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Growth Masterminds: mobile growth podcast

Growth Masterminds: mobile growth podcast

By Singular
Growth Masterminds is smart user acquisition and mobile growth pros sharing their best insights on UA, retention, mobile measurement, mobile marketing data, IDFA, and much more.

Hosted by John Koetsier, we chat with brands like IMVU, DraftKings, and Mixtiles. We interrogate ad networks like Fyber, Kidoz, AppLike, Vungle, Bluestacks, and more. And we feature global experts like Eric Seufert and Jayne Peressini. Along the way, we hit topics like pLTV, creative optimization, incrementality, granularity, fraud, privacy, success in China ... and much, much more.
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Facebook's not-for-drinking IPA and the United Nations of marketing measurement
We have SKAdNetwork from Apple. We have Privacy Sandbox from Google. We have ID5 and Unified ID 2.0 and the IAB's Project Rearc. In short, we have many diverse solutions now competing for the future of marketing measurement. Plus, of course, IPA, or Interoperable Private Attribution from Facebook ... errr ... Meta. What is it? How does it work? Should you be thinking about it? And ... with all these different methodologies, how can marketers actually measure results across the board? Don't we need a United Nations of measurement to make this all make sense? We chat about all these questions with Singular CTO Eran Friedman.
May 10, 2022
Privacy Sandbox on Android: how ad networks and MMPs can work together
Privacy Sandbox on Android is out and it looks good. But there's still a lot of questions about how advertisers, ad networks, and MMPs will work together.  If the industry can't find a way to innovate in tandem, we risk having confusing data and unclear insights from marketing campaigns that won't enable proper measurement or optimization. In this episode of the Growth Masterminds podcast, we chat with Singular product manager Jonathan Chen, who's working on ways of solving Privacy Sandbox on Android for the industry, including how we can ensure that we don't get siloed attribution (where multiple ad networks claim credit for a conversion and advertisers don't know whether they should credit one, or both, or neither) and coordinating aggregation keys so that advertisers, ad networks, and measurement partners can make sense of the aggregated privacy-safe data Google will be releasing. We chat solutions, integrations, results ... and what still needs to be figured out.
April 04, 2022
ironSource on Privacy Sandbox for Android: something new that marketers have never had before
A level playing field for ad channels? Retargeting built into the OS? Multi-touch attribution (very) light?  In this episode of Growth Masterminds, we chat with ironSource VP Yevgeny Peres about Privacy Sandbox for Android. There's plenty we don't know yet, but Peres has already seen multiple things in the new mobile marketing measurement framework from Google to get excited. There's new never-seen-before functionality for marketers. There's a level playing field for ad networks, Peres says, and much more ...
March 24, 2022
50% more SKAN values? How mixed conversion models make SKAdNetwork work
SKAN or SKAdNetwork has a major problem. Less data, less timely data, less granular data ... OK, it has many problems. One particular issue: zeroed-out conversion values because there's simply no revenue data to report. Singular's mixed models for SKAN fixes that, by allowing mobile marketers measure revenue and a combination of other conversion models to ensure that no matter what happens, you get data back. In this episode of Growth Masterminds, we do a deep dive into what the problem is, and how mixed models fixes. In other words, how to make SKAdNetwork ... work.
March 15, 2022
Android Privacy Sandbox: the deep dive you need
In this special episode of Growth Masterminds, Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv and John Koetsier connect for an in-depth discussion on Google’s Android Privacy Sandbox announcement. What we cover: ✅ A breakdown of what exactly Google announced ✅ Details of how mobile attribution will work with Privacy Sandbox ✅ Predictions on the future impact on the ecosystem and app marketers Topics include:  - the biggest change - how this ranks next to Apple's ATT - is the sky falling? - attribution under Privacy Sandbox - SDK Runtime - Google Referrer - Lack of user consent - Topics and Fledge - and ... the future of mobile marketing measurement
February 25, 2022
Why Zynga bought Chartboost before getting bought by Take-Two
Why does a game publisher buy an ad network? What does it bring them? And what is behind this current frenzy of mergers and acquisitions that we're seeing in mobile adtech? Good questions! So I asked Zynga and Chartboost. Our conversation happened to be a couple of weeks before the news broke that Take-Two Interactive was buying (errr, acqui-merging) Zynga, and the answers are even more relevant now that that's happened. In this Growth Masterminds we chat with  Zynga Chief Product Officer Scott Koenigsberg and Chartboost CEO Rich Izzo. Your host, of course, is John Koetsier.
January 17, 2022
Making SKAdNetwork predictive (yes it's possible!)
Mobile marketers can live with many of the deficiencies of SKAdNetwork: lack of granularity, lack of immediacy, lack of data richness. But they can't live without predictability. Predictability enables confidence in campaigns and massive capital deployment. BUT ... Mobile growth experts have had major challenges making SKAN predictable. As many as 90% of mobile marketers can't get what they need out of SKAdNetwork. In this episode of Growth Masterminds, we chat with Singular CTO Eran Friedman, who has worked with many massive clients on SKAN and iOS campaigns, on how to achieve predictability with SKAdNetwork.
December 07, 2021
Liftoff CEO Mark Ellis on adtech change, consolidation, competition
There's been a ton of change in adtech in 2021. I'm not even sure we know precisely what an ad network is anymore, but we're certainly seeing the rise of a set of new titans of adtech in mobile, companies like Liftoff+Vungle, ironSource, Unity, Applovin, Digital Turbine, and InMobi. What's driving the growth? Is it good for mobile marketers? And, what should we expect from mobile adtech companies in 2022? To dig into all these questions, we chat with the CEO of Liftoff, Mark Ellis. Of course, since the merger with Vungle, he's now the CEO of Liftoff+Vungle, or whatever they're going to call the new company, Mark's not just the CEO, he's also the founder, and has a deep history in adtech and mobile. NOTE: This episode of Growth Masterminds is cross-posted from another podcast: TechFirst by John Koetsier.
November 26, 2021
Modeling SKAN data for better iOS mobile marketing insights
If you’re doing mobile marketing on iOS, you pretty much have to use Apple’s SKAdNetwork. But SKAN has serious issues, including privacy-focused censorship thresholds: You don’t get all the data, so you can’t determine device-level granular marketing performance. That means you can’t get great ROAS and ROI data ... and that makes optimizing advertising hard. Now, there might be a solution using data science and machine learning to model the missing conversions and re-surface the missing data. To check it out, we’re chatting with Singular product manager Evyatar Ram.
November 19, 2021
China mobile: learning from Alibaba, Tencent, mobile commerce
What can we learn about the future of mobile from China? The Chinese mobile market is the largest on the planet, and has uniquely Chinese characteristics: super apps, social livestream shopping, key opinion leaders and fan economies, and more. In this episode of Growth Masterminds, we chat with Moonie Zhu, co-founder of ETOC (E-commerce to China) about the Chinese market, how to enter it, what's different, what we can learn from it, and more ...
November 01, 2021
InMobi CEO on data, privacy, payment freedom on iOS, & InMobi Telco
We chat with InMobi CEO Abhay Singhal on Epic vs Apple, IDFA and iOS 14.5, and especially the company's new InMobi Telco on-device platform. "There are over 800 telcos in the world and each one, if you talk to them today, has an ambition of becoming a large media company," Singhal says. We're seeing on-device ad platforms achieve significant success, with companies like ironSource Aura, AppNext, and Digital Turbine scoring very high on the 2021 Singular ROI Index. Most of them include on-device app discovery via a persistent experience on new devices and a set-up wizard upon activation. They can tie into the home and/or lock screens, and offer live updates on new apps to try. We also chat about IDFA and iOS 14.5, the Epic Games vs Apple legal settlement impacting third-party payment options on iOS, and much more ... 0:00 On-device app discovery 3:10 Lock screen and home screen ads 5:09 Telcos as media companies 8:11 Custom version of Android? 9:32 iOS 14 and IDFA 14:40 Apple vs Epic Games
September 15, 2021
Boosting app monetization AND user retention: AppLike CEO Jonas Thiemann
Monetization and retention can seem like the opposite ends of a continuum ... a zero-sum game where focusing on monetization kills retention. Not necessarily, says AppLike CEO Jonas Thiemann. AdJoe, one of their brands, has a unique ad placement that earns players money for installing and playing games they're interested in ... including the game they saw the ad in. He says it's the perfect balancing of incentives between users, publishers, and advertisers, and that's why 80 out of the top 100 grossing apps on Android are using AdJoe, users are making $20-20 a month, and some publishers are taking home six-figure paydays daily.
August 16, 2021
After attribution: what's next in marketing measurement
First-party data? Content fortresses? Incrementality? 2020 was crazy for everyone. 2021 is crazier for mobile marketers, who are facing complete disruption in how they keep score, measure success, and report on growth. Attribution's not gone, but it is changing. You still get some last-click data in iOS with SKAdNetwork, and of course on Android, but it's less clear, less direct, and -- for Android -- probably not long-lived. What other data do you have to measure the impact of your marketing? That exactly what we chat about with Tinuiti's Liz Emery ... possibly the smartest agency-based marketer. We chat about iOS 14.5, Android 12, Facebook AMM (advanced mobile measurement) deprecation, opportunities, media mix modeling, incrementality, first-party data, mergers & acquisitions, and much, much more. We end with this: what will remain true in marketing ... regardless of technology, data, and regulation changes? 0:00 Everything is broken 1:49 Attribution + more data 5:04 In-app analytics for marketers 6:28 Historical data for marketers 8:28 Flight to Android? 10:39 Facebook Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) 14:02 Android app set ID and more 16:19 First party data 18:12 Mergers & acquisitions & content fortresses 22:06 Owned media, lifecycle marketing, social 23:52 Agencies and mobile marketing 27:37 Liz rocks
August 09, 2021
Why Vungle bought JetFuel and what it means for the mobile marketing landscape
We’ve had more billion-dollar adtech acquisitions in the first quarter of 2021than in the previous several years combined, according to LUMA. What’s going on? Could it be … all the talk of third-party cookie deprecation? The reality of the IDFA apocalypse? New levels of competition? Changing marketing channels and opportunities? Or … a new emphasis on platform services and first-party data? We’re going to find out. Vungle is part of this acquisition frenzy. Vungle has acquired no fewer than 4 companies in the past 9 months, including, most recently, JefFuel, an influencer marketing platform. Today we’re chatting with Vungle’s SVP of Revenue, Scott Silverman, about why.
July 09, 2021
Apple's SKAdNetwork is a huge bonus for kids apps, says Kidoz co-CEO Eldad Ben Tora
Many mobile marketers are less than happy with Apple's new iOS 14.5 and SKAdNetwork, Apple's privacy-safe mobile advertising attribution framework.  But developers and publishers of kids' apps are not among them. In fact, SKAdNetwork might just be the best thing that's happened to kids' apps. Now, as Kidoz co-CEO Eldad Ben Tora says, marketers can actually do user acquisition at scale for kids' apps. And publishers can monetize safely via ads. In this podcast ... 0:00 Intro 0:44 Kids' apps market size 5:17 What is Kidoz? 11:38 User acquisition for kids apps 15:01 Marketing to kids vs parents 17:38 Monetization of kids' apps 23:06 Integration with Singular 25:00 Why focus on kids?
June 14, 2021
Cloud gaming is a game-changer for marketers: chatting with Bluestack's new VP Ben Armstrong is launching a new cloud gaming service. And while there are dozens of startups and giant tech companies doing the same, is from Bluestacks, which has over 500 million users play Android games on the web. Now gaming is moving to the cloud. And that means huge changes for marketers and user acquisition specialists. While it's early days, being able to market a game by sharing a link that someone can start playing a game with instantly is an entirely different ball game than marketing an Android or iOS app. In this episode of Growth Masterminds (check out the audio podcast!) I chat with Ben Armstrong, a Bluestacks and VP, about the new service, about what it means for mobile, and about how marketers can take advantage of it. Check the video here: Check the story here:
June 03, 2021
Mobile app success in China: pitfalls, challenges, and secrets, with Josh Burns
The list of Western apps that have made it big in China is not long. There are some great games on that list, including ones from major studios Supercell and Riot Games. Games like Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja made the cut, and Subway Surfers and PUBG are big globally as well as in China. But as Josh Burns explains, it’s probably easier to list the apps that failed. He has a lot of experience with apps in general and China in particular.  As a former exec at 6waves and EA and founder of DigitalDevConnect, Burns has helped launch games for Kabam, Nexon, and Atari. He’s managed games with IP from Disney, Starz, Eminem, and the BBC. Now, among a few other things, Burns helps top grossing mobile games enter the China market. I chatted with him recently, and along with a lot of advice about what NOT to do, he shared 12 keys to success in bringing mobile apps to China.  Here’s his best insight about taking apps and games from the west and bringing them east. If you'd prefer to read this than watch this, the 12 keys are available on the Singular blog:
May 15, 2021
Adtech upheaval: why Digital Turbine bought Fyber, and what's happening in the ecosystem
What is happening in the mobile adtech ecosystem? Is it the rise of platforms? The need for size to fight the heavyweight contenders of mobile advertising? Consolidation to accumulate and stockpile more first-party data in an era of increasingly scarce second and third party information? Or just a need to acquire revenue on the path to going public? Whatever it is, we are seeing a massive acceleration in mergers and acquisitions in the mobile marketing and adtech ecosystems. Applovin bought Adjust, Vungle bought GameRefinery, Verve bought Nexstar. District M and Sharethrough. Magnite (formerly Rubicon) bought SpotX just a few months ago … and, of course, the ink has barely dried on the $400 million Digital Turbine acquisition of AdColony. In this episode of Growth Masterminds, we chat with Offer Yehudai, president at Fyber, and Matt Tubergen, EVP corporate development and strategy at Digital Turbine about their deal ... and the wider implications in the ecosystem.
April 02, 2021
So you need SKAdNetwork-compatible mobile ad inventory ...
SKAdNetwork-compatible mobile ad inventory is hard to come by these days. Fortunately, Snap is ready, and Singular and Snap are announcing a joint solution for SKAdNetwork campaign measurement.  For all the details, we check in with Singular product marketing manager Saadi Muslu in this episode of Growth Masterminds. Perhaps even more interesting? Like Facebook but unlike Google, Snap has decided to show the App Tracking Transparency prompt. And the results, according to our recent IDFA survey data, could be extremely important for the ecosystem as a whole. All the details in the episode, or here in the blog post:
March 10, 2021
Facebook AAA: How to analyze Automated App Ads by country and creative simultaneously
Facebook automated app ads are smart and useful ads that take elements of creative you supply, mix and match them according to Facebook’s secret alchemy of advertising success, and automate the process of targeting, delivery, customization, and even — if you wish — setting budgets. There’s one small problem. You can’t analyze everything you might want to.  In this brief episode of Growth Masterminds, we chat with Singular product manager Evyatar Ram about how you actually can analyze Facebook AAA ads by country and creative assets simultaneously.
March 03, 2021
iOS 14: is the ad ecosystem ready? (plus SKAdNetwork and MMPs, mobile web and deep links, and VTA)
We are down to the short strokes now: Apple’s iOS 14.5 will roar in next week or soon after, changing mobile marketing on iPhone and iPad forever. But is the mobile advertising ecosystem ready? Is there SKAdNetwork-ready ad supply from mobile publishers? And how will MMPs, mobile web customer journeys, and deep links work? In short: there are still a lot of questions. I spent some time with Jonathan Chen, who leads Singular’s attribution product and manages integration with top partners, to answer these questions.
March 02, 2021
Fingerprinting in iOS 14: where you can and can't use probabilistic fingerprinting for marketing measurement or tracking
Can you fingerprint users in iOS 14? Or, in other words, use probabilistic attribution? There’s been a ton of questions about this. Some vendors have said yes, and in fact there are some circumstances where fingerprinting is OK. But Apple has said fingerprinting is not OK in cases where people have not granted tracking permission. So what’s OK, and what’s not? We’re chatting with Eran Friedman, CTO of Singular, who’s been working with SKAdNetwork for the past six to nine months
March 01, 2021
Everything you need to know about Apple's App Tracking Transparency pop-up, with Singular CTO Eran Friedman
What is App Tracking Transparency? When do you need to use it? Can you measure marketing effectiveness without it? How can you ensure you are ATT compliant? Welcome to Growth Masterminds, with John Koetsier There are a ton of questions about iOS 14 and Apple’s new IDFA rules, and ATT is at the heart of them. Today we are going to ask Singular CTO Eran Friedman all of them :-)
February 24, 2021
Mixtiles co-founder on marketing, identity, privacy, iOS 14, and app vs web
If you’re a marketer who is wondering how to navigate the new privacy-safe reality in Apple environments, Mixtiles is a good company to look to for insight:  - Super-fast growth over the past few years  - Hot D2C (direct to consumer) category  - Heavily focused on iOS  - Overwhelmingly multi-channel and multi-platform user journeys  - Not dependent on IDFA In this episode of Growth Masterminds, we chat with Mixtiles co-founder Eytan Levit, who shares his insight on mobile marketing now.
February 19, 2021
SKAdNetwork challenges for mobile marketers: supply side data, and privacy cohort size
Singular CTO Eran Friedman talks about challenges with SKAdNetwork: getting enough supply side data, and ensuring you hit privacy thresholds to get data not just in number of total instals, but also total installs for each of several key parameters ... In other words ... it’s about much more than getting, or not getting, the IDFA.
February 11, 2021
From Hello World to Clash of Clans: how your marketing analytics needs change
How do you get from Hello World to Clash of Clans? Marketing analytics help you grow, but there’s different needs at different stages of development ... from just starting out ... to having a global big-money winner. To dive into how those needs change over time, we’re chatting with Claire Rozain. She leads UA at Product Madness, and has been at Match, Mappy, and multiple other brands before. And she's managed marketing from bare-bones in-the-garage all the way up to the biggest brands and the largest scale.
November 19, 2020
ROAS and cohorts in iOS 14? Here's how
ROAS is perhaps the most foundational KPI in mobile marketing. The big question for 2021 is: can you still calculate ROAS in iOS 14? “First and foremost, I think we should recognize that there is still … IDFA, because users might opt-in,” says Singular VP of product Alon Nafta. “But if we go to SKAdNetwork — which let’s assume is the common case — it’s not like you don’t have anything. The SKAdNetwork framework does give you a few elements that if used correctly ... advertisers can expect to get something sensible.” Short version: yes. Slightly longer version: there are some challenges.
November 02, 2020
Mobile ad monetization: challenges, trends, and future for this multi-billion dollar segment
True ROI calculation requires complete data. You've got data on your In-app purchase, of course. But most mobile publishers also have ad monetization data. The question is: how do you get all of it together … match it up … and figure out true ROI based on your actual cost of user acquisition? To get more details, we’re chatting with Lisi Gardiner, Senior Product Manager for Analytics for Singular. And we'd better be fast: we're keeping her from weekend pizza and wine.
October 22, 2020
How do you build a single source of truth ... including SKAdNetwork?
Every marketer would love to have a single source of truth. With iOS 14, SKAdNetwork is yet another source of marketing data to add to the long list. In this episode of Growth Masterminds, we chat with Singular's director of product marketing Saadi Muslu, who shares what Singular is doing to integrate this new data source with all the others. One of the things Saadi mentions is the Mobile Attribution Privacy Group, a Slack group dedicated to plotting a privacy-safe path through all the new mobile attribution minefields. She also invites all listeners to join it. Here's the link:
October 14, 2020
3 ways fraudsters can cheat advertisers in iOS 14 with SKAdNetwork
What does fraud look like in iOS 14 with SK ad network? In this episode of Growth Masterminds we chat with Yonatan Komornik, the head of fraud prevention at Singular. You might think that since Apple cryptographically signs every install that is attributed via SKAdNetwork that iOS 14 could be fraud-free, but there are at least 3 ways fraudsters can still cheat app install advertisers. We chat about each one, and then how to solve them ...
October 08, 2020
Managing, monitoring, and optimizing conversions in iOS 14 with SKAdNetwork
How do you manage, monitor, and optimize conversions in iOS 14 with SKAdNetwork? Welcome to a special version of Growth Masterminds. Today, we're chatting with Ron Koenigsberg, the chief architect at Singular  Our topic: customized conversions in iOS 14. In brief, we're talking about how to optimize for growth with SKAdNetwork by implementing Singular's smart conversion management.
October 06, 2020
UA in iOS 14 with SKAN, Singular's open source framework for SKAdNetwork
We chat with Singular CTO Eran Friedman about SKAN, Singular's open-source framework for SKAdNetwork. The key goals:   - identify the top challenges  - maximize use of your 100 campaign IDs  - manage the data from SKAdNetwork and bring it all together  - reduce fraud  - simplify conversion management ... and optimize conversion methodologies on the fly  - combine SKAdNetwork data with IDFA data and data from other sources  - and more!
August 12, 2020
Creative: A game designer and a marketing director on how pink cows, purple velvet shoes, and stone pillows help you beat the competition
How do pink cows, purple velvet shoes, and stone pillows help you beat the competition? Well, they probably don't. But creativity will. In this episode of Growth Masterminds, we chat with Lee Eisenhuth, who leads design at PeopleFun. They make games like Wordscapes. We also chat with Alice Guillaume, the Senior Director of Marketing at Applovin. She left a Wall Street job with Morgan Stanley to do something much more interesting: mobile marketing. We chat about:  - magic in marketing  - process  - A/B testing  - luck  - what ads work for clicks, and what ads work for conversions, and why they're different  ... and much more!
May 11, 2020
Using AI to boost customer acquisition, with Lomit Patel (VP of Growth at IMVU)
Lomit Patel leads growth at IMVU. Before that, he led performance and digital marketing for Roku. He also ran customer acquisition at Texture, which Apple acquired and turned into Apple News+ At IMVU, Lomit cut customer acquisition cost by a factor of three. And, he's now recouping the cost of advertising 3X faster than before. How? Artificial intelligence, intelligently applied. In this podcast episode, we'll chat with Lomit to learn what he did, how he did it, and what the results are. 
March 31, 2020
AdExchanger senior editor Allison Schiff on TikTok, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, the goddess of growth, and the marketing that works on her
You've heard of walking softly and carrying a big stick? Allison Schiff talks softly and carries a massive stick ... with a great sense of humor.  In this episode of Growth Masterminds, we take a peek behind the martech and adtech curtain with a reporter who's covering all the biggest stories in the space. What we talk about:  - You have a very broad view of the martech and adtech ecosystem, and what’s happening in it. It really feels like an era of major change right now with lots up in the air … the death of cookies, the threat to IDFA, increased legislation and demand for privacy … what are the major changes happening right now in your opinion? - I want to chat about the ROI Index Singular just released. I’ll mention the name of a platform … you tell me what comes to mind ... - TikTok - Facebook & Google - Apple Search Ads - Amazon - Twitter, Snap - AdColony … Vungle … Liftoff … Applovin - Unity  - Sometimes you get to see behind the curtain of some major marketing platforms or ad networks. Tell us something we don’t know …  - We’ve seen plenty of startups worshipping the goddess of growth-at-all-costs in the super-funded startups of the last few years, perhaps thanks to a cash-as-a-strategy effort by Softbank and others pouring money into a leading contender in the space. That seems to be changing now .. how do you think that will impact advertising and marketing?  - What kind of advertising do you personally like? What works on you?  - How do you see the marketing world changing in the next few years? And how do you want it to change? Show notes and a transcript will be available at Singular's blog shortly.
February 15, 2020
DraftKing's Jayne Peressini on ghost ads, measuring TV, multivariate testing, scaling a growth team, and much more
Jayne Peressini started her career with Glu Mobile in London, then worked for Cisco, Razorfish, Reddit, and Machine Zone. She is now the senior director of growth marketing for DraftKings. We talk about: The state of adtech ... what's changing, what’s working, and what’s broken. Fraud Scaling ad spend Safe ways to grow fast Measurement and privacy Attribution and incrementality Metrics that matter And ... her best advice for growth marketers … on messaging, advertising campaigns, building a team, when to scale, and how to scale.
December 19, 2019
Thomas Petit on ASO, conversion optimization, why VO and tROAS don't really work for subscription apps (and more)
We talk to mobile growth expert Thomas Petit on ASO, conversion optimization, the duopoly, how indies can still succeed, getting featured by Google and Apple, and much, much, much more! Thomas Petite is a mobile growth consultant for Deezer, Lingokids, Playspace, AppAgent, and many more companies. He's spoken at App Growth Summit, App Promotion Summit, Mobile Growth Europe, ASO Conference, and that's just the first part of the list. And he's a frequent contributor to MobileDevMemo.
December 13, 2019
2 super women in games: How to get featured by Apple and Google, how to know when to scale, and how to build a games studio in a non-traditional market
We talk to Lauren Clinnick and Christina Chen of Lumi Interactive, a small games studio in Melbourne Australia about how they got the apps featured by Apple and Google six times ... and what that did for their business. We also talk about growing a small studio, being a women in tech and in games, and how to know when it's time to scale your app.
December 03, 2019
Eric Seufert on mobile chaos, mobile games, and mobile attribution
Eric worked for Skype. He was VP of user acquisition for Rovio. He was head of platform for N3TWORK. He built Agamemnon and runs Mobile Dev Memo. In this episode, we talk about: the biggest changes in mobile the elimination of the IDFA the impact of GDPR and CCPA scaling marketing beyond the initial easy wins the increasingly important role of creative in advertising the problems with programmatic the triumvirate is the new duopoly: Google, Facebook, and Amazon the rise of Amazon incrementality is everything and much more!
November 21, 2019