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eCommerce Marketing Innovations With Charles Kirkland

eCommerce Marketing Innovations With Charles Kirkland

By Charles Kirkland
Winning in today’s eCommerce environment is not based solely on marketing. Instead, it is about innovations that leave your competition in the dust.
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5 Steps to fix low converting pages
We all have landing and sales pages we poured our heart and soul into that have failed to convert as expected. We have tweaked, edited, and refined them until they are the world's best landing and sales pages -- or at least we think so. This is something that will happen to everybody at some point in your digital marketing career. So how do we troubleshoot these low converting pages? Before you start taking an ax to the sales page like a crazy lumberjack, here are a few things to check to determine what needs to be done and if anything needs to be done. Learn more about Charles at
October 05, 2020