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By Maria Rachel
Hi! My name is Maria Rachel and I’m a Digital Artist. This podcast is about personal growth for creative women.

Instagram: @mariarachelart
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5 - Faith Dioses on Strategies and Challenges in Starting a New Career
In this episode, Faith Dioses talks about how she has dealt with challenges when she was starting out in her new career, as well as some useful strategies for those who are thinking of transitioning from employment to freelancing. Languages: English, Filipino Connect with Faith on Instagram @faithdioses --- Instagram: @mariarachelart Etsy: Music by: Mixkit, Purple Planet
July 25, 2022
4 - Why You’re Stuck in the Past and How to Start Over
In this episode, I share some reasons why we're stuck in the past, and we can overcome it and start over. --- Instagram: @mariarachelart Etsy: Music by: Purple Planet
July 17, 2022
3 - Life Update, Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset
In this episode, I share how my life went in the first half of the year. I then discuss the difference between growth mindset and fixed mindset, as well as some strategies on developing a growth mindset. --- Instagram: @mariarachelart Etsy: Music by: Purple Planet
June 29, 2022
2 - How To Find Your Calling
In this episode, I talk about some powerful ways to discover your calling.  My Best Year Undated Digital Planner is now available on Etsy! Visit to get your copy. -- Instagram: @mariarachelart Etsy: Music by: Purple Planet
December 04, 2021
1 - Why It's Okay To Be A "Jack of All Trades"
Welcome to #GrowthGoals, a podcast about personal growth for creative women. My name is Maria Rachel, a Digital Illustrator based the Philippines.  In this episode, we are going to talk about why it's okay to not focus on one specific skill or niche. And what does it mean for you as a creative woman.  Music by: Purple Planet
November 14, 2021