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Guac & Talk

Guac & Talk

By The Avocado Club
Hey club members! And welcome to Guac & Talk - the official podcast series of The Avocado Club where we sit down with the most unique and creative avocado-obsessed social influencers, chefs, food bloggers, nutritionists, medical professionals, artists, world travelers and more while we enjoy our signature quality guacamole with even better conversation. I’m Brandon - your host with the most avocado toast and like a quality avocado, we do our best to make sure these episodes NEVER get boring OR brown. Now… let’s get down!
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The New Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce Bottle!
We are so incredibly pumped to introduce the newest version of our first flavor of Hottee Aguacatee hot sauce. What's different? The bottle and the label design. We're switching from HDPE plastic to standard glass but keeping the 8 oz size. In addition to this, we've redesigned the label entirely so that we can tell our story and feature our social mission #AvocadosAgainstAnxiety!
July 18, 2021
A Taste of “Heataly” | Event Details
Super excited to be popping up with Cento Percento food truck at Queens Brewery this Saturday, April 24th @ 2pm! In this episode, we broke down all of the exciting details and why you should absolutely RSVP :)
April 22, 2021
Inside The Bottle + Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce | Episode 19
In this episode, Brandon pops open our 8oz bundle of joy, Hottee Aguacatee to break down the details of what’s inside and what you can expect when you order yours! Use code SHIPFREE2021 to get FREE SHIPPING on your first bottle on!
March 18, 2021
Episode 18 | The Sticky Brand
In Episode 18, we spoke to Jacob - Lead Designer, The Sticky Brand based in Vermont! We’re partnered with them to create the labels for our hot sauce, Hottee Aguacatee. They’re awesome people.
January 23, 2021
Episode 17 | The Guac Bowl 2021 + Event Details
Introducing the very first guacamole championships! Created originally by The Avocado Club, this delicious event was established to highlight the local restaurants that we all love during the COVID-19 era so that we may raise awareness for the tasty work they do.
January 18, 2021
Episode 16 | Nik Baricelli | Cento Percento Food Truck
Have you ever dreamed of having your very own food truck? Still seeking the motivation to make that dream a reality? In this episode of Guac & Talk, I caught up with foodie founder & entrepreneur Nik Baricelli here in NYC. We talk about his Tuscan-inspired business and the effect that COVID-19 has had on its growth. We also dive into his incredible menu concepts and break down the best ways to reach success within the food truck world. Enjoy!
December 02, 2020
Episode 15 | Amy Duncan + Founder & CEO of Mowellens
In Episode 15 of Guac & Talk, we chat with Amy Duncan and her brand’s very unique and healthy product, The Keeper’s Stash! An avocado CBD honey designed to stabilize our minds and maintain a healthy way of life.
May 15, 2020
Episode 14 | Our Secret Project
An exclusive look into the development of our first original product! Hosted by founder Brandon Fassberg.
May 14, 2020
Episode 13 | Selina Russell | _selinarussell
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October 30, 2019
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February 06, 2019
Intro | Welcome to Guac & Talk!
February 06, 2019