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#GrowNOW The Podcast

#GrowNOW The Podcast

By Raluca Gomeaja
For the entrepreneurs that wish to run a successful business and become financially independent, this podcast provides tools and strategies to achieve those business goals. Although it may be the thought of making millions that start your dream, your values and mindset are the ones that will make it a reality.
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S3 Episode 87: 3 Secrets to finding new clients
In this episode of the miniseries on “New Clients”, we talk about established businesses or entrepreneurs, what are the ways to upgrade of their business and get new clients. Referrals and promoting via a partner are just 2 ways to go about expanding your client list. Curios to find the third way? Listen to this week’s episode.
May 23, 2022
S3 Episode 86 : The benefits of finding new clients
Having loyal clients and customers, can result in very beneficial relationships over time but it also has 2 main issues: it creates a sort of dependence and it can keep you in a circle where you keep doing the same thing, not challenging you to maybe create new products and packages or explore other markets. And as we well know, entrepreneurs love a good challenge or upgrade of their business. So getting in the habit of always trying to get new clients it can prove to be redefining and renewing for any business. This episode will go over a few sustainable benefits of getting new clients.
May 16, 2022
S3 Episode 85: Time has more value than money
Do you even consider the possibility that your full involvement in some projects may not be either value or needed? That time when put in balance with money, is more valuable? Life experience has taught us that the answer to these type of questions is never straight forward, all is relative. And comparing money with time is in a way pointless because time is the only resource we can never make more of. We can always make more money, but never more time. Today’s episode will reveal 5 tips on how you can improve and upgrade your beliefs about time and your own worth.
May 09, 2022
S3 Episode 84: Deciding how much to pay our team
Sooner or later, when we are entrepreneurs, our business will grow and we have to consider adding a few people to the team. The that happens we will have to approach the very important subject of how much will they get payed. First thing is first, a few questions have to be answered: * How do we know that we pay them enough? ** What is the risk when we pay them too much? *** How important is to have close interactions with the people we hire? Should we influenced by feeling or vibes? This episode will address exactly these questions that we would be right in considering before hiring someone to join our team.
May 02, 2022
S3 Episode 83: What you are worth vs what you charge
Knowing your worth in terms of your knowledge and expertise, can help you determine the answer to 2 important questions in your life: 1. How much can you charge for your time (work) ? 2. How and where do you invest your time? Even if they are not such easy questions to face, it can on the other hand bring a lot clarity to your level of confidence also. In this episode you will find 3 steps on how to reach a balance between not feeling frustrated because you are charging too little, and not feeling as an impostor because you are charging too much .
April 25, 2022
S3 Episode 82: Your money vs your company’s money
It seems logic that once you open your own company, work on it, invest a lot of time in developing and making it successful, when the moment comes and it starts generating money, the amount made is by default yours, right? Well, yes and no. There are some risky behaviours when mixing personal finances with those of your company and thinking that there is nothing wrong if you consider that now , you as an individual, have just created another pocket where you can store YOUR money. In today’s episode we will give you a few important keys on how to set boundaries for your financial entities and create a line between what is yours and what you manage as a company.
April 18, 2022
S3 Episode 81: Value of free social media content
In the previous episode, we were pointing out that one way of dealing with curious potential clients, is to direct them to your free content, which will give them already a feel of your work or your product, without you having to invest time and jump directly into phone calls with them. But how to make sure people are interested in your content in the first place? Social media is just like any other market out there: people either have a NEED or a DESIRE for a service, product, etc and they go looking for information of the different social media platforms. But what does actually sell on social media? This week’s episode we take a look at what type of free content and information we can provide for those potential clients that are just browsing.
April 11, 2022
S3 Episode 80: The way to transform a curious client
Investing time until you manage to strike a deal with a curious client, is absolutely normal until you start feeling that no progress is being made. Understanding from the beginning the reasons why these clients are looking for you and why they need you, is key. Do you think that a client is continuing the conversation because he is interested in your coaching service for example, or because you are offering some advice and insight for free? Today’s episode will help with any doubts you might have about potential clients.
April 04, 2022
S3 Episode 79: Curious vs Serious potential clients
How much should we get involved with curious clients? Those that call up, ask for a ton of information ( sometimes even a contract ) and then never answer your follow up call or email. Especially in the service business, we tend to spend a lot of time looking ourselves for clients, until we reach the stage that they will come looking for us. Is absolutely normal to invest time with any potential client, but now the question is “how much time”? Do you think that a client is continuing the conversation because he is interested in your coaching service for example, or because you are offering some advice and insight for free? In this episode we offer 5 steps on how to distinguish a curious client from a serious client and also how to deal with them.
March 28, 2022
S3 Episode 78: The choice of actions in entrepreneurship
As entrepreneurs, we like TO DO : to solve, to make a better life for those around us, to find new ways of fulfilling demands. As a result, constantly moving, we tend to overdue, just out of a “fear” that our lack of any kind of action will have negative results. Today’s topic comes on the heels of last week’s episode, when we addressed the 3 essential choices that entrepreneurs can always fall back on: choose the focus, the environment or the actions. And today we are talking about those priority actions, high level, relevant behaviours that are strategic for these times.
March 21, 2022
S3 Episode 77: The emotional choices of entrepreneurs
Assuming the position of an entrepreneur means that we are leaders, in the same time as we become a sort of role-model for our community, our teams and our families. There for, in moments of crisis or stress, feeling powerless or feeling guilty for what someone else is going through, doesn’t really benefit us because that puts us away from the “action mode” that will actually help us move forward. Having a constant view on events keeps us connected to the problem 24/7 . So how do we keep an emotional hygiene during these times? In this episode we talk about the 3 essential choices for entrepreneurs that can serve as a guideline 1. Choose the focus 2. Choose the environment 3. Choose the actions
March 14, 2022
S3 Episode 76: The courage of entrepreneurs
Courage is one of those qualities that cannot be teached or coached. A child may replicate it and be inspired by it but adults we have a harder time doing it because we immediately switch to overthinking. What does courage means for entrepreneurs? They dare to step out of a comfortable life into one of constant pressure. This week’s episode is a bit of a pep talk, as we are all in the situation to accept that courage in business manifest sometimes when there is no other choice.
March 07, 2022
S3 Episode 75: When a crisis doesn’t ask permission
As the world is still under the shock of a raising war ( in this day and age) we are again confronted with the same fears and doubts as 2 years ago: when an unexpected crisis arrives, how well are we prepared for it? Looking objectively to the developing situation in Ukraine, we can’t help but understand that in no time, the conflict that started between 2 countries, it has the potential to turn into an European war. In today’s episode we will gloss over a few key aspects of what we, as entrepreneurs, can do in a situation like this. First is to asses clearly your own situation and understand how a global conflict may affect you locally.
February 28, 2022
S3 Episode 74: Reaching for high-level clients
At the beginning of every business venture, in order for us to actually start working, we may say yes to almost everyone, since any paying client is a good client, isn’t it? As we well remember, we were talking that there is this rule of 3-3-3 : first 3 clients for free, next 3 clients at cost, and the 3 after that on a minimal profit margin. And along the way, as we grow and keep developing products and expanding, we come to realise what truly motivates us is that is that our clients grow in the same time with us. Equally as important, is to start attracting the type of clients you want in this moment, that correspond to your level of growth, the high-level ones. Today’s episode is for those entrepreneurs who are convinced that they are ready for high-level clients but yet have not figured out how to go for them. PS: A little tip from us. As an entrepreneurs, you will never be completely 100% ready, so say YES first and figure out how to do it quick along the way. Just dare going for those clients that can help you achieve your goals.
February 21, 2022
S3 Episode 73: The courage of going for new clients
As business owners, we get motivated by the idea of thriving, stepping up our game, daring to bring new products or new clients. And yet, it takes courage to get over the discomfort and the doubts that come with the package of growth. Moving out of our comfort zone it takes effort but isn’t the reward worth it? In this episode we will talk about how to make the task more important than the difficulties and self motivate along the way.
February 14, 2022
S3 Episode 72: Creating long lasting changes
It can happen sometimes that in business, we may acknowledge intuitively and logically what our next best move should be, and yet hesitations and sometimes confusions can cloud our judgement. One of the most common reasons is the fact that at some point, we identify so much with a certain aspect of our business that changing can seem somehow counterproductive. Today’s episode focuses on the work environment that we create for ourselves as entrepreneurs and how that can become a bit of a trap sometimes for ourselves.
February 07, 2022
S3 Episode 71: When you are not getting what you want
The definition of an entrepreneur should definitely include the fact that we don’t want other people dictating our life. Is one of the main reasons why the decision to be self-employed is one of the hardest but most rewarding. And because we have to own up to the fact that it’s all up to us now. When we don’t get to sign a contract after putting so much time and effort, after losing clients for “unfair” reasons, or when life hands us an unexpected bad deals, not getting what we had our eyes on, it can turn into a devastating situation, primarily mentally. But you know what? In business, is very unusual that someone does something just to prove you a point, or that a client’s behaviour has something to do with you personally. In today’s episode we are giving our attention to the important topic of separating personal feelings from business and keeping an objective, undisturbed view of situations.
January 31, 2022
S3 Episode 70: Getting over Blue January
What to do when a blue Monday suddenly transforms in a blue month? You know, those days when we feel low on energy, almost to the point of depression. Studies do show that it is a phenomenon specific more to the Northern emisphere. As far as January is concerned, the 3rd Monday of the month is the one that gives us this failed feeling, just after the Holidays and by now, realising that the New Year’s resolutions are not exactly working. In other words, short days, long nights and some big credit card bills after all the presents. What to do? In this episode we want to present you a few proven ways to get by easier and dare we say, with a clearer view over the first month of the year.
January 24, 2022
BONUS Part 2: Alternatives to New Year’s resolutions
The main reason why New Year’s resolutions don’t work is because you might know WHAT you want, but most of the time not have it very clear WHY you want it. We trick ourselves in thinking that we need to wait for the 1st of January or first Monday of the month to go after something we really want. Instead, what we want to present in these 2 Bonus episodes, is an alternative to the resolutions, a proven method that can be applied in business but also in your personal life. Please listen here to the first Bonus Episode Part 1: Alternatives to New Year’s resolutions
January 17, 2022
BONUS Part 1: Alternatives to New Year’s resolutions
The main reason why New Year’s resolutions don’t work is because you might know WHAT you want, but most of the time not have it very clear WHY you want it. We trick ourselves in thinking that we need to wait for the 1st of January or first Monday of the month to go after something we really want. Instead, what we want to present in these 2 Bonus episodes, is an alternative to the resolutions, a proven method that can be applied in business but also in your personal life.
January 10, 2022
Bonus 2021: If 2021 was your book
In today’s bonus episode we want to have an imagination exercise about the year that just ended. Wanna join the game?
January 03, 2022
S3 Ep 69: An entrepreneur’s letter for Santa
The thrill of wishing and receiving presents for Christmas does certainly diminish with age, because we know there is no magical old man in a red suit, we know where presents come from. But thinking back to the childhood, one can understand the magic behind having a goal, a toy above all toys, that one thing that we thought we wanted more than anything in the world. How thrilling was the idea of receiving the very thing, the anticipation, the expectation and certainty that we will get it? Whatever happened to that almost blind faith we had? Why are we not able now to instinctively just believe in ourselves that we are our own Santa? In today’s episode we would like to take you on a journey of imagination and desire and let’s write to our Inner Santa and have the confidence to wish for anything we want .
December 27, 2021
S3 Ep 68: Thoughts on inspiration for entrepreneurs
Working with so many entrepreneurs, sometimes it comes easy to find the right topics to share in the podcast. As the word goes, every story is a good story if we can learn something from it. And as we have the custom here, we approach those ideas that can resonate with the business community, from a more personal and sometimes vulnerable angle. This end of the year has its challenges like any other but one common theme we keep hearing is how difficult it is for business owners to inspire and motivate their teams during these last few months of 2021. This episode offers some tips and ideas on how to keep being an inspiration for those around you, in personal or business life.
December 20, 2021
S3 Ep 67: Things not done or not done efficiently
What is the reason why we push harder at the end of this year 2021, compared to other years? Talking with our community of international entrepreneurs or discussing with coaching clients, we come to the realisation that the answers are not so straight forward as they may seem. But one recurring theme shows up in all the discussions: the approaching deadline of December 31st is an extraordinary wake-up call. Rushing through tasks, taking on responsibilities that we don’t enjoy, not delegating and the list can god on; these are recipes for extra pressure, procrastination and feelings of not moving forward with the business. In this episode we approach some ways of removing unnecessary entrepreneurial pressure at the end of 2021.
December 13, 2021
S3 Ep 66: 5 Logical questions to challenge the pressure
There is no secret that chasing your dream, your life plan, is at times extremely challenging and exhausting. Entrepreneurs feel this pressure all year long almost and yet it amplifies at the end of each year. Finding the life/work balance is truly important but is not a standard set of techniques that work for everyone, right? In this episode, we are putting on the table 5 questions that every entrepreneur should take the time to answer for themselves and for the sake of their business, so that they don’t lose the enthusiasm and high energy that fuel them normally. Approach the end of the year pressure in a logical way!
December 06, 2021
S3 Ep 65: End of the year pressure in business
What made this 2021 so stressful and difficult? No doubt, one one hand the Coronavirus implications and its global impact. But once we remove this from the picture, what else has the entrepreneurs on edge about the way this year will end? There is an intensity just about every aspect in our lives now and as usual, entrepreneurs seem to have an added layer of responsibility and stress in the sense that for many of us, the business has become our very own purpose of existence because of the commitment and fulfilment that it brings us. Sometimes we forget that IT IS ONLY A BUSINESS. In this week’s entrepreneurs stories, we are looking at 2 examples of situations when solo-entrepreneurs had to take a step back and decide how much the stress, overworking and pressure was serving them or their business. In there words, just because we over-stress ourselves, that doesn’t mean that what we are afraid of will not happen.
November 29, 2021
S3 Ep 64: When to hire people as an entrepreneur
In our previous episode 63 “Why entrepreneurs don’t hire people” we were looking at the reasons why sole-entrepreneurs are so reluctant to hire and we provided a checklist that can be used as a guideline to understand when SHOULD be the moment to start hiring, in any business for that matter. As the world has evolved and communication has become more digitalised, so has evolved the world of “getting help” and needing additional ‘hands on deck’ for your entrepreneurship journey. The burdens and obligations of an employee contract are made easy by the use of commercial contracts and subcontracting people. Solo-entrepreneurs need to understand that hiring somebody means they are delegating, they are getting help accomplishing some tasks, they are not looking for a replacement of themselves. This episode is here to shed some light on When and Why hiring is a productive move for the business. It’s very difficult to delegate the core of your vision, but it wouldn’t be the worse if someone else can cut your invoices while you are working on that vision, right? :)
November 22, 2021
S3 Ep 63: Why entrepreneurs don’t hire people
The human resource is the most valuable in any type of business format. But more so, in entrepreneurship, the founder of the business, the one who had the courage and the drive to invest and implement his idea, is the core of his business. So as the business is growing, so are the demands and the workload. But hiring somebody will change the format and the dynamic of the business. And that may be why sole-entrepreneurs are so reluctant to hire. In this episode we go over a few reasons why in entrepreneurship we don’t see so many people getting hired. You can use this checklist for your own business, to understand if you are using some of these limits beliefs to call them, and hinder without knowing the growth of your business.
November 15, 2021
S3 Episode 62: 5 Golden rules of negotiation
In this last episode of this mini-series on Negotiations, we will not be focusing on the techniques of negotiation ( as those are readily available already ) but rather on the mindset, on knowing how exactly we want to feel about ourselves and the deals we are getting. Can compromising be a winning strategy? Should we want to win at all costs? Here we give you the 5 golden rules.
November 08, 2021
S3 Episode 61: Negotiate to win-win
When we enter any kind of exchange from a win-win perspective, we may end up winning much more than we expect at the beginning. Especially when having to deal with negotiations that have an emotional power over us, when we are attached to the outcome. A first step is seeing the situation form an objective way, not better, not worse. And the second important step that follows, is to see this negotiation from the other perspective, analyse their outcome and intentions. Remember that we are going for win-win, right? A clear assessment of what the other party is trying to accomplish will only bring you closer to reaching your goal in this case and understanding what compromises you can bring to the table. For more on the topic of negotiations, please listen to the previous 2 parts of episode 60 “Negotiation skills for entrepreneurs”
November 01, 2021
S3 Episode 60 (Part 2): Negotiation skills for entrepreneurs
In coaching we talk about different energy levels and this is valid also when we are on the topic of negotiations. Entering a negotiation deal of any kind, bearing the energy of a “victim” has totally different results than when, for example, we have an angry energy and we bring that to the table with us. In both cases, are we still focused on the end result or did we just get lost in proving the other party what we can and cannot do? There is of course the 3rd way, the rational mindset, the calculated, logical energy. The empathic way to go about the negotiations is also a valid and often used approach. Do you recognise yourself already yet in any of these “recipes”? Or maybe you are the type that goes in win the “win-win” attitude. That’s why we have dedicated the 2nd part of this topic to the actual techniques used when negotiating.
October 25, 2021
S3 Episode 60 (Part 1): Negotiation skills for entrepreneurs
When you want to run your business on your own terms, having strong negotiation skills truly helps, to balance the constant “give and take” that we encounter in our life daily. Nevertheless, 2 important questions arise before you can consider any type of negotiation: 1. Do you truly know what YOU want? 2. Do you know what the opposite side is wanting from this? In this 2 parts episode on the art of negotiations we will go over how to detach emotionally from the outcome, meaning to observe, to stay factual, to add data, to use the techniques and skills available to us to change the actual circumstances when needed. So entrepreneurs, do you know how to separate using your emotions from being emotional about something? What is your mindset about negotiations?
October 18, 2021
S3 Episode 59: Being less dependent on Social Media
On the heels of what happened a week ago with the 7 hours fall of the online Facebook network access, we are looking today into the ways we can continue to function, as businesses, when the proverbial “rug” is pulled from our feet. For example, the lesson we learn when we end up loosing all our work because we didn’t save the file we were working on and our computer unexpectedly crashed, should make us wise enough to now learn our lesson this time around also and start cutting some small cords with what we refer as Social Media. Us, entrepreneurs, pride ourselves on being independent and self-standing so the opportunity looks promising right about now. In this episode we share the ways to go further with your business and, as solo-entrepreneurs, why you should not put all your communication and marketing power into one organisation alone.
October 11, 2021
S3 Episode 58: The power of stepping back
In the previous episode “S3 Ep 57: Why most entrepreneurs don’t make money” we have mentioned 5 crucial reasons why entrepreneurs get so easily discouraged : 1. Discipline 2. Endurance 3. Support 4. Focus 5. Stepping back This episode is focusing on the power of stepping back and taking a aerial view of your efforts and progress, as a form of sustainability and accountability.
October 04, 2021
S3 Episode 57: Why most entrepreneurs don’t make money
A lot of people are flirting with the idea of becoming financially independent but the reality is that the desire of having a business is never enough to make it in the entrepreneurial world. Becoming their own boss has almost pushed people to create in their mind a perfect, ideal image of what the entrepreneurship road would look like for them. The truth is that running a business is much more than a hobby, is rarely the situation of “I do what I want when I want and if I feel like it”. That’s why most entrepreneurs give up within the 3 years, usually because the profit is just not there. This is just the surface of the problem, the true question is “why they didn’t make enough money”? When the effort is too high and the result that we foreseen is not the value of what we want, obviously we will not continue to do the effort. In one of our BONUS episodes we have addressed the subject of continuing to put in the effort, no matter what, please listen HERE ( Bonus-COVID-19-The-pursuit-of-growing-together-and-why-to-keep-putting-in-the-effort / May 2020 )  In this episode we go over 5 crucial reasons why most entrepreneurs are not making money.
September 27, 2021
S3 Episode 56: Being generous each day
We may think that we don’t have much to give, not having enough time, that we are not successful enough to believe that we have something to give back, or that we don’t have someone that is looking to receive our support. But there is a way to be generous every day! In this episode we go over the big and the small daily actions towards cultivating a generosity mindset for yourself and how to be present for people that are not even aware they are receiving anything from you. It can be that subtle :-)
September 20, 2021
S3 Episode 55: The power of giving back
Being considered generous is treated as a high virtue in our society and it doesn’t matter if it’s about our social life or the business aspect, we all have something to offer. We may possibly doubt ourselves that we don’t know how we can serve others or the fear of rejection can take over. But the truth is that all of us have a gift that another person can benefit from. Giving back is not selling anything. Giving back is about sharing. Giving back is remembering who was there for us when we started as entrepreneurs and how we can do the same for someone else, in their time of need. This episode focuses on practical ways we can consider giving back from becoming mentors, brainstorming or becoming involved on the board of another entrepreneur. There are many fulfilling ways to be someone’s guiding light during a storm.
September 13, 2021
S3 Episode 54: How do entrepreneurs ask for help
As entrepreneurs, we are aware that we will have to face the burden of loneliness. Considering what has happened in the business world because of the sanitary and economic crisis, now more than ever, those working for themselves and by themselves are more exposed to the immediate consequences. So is it so difficult to ask for help as an entrepreneur? Why is that we are so sure of the fact that nobody else can have some answers regarding our business? Is it ego or attachement, sprinkled with a bit of pride? Find out in this episode what differentiates the women entrepreneurs from male business owners and how and where we can ask for help in order to continue succeeding in business.
September 06, 2021
S3 Episode 53: Dealing with a business that is growing
A business that is looked after and is receiving daily interest and effort, can only grow or die. There is no such thing as a stillness , like “nothing is happening”. Something is always changing, we just need to be aware and catch it early so we can be prepared. Working over the years with all kind of businesses and entrepreneurs, we could observe that people are rather inclined to notice when the business is going bad and make all sorts of adjustments. But when things are going well and the numbers are rising, some changes have to happen also in order to accommodate the growth. Yet, more so, we can see that the same mistakes that keep showing up and almost dragging businesses under. In this episode we address the 5 most common oversights that entrepreneurs tend to make along the way.
August 30, 2021
S3 Episode 52: Optimistic entrepreneurs in 2021?
As individuals, what keeps us going is the hope, the dream of tomorrow. Now, with everything going on in the world, being optimistic may seem like a stretch for most people. It’s enough to be connected online for 10 minutes and you will be hit with news about Coronavirus, natural disasters, humanitarian crisis or the ongoing economic crisis. And yet, as entrepreneurs we need to have the skill of optimism functioning right in order to see our business thrive. It’s ok to be a realistic person and is recommended at some point, but in business you also need a degree of “I will make it happen even if I don’t know how yet”. After all, the worse is never certain. Find out in this episode a few tips on how to maintain your optimism in order to see beyond any crisis and focus on the results ahead.
August 23, 2021
S3 Episode 51: 12 new ideas for your business (Part 3)
In an ever changing environment like entrepreneurship, what doesn’t grow slowly dies. We still have 5 full months to put our small business into high gear, so here the next few episodes will be dedicated to business ideas that you can still implement until the end of the year in order to make a difference in your business. We are calling this a PARKING LIST of concepts, intentions, objectives or solutions; all of them meant to help you breath an air of growth into your business. Mix these with consistency in implementation and follow-up, and you have yourself a winning strategy. Today we will tackle 4 ideas to improve your biz, as an entrepreneur. From analysing 5 flaws and 5 strong points of your competitors, looking for a new partner within your existing circle of clients or acquittances to better using your Social Media channels.
August 16, 2021
S3 Episode 50: 12 new ideas for your business (Part 2)
In an ever changing environment like entrepreneurship, what doesn’t grow slowly dies. We still have 5 full months to put our small business into high gear, so here the next few episodes will be dedicated to business ideas that you can still implement until the end of the year in order to make a difference in your business. We are calling this a PARKING LIST of concepts, intentions, objectives or solutions; all of them meant to help you breath an air of growth into your business. Mix these with consistency in implementation and follow-up, and you have yourself a winning strategy. Today we will tackle 4 ideas to improve your biz, as an entrepreneur. From revisiting 12 marketing ads that are striking you as successful and innovative, to reviewing your client list and cutting out your most difficult ones, see if you can find in today’s episode a new direction for your business.
August 09, 2021
S3 Episode 49: 12 new ideas for your business (Part 1)
In an ever changing environment like entrepreneurship, what doesn’t grow slowly dies. We still have 5 full months to put our small business into high gear, so here the next few episodes will be dedicated to business ideas that you can still implement until the end of the year in order to make a difference in your business. We are calling this a PARKING LIST of concepts, intentions, objectives or solutions; all of them meant to help you breath an air of growth into your business. Mix these with consistency in implementation and follow-up, and you have yourself a winning strategy. Today we will tackle the first 4 ideas to improve your biz, as an entrepreneur. From freeing a part of your expenses to reaching out to “almost” customers to ask for feedback, in today’s episode we go over some suggestions that you can apply in the next 5 months. 
August 02, 2021
S3 Episode 48: 3 winning steps for 2021
During our monthly online meetings for Imn Paris ( more info on ) we always start with a gratitude exercise. And why would that be important during a mastermind on entrepreneurial subjects? Because it gives us the time to reflect on the things that we have accomplished so far and it puts into perspective our future goals. Seeing that we are already 7 months into 2021 already, our first recommendation ( step ) towards reaching your desired outcome, is to pause and forecast your next remaining 5 months. This, in terms, gives you an upgraded reality of what has been achieved and you can adapt accordingly. Are you creating your ideal scenarios for your business? Well, you should as this is a great way to measure the excitement that you still have for your goals. Join us in this episode as we are exploring the 3 important steps of success for any entrepreneur in 2021.
July 26, 2021
S3 Episode 47: Is A.I.M SMART the way to reach your goals?
A highly efficient technique in the coaching industry is the A.I.M SMART approach. For reference, please listen to the previous episode 46, to get familiarised with the SMART method and how to apply it as an entrepreneur. S - Specific, strategic M - Measurable A - Attainable, achievable R - Relevant T - Time-bound Now we go a step further today and make it even more detail oriented. What does the following phrase sound ?: “I AIM for goals, I am very SMART in achieving them and I let people know what I am going g to do” . Would it be something worth looking into? Listen to this week’s episode as we go over defining goals, ways to achieve them and ACCOUNTABILITY, usually an overlooked step.
July 19, 2021
S3 Episode 46: The S.M.A.R.T method of entrepreneurship
At this point in the current business climate, there is no benefit in falling into the trap of doing nothing or doing too much. Entrepreneurs usually are caught in between these 2 extremes. That’s why the S.M.A.R.T way is the perfect method to reach your goals and getting the FOCUSED results your business needs. S - Specific, strategic M - Measurable A - Attainable, achievable R - Relevant T - Time-bound Join us as we go over, in the episode, on how to apply this great method for your business or personal life, why not? :)
July 12, 2021
S3 Episode 45: Learn from football, use in business
Football is THE SPORT, the one that everyone has an opinion about, we all know the name of at least a few players, the sport that ignites the passion of some many of us all over the world. The energy, pride and happiness can be derived from a simple match is so amazing that it has us thinking: “what else can give such a huge energy, such an important vibration on which everybody can connect to?” We as business owners, as entrepreneurs should be interested in achieving a level of connection and inclusion when dealing with our customers, right? So what can football teach us about this? Find out in today’s episode.
July 05, 2021
S3 Episode 44: What is your relationship capital?
What are our true connections in today’s reality? How many people actually pick up the phone when you call? In today’s episode we are discussing the importance of a strong network of quality relationships and the exponentially of your networking. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner ( meaning you would dedicate yourself to fulfilling multiples roles in your business ), you know how caught up you can get in the daily tasks and operations as sales, marketing, logistics, etc. And in the same time having the tendency to neglect the importance of capital relationship, the personal and professional connections. Find out in today’s episode how to grow and effectively use our networking partnerships and connections.
June 28, 2021
S3 Episode 43:Pro Bono..Yay or Nay?
As a rule of thumb, when starting a new business venture of any kind, we should be prepared for the inevitable “working for free for a while in the beginning” : the time to create a name for ourselves, to improve and perfect our product or service, to start earning a reputation within the market, etc. For example, in coaching, the model of 3-3-3 is a relevant one: first 3 clients are for free ( pro bono ) next 3 clients at cost the following 3 clients on a small profit But where exactly is the line when we are supposed to stop offering our services for free, especially when it is in our nature to help people? How do we judge our value when competing in a market where no one wants to feel like they are consistently ‘sold to’? When we have the tendency to put people first, is pro bono helping “us” (the provider) or helping them ’the customer’? Listen to the arguments from an entrepreneur’s working with entrepreneurs point of view.
June 21, 2021
S3 Episode 42: Sustainability and entrepreneurship
When entrepreneurs start their business journey, is usually because they have a solution to a problem, not necessarily because they are transforming their hobby into a business. And we can all agree that this is the healthy way to bring something valuable to the market. So now the real question these days is : How much can you bring to the market when your own resources are limited? The reality of the economic crisis is hitting hard small business around the world right now and sustainability cannot exist without profit. Join us for this episode as we go over the importance of thinking ahead on creating sustainable yet profitable businesses, that also take into consideration the communities around.
June 14, 2021
S3 Episode 41: Skills for efficient 1-on-1 Zoom meetings ( Part 2 )
We can all agree that Zoom conferences or any online meetings are tricky when you are not prepared and when you treat them as a cup of coffee with friends. Especially those one to one, when trying to sign a new client or start a new partnership. Being authentic still means that the common sense rules apply, if you wish to be the one in control and get the results you are hoping for each time. In the first part of this topic, last week we talked about group conferences and now we will address the more private communications, where the goal is to sign a new client or start a new partnership.
June 07, 2021
S3 Episode 40: Skills to be efficient on Zoom meetings ( Part 1 )
Zoom meetings give a business owner the precious advantage of TIME, time won by not having to travel to a specific location. And truth be told, we think a lot of people have found out that not all the business meetings have to be held in person but we were all in a silent agreement that if you wanted to sell, you had to be the one making the effort. Nevertheless, online meetings or calls present a challenge of their own: how to keep the attention of our participants and have them engaged with whatever our subject is. The main difference between in-person and online meetings is the presence of distractions: phone notifications, the temptation to go browsing online, and so on. So in order to keep your participants engaged, some skills are required, that we may not have considered before. In this episode we will go over 5 important tips on how to make your Zoom meetings efficient and interesting.
May 31, 2021
S3 Episode 39: Is it possible to close deals on Zoom?
Willingly or not, we have adapted to the idea that our business needs an online presence but also we as entrepreneurs need to be active and figure out how to communicate from a distance with new or existing clients, possible business partners and so on. And that means being able to close a deal or to acquire new clients over Zoom or Skype. Easier said than done! These online interactions are in a way, removing the socialising part of the exchange which for most entrepreneurs is vital, since it lets the person in front of you see how involved and passionate you are about your product or service. Small business owners are usually doing a double sales job, selling the product on one hand and their own drive that goes into believing in that product, on the other hand. A lot of partnerships or idea for new products have originated during social interactions and unfortunately, nowadays, on Zoom we start the call with the topic already half-way open and so ignoring those precious moments of fraternising. So what can we do to ease into a more real communication on the currently prefered digital platforms like Zoom or Skype? From building trust to taking risks, in this episode we are addressing the topic of keeping your connections while being online savvy.
May 24, 2021
S3 Episode 38: Building trust in order to increase your sales in crisis
Selling any type of product or service is basically building a relationship between 2 parties, understanding and anticipating the other’s needs and desires and finding ways to provide for those needs. A trust bond is vital for any type of sell. Since the development of online businesses and the recent surge in the virtual business world, it is safe to say that people are quite reluctant to give their trust away. And for good reason, seing the amount of frauds and deceits happening. Nevertheless, when we present ourselves in an authentic matter and engage truly with our clients, we stand a better chance of making a sale. This episode is focused on 2 main keys of increasing your sales. Find out the second tip by listening to the full episode.
May 17, 2021
Bonus Interview with Elizabeth Gould for the "Feeling Forwards Podcast" Australia
This week we are proud to present the latest collaboration interview with our dear friend Elizabeth Gould, for the Australian “Feeling Forwards Podcast”. Her questions were really insightful, wanting to take a peek into the heart and mind of an entrepreneur and we dived deep into how emotions can help or hinder entrepreneurs on their path to success. In this interview we discuss: - How to overcome loneliness when you are an entrepreneur - The challenge of managing the expectations and criticisms of family and friends; - The danger of entrepreneurs getting stuck and unable to be vulnerable or ask for help; - Is it possible to manage how entrepreneurs feel about hearing 'no' over and over; And so much more! This episode was originally aired on April 21st 2021, on the Feeling Forwards Podcast Please visit for Elizabeth’s coaching programs and expertise. 
May 10, 2021
S3 Episode 37: 5 keys to successfully sell in crisis
In last week’s episode “What’s the secret of buying?”, we were talking about the predictability and impulses of the human behaviour when it comes to buying goods and services. Since we are heading (one foot in already) into an economic crisis, the keys to still sell in 2021 don’t need to be changed, so much as they may need to be personalised. The “what”, “why”; “when” and “how much” our clients needs and desires have to be met, and getting the right information is crucial. Having conversations geared towards understanding them and asking open-ended questions so they have a chance to further explain would be a first important step. We have structured this episode in 5 steps or keys that will help any entrepreneur better grasps the evergreen reasoning behind buying and selling.
May 03, 2021
S3 Episode 36: What’s the secret of buying?
Doesn’t it seem that we are focused on selling “better” and sales techniques but often forget to go back to the basics of the need or impulse to BUY? Are our needs real or someone creates them? What’s the exact moment when we realise we have a need that has to be fulfilled by a product or service from the outside ? Human behaviour is predictable but marketing is still a key factor when it comes to impulse buying. Nevertheless, is also about trust, creating relationships and adding value to the act of serving ur clients as entrepreneurs. In this episode we go over the subtleties of buying and selling, especially in times of crisis.
April 26, 2021
S3 Episode 35: Becoming more enthusiast using creativity
As we were mentioning in the previous episode about why is important to be creative and innovative as an entrepreneur, creativity doesn’t come on demand. Nevertheless, it can be cultivated and practiced regularly in order to wake up that enthusiasm that is taking a break right now. Our 5 easy steps to awaken your innovative side, are accessible and clear and can be used in your business and your personal life also. We really like the last step, “The Parking list”! Find out how to utilise this simple tool to become more creative.
April 19, 2021
S3 Episode 34: Why is creativity important for entrepreneurs
In entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation are pretty much connected and interlaced with eachother, as they help any business get ahead in a market which would be otherwise dominated by the same old patterns. As we all are all aware, creativity doesn’t come on demand but in the same time, being stuck only in the operational aspect of the business doesn’t also have benefits in the long run. Creativity can be a source of enthusiasm and a way to reduce stress and uncertainty, especially in times of a crisis. In this episode we are going over some meaningful reasons why being creative can help you and your business have new energy moving forward in 2021
April 12, 2021
S3 Episode 33: Advantages of being self-employed
It would be fair to say that being self employed can be tricky sometimes. Besides the time invested to get to the point of being well known and gaining a reputation in your field, deciding your workload and schedule comes with freedom but also some insecurity in the long run. So what is the appeal of being self employed? We are taking the time in this episode to go over the many layers of being an entrepreneur and the different opportunities that this rather flexible business profile has to offer.
April 05, 2021
S3 Episode 32: What business profile do you choose?
We can all agree that the most valuable resource we have is TIME. Money, we can always make more of even when we have lost it all but unfortunately, the luxury of time can’t be won back. That’s why is so important, whenever possible, to put in balance the freedom of being a business owner against the security of being an employee. And if we move from being an employee to self employed we still trade time for money, meaning we can’t earn more money if we don’t work more hours. This is the case of doctors, lawyers or any type of coach for exemple. What about the advantages of creating a business, creating a system that would allow you to be a business owner? Join us for this week’s episode as we take a look at these different business profiles and business models: being an employee, self employed and business owner.
March 29, 2021
S3 Episode 31: Business cycles in entrepreneurship
When you are an entrepreneur, you need to know how to deal with the months of good revenues and the months of bad revenues. Sometimes the waves of the business are better than expected or you may go through unexpected low points but one thing you can trust, the cycles are there to be recognised and dealt with. The reality is that business cycles affect not only the business but the business owner as well. So we are focusing this week’s episode on the 5 helpful teachings that we as a business club with experience in business coaching, have gained over time by working with international business owners.
March 22, 2021
S3 Episode 30: 5 Steps to manage a business
Business owners can delegate a lot of aspects of their business but knowing their key performance figures is not one of them. Together with knowing the current and outstanding balances, optimising the “when” and the “how” are vital responsibilities for any entrepreneur and not to be taken lightly. If we don’t mesure what’s happening in our business, how can we optimise the results? As we were talking in the previous episode “Key Performance Indicators for entrepreneurs”: what gets measured, gets focus. What gets focus, gets results. That’s why this episode will focus on the 5 important steps, a checklist if you will, on how to track and optimise your most important reports in order to get clarity and quality figures for your small or medium business. To join our free monthly Masterminds, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @IMNPARIS and stay tuned for upcoming dates for international networking events.
March 15, 2021
S3 Episode 29: Key Performance Indicators for entrepreneurs
It may not be a fun topic, but is definitely vital for any entrepreneur. How much time do you spend on measuring your business performance? Most business owners like to be more operational or “hands in the clay” because they like the rush of the process. Yet, when it comes to understanding what really happened during an entire month, business owners shy away from this task. Having a broader aerial view of the business allows us to think of long term plans, strategise and improve on the current game plan. And how do we do that? - Observing the way the Corporate world keeps track of their KPI can prove significant for entrepreneurs that are left on their own to figure things out. - Finding a balance of what kind of KPI to follow so that you don’t get buried in all the figures is also fundamental for the process. Listen to this episode to discover the process of business performance.
March 08, 2021
S3 Episode 28: Optimise your cost management in 2021
We don’t really like to use the excuse of this crisis anymore to explain all the drastic measures that we as entrepreneurs had to take in order to “hang on” but we are just still in the beginning of the economic mess that is going to change the face of business forever. And with this comes the good old issue of how to reduce, cut or eliminate costs for your business. Essentially, when the cashflow stops coming in, how do we deal with our own bills and responsibilities? For one, stopping any cash movement that is set by “default” should be a priority. Challenging the need of any immediate purchase or the importance of keeping a certain product that may not perform so well…are these some of the steps you are taking already? If not, this episode is for you as we are discussing essential methods of managing your costs as a small business owner in 2021.
March 01, 2021
S3 Episode 27: 5 essential tips to reduce expenses
Reevaluating and reconsidering the relationship we have with money can result in an overall gain over our expenses and eventually spending habits. The changes that we have suffered in the last 12 months are forcing us to do just that: reevaluate and question our usual methods of buying goods and services. But nevertheless, expenses don’t have only one source. In this episode we are looking at 5 crucial tips on diminishing expenses as an entrepreneur or small business owner. We truly believe in tip number 3 as it takes into consideration the fact that buying is not the only “by default” option.
February 22, 2021
S3 Episode 26: How to manage your costs and cash
Some entrepreneurs tend to overspend when they open a business, either investing in building a website or renting an office space and everything else that comes with the details of making it a “real” business. Luckily, the Social Media presence truly represents an advantage for any entrepreneur, that it can reduce costs in terms of marketing and honestly replacing a whole website for most of the time. From getting a business address without an office to creating your own website, small business owners are in control of what cash comes out also. In this episode, we are starting the discussion about what it means to manage your expenses figures, underspending vs overspending.
February 15, 2021
S3 Episode 25: The value of writing a book as an entrepreneur
 Writing a book about your field of business is much more than just another advertising platform for entrepreneurs. Books share content, ideas, information, concepts. You can become an expert in your field and take your message and your business way further. In this episode we are discussing the why and the how of creating the concept of a book that any business owner can consider writing. And even if a book or an ebook does not translate into immediate sales, as Social Media Marketing can do for your business, the relevance of such a creative product can be seen in many other different ways. Please access the link for the book mentioned in this episode Ebook The Entrepreneurs' Story : A Guide for Business Owners
February 08, 2021
S3 Episode 24: Making your Ebook Nr 1 on Amazon
For many, Amazon remains the most accessible bookstore, especially when we are dealing with the consequences of the Coronavirus spread worldwide. It remains to be debated how much this online platform had to do with the decline of bookstores, but we can be sure of one thing: people will always buy according to their needs. What Amazon created was the opportunity to get visibility for anyone writing, launching and promoting their own books. That doesn’t mean that everyone will buy it, but some will.And in contrast with the struggle to get your book published on paper, is definitely a win. The online world is always interactive and evolving and that is the beauty of it also. We are starting this short Amazon-series by going over the basic questions of how to get your ebook published and eventually make it a bestseller on their platform. Spoiler alert: no scams involved!
February 01, 2021
S3 Episode 23: Personal Branding vs The Company Brand
Any company’s values and virtues come first and foremost from people: owners, employees and even clients, isn’t it? People like to do business with people. Otherwise, let’s say, why would a respected Hollywood actor open his new restaurant and people would be queuing outside the door to get in? It’s clear he has something other restaurants don’t: his own personal brand, his fame and recognition. He starts to build the Company’s brand from his own. The problem with great people is they always think they are not good enough, that they don’t deserve more . When the reality is that there is enough fame to go around for everyone. And as entrepreneurs, our own personal image is the best business card we can have for our company. Today’s episode sheds some light on the advantages of believing in your own personal brand.
January 25, 2021
S3 Episode 22: Best known or best quality?
In the era of influencers, internet famous and overnight success, do people buy from the best known or the best in the the field? For many entrepreneurs, the idea of being famous is a sword with a double edge. Of course they would like to be well known in their business but “famous” is a far-fetched notion. And yet, how would the world improve if their business would achieve stardom success? For example, can you imagine a world without Apple and Steve Jobs? In this episode we challenge the idea and misconception of being famous, by addressing the factual advantages and downsides of “best in the business” vs “best known in the business” ** If interested, please purchase here the Ebook referenced in this episode The Entrepreneurs' Story: A guide for Business Owners 
January 18, 2021
S3 Episode 21: LinkedIn strategies for entrepreneurs
One of the important characteristics of LinkedIn is that the content shared and consumed daily is not sales-driven but instead is content-based. And combined with the fact that almost everyone has an account there and managing it themselves, for most part, it means you can easily reach the CEO of any company as easy as you would reach any entrepreneur. But we do believe that the biggest advantage that this professional platform has over other social networking sites is the unrestricted use of article writing. We all have skills, the knowledge, the expertise or the experience that somebody else can benefit from and writing LinkedIn articles is the easiest way to start positioning yourself as an expert in your field. In this episode we are going over 5 important strategies that can be used to open new conversations, build and strengthen your personal or professional profile and gaining new connections and clients along the way.
January 11, 2021
Bonus 2021: New world, new You
When looking back on the year 2020, what is the best way to say good-bye to it? Will you hold it In appreciation or in rejection? After all, this was a year of your life, the ONLY life we have! We can feel whatever in retrospect, but the reality is that we have learned, we have grown and almost everyone has at least 1 thing to be grateful for. And please don’t say that you didn’t achieved or learned nothing. The concept of “nothing” and “everything” are not real, they do not exist. There is always “something”. And for 2021, this something is that in this New World, we get to be “new” also. Entrepreneurs have always been good at reinventing themselves and their business so this year, the canvas is white. Go for it, the cards are on the table, the game is on!
January 04, 2021
S3 Episode 20: How to get more engagement on Social Media
Now more than ever, entrepreneurs need to step up and be of service to people, instead of manipulating and faking it all, and so offering them the much needed support through our businesses. People resonate with real life examples, giving us the possibility to better engage and serve on Social Media. Anyone with a Social Media account has certain powers online and in this episode we will be discussing the 5 types of influences that business owners can utilise for a better connection with their audience.
December 28, 2020
S3 Episode 19: What mistakes to avoid in order to be efficient on Social Media
From content creating, to consistency, to not choosing the right platform for our needs; we are all guilty of trying too much or trying too little while on Social Media, especially entrepreneurs. The truth is that consistency is what works online. We can argue about the right platform, the perfect content or the optimal posting time, etc but at the end of the day “Done is better than perfect” and engagement is what generates engagement. As we were mentioning in the previous 2 episodes, if there is something more precious for entrepreneurs than time, we don’t know about it. Efficiency is what we want to focus on while creating and promoting our business online. Find out the tips and best practices to suit your business needs and invest time in the mediums that you feel most at ease with.
December 21, 2020
S3 Episode 18: Do you know your Social Media profile by now?
If there is something more precious for entrepreneurs than TIME, we don’t know about it. So it makes sense that our presence on Social Media shouldn’t be time consuming, but rather efficient and purposeful. And so a very important question arrises: Are you a consumer or a creator on Social Media? Since being present online has such a big impact on our lives and consequently our business, in the last years we have seen a differentiation between the different types of web users and 4 profiles have emerged as a consequence: the follower, the expert, the influencer and the business influencer. Explore in this episode the characteristics of each Social Media Profile and identify, adjust and improve your online impact in order to maximise your reach.
December 14, 2020
S3 Episode 17: The power of an entrepreneur on Social Media
Quick question before we get into this episode: does your Social Media activity consumes only your time or does it make you money? Let’s be honest, as an entrepreneur you should grow your business first and then share it on all platforms, as your presence here is just a tool to grow, not the main reason why is growing. Social Media is about visibility, marketing, putting yourself and your business in front of people, communicating, creating a dialog, identifying your customer’s needs and eventually SELLING. It’s like having your own TV or radio station, your own newspaper, editing house, you name it. But there is much more than Facebook or LinkedIn that can help entrepreneurs reach their clients: publishing an e-book, starting a YouTube channel or a podcast, etc. Find out in this episode how Social Media can make your selling process faster and easier while increasing your credibility as well.
December 07, 2020
S3 Episode 16: What windsurfing can teach us about business
Passion drives us and gives us energy to the point that we don’t know how to stop doing it. Being passionate about your life, your business or your hobbies has extended and ever-growing benefits, elevating energy levels to new highs. We are, after all, talking in this season about the untold stories of entrepreneurs so sharing my experience with windsurfing fits right like a glove. And just as you can’t surf without wind, you can’t deny that the clients are the driving force of any business. The clients are the wind for any business owner. Resilience and patience, are they synonym with windsurfing and business? Find out in this episode.
November 30, 2020
S3 Episode 15: Improving your life-work balance
We consider the 3 main components of ME to be: my life, my business and my family. That is why we so often forget about another important one: me as a person! We can easily get off balance because of fear, habit, even passion and ambition. But should we really pay the price of dealing with the resulted shortcomings? Most entrepreneurs consider their business as more than their work, it becomes part of who they are. And that is one of the first steps to messing up their balance. In this episode we are going over 5 steps that will help you prioritise more conscious and develop great control over your focus.
November 23, 2020
S3 Episode 14: The empowering benefits of self care for entrepreneurs
Honest truth about being an entrepreneur: if we don’t work, we don’t eat. And the government is not gonna provide any type of pay if we get sick. It is all on us! We do like to believe we are invincible sometimes and that we will be able to always work. This idea of working harder than anyone else in order to succeed, can eventually cost us more that it’s worth, in terms of physical and mental health. A successful entrepreneur is someone who creates for himself a supportive environment so that “failure” doesn’t happen in another area of his life like marriage or parenthood, for example.  And part of this climate is where self-care plays a decisive role. In this episode, we will be focusing on 5 essential daily disciplines that any of us can apply in order to make well-being part of our entrepreneurship journey.
November 16, 2020
S3 Episode 13: The loneliness of entrepreneurship
Our goal this season is to present the realities, the intentions and the true stories of being an entrepreneur. And that means taking a look at some sensitive subjects as what it means to experience loneliness when you are working for yourself, by yourself. It’s absolutely normal for most entrepreneurs to identify themselves with their businesses. And this raises the normal question of how deeply this impacts their life. Although, the more important discussion is on the topic of “ should we allow it to happen?” We’ll be going over a few important reminders and easy steps to deal with the feeling of overwhelming and loneliness, when you are your own boss.
November 09, 2020
S3 Episode 12: The easy way to impactful meetings
Not everyone is at ease with meeting new people and even worse, when it’s people that we don’t necessarily like. And yet, even the most boring of meetings has and should have a meaning. It may sound like a cliché but making the most out of every encounter will pay dividends in the long run. In this episode, we’ll go over 5 simple steps on how to create impactful connections, no matter if it’s in your personal life or in business. Step nr 4 it’s a great example of how a simple phrase can open so many real conversations :” I prefer to see you when I am able to give the best of myself”. Can you think of a few times when using this phrase would have had a bigger impact for both parties involved?
November 02, 2020
S3 Episode 11: Paying attention to customer service is a game changer
We can name it how we want, customer relations, client strategy or customer service but eventually it all comes down to one thing: how do we make them feel after they have bought from us! As we were talking about in the episode about sales Episode 8 Why a sale can change your life, we can truly consider a sale as being successful when we are convinced ourselves that our product was exactly what our customer needed. And as such, the game is not only to sell but to provide them with a valuable experience after. Customer Service is not only an “admin” duty, is truly a central part of the sale experience. In today’s episode we will be looking at this topic from 2 different point of views: 1. Understanding clients and the psychology behind it 2. How important is the service level we are offering them Underpromise and overdeliver, isn’t that what we all hope to provide? This episode provides 5 useful tips to improve your customer’s experience with you.
October 26, 2020
S3 Episode 10: How and when to say “NO”!
Part of being an entrepreneur is having the ability to use our set of quality skills that we develop, not only for our business but also practicing those skills for a better life experience. And right on top of the list should be learning how and when to say NO. It can happen that sometimes “NO” is not so much the best answer but also the ONLY answer. So how do we go about identifying those times? We are taking a look in this episode, at the clear signs that we should pay attention to, before committing to anything. How often have you invested time and energy in deals that were a clear NO from the beginning? If you had only listened to your instinct, one of those quality skills we were mentioning… Why is “saying NO” such a debilitating decision? Is it driven by fear or maybe lack of self-confidence? This is indeed a complex subject with sometimes specific reasons but nevertheless there is a common thread of truth tying together the examples we talk about in this episode of the untold stories of entrepreneurs.
October 19, 2020
S3 Episode 9: 5 Steps on how to take calculated risks
Depending on our beliefs and past experiences, we don’t relate to risk in the same way. What can seem as adrenaline and a challenge for some of us, others think of risks as major red flags, that immediately trigger panic and fear. Does staying in a “safe” situation seem like a long term solution for anyone? More likely no, and more so, is a safe bet for stagnation and progress killing. Developing the ability to take risks, especially calculated ones, is almost a requirement for entrepreneurs and off course, is a skill that can be learned and polished over time. In today’s episode, we will be going over the 5 steps formula to start looking at deliberate risks with a more welcoming and accepting eye.  Step Nr 4, even if a bit uncomfortable at first, can be applied on all areas of life, not only in business.
October 12, 2020
S3 Episode 8: Why a sale can change your life
What would you reply to the phrase: “To sell you, is to help you”? Would you consider it a manipulation? Would you take it as an insult maybe? Being a salesperson in not well received, especially in Europe. The image of somebody quite pushy, that makes endless conversation and has a tendency to twist the truth, is that an accurate representation? The ability to sell is accompanied also by a feeling of trust, authenticity and deep caring that the person standing in front of you is very receptive to. In today’s episode, we are going over 5 tips on how to “sell” your sales technique and have people perceive you as a genuine person.
October 05, 2020
S3 Episode 7: How to disrupt your business from inside out
Once you become an entrepreneur, you are here for the long run, always working on developing your business and never disconnecting from the market. Because once you stop doing these and just settle on your “I made it” throne, you can be sure that the newcomers are paying the same attention to the market just as you did in the beginning and finding exactly the angle that you thought is not worth pursuing. The success of every business is in giving their clients EXACTLY what they are looking for, and not because there is no other choice on the market. So how to disrupt your own business from within and be ahead of your “shadow” competitors? Tip nr 1- understand your client’s complaints. One example of a company that didn’t believe in disrupting the market and didn’t listen to what the clients were asking? NOKIA In today's episode, we are presenting the 5 most important tips on how to practice a disruptive approach of your business from inside out.
September 28, 2020
S3 Episode 6: How to audit the success of your business
How often do you take an aerial-view of your business? As entrepreneurs, we tend to focus mainly on the daily matters at hand, and face the issues only when, and if they appear. To our members of IMN Paris Business Club, we systematically have them audit their own venture, in order to determine if they are still on track with their business goals and values, since any successful business needs to present value-added and be sustainable, in addition to being profitable. The 5 essential questions that we are discussing in this episode apply to all types of structures and they shine a light not necessarily on your products or service, but rather on the success of your clients, your team and your community.
September 21, 2020
S3 Episode 5: What all entrepreneurs need to hear right now
What is the main difference between entrepreneurs succeeding, even in times of crisis, and those who don’t? While the whole world was on physical and mental lockdown, the business owners that refused to dig their heads in the sand and call it quits, were the ones that did at least 1 of the following: - showed up as a leader - didn’t get stuck on what is no longer possible - observed and understood human behaviour We know it takes a lot of energy to stay in the constructive mindset of moving forward and look for the systems that allow us to cope and be creative. But Rome wasn’t build in a day, right? We discuss in this episode what determined entrepreneurs actually do to be successful, no matter the type of crisis they encounter.
September 14, 2020
S3 Episode 4: Turning the crisis into opportunity
Entrepreneurs and small businesses alike, have the disadvantage that they are less protected in these kind of crisis situations. Nevertheless, business owners are facing bigger or smaller crisis on regular basis, especially in the first years of existence and somehow, the most persistent and determined of us still manage to push through. Why would this be any different? Any crisis is defined by the immediate need of a decision and isn’t this a great opportunity in itself? No more “one day I will”, the time to act is NOW: implementing with creativity, increasing the value-added that we bring to the table and so on. In this episode, we have put together a series of tips for all the entrepreneurs out there that are looking to shift their focus and put this crisis in a different perspective.
September 07, 2020
S3 Episode 3: Tips for an easy start as entrepreneurs
Is being an entrepreneur just a trend or is it indeed the most wanted job in the world? You may find that when starting your own entrepreneurship journey, your experience is completely different from that of a relative or a friend that started in similar conditions. That’s because whatever blocks you, blocks your business. And in the same time, your business can be as successful as you are. YOU are the key to your own success or failure. In this episode, we adress 3 real and important tips to assure you are getting the best results from the time invested. Because truth be told, being an entrepreneur means 100% focus and you need to know from the beginning your “absolute must” priorities.
August 31, 2020
S3 Episode 2: Top 5 mistakes to avoid when opening your own business
The truth is that entrepreneurs have relevance on the market and there are signs that being an entrepreneur is a very tempting possibility for a lot of people that are looking to have a secure financial future. Nevertheless, this common desire brings with it a few common mistakes, that we often see, especially in our IMN Paris Business Club. Many of our members have experienced these blunders more than once. Luckily, in business as in life, we can prevent rather than repeat obvious misconceptions about what it takes, in this cases, to really become a business owner. We explain in this episode the 5 common mistakes, so you can avoid them. Honestly, you would be surprised how many people fall for mistake nr 4 . And as it was our custom in the first 2 seasons also, we offer practical solutions, not only answers in theory; for this episode, 5 alternative questions that you can consider before opening your own business, and in doing so, setting you up for success.
August 24, 2020
S3 Episode 1: Top 5 characteristics of Entrepreneurs
What drives people to become entrepreneurs and how do you know if this is for you? The good news is that is never too late to start the entrepreneurship journey but for most, still, working for somebody else is seen as a first option, due to the financial security. A 2018 study states that 5% of the world’s workforce are actually entrepreneurs working for themselves. The numbers have been shown to be increasing but how many are actually successful, considering the risks involved? Are you someone that is: Developing businesses inside businesses Always looking for new projects Creating new opportunities for yourself Observing solution where others see only the problem If you have answered yes to at least 1, you are an intuitive entrepreneur and many of the characteristics presented in this episode apply to you. Let us know if we have overlooked any important features.
August 17, 2020
S2 Episode 27: Enjoying the Coaching Journey (Bonus: A summer Challenge)
In this exciting Part 1 of #YourCoaching Journey we have explored everything from dreams, to purpose, self-assurance, authenticity, trust and faith and so much more. We dived deep into negative routines and habits, limiting beliefs, assumptions and interpretations; seeing our daily patterns in a different light. Who am I? Why am I here? - common and yet difficult questions to answer. Nevertheless, with each new episode we managed to offer some insights and reveal, through examples and clear steps, that each and every one of us has the ability to become aware of our constant need to grow and improve. We like to believe that what we have created here in these 27 episodes is the next best thing after working with a professional coach. The evergreen quality of each topic makes it that much more important, as you revisit it each time when you have new questions or simply need some reassurance. And so we have reached the end of Part 1 and while awaiting the new and fresh content after the summer, here are 5 important REMINDERS that you may want to even guide yourself with for a while. We know a challenge is always a good incentive: Choose one of the 5 reminders and stick with it for a month. Thank you for listening and don’t forget to share, you never know who might need to hear this.
July 27, 2020
Bonus COVID-19: How to handle the pressure and fatigue
This "shock" moment in history started well over 6 months ago and we are now left to deal with, among other things, the extreme stress of emotional and mental fatigue.  It's important to acknowledge here and now, that it's ok for us and others around, to feel tired, anxious or fearful. We are all human and our emotions are the best indicators of what kind of situations we are facing.  The real question is: How do we move out of it? In any given moment, we have 5 conscious choices that we can make: Accept the situation Leave a situation Change the situation  Change the way we see the situation  Do nothing When we are stressed, we are less prepared to deal with the situation that is stressing us. We know that it looks like a vicious circle, but there is actually a starting point, when we can begin the change, the shift that will shed some light on the current circumstances.  This episode focuses on 5 immediate steps we can take, on our own, to position ourselves in a better-feeling place, of understanding our mental fatigue and moving forward towards easing our emotional burden. 
July 20, 2020
S2 Episode 26: The 4 D's Method to achieve your dreams
Every now and then, we all have those regrets that keep resurfacing, the uneasy feeling of “if only I had done that”. Why is it that we leave dreams behind? Because is too difficult, because we don’t believe it, or maybe because we are easily discouraged? Nobody wins in the “preference” mode; if you don’t stretch your comfort level, what you prefer doing will be the only things you will stick to and this kind of mindset is very deceiving. Don’t settle down for tomorrow, or Monday, or one day. Don’t buy into the reality of tomorrow’s. Going after goals or dreams requires a winning mindset and the method of the 4 D’s is very helpful in providing that secure basis that you can always return to: D - Desire D - Decide D - Do D - Detach What reality do you want to build for yourself? Find out in this episode the steps to implementing the 4 D's Method. 
July 13, 2020
S2 Episode 25: The voice of our Gremlin
Have you ever felt that a monster is taking over you sometimes? How come all of a sudden you can feel so down and sad? That little voice, always negative and doubtful, that keeps reminding you off all those times you failed… if you listen to it and you feed it pessimistic thoughts…it becomes the GREMLIN. The most difficult of the 4 internal blockers, because it’s so close to who we are, that in some cases we come to believe that the gremlin is US. How does the gremlin come to occupy our thoughts? What does it take to overcome it? Where should we start? In this episode we are going to take our gremlin, our inner critic for a walk. And with the 5 steps that we present here, trying to understand why do we give it so much attention. A useful tip on recognising limiting beliefs: each time we use the words “always”, “never”, “everything” , we should pay attention because there is a blockage hiding behind it. We have tackled the GAIL scale of internal blockers here in these episodes of #YourCoachingJourney  G (Gremlin) - S2 Episode 25: The voice of our Gremlin A (Assumptions) - S2 Episode 24: The trap of making assumptions I (Interpretations) - S2 Episode 21: Should we believe our own interpretations? L (Limiting beliefs) - S2 Episode 20: Break the trap of limiting beliefs
July 06, 2020
S2 Episode 24: The trap of making assumptions
We don’t know, so we assume. An assumption becomes the Truth in the absence of proof. That’s what makes it such a powerful internal blocker. How many times don’t we find ourselves trapped in memories of fear just because in that moment in time, we presumed that the anxiety or suspicion we felt was justified by our own reasoning, not by reality? So we are left with the question: Is it better to face the unknown or to throw in our assumptions to compensate for the missing information? Although working with a professional coach is better when it comes to internal blockers, there are still some significant steps we can take on our own to change the story we keep telling ourselves. And here are the 5 important ones.
June 29, 2020
S2 Episode 23: What stops you from being famous?
What are the benefits of being famous? Does that make you the best in the business? Or maybe you think it means egocentric? Do you believe you can be famous as an #entrepreneur? These days Social Media has the power to make anyone famous, even if for the wrong reasons. On the other hand, it all comes down to our own #interpretations and beliefs around the subject of being famous. What if we replaced it with “well known” or “recognized”? Let yourself be challenged on this subject of #fame with these 5 steps and see if the benefits are greater than the blockage.
June 22, 2020
S2 Episode 22: Break free from self-doubts
Having doubts and accepting them is part of growing, while self-doubts can actually prevent us from living a fulfilled life. But how do we know the difference? Do they feel the same, #doubt and self-doubt? Which one do you think, it feels like sadness and frustration? We are focusing on doubts and self-doubts, after dealing with Limiting Beliefs in Episode 20 and Interpretations in Episode 21. This episode focused on 5 easy steps to follow, when you are confronted with self-doubts and you would like to break free from self predictions of failure.
June 15, 2020
S2 Episode 21: Should we believe our own interpretations?
How much do we buy into our #excuses or into our own reality? Some people are able to move mountains just to keep going while others stop dead in their tracks and give up right where they are. Are most of us self sabotaging? We buy into our own inner #blockages because is easier, we are used to it. After all, it is our reality,no? We started last Monday the Series about #energetic blockages with the episode about Limiting Beliefs. The second blockage as intensity on a scale of 4, the interpretation, is more connected to “us” and what we feel rather that to outside factors. Interpretations come from our past and past #experiences, that’s why they are stronger than limiting beliefs. As always, in this episode we will talk about 5 steps to recognise and adjust our own #negative interpretations. 
June 08, 2020
S2 Episode 20: Break the trap of limiting beliefs
Feeling stuck mentally can be a way that our system is telling us that there is some work to be done and this is the way our body has found to trigger us, in order to deal with and handle this undertaking. Our internal #blockers can be real or purely created just by our own mind. But they have this power to cripple us because we chose to see them as an absolute truth. Limiting #beliefs are just the tip of the iceberg. A negative belief puts the focus on our inability to achieve what we want and the more we believe we can’t achieve it, the more real it gets. Challenging the unfavourable deep-routed beliefs that have almost become part of our personality, is no easy task. But it can be done! Find out in today’s episode the 5 steps to recognise and replace the beliefs that don’t serve you, by introducing #empowering expectations in your environment. How well are your beliefs working in your life?
June 01, 2020
S2 Episode 19: The Value of Patience
Patience is not the easiest of the virtues, at least not in today’s #society where we have the control at our fingertips and any second beyond our short limit feels almost undeserved. Patience is about meaning, emotions and focus and when we lack patience we are moving much further from the #results we were hoping to have in the first place. So if we know that being impatient doesn’t work, why do we still do it? One of the great benefits of #coaching people is that you help them see the answers by changing the questions and so opening the way for improved answers to surface. In this episode of #YourCoachingJourney we are focusing on 5 practical tips that you can apply to reevaluate and #improve your perception of what self-control is.
May 25, 2020
S2 Episode 18 : The beauty of Internal Alignment
Being in touch with our core values creates an #alignment that resonates far beyond a momentary uplift. Deep down, we all want to be happy, and being in alignment with oneself is an important, ever fulfilling permanent skill. In #coaching, when referring to “holographic thinking”, it means creating a 3D image of any situation, experience or feelings, and then observing it as a whole, giving attention to its 3 sides all at once. A truly complete method of looking at ourselves, through practiced attention and intention, being able to listen to all the information we are receiving. In today’s episode of #YourCoachingJourney, we will be talking about the Triangle of logic, intuition and feelings and how we can reach internal alignment.
May 18, 2020
Bonus COVID-19: A different look at Social Media
And what if physical distancing does not necessarily mean #social distancing? During the last 2 months since the virus has set up camp in Europe, more and more people reached out and are doing “world - tours” on Social Media, communicating and connecting to each other on a deeper level than ever. But doesn’t it seem that more and more people are using these Social platforms to get their news and form their opinions on politics, recent events and current affairs? Everyone wants answers but nobody is really willing to do their research anymore. Find out in this episode the 4 types of Social Media profiles and what are the abilities that each one holds. You get to make your own decision, where do you fit in the grand scheme of things and in this reality that is not virtual anymore, but is ever present in each moment of our lives.
May 11, 2020
Bonus COVID-19: The pursuit of growing together and why to keep putting in the effort
In these exceptional conditions of lockdown, the efforts that we make can seem even harder to accomplish because of the difficulty of the environment, mental and physical. And since not everyone measures effort the same way, the 2 types of efforts that we may normally encounter can have totally different outcomes now. How do you judge the efforts and results that you did for yourself and others during the quarantine? We got to experience these last 2 months, the real meaning of community and relationships. People driven by desires of true support, togetherness and improvement. And more than even, we recognised the 2 main keys in the pursuit of growing together: trust and determination. Find out in this episode what are the steps to take in order to align your efforts with your determination and in the same time, reevaluate your results and your trust.
May 04, 2020
Bonus COVID-19: How to live with purpose in times of crisis
Doesn’t it seem that this is the perfect time to reconnect with your purpose? We have been given the gift of time so how are you spending yours? Our mind is such a powerful tool that it can travel anywhere and right now this #lockdown it only represents a geographical setback but we can still wonder the world with our thoughts. Let’s take a moment in this episode and do an #awareness check. Once we are aware, we can be awakened and then we can allow ourselves to be amazed. There is a way you can become more aware of your actions and results during these confinement days: is the OPAFIT scale. Listen to this episode and find out the 5 tips on how to improve your #focus on what is really important for you.
April 27, 2020
Bonus COVID-19 : Why these are the most amazing times
Amongst all the fear and uncertainty, these days offer some unbelievable moments that would not have been even considered a few months ago: the best of the industries are offering free online #trainings and instant access to them, free Opera and ballet shows online, people connecting, strangers looking to help each other and so on.  Have you considered implementing new #habits and routines that will help you cope with the “new reality” that we will have to face?  We have this amazing chance to change, reconsider, #focus and reflect on some powerful questions that we would not really consider so often : who am I? What makes me happy? Find out in this Bonus episode how to ask yourself the right questions about yourself.  
April 20, 2020
Bonus COVID-19 : How ready are you to come out of lockdown?
These are unprecedented times that we are living and depending on our life situation, each and every one of us is experiencing this #lockdown in a totally distinct way. Nobody knows how long this #confinement will last or what the consequences will be. Instead of asking ourselves when this will be over, why not reflect on more appropriate questions? Like for example : When we focus only on what will happen tomorrow, aren’t we missing and skipping over every day of our life? Shouldn’t it be our priority to live in the NOW and make it the best we can? How much control do we actually have over death? Since it first started, the COVID 19 #threat on the world has been present everyday now for more than 3 months. But play a little game here with us : on a scale of 1 to 10 how ready are you to go back into the world? From a personal but also a #business point of view. Go on, be honest!  Find out here the 5 steps to get you ready for the return to "normality", no matter how it will look like. PS: If you are missing motivation to follow on your goals and daily action, you can join the Daily Strategic Community Calls by IMN Paris, from Monday to Friday starting 9.30 AM ( GMT+1 )  
April 13, 2020
S2 Episode 17 - The overrated definition of friendship
Any type of relationship that is love conditioned creates an expectation that things will go in a specific way. This kind of judgement that we assign can result in negative #feelings once we expect a distinct behaviour from the people involved. We invest ourselves emotionally in #friendships as these are our constants in term of loyalty, support , reciprocity, sincerity, understanding and so on. Of course everyones’s definition is different but the essence is always the same. Reevaluating the meaning of your close relationships can result in real “aha” moments, once you ask yourself the right questions: - do I feel like I can truly be myself around my friends? - am I offering and receiving “quality” time when we are together? Take an honest look at your friendships with the help of the tips and suggestions presented in this episode.
April 06, 2020
Bonus COVID-19 : 5 remarkable actions to take during lockdown
During this #lockdown period, a great opportunity is presented to us: discover (yet better said re-discover ) the amazing power of our minds. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions are now, for most of us, our allies or enemies. The #decision is ours. That is one thing we CAN control during the confinement. Watching our #thoughts is an important part of how well we are living our lives, no matter the life conditions we may have to face. Yet not each of us will get out of this crisis in the same way. To go more practical on how to make the best out of this exceptional time, in this Bonus episode, we are presenting 5 remarkable #attitudes you may want to implement right away in your daily routine. 
March 30, 2020
S2 Episode 16 - The bliss of removing judgements
How do we know if are judging someone ( or ourselves) ? Because we form an opinion about how a person IS, instead of what he/she has DONE. Think of convicted criminals for example. Isn’t it true that we assume that we know who they are, based on what they’ve done in the past, hence likely to do in the future? This episode will explore what are the differences between #judgements and opinions, based on facts. And in case you are wondering now, yes, being quick to judge might indeed prevent us from being more #conscious about our lives and relationships. Find out the 5 steps on how to reduce and eventually eliminate judgement and the most dangerous of all, negative self-judgement. The results will be blissful. 
March 23, 2020
Bonus COVID-19: Life and Business in time of Coronavirus
Have you ever heard of a crisis arriving at the right moment? Of course not! The arrival of the #coronavirus is raising an important question for each and every one of us: how really prepared are we to anticipate a specific #crisis but more important how do we keep ourselves prepared for whatever happens? How do we react when things don’t go as planned? There are big differences between being concerned about what is going to happen next for #businesses all over the world, and being panicked to the point of losing common sense and pushing the mind into mayhem overdrive. The beauty of a crisis is that it forces us to see things differently. Find out in this Bonus episode what are the right questions to ask yourself now and the 5 hidden opportunities that a crisis can unveil.
March 16, 2020
S2 Episode 15 - Give in to your generosity
There is beauty in the action of #giving and being generous. Being generous is embedded in our DNA but once we attach an emotion, waiting for a positive return in exchange for our actions , the purity of #generosity loses its meaning. We may think that we don’t have much to offer and we often ask ourselves if we actually have someone to offer it to. The reality is that giving and sharing from a place of genuine care and totally detached from the result and outcome of our actions, that's what is missing in our current #lifestyle. 
March 09, 2020
Bonus: Happy Women's Day
“Women’s Day” gives us another reason to celebrate #women from all over the world but the beautiful reality is that we should always start with appreciating ourselves as women, our life and our blessings. That way, we can also observe and recognise the worth and #value of every woman that is in our life or the ones that we simply meet by chance. We can have #admiration and appraisal for everyone and anyone if we would grasp how important it is to find appreciation in the small joys of every day life . Take a moment and truly experience the emotions of a #connection this Woman’s Day and make it unforgettable.
March 02, 2020
S2 Episode 14 - The power of your authenticity
How many of us act daily from a place of being #genuine, true, real? To fit in society's norms, a lot of the time, we are expected to be and behave a certain way that does not contradict the establishment we find ourselves in. A good example is how showing #emotions in the work place is frowned upon as it may make other people feel uncomfortable.  However, this is taking away from our individual authenticity. Being vulnerable can expose us to judgement, is true, but allowing our self-confidence to shine through even in the face of rejection, is so #rewarding and liberating. 
February 24, 2020
S2 Episode 13 - Design and live the life you want
Our lives seem to have us on a treadmill, a never-ending cycle of doing, running, consuming, wanting more but in the same time forgetting the simple ( and usually free) experiences that give us joy and peace. We all know that #happiness is subjective and what we should always remember, is that is totally up to us to decide what this joyful life should look like.  In this episode of your #coaching journey, find out the 5 step process of bringing to life the #design of your ideal life-experience. The rule of the 5 D's is a clear recipe for your best manifestations. 
February 17, 2020
S2 Episode 12 - The illusion of financial security
Most people aim for financial #security. But what is the price you have to pay in order to have your #finances provide for the ever growing demand of your #lifestyle? I guess we are right in saying the more you have, the more you want. The world around us is full of these kind of examples . Sacrificing time and energy, adding fear and stress to our daily life... these are the collateral damage of financial security . And at the end of it all, it may seem that the illusion of financial security is managing your life .  In this episode of your #coaching journey, we are looking at 5 steps to get out of this illusion and get back control over your life 
February 10, 2020
S2 Episode 11 - Forgotten Tips to improve your life quality
Deciding if we're gonna have a good day or a bad day is entirely up to us. But better yet, what if we took advantage of the fact that it's a NEW day and we are the creators of the #emotions tat manifest throughout the day?  Do you ever stop to wonder what makes a good day a good day and a great life a great life? It all starts with control... over yourself and your daily #routines.  Contrary to popular #beliefs, the quality of life is not entirely or necessarily  related to income, success or welfare. find out in this episode the 5 forgotten tips on how to see immediate #improvement in your daily life. 
February 03, 2020
S2 Episode 10 : Breaking routines and habits
Everything in life is a choice and the beauty of living is that we can decide to #change at any moment . When we settle into a mundane routine, it robs us of #diversity and exploration of self. Time seems to be flying and the feeling of loosing control starts to weight us down. Luckily is also up to us to implement the changes. A new road to the same #destination if you will. Breaking a routine or a habit that no lover serves you, starts sometimes with changing one small thing a week. But consistency is the key. 
January 27, 2020
S2 Episode 9 - Getting clarity about what you want
What we want should be fairly easy to express in words, right? Somehow in many cases, when we are asked this question, we give vague and unclear #answers.  In this episode of Your #coaching Journey, we look at the "Why" and the "How" of the inability to express ourselves clear and determined when it comes to the million- dollars question : " What do YOU want in life"?  * why are we not sure and explicit when it comes to our #goals? * how to approach the subject of dreams and desires - 5 easy steps to get clarity 
January 20, 2020
S2 Episode 8 - The power of our dreams
Wouldn't it be great if we could connect to that Higher Power part of our brain? To the intuition, to the overwhelming feelings of #happiness, just like when we were children?  Of course we can and we do it more often than we think. DREAMING is what can help us step out of our daily #routine. Daydreams and night dreams are our way of tapping into the amazing power of our #minds and the freedom of #creativity. Find out in this episode of Your #coaching Journey, the 5 easy tips on how to prepare our brain, in order to receive the impulses and glimmers sent by our subconscious.
January 13, 2020
Bonus: How to make better plans for 2020
Without planning, what are the chances of your #goals becoming a reality? In order for the New You to make a New Plan for 2020, we will be discussing in this Bonus episode, the 7 Steps Formula on how to consciously choose and create a clear path towards your dreams, now that we are stepping into a new decade.  These steps will create a solid base where you can build a trustworthy and valid action plan, starting with finding a blissful, grateful and light-hearted way to say good-bye to old #beliefs and habits , and welcome the New You. 
January 06, 2020
Bonus : Happy New Year, Happy New You
As it happens every New Year, the perspective of something new always brings hope and freshness into our lives. But let's take a moment to consider the concept of " New Year, New You". Do you really want to leave everything behind that happened this year? You still have a few hours left, give yourself the gift of spending some time with yourself and your thoughts.  What was this year really about? How relevant will be in 5 years the bad moments that you had to deal with ? Don't discount the whole #experience just because the result was not the one you were hoping for. Once you regain the #awareness, you can create an improved year starting right where you are . Happy New You in 2020!  
December 30, 2019
Bonus : Conversations for life and business ( celebrities edition )
A collection of bonus interviews with driven, powerful #coaches and business owners like JT Foxx and Randi Zuckerberg and successful celebrities like Jewel, Charlie Sheen and Vanilla Ice. They may be known for their acting or singing careers but behind the scenes they are working hard as #entrepreneurs that chased their dreams, pursued their interests and sometimes made tough #decisions that are unknown to the public at large. But it seems obvious that the subject of #coaching and consulting is present in all areas of #business, from multinationals that want to stay ahead of time to small business owners that are investing in their growth.
December 23, 2019
S2 Episode 7 - Accepting self-love as a conscious decision
Oh, L-O-V-E! Our deepest source of happiness and at times, the source of our deepest suffering . The expression of love varies from culture to culture and it may not come as easy to everyone because of beliefs, traditions, customs and the list can go on. But luckily in todays's society, one subject has become more meaningful and relevant : self-love, at times the hardest one to accept. The way we talk to ourselves, the beliefs we hold true about our own personality, how we take care of our body and mind; these are all forms of self-love. A few simple and helpful tips are included with today's episode on how to start change and conciously choose to improve the relationships we have with ourselves.  
December 16, 2019
S2 Episode 6 - Understanding the "giver's paradox"
Have you ever looked at the world from the #perspective of people being "givers" and "takers" ? Giving provides a sense of #fulfilment by doing what is right,  adding and creating #value for other people. This is what comes natural for a giver. But what is the price he has to pay in the long-run? Do you know what are their biggest frustrations ? Or what happens when the giver stops giving? In this episode we are offering 5 useful tips to achieve #balance : become an effective giver while keeping your energy resources and attention on yourself also. As #entrepreneurs or in our personal lives, we all need to understand that giving to ourselves makes us even better givers for others.  
December 09, 2019
S2 Episode 5 : The beauty beneath a challenge
A #challenge or a setback are the perfect opportunities when we want to change something about ourselves or about our #business. As an #entrepreneur, you can achieve any #goal, anything you set your mind to... as long as it is relative and important to your existence.  In this session of your #coaching journey, find out the practical ways to start embracing challenges and set your limits on fire. 
December 02, 2019
S2 Episode 4 : Welcoming and allowing all emotions
Behind every business, there is an #entrepreneur, a human being with feelings, fears and internal blocks. Choosing to deal with your emotions, rather than pretending they doesn't exist , is a much more liberating and uplifting process. It may be difficult on your own, but as a part of this #coaching journey, in this episode we take an honest look at how to better understand the message our feelings are conveying.  Your level of comfort dictates the state of your #emotions and since there is no such thing as a "bad" emotion, feeling are here to guide you, on your way to a richer life experience. 
November 25, 2019
S2 Episode 3 - 5 Effective tips to fight low energy moments
Your internal #energy has a very important role on everything that concerns the daily activities. Overthinking , feeling overwhelmed, mental and emotional tiredness, all these can leave us feeling drained and without #motivation . And also, it may happen that even without realising,  we let external factors influence us to a degree that we activate negative #feelings just because of a small change in our environment.  Whenever you need a #boost of confidence or a shift in your energy flow, try these 5 simple but effective hacks that can instanly put you in a better feeling place, just enough sometimes to reverse the downward spiral of emotions. 
November 18, 2019
S2 Episode 2: What is and what isn't #coaching?
Before we reject or accept the idea of receiving #coaching for our #business or our personal life, how well do we know what coaching really does for an individual or for an #entrepreneur? Have you heard the most common reasons and excuses why people reject the idea of being coached?  This episode sheds some light on what having a #coach can do for even the most successful people.  But the most important clarity in today's episode is that it explains what coaching ISN'T and why it shouldn't be confused with consulting, mentoring, advising or even therapy.  For more info please visit 
November 11, 2019
S2 Episode 1: 5 Tips to embrace change before you find yourself in obligation to face change
No journey can happen if you are not prepared to change your old ways, in order to receive #coaching and guidance . Change is always an opportunity, no matter how far away from your comfort zone it might feel.  Find out in this first episode of #YourCoachingJourney , the 5 tips that will help you get into the #mindset of change, that is happening all the time and all around us .  No matter if we talk about #business coaching for #entrepreneurs or in our personal life, the journey starts with change.
November 04, 2019
Bonus Live @ MegaSuccess 2017 organised by JT Foxx
Raluca spoke on stage at the Mega Success Event 2017, in California. Here she has shared with over 2500 #entrepreneurs, her secrets of #networking and how to build a global network of quality, powerful people,  This is what this first season was also about. In #Connect&MakeaDifference we have detailed the ingredients of a successful  network: N - net value E - Energy T - Transformation W - World O - Outcome free  R - Recognition K - Knowledge  Each of these concepts are described one by one in the episodes of the podcast 
October 28, 2019
S1 Episode 9: Steps and actions towards making a difference in your NETWORK
At the end of the first season of the #GrowNOW Podcast, I would like to thank you for your interest and present you with The 7 Skills to building a high Impact Network.  The most important step after acquiring a skill is to practice it daily until it becomes "natural" to you, easy and comfortable. Going from connections and net value to strength and growth,  these skills will help implement visible change and #progress in the way you are #networking.  Please visit my website for more tips and helpful resources. 
October 21, 2019
S1 Episode 8: Expanding Knowledge to further improve your relations
What was presented in this Season 1 "Connect and Make a Difference" are the skills and strategies for a different approach to what #networking could be, on a professional or personal level. And today's notion of expanding Knowledge does not necessarily refer to more information or #business data, but it sheds light on self-discovery, awareness, and inclusion.  More than an exchange of information, you and your network are connecting and accessing a Global knowledge that allows each and every person to be a teacher in their own right.
October 14, 2019
S1 Episode 7: Recognition for the people around you is a pillar of your network
No matter what kind of relationships we are talking about: #business, sentimental, family, friendships or #networking, we have to appreciate people's individual value and what they are bringing into the exchange; be it big or small. Giving recognition and being #grateful for any interaction, will make all your relationships valuable and relevant. Find out in this episode about Recognition what it takes to build, transform and grow your network by looking at the impact others have on our lives.
October 07, 2019
S1 Episode 6: Be outcome free and start living and achieving more
Sometimes the results, the dream, the objective, the goal that you are chasing is the most important thing in your life.  But are you spending all of your time focusing on what would or should happen? Don't you feel that is taking time and energy away from what you could do right now to further advance that dream? Being "Outcome free" means that you define the goal and the objective first, but afterward, you spend time on the actions that you can do right now, living the connections that you create and the decisions you are taking. Find out in this episode if you have a Mastery or Transactional approach to your life, your #network, your #business.
September 30, 2019
S1 Episode 5: Allow the World to be your Network
We live in an era where we should celebrate #diversity and inclusion, not run away from it. We are all global beings and the more you allow the world to change you, the sooner you will change the world. Diversity is the backbone of building an amazing #network and being part of a diverse society, will amplify your habits and experiences. 
September 23, 2019
S1 Episode 4: The Power of seeking Transformation
An essential component of #networking is being able to get out of your comfort zone and connect on a real level. So in order to allow yourself to do and see things differently, you have to be transformative in a conscious way. Find out in this episode what are the key ingredients of the transformative process. 
September 16, 2019
S1 Episode 3 : Be the energy that helps you grow
Your #attitude can determine how your day goes, but having the right energy will help you connect on a deeper level, both in #business and your personal life.  To be able to operate from a place of reinvigorating and expanding #energy is definitely  an important skill to have . 
September 12, 2019
S1 Episode 2: Increasing your Net Value
Your Net Value is the sum of all the quality business and personal relations that help you improve and #grow. In connecting with people, is important to bring to the table the same #value that you wish to receive. In this episode you will find how to use your core values in order to transform your #business and your life.
September 11, 2019
S1 Episode 1: The importance of networking done the right way
Welcome to #Connect&MakeADifference, the 1st season of the Podcast #GrowNow.  We chose Networking as an opening topic for this season, as it is the first one of the key skills that are the base of every #business. No matter where you are in the world, as a business owner, or business owner to be, it is important to be connected with other #entrepreneurs, as that is the starting point for future financial and social growth.   In Paris, France we have created IMN Paris for this very reason,  to offer a support and accountability environment for international entrepreneurs.
September 10, 2019