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Growth Mindset ON is a must for product-minded people who want to achieve exponential growth from a personal and professional point of view. From now on, I will be interviewing tech guests such as Product Leaders, Agile Coaches, Designers, Data Scientists, etc. in order to equip you with the product mindset needed to achieve success.

Growth Mindset On: the podcast that equips you with the mindset to achieve emotional success.

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The Power of Words on UX focused products with Mario Ferrer, Senior UX Writer at King.

Growth Mindset ON

Reflections on success & leadership styles.
 Leadership:   - is genuine and it is not meant to favor any side.   - is something that is transparent, it is something in the air that impacts everyone at the same level.  - Leadership happens because that’s what feels right and does not know about economic benefits and growth. - Leadership is about personal development in companies. Leadership is the love that our parents have for us without asking for anything in exchange.  That’s the lesson I’ve learned from someone who doesn’t have an MBA from an Ivy League school but works countless hours in order to make his workplace more human-friendly.  Because that’s what leadership is about. 
August 18, 2021
How to thrive in your career when working remotely? w/ Head of Platform Partnerships at Intercom.
On this week's episode, I have interviewed Jeff Gardner- Head of Platform Partnerships at Intercom He’s been part of the company since its early days and went through all the changes that hyper-growth startups go through. In this episode, you will learn about: How to effectively work remotely and attain a work-life balance How to build successful partnerships How to build a long-term relationship with your company’s management that fosters career growth. Some other subjects we've touched on are mental health, career-second and personal life first, climbing and what is the best way to define life in your own terms. 
September 28, 2019
How AI is shaping the future and why tech has to be more inclusive?
This is a live podcast episode recorded in the Forum of Fnac Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona on September 12th, 2019 where I’ve had the chance to interview female leaders about the impact of women in technology. It is an episode done in collaboration with TechBloom, where I am a founding member, and we are a Think Tank shaping the future with the help of field experts and provide this know-how to companies willing to disrupt the field they are in. Our today’s guests are two Ph.D.s Women in Tech and AI and one of the founding members of Mobile World Capital, the group behind the world-renown Mobile Congress that happens yearly in Barcelona. Some of the topics I had the chance to interview them about are the biases that AI may perpetuate and accentuate. Learn why future IA recruiters may be biased when choosing who to hire or not due to the historical data they are taking decisions on together with many other fun facts related to the AI. In terms of entrepreneurship, the former-Deputy CEO of Mobile World Capital highlights the problem of under-investment in female-founded companies and the need to solve it in order to allow women to be protagonists of disruptive technology and have access to tech. Get inspired towards the end by what’s actually moving the needle in “female empowerment” and hands-on tip on how to shape a gender-balanced and inclusive future because that’s what we need.
September 13, 2019
Why is Corporate Social Responsibility so important? w/ Mick McKeown, founder of Pennovia.
Mick McKeown is a University Professor, and he’s been an Executive Director and Advisor at US Department and Homeland Security on campaigns such as human trafficking, cybersecurity and much more. His strong ethical values and the eagerness to make an impact took him to start his own company Pennovia. Pennovia is a full-service Public Affairs and issue management firm based in Washington, DC. It specialises in helping brands tell their story with an inherent focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. After talking with him, I’ve learned that Corporate Social Responsibility is not about the Image but about the real positive impact that companies have and the responsibility they have to create and think in social responsible terms Some of the topics discussed: What is the role of companies and their social responsibility? Is getting rid of a plastic straw or a plastic cup enough? How corporate social responsibility affecting employee retention? What values should be set for your company to avoid attrition? “People want to be part of something bigger than themselves? What is your company doing rather than creating dividends for their shareholders? Human trafficking does not exist in very far places, that exists on your backyard. “Push it to the front of our minds and take actions on it”. “Slavery still exists in some form in some parts around the world and there is so much that corporates can do. “ In face of adversity, you can rather paralyse or take action? What do you choose? Learn how to take the action path. 
August 26, 2019
Self-Made Success w/ Shark Tank Winner, Shaan Patel
 What is the recipe for Self-Made Success?  with Shark Tank Winner, Shaan Patel Shaan Patel is a Shark Tank Winner and he’s been invested in the show by the billionaire Mark Cuban. Since his apparition on the American Show, Patel has grown his business from 1 million to 20 millions revenue , co-authored several books with Mark Cuban and has started another business.  Patel’s story is 100% a Growth Mindset Story because while growing in the budget motel that his parents owned and attending a public high school with the highest dropout rate in the country, he knew he had to work hard in order to excel at SAT if he wanted to enter an Ivy League college.  Hundreds of study hours helped him to get a perfect score on the test and at the same time,  helped him to lay the foundation of the business idea that won an investment deal in Shark Tank. Some things we discussed on the podcast:  How did he 20x his business revenue? How did his business idea changed since participating in the show? Which are the Revenue Streams of Prep Expert after Shark Tank?  How all the rejections he’s been through were the springboard for success? How did he make it to Shark Tank?  What was the impact that it had participating in such a contest from a personal and business point of view?
July 31, 2019
People-centric approach in product and career management. With Megan Murphy, Head of Product at N26.
On this episode, we talk with Megan Murphy, Head of Product at N26.  You will learn about: - how to raise to the pinnacle of tech industry before your 30s? - how important is the user-centric research in product management? -how software product management can be applied to the manufacturing industry? - how engaging with your team is key to professional and personal fulfilment? 
June 26, 2019
How blockchain is disrupting the world? With the fintech expert Lex Sokolin
In this episode, you will learn about: - the ins and outs of blockchain, the business opportunities it carries and why is so DISRUPTIVE.  - listen to the several use case where blockchain is disrupting and optimising aspects such as, supply chain and land registry.  - find the answers to the following questions and much more:  What is the difference between cryptocurrency an blockchain? What is the most important benefit of being in this field as a business? Which are the business opportunities in the unbanked part of the world and learn why Facebook, Ali Pay and other companies are already thinking about solutions.  What are the big challenges for cryptocurrency to become mainstream? Where should entrepreneurs be starting a business or investing their money in the fintech field? 
June 10, 2019
AdEntertainment is the new wave of Marketing with Timo Armoo, founder of Fanbytes.
On this episode, we give answers to the following questions that many entrepreneurs may have:   How can you become the IBM of your industry and which are the steps to become one?  What is the approach to land big clients such as Apple, Universal Studio, etc.? Listen to Timo giving you small tips on this crucial step that will definitely make a difference in your company. You want to know what ADentertainment is?  Highlights:  "People are saying the users’ attention mind is getting shorter, and shorter. I completely disagree with that. Netflix would go bankrupt if so. You need to offer them something that interests" 
May 16, 2019
How to drive Innovation in your Company? with Simone van Neerven, Head of Innovation at Vueling.
On this week's episode, I speak to the Head of Innovation, Simone van Neerven,  at Vueling Airlines (Iberia). Simone is Six Sigma Black Belt and with over 17 years Travel Experience at KLM, now she is disrupting the Spanish company.  These are some of the topics we discussed:  - Learn what we define as Innovation - Learn what is the catalyser for innovation and how to implement it.  - Learn how a Leadership based on Trust is the way to attract talent.  - Learn why you SHOULD FALL IN LOVE WITH A PROBLEM and NOT A SOLUTION.  
April 30, 2019
Keep on grinding with Alex Rodriguez, Barcelona Start Up Grind Director
The guy who made it to Silicon Valley and since then he’s written a book, became Startup Grind Chapter Director and started his ow company.  Learn how a decision changed his life and that there is anything stopping you to take yours.  Topics discussed:  - Shall all startups aim to be a Unicorn? - What is the price you are paying for your 500% growth? -  Top Skills/Tips that Entrepreneurs should learn.  -  Is exponential growth the only way? -  How to build your network?
April 22, 2019
Are you fund raising? All the answers to your questions with the VC Mario Brassesco
In this episode with the Venture Capitalist Mario Brassesco, you will learn about: - Investment readiness and what does your startup need to have in order to be investment ready? - Team’s Readiness - Startup valuation - Founders Market Fit - Capital Efficiency and what does that mean? Topics by Minute:) Min8:30 - Learn what is a Business Angel Fund (Encomenda Capital) Min12:00 What do investors consider abour the startups when investing in one? 1- the team 2 - the market ( how hot that market is?) 3 - the stage 4 - conditions Min13:00 What type of teams do VCs(Encomenda Capital) invests in? - What does your team must have to be considered investment ready? - What type of talent do SaaS and marketplaces need? Is it the same Min18:00 How to sell even if you don’t have the product? Min19:00 CAC and CLV what do they stand for? Other important metrics: Retention Engagement Churn Min20:30 How is Capital Efficiency an important metric and what does that mean? Min22: Listen to the three ways in which companies can valuate themselves. How does yours do it? (Spoiler: you don’t want to do the first:) Min28:00 What is Founders Market Fit? Min32:00 In which markets do investors invest? Min35:00 What is the best investors approach and how to get ready for it? Stat until the end in order to learn more about Encomenda and how can you get in touch with Mario Brassesco.
April 15, 2019
How to Talk to Customers and Extract Product Growth Information? w/ Rob Fitzpatrick, the Mom Test writer.
On this episode I interview the writer of "The Mom Test", a book about how to talk to customers and know if they are lying to you.  On this episode, you will learn:  💁🏻‍♀️ Uncover how to ask questions to your customers to know if your idea is a good idea or not.  💁🏻‍♀️ How to zoom out in order to get the feedback that will grow or kill your product/service.  💁🏻‍♀️ Discover how to talk to investors and what is the best approach when asking for money.  💁🏻‍♀️ Hear Rob’s audacious vision about failure and the tangible lessons you can get from it. 
April 08, 2019
The Power of Words on UX focused products with Mario Ferrer, Senior UX Writer at King.
On this episode, Mario Ferrer will help you understand how words can make a difference between a successful product and another product.  If you are a founder, a designer, product owner or a UX writer, this episode is for you. These are some of the questions that you will have answered on this episode:  - How to define the voice and tone of your company? - How do you know which copy is the right one for your product and company? - The power of unlearning to be able to step on your users' shoes.  - Learn the difference between copywriting and UX writing.  - Why does your company need a UX  writer?
April 01, 2019
How to set your Mindset for Growth? - Actionable Tips with Stevan Popovic
This week on Growth Mindset ON you'll learning how to *set your Mindset for Growth* with Stevan Popovic!   Tune in to episode #5 to ...   Learn how to nurture and grow your network organically.  Learn about a Professional Roadmap can help you to keep track and envision a strategy for your career management and growth.  Learn how can side projects nurture your personal and professional Growth.  Discover which are the best practices that inspiring founders have.  Discover tips that make you smarter and more reliable.  1 hour, countless practical tips that can turn you into a successful connector, more efficient and above all, a growth mindset leader.  Links to listen are in the comments!
March 25, 2019
Food Tech Startups with Rishab Lohia, founder of Delhicioso.
On this episode, I interview the founder of Delhicioso, a food tech startup in Barcelona.  Delhicioso's daily mealservice and other catering services, not just the customers receive amazing heart warming food but also, the chefs get an opportunity to realize their skill and talent. The conversation with Rishabh has brutally reminded of me an universal truth: We are here to be happy! You’ve probably listened to him saying that he hasn’t started his startup to hit the jackpot but he started it to pursue his passion while making other people happy with his heart-warming food. I was surprised, by it because he came to Spain to do his MBA at one of the prestigious business schools in Barcelona and he could have chosen the easy path but he chose the risky one by starting a business in a country he didn’t know and with a fairly difficult bureaucracy for startups.  It’s been liberating and so beautiful reminder that I think we should all have on our priority list. I don’t know about you but this is something that I need reminded from time to time. Thank you Rishabh !!! Let’s get inspired.  Best business advice given:  “If something is not your forte, surround yourself with people who complement you and bring the value that you can't add." 
March 18, 2019
Product Design & Testing with Eugen Esanu, founder of Laroche.
"Creativity is born out of constraints" by Eugen Esanu Eugen Esanu is a top writer on Medium with 8,8 k Followers and a successful podcaster.   Listen to him speaking about the intricacies of business such as creativity,  product management and design among many other topics.  His story is one of a tinkerer, struggler, and a lifelong learner who hasn't given up on his professional dreams despite the NOs he has received.  Entrepreneurship is an Attitude, not a Skill!!:)  You can follow his podcast here: And read his articles :
March 15, 2019
Communicate Better with Lila Smith
 Lila Smith is a communication Consultant at Say Things Better and she has developed a 5-step method to communicate more effectively.   In this episode, you will learn :  How to address your audience and make a communicative impact according to your customers needs.   How to become a LinkedIn local host and greater connector. 
March 11, 2019
Growth Mindset On with Bobby Umar!
Humbled to have as a guest a Bobby Umar who is a 5x TED speaker, Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Best-selling author, Huffington Post contributor and a fantastic guest to have on Growth Mindset ON.  If it's not you, then who? If it's not today, then when? Humbled to have Bobby Umar, a 5x TED speaker, Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Best-selling author, Huffington Post contributor as a guest on the podcast.  Bobby’s main takeaways are: - Growth Mindset means open open-mindedness, proactivity, and courage. - Favorite piece of advice: “There is no tomorrow” because today is the best day to change your life! - He is inspired by Brené Brown and #garyvaynerchuck - He advises people to get out of their comfort zone and discover who they really are.  - He recommends and highlights the importance of asking for support because that’s not a sense of weakness but of being courageous. - He highlights Harry Potter is brimming with human principles that should be embraced: #vulnerability #empowerment #love and #leadership are some of the values that he highlights from this outstanding book.
March 03, 2019