrepreneurs how to bring your business idea to the real world and handle daily hustles with a growth mindset!

From marketing and social media to technology and business strategies, the biweekly interviewees share their stories so you can learn from their challenges and level up your business!

Ready to keep the hustle goin’?
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Economic Recovery and Revitalization with Kim Woodworth
Have you ever wondered what exactly your Economic Development Council does? Kim Woodworth, the operation director for the Economic Development Council of Colorado, dives into the role the EDCC plays in the recovery and revitalization of the economy after the pandemic while providing resources to support your business. Looking for support to take your business to the next level? Check out for programs and resources! 
May 5, 2021
The Lowdown on Downtown with Brandon Stam
We all love the buzz of downtown from the restaurant experiences to the entertainment scene but do you know who operates behind the scenes? Brandon Stam, Executive Director of Downtown Grand Junction, describes how Grand Junction, CO got certified as a Downtown Development Authority, Business Improvement District, and a Creative District, and the growth to come. Positive attitude and hard work turned Grand Junction into a hot spot for people moving from big cities and looking for a mid-sized, chill, young, and fun city.
April 14, 2021
How to Transform Your Passion into a Business with Elizabeth Hays
Our guest, Elizabeth Hays, explains why she decided to pivot from a 9 to 5 into owning her own cycling business. She describes how she adapted and learned from her daily challenges and how creativity during uncertain times brought her higher customer loyalty and brand awareness. Elisabeth also gives final insights that you can apply to any business at any stage. Want to book your cycle class? Sign up on the Sculpt Cycle website or download the Vagaro booking app and type “Sculp Cycle” to start cycling today!
April 14, 2021