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Goth Angel Sinners

Goth Angel Sinners

By trewbot
A podcast about anarchy, anarchists, and anarchism.
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Part V: Post-Scarcity

Goth Angel Sinners

Part VI: A Real Podcast
A real episode.
August 10, 2020
Part V: Post-Scarcity
A couple of sleep deprived losers try to explain the philosophical and ecological necessity and implications of post-scarcity as a quote unquote economic mode. 
June 25, 2019
Part IV: The Paris Commune
We're not a history podcast and nobody actually knows what happened in Paris in 1871.
January 17, 2019
Part III: Spiderman 3
In this latest episode of Goth Angel Sinners we've addressed complaints that the episodes were too long and that we are "over representing people born in 1997" while we discuss Spider-Man 3, cops, moral ambiguity, and Infinity War for some reason. Music used: 0:00:44 -- "n e i g h b o r w a v e" (remix) by F E E K 0:18:54 -- "cage" by bldg. 7 0:50:33 -- "setting sail" by killedmyself 1:09:34 -- "道:隣人の科学" by F E E K
December 08, 2018
Part II: Catalonia
Join our hosts @trewbot and Chloe in this second installment of the Goth Angel Sinners podcast for an interview with senatorial candidate Jae Em Carico and discussions about the CNT, Revolutionary Catalonia, the Spanish Civil War, and the 2017 Catalan Independence Referendum. Music used: 00:01:37 The Window Smashing Job Creators - Left of the Left 00:11:17 Patricia Taxxon - Sweat 00:24:04 >< - 35 (Untitled - 1:4:16, 12.48 AM) 00:42:17 Jerrobeam Fenderson - Spirals (Audio Remix ft. Jesus Raves) 01:06:52 Jamie Paige - Good Time, Lead Time 01:24:41 The Grammar Club - No Worry Birdie 01:46:38 Lee Rosevere - User Friendly (future mix) Goth Angel Sinners is released under a CC BY-NC-SA license.
September 20, 2018
Part I: Shoplifting
In this first installment of the Goth Angel Sinners podcast, our hosts @trewbot and Chloe, along with special guest @CheechGuevara, discuss the extremely controversial topic that is the morality of shoplifting. Join us for this exciting discussion about loss prevention, optimization, morality, and absentee ownership. Music Used: 0:01:10-0:04:53 Lee Rosevere - Star Song (instrumental remix) 0:04:31-0:09:02 Lee Rosevere - Telecom (12" extended remix) 0:10:16-0:13:15 Patricia Taxxon - The Room 0:24:10-0:26:15 Patricia Taxxon - Wall 0:39:54-0:43:43 glaciære Eating ice cream 0:46:13-0:46:26 Choking Victim - Five Finger Discount 0:46:13-0:59:52 Bing Satellites - Sun Moon Star 1:17:21-1:20:27 glaciære - Ready? 1:20:27-1:26:29 Nihilore - We Are Already Dead (Instrumental)
September 02, 2018