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Guards of Eden

Guards of Eden

By Luca Olias
Hey ladies and gents! My name is Luca Olias and welcome to Guards of Eden. This is a podcast where I speak to people who are using their platform, careers and lives to promote positivity in the world. The protectors of Paradise. I'll be speaking to the guests about their lives; covering what led them to this moment in time and what they hope for the future. So, if you need a momentary escape from reality and a restoration of faith then enjoy your stay and show these people the love and affection that they deserve :)
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Michael Maisey S2 E12 *SEASON FINALE*: A Journey of Incredible Perseverance

Guards of Eden

Joe Wicks Part 2 BONUS: Catching up with The Body Coach
Hey everyone! Today's guest is a returning guest and someone I always love spending time with in The Body Coach, Joe Wicks! Since our first time talking on Guards of Eden, Joe's been very busy with many things, including his P.E with Joe initiative where he accrued over 100 millions views on YouTube from his morning workouts for families during the 2020 lockdowns in the UK. As well as P.E with Joe, Joe's been recording a documentary with the BBC called "Joe Wicks: Facing My Childhood" where Joe speaks on his childhood and the mental health battles his parents had.  We catch up about his BBC documentary, P.E with Joe and everything Joe related. I loved the conversation and I'm incredibly grateful for his time and energy.  You can keep up to date with Joe through the links below: Joe's Instagram The Body Coach App If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
May 15, 2022
Josie Naughton S4 E15 *SEASON FINALE*: Choosing Love
Today's guest is the incomparable Josie Naughton and today's episode is the season finale! Josie is a co-founder and CEO of the charity, Choose Love which looks to provide humanitarian aid to refugees. I was fortunate enough to meet Josie a few years ago and her kindness and affable nature was something I was drawn too. Learning about Choose Love's story alongside Josie's journey was something I loved about this conversation and Josie proves that you can be a lead a multi-national organisation through kindness and compassion. You can support Choose Love through the links below: Choose Love's website: Choose Love's stores (Merchandise and Resources): & Choose Love's Instagram: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
August 26, 2021
George Bell S4 E14: Living the Conversation of Mental Health
Today's guest is the amazing George Bell. George works for a fantastic company called Sanctus; an organisation that looks to help employees of companies by providing professionals to help them talk about their mental health. George also provides a great voice and mind when it comes to the conversation of both mental health overall as well as men's mental health in particular. I really respect his insight and perspective on an array of topics underneath the umbrella of mental health. I'm grateful to play a small part in these conversations and beyond appreciative for another fantastic man being honest about their experience. George's LinkedIn: Sanctus's Website: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
August 12, 2021
Tiffany Philippou S4 E13: Where Challenges Are Opportunities For Growth
Today's guest is the fantastic Tiffany Philippou! Tiff co-hosts and is the co-founder of a great podcast in Is This Working? which I loved and introduced me to her and I've been a fan ever since. Tiff has her own newsletter called The Tiff Weekly which covers an array of topics that's led to weekly editions that are insightful and thought-provoking. That also describes today's conversation that I loved and you can support Tiffany and her work through the links below: Tiffany's Instagram: Tiffany's Newsletter:  Is This Working?: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
August 05, 2021
Bonus: What is Throwback Week For Guards of Eden?
Today's guest is... no one! I've wanted to do this for a short while which is to dedicate a week to some shorter clips from past episodes that I enjoyed at the time and would love to shine a light on once again. I appreciate Guards of Eden episodes are lengthy, so this will help provide some bitesize content whilst helping to re-share the stories of phenomenal men and women who've been on Guards of Eden in the past. I've been reflective as of late and I'm excited for those of you that are new to hear some great moments from past Guards of Eden episodes. There'll be no guest this week or next week (July 22nd & 29th 2021)  however, as of August 5th 2021, everything will resume normally with a new guest and a new story. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
July 22, 2021
Sam "Pez" Perry S4 E12: Building The Grade Cricketer & Much More
Today's guest is Sam "Pez" Perry! Pez co-hosts a podcast with Ian "Higgos" Higgins called The Grade Cricketer (TGC). They cover the happenings of cricket, primarily through an Australian lens, but as it continues to evolve through more of an international perspective. They approach it with great comedy, insight and care for the craft, which I was really drawn to. Being able to learn more about Pez's journey was something I enjoyed; I found him to be thought-provoking, considerate and providing great wisdom around topics such as marriage, parenthood and his work with AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience). I loved this conversation and I'm incredibly grateful for Pez's time and energy. You can find out more through the links below: TGC Podcast (Audio): TGC Podcast (Visual): TGC Twitter: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
July 15, 2021
Amy Demone S4 11: On The Empathy Front Line
Today's guest is Amy Demone! Amy speaks about her childhood which was a mix of fond memories and battling both physical and mental illnesses with a really thought-provoking insight and she continued to show that level of introspection combined with emotional intelligence throughout the episode. I appreciated her vulnerability with her story as well as her thoughts and feelings upon reflection. I love what Amy's built with her own podcast: What We're Not Talking About as well as the work she is beginning as a counsellor. You can find out more about Amy through the links below: Amy's Instagram: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
July 08, 2021
Ashley Bryant-Baker S4 E10: Helping People to Call Data Science Home
Today's guest on Guards of Eden is Ashley Bryant-Baker. Ashley's story begins with a transient upbringing which begins in Louisiana and takes her across the US. Along the way, she finds her passion for video game design, which leads to pursuing a computer sciences class at college and is initially unwelcoming. That's led to Ashley not only looking to address racial and gender biases in AI (Artificial Intelligence) but also helping those that are new to STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by providing an inviting environment for those that are new to the field. She now works with an organisation called Fresh Eyes Digital that looks to help non-profit organisations with creative marketing and funding. Tremendous work done by a tremendous human being. I loved Ashley's story and you can learn more about her through the links below: Ashley's Website: Ashley's Twitter: Ashley's LinkedIn: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
July 01, 2021
Becky Burleigh S4 E9: Person > Player & What Drives Winning
Today's guest is Becky Burleigh. Becky was the Head Coach at the University of Florida for their Women's Soccer Team for 26 seasons and would finish her career with 513 wins in NCAA Division I college sports, making her the 4th most winningest coach in NCAA Division I history. She's coached over 280 young woman during her time in Gainesville and adopted the approach of #Person>Player approach. She focused her attention on the human beings over the athletes which has sparked the new business venture she co-founded in What Drives Winning. I feel a great sense of gratitude for being able to hear and share Becky's story; I truly believe in who she is as a human being and what's she building for other coaches to focus on the human development of their players going forward. You can find out lots more about Becky and her work through the links below: Becky's Twitter: What Drives Winning's YouTube Channel: What Drives Winning's Website: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
June 24, 2021
Carina White S4 E8: Being Fun, Authentic and Professional
Today's guest on Guards of Eden is Carina White. Carina is one quarter of the fantastic, Black Mums Upfront podcast whilst also being a woman of many talents. I was introduced to her work through her work in a sports management company which was an all-female office and I soon learned this was a small part of the amazing human being that is Carina. We speak about her journey through motherhood, as a podcaster and as a black woman in the world of Football. The conversation is fun and incredibly insightful which symbolises the woman that Carina is. I'm incredibly grateful for the conversation and you can find out more about Carina through the links below: Carina's Instagram: Carina's Twitter: Black Mums Upfront: Give Blood: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
June 17, 2021
Ebun Ali S4 E7: The Heart Stylist Who Brings Joy to the World
Today's guest is the fantastic Ebun Ali. I was fortunate enough to meet Ebz around 4 years ago on a coaching based course and was immediately introduced to how upbeat, fun and fantastic she was! I loved learning about her story where she speaks about her experience as a performer that took her to places such as a host all the way to a beauty pageant.  As we kept in touch over the past few years, I got to learn about a group that she founded in Mentality Live. Mentality Live is an amazing group that provides men a space to think, feel, discuss and share about topics which impact their mental health. It's a beautiful space that allows men to be compassionate, caring and sensitive whilst in a bubble of support from like-minded men. It's symbolic of the woman who founded it. Kind, compassionate and beautiful in spirit. You can find out more and support Ebz through the links below: Ebz's Instagram: Ebz's Twitter: Mentality Live's Instagram: Mentality Live's Website: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
June 10, 2021
Dan Murray-Serter S4 E6: A Holistic Approach to Braincare
Today's guest is Dan Murray-Serter. I was introduced to Dan's story last year on another podcast called Out of Hours and I became a fan of his from afar. His authenticity and vulnerability with his story was engaging and the work that he was doing was fantastic. Dan's a phenomenal entrepreneur, podcaster and mind. You can find his work below as well as the book and speech recommendations you here throughout: Dan's Instagram: Height's website: Dan's all purpose link to his work: Angela Duckworth's book - Grit: Carol Dweck's book - Mindset: David Foster Wallace - This is Water: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
June 03, 2021
Bangs Carey-Campbell S4 E5: Smile at Strangers, Spread Good Vibes & Be Nice to People
Today's episode of Guards of Eden is with Bangs Carey-Campbell. I was fortunate enough to meet Bangs in July 2019 when I rode her class at BoomCycle Hammersmith. I was in awe of the leader that Bangs was whilst also being wowed by how fantastic an instructor she was as well. Learning about her journey with this episode was incredibly inspiring and insightful. Bangs has trusted the process and respected the journey when it came to her writing career as well as her career in the fitness industry. This episode covers her unconventional journey and shows that when you're true to who you are and you're willing to chase a dream, you can make it happen! Bangs now has her own book: The Pocket Cheerleader whilst helping instructors with her own coaching business as well. You can find more Bangs through the links below: Bangs's Website: Bangs's Instagram: Bangs's Book - The Pocket Cheerleader: Bangs's Newsletter - The Murmuration: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
May 27, 2021
Jenny Ardagh S4 E4: Guiding & Participating in the Mental Health Conversation
Today's guest on Guards of Eden is Jenny Ardagh! I was fortunate enough to find Untangled The Podcast during the pandemic which Jenny co-founded/co-hosts with her friend, Izzy. They share fantastic conversations based around mental health and I was immediately hooked. I later found out that Jenny was a Graduate Mental Health Practitioner for her career which led to me being intrigued about her transition into podcasting as well. Jenny shares her journey which entails her own experience with mental health battles and how she found transitioning into a career in the mental health industry as well. I loved the conversation! Jenny provides a fun and fantastic perspective to her story which I really enjoyed. You can find out more about Untangled through the links below: Untangled's Instagram account: Untangled's Website: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here. One love, Luca :) x
May 20, 2021
Brandon Flood S4 E3: The Value of Vulnerability & Openness
Today's guest is the phenomenal Brandon Flood. Brandon has shown just how valuable it is for people to hear about someone's life battles; the strength of the human being that he is by being vulnerable about his journey. He's open about his battles about topics such as sexual abuse, financial troubles and a variety of subjects which are not discussed enough, especially amongst men. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Brandon and it's clear to see how fantastic he is in this episode. If you want to learn more about him then please check out the links below: Brandon's Instagram: The Domesticated Beard with Jess (Coming soon): If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here One love, Luca :) x
May 13, 2021
Fiona Moss S4 E2: The Bridge to What's Possible
Today's guest of Guards of Eden is Fiona Moss! Fiona helps women as they look to transition with their career and what you'll learn from this episode is that there's an element of romance with that. Fiona transitioned out of the corporate world and was searching for purpose and work that was fulfilling which is what she now provides for women. Fiona is resilient and has a strong mindset which shows from her story. You can find out more from Fiona through the links below: Fiona's Website: Fiona's Instagram: If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review. You can find the Guards of Eden Soundtrack on Spotify here One love, Luca :) x
May 06, 2021
Alex Holmes S4 E1: The Man Behind Time to Talk
Today's episode is with the fantastic, Alex Holmes! We learn about Alex's story as he found his love for reading as well as Notting Hill Carnival and how his passion for conversations led to his start in podcasting. Alex is now a publish author with his book: Time to Talk. You can find out more about Alex through the links below: Alex's Instagram (@byalexholmes): Alex's Website: Alex's Podcast: I cannot thank Alex enough for his time and energy. If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Guards of Eden and/or leave a review.  One love, Luca :) x
May 01, 2021
Melissa Weldon *SEASON FINALE* S3 E11: The Importance of Using Your Voice
Today's guest is powerful, outspoken and a beautiful blend of badass and empath, her name is Melissa Weldon! I met Melissa through her work as a SoulCycle Instructor, but during the lockdown, I would discover not only is she a fantastic leader in the studio, her attitude to life outside of it is equally as inspiring. Seeing Melissa use her voice and her story as a parent, a woman and a respected person in the fitness industry the past several months has been incredible and hearing her story for the episode was the perfect way to round out season 3. I appreciate Melissa's energy, story and general approach to life and I think you'll love her story just as much as me. You can find everything through Melissa's Instagram below:
September 03, 2020
Tambo Silavwe S3 E10: Helping People Find Their Voice
Today's guest on Guards of Eden is someone who I've always valued his time and insight in Tambo Silavwe. Tambo has his own drama production company in Flourish as well as coaching people to help them with presentations and meetings. I met him through his work with a men's mental health platform called Mentality and instantly learned that Tambo's humour, sensitivity and wisdom was engaging and rare. We speak about how he was born in Zambia as well as his move to London with his mum and brothers. Growing up, Tambo's passion for drama and acting grew to the point where he was putting on his productions at De Montfort University in Leicester, which would lead to the early stages of Flourish. The work that Tambo does now to help people find their voices, whether that's on stages with Flourish, in meeting rooms for his work or in conversations with Mentality, Tambo empowers people to speak and live their truth. You can find more of Tambo through his social media platforms below: Tambo's Instagram: Tambo's LinkedIn: Tambo's Twitter:
August 27, 2020
Chloe Whylie S3 E9: Whylie Can Lead, Lift & Inspire
Today's guest is a blend of strength and authenticity which leads to an inspirational voice in Chloe Whylie. I was introduced to Whylie through her Instagram content on the conversation of race, but I've grown to respect her through her dynamic approach to motivating people. Whylie's a great hybrid athlete as well as having a background in Drama, more specifically spoken word. You can find everything through Whylie's Instagram below:
August 20, 2020
Bryce Michael Wood S3 E8: Where Acting & Fitness Meets Activism
Today's guest is the incredibly talented Bryce Michael Wood. Bryce is the founder and host of his platform, For Your Discomfort. A platform that gives a platform for underrepresented voices and looks to provide an education through observation of conversation. We cover Bryce's early life, growing up in Arizona all the way through to this present day as he balances a growing platform with For Your Discomfort whilst pursuing his acting aspirations. Being able to have an open conversation about racial topics such as the fetishisation of the black man in the fitness industry all the way through to being a Person Of Colour (POC) operating in predominantly white spaces was a genuine honour, especially with someone of Bryce's amazing character. Please go and support Bryce through his platforms below: Bryce's Instagram: Support Bryce here:
August 13, 2020
Kaya Cansfield S3 E7: Empowerment Through Music, Fitness & High Vibrations
Today's guest is dynamic in her way of empowering people to be happy and content in life, her name is Kaya Cansfield! I met Kaya through her work as a DJ, but I would learn that she was multi-talented and her purpose-driven life has led her to wearing many different hats. Kaya is the Master Trainer at Psycle whilst also growing in her career as an Empowerment Coach as well. You can find everything through Kaya's Instagram below:
August 06, 2020
The Final Question
Every episode of my podcast, Guards of Eden, finishes with one question. That question is "Many years into the future, your time as [insert guest's name] is coming to an end. The person closest to you has only one sentence to describe you and your time here on Earth. What would you hope that would be?". I've found those answers incredibly inspiring and insightful which led for me wanting to share those answers with you. You can find me through my Instagram which is @lucaolias and my website: A special thanks goes to the 27 men and women who've been on the podcast up to this point: Adam Crompton Alex Mann Anna Codrea Rado Annie Buckland Ban Hass Ben Davie Bridget Hunt Caitlin Limmer Dave Buonaguidi Domenique Fragale Ebonie Allard Haley Justice Hannah Clarke Hannah Lewin Jessica Homer Jo Beale Joe Wicks Mark Whittle Megan Airey Michael Maisey Miss Mosely Natalie Costa Ollie Baines Sarah Davies Suzie Clark Trammell Logan Trisha Barker The music credit goes to
June 07, 2020
Anna Codrea-Rado S3 E5: The Journey to The Professional Freelancer
Today's guest is with one half of the "Is This Working?" team and freelance journalist, Anna Codrea-Rado. I start the episode admitting my fandom for Anna and what she's built. Her journalism career took her to the New York Times, VICE, The Guardian and plenty more. As she transitioned into freelance work, she wanted to create something that allowed people like her to have a community for resources and support. This led to The Professional Freelancer which has taken the form of a newsletter that Anna sends out and has led to thousands of freelancers finding a haven for their careers. It was a real honour to sit down with Anna and it would be fantastic if you could support her through her platforms below: Anna's Instagram: Anna's website: The Professional Freelancer Newsletter: Is This Working? Spotify: Is This Working? Apple Podcasts:
April 28, 2020
Adam Crompton Part 2 S3 E4: A Year in Review
Today is the first returning guest and great friend of mine, Adam Crompton! Adam's a DJ who I've know and been friends with for many years now and we sat down to discuss the year that's passed as we closed in on a year since we recorded episode 1 of Guards of Eden together. We start by discussing my first year podcasting and finish with Adam's first season in Magaluf and what he's learned over the past year. You can find Adam through his social media links below: Adam's Instagram: Adam's Spotify Page: You can find part 1 here:
April 21, 2020
Natalie Costa S3 E3: A Journey That Leads to Confidence Coaching... For Children!
Today's episode of Guards of Eden is with the award winning coach, Natalie Costa! Natalie coaches children with their confidence with her business Power Thoughts. Power Thoughts is a teaching, coaching based service aimed at empowering children to tap into the ‘power’ of their minds. I love her energy and it's something that comes across in the episode, which I'm very happy about. Hearing how Natalie's upbringing in Pretoria, South Africa takes her here to England and the ups and downs along the way was inspiring and I'm grateful that I get to share it with you. To find Natalie and her work, please follow the links below: Natalie's Website: Natalie's Instagram:
April 14, 2020
Ebonie Allard S3 E2: The Journey From Misfit to Maven
Today's guest is The Coaching Academy's 2018 International Coach of the Year, Ebonie Allard. Ebonie's life started in France and her mobile childhood was simply the beginning of a once in a lifetime journey through life. We cover a variety of topics along this conversation and through Ebonie's grace, honesty and vulnerability, it led to a fantastic episode and one I'm excited for you to hear. I would really appreciate it if you showed Ebonie support through continuing to follow her journey through her website, Instagram and if you want to know more, her book below: Ebonie's website: Ebonie's Instagram: Ebonie's book Misfit to Maven: The Story of Argh to Ahhh:
April 07, 2020
Megan Airey / Megan Nicola S3 E1: Where Healing Meets Coaching
Welcome back to Guards of Eden as we go in to season 3! Today's guest is Megan Airey (or some of you may know her better as Megan Nicola). Sharing this conversation with Megs was special and something I appreciate a whole bunch. Megs has her own confidence coaching business where she works with women who would like to level up either personally, professionally or both! You can find Megs through all the links as well as her book recommendation below: Meg's Instagram (@megannicola_): Meg's website: Letting Go – David Hawkins: Awakened Women Podcast: Spotify - Apple -
March 31, 2020
An End of 2019 Thank You!
This was a very impromptu recording and I simply wanted to thank anybody who has listened or been a part of Guards of Eden in 2019. It's been an amazing experience & I'm very grateful for the people it's introduced me to and brought me closer to. When I know more about Season 3 of Guards of Eden, I'll make sure to let you all know. Here's to 2020 being as special as 2019! One Love, Luca :) x
December 31, 2019
Michael Maisey S2 E12 *SEASON FINALE*: A Journey of Incredible Perseverance
Today’s guest is the truly sensational, one of a kind human being in Michael Maisey. It’s also the season 2 finale! If you haven’t heard Michael’s story then you are in for quite the emotional rollercoaster. Themes of addiction, sexual abuse and suicide are brought up in this episode, so if you are struggling with any of these particular issues or you find the interviewing triggering in any way then please go and seek professional help. Michael himself speaks about the importance of seeking guidance and help and I agree that it’s necessary for growth. Michael’s story has taken him from a childhood where he experienced things no child should ever experience to three different stints in prison before his twenties. Michael would then go and seek help with his addiction and now is currently 12 years sober with a real estate business that functions well enough for him to focus his time and energy in to helping prisoners with their rehabilitation as well as sharing his story of perseverance and overcoming everything he has to help others with their journey’s. You can find Michael through all the links below as well as a link to his book (It’s phenomenal!) below: Michael's book Young Offender: Michael's Instagram: Michael's Facebook Page for his Men's Retreat: Michael's Twitter:
December 26, 2019
Ban Hass S2 E11: Breaking Barriers and Stereotypes in Fitness
Today I was fortunate enough to sit down with The #BanTheBS Queen herself, Ban Hass. Being able to get to know Ban has been an honour as I learned about the person who is driven not only by questioning societal issues like gender & racial inequality and diet culture in the fitness industry, but a desire to help take people on a journey with exercise with the hopes in improving their quality of life. Ban's a lot more than an Instagram post of hers you may have seen and being able to help facilitate showing the multi-layered individual that she is was something that was important to me and I cannot wait for you to hear it! I'll leave links for you to follow her episode below: Ban's Instagram: Ban's Twitter: Ban's Website: Ride with Ban: Digme Fitness: Ride Republic: If you've enjoyed Ban's episode and want to support her then please follow her on those social media platforms and join in one of her classes :) x
December 19, 2019
Caitlin Limmer S2 E10: How 40 Minutes Can Change Your Life
In today’s episode, I was fortunate enough to sit down with MDS Patient Support Charity Group Patron and all-round super woman, Caitlin Limmer. For anybody who knows Caitlin already, you’ll know that she has an electric energy and a huge heart which was why I initially wanted to speak to her on Guards of Eden, little did I know that I was going to embark on an unbelievable journey as I listened to her story. Caitlin’s work with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome) as well as her running club, The Bearcat Running Club has helped tons of people. With the fact that she’s not on social media too frequently, the best way to support Caitlin is to spread her message as well as continue to build awareness for MDS which is why in this particular case I’ll be leaving links to causes more so than ways to keep in touch with Caitlin herself. MDS Patient Support:
December 12, 2019
Jo Beale S2 E9 - A Journey Like No Other
Today, I had the blessing of sitting down and having a video call with the simply amazing, one of a kind human being, Jo Beale. Jo not only provides a story that you’ll not hear anywhere else, but an insight into her journey which left me inspired, more open-minded and outright in awe of someone who is doing fantastic work. It would be a disservice to simplify Jo by her fitness journey which led her from her heaviest weight of 21 stone all the way down to 8.5 stone whilst also now finding herself 13 months sober as they are simply chapters in a book that you would never want to put down. I apologise for the fact the sound quality isn’t at the usual quality with it being a remote interview, but I don’t believe that will take away from how special a conversation this is. Please go and support Jo and her journey through the links below and if you’re listening to this on Apple Podcasts then please leave a rating and a review: Jo’s Instagram pages: Sober & Stronger - Jo Beale PT - Jo’s Website:
December 05, 2019
Dave Buonaguidi S2 E8 - From former Co-Founder of St Luke's & Karmarama to Artist
This is actually episode 8! I was wrong on the intro Today, I was able to sit down and hear the story of Dave Buonaguidi. After seeing him talk at Holly Tucker's "Congregation of Inspiration 2019" event and was amazed by how freely and passionately Dave spoke about pursuing work that serves a purpose and makes you feel good. It really stuck with me and being able to talk to him about his journey from working at his Dad's restaurant all the way through to his new venture of screen print art was an honour. Please check out Dave and his work below: Dave's Instagram: Dave's Artwork: Please go and support Dave in whatever way that you can and if you're listening to this on Apple podcasts then can you please leave a review and rating for the podcast. One love, Luca :) x
November 28, 2019
Trisha Barker S2 E7 - Creating A Business To Serve YOU!
Today I got to sit down and reunite with a friend of mine, Trisha Barker! Trisha lives in the north which means I don't get to see her as much as I would like, but this episode of the podcast provided us that opportunity whilst sharing her journey from playing outside as a kid all the way to this point where she has her own business helping people overcome Imposter Syndrome. I was immediately endeared and warmed to Trisha when I met her 2 years ago on a Life Coaching course as she carried herself with such a lovely, fun energy whilst also being in the early stages of her self-employment journey. It's clear to see that Trisha has built her business on the idea of serving a life that she wants to live rather than building a business that you end up being a prisoner of. If you're interested in life coaching and personal development, reach out to Trisha. If you're simply interested in lighting up your life with another positive, caring person then also follow to Trisha on Instagram below: Trisha's Instagram: Trisha's website: If you're listening to this on Apple Podcasts then can you please rate and review Guards of Eden
November 21, 2019
Sarah Davies S2 E6: A Boss on Platforms & A Queen on Stages. GB Athlete & Miss Intercontinental England
Today's episode was an absolute blessing as I got to sit down with the amazing Sarah Davies. Sarah has been competing with Team GB in weightlifting for over 5 years as she began her weightlifting career whilst also being a PE teacher. In this episode we cover Sarah's early childhood experience with gymnastics all the way through to her aspirations for her weightlifting career as well as her recent pageantry experience which led to her becoming Miss Intercontinental England. It's clear to see why Sarah has been as successful with an inner-belief that she can achieve anything if she's willing to put the work in whilst also having a fun-spirited way of attacking her goals and dreams. To find out more about Sarah's journey or if you're interested in weightlifting coaching from Sarah, please check out the links below: Sarah's Instagram: Sarah's Twitter: Sarah's YouTube channel: Sarah's Wisdom 4 Weightlifting coaching company: Please support Sarah and her journey and if you're listening to this on Apple Podcasts, can you please leave a review and rating for Guards of Eden. Love Luca :) x
November 14, 2019
Hannah Lewin S2 E5: Fitness Professional + Super Mum = All Around Boss
Today, I was fortunate enough to sit down with the fantastic Hannah Lewin. I met Hannah through Digme Fitness and learning about her and what's led to her now being able to balance her PT career, her spin instructing career as well as being a mum has been eye opening. Watching how she continues to use her platform to express her views on diet-culture & other fitness industry trends is something that I believe everyone can take some value from and her story as a whole is fantastic. I love what she represents and if you wish to keep up to date with her story then please follow through her social channels and website below: Hannah's Instagram: Hannah's Twitter: Hannah's Website: Ride with Hannah at Digme Fitness: If you're listening to this on Apple then please leave a review and rating. Have a lovely day
November 07, 2019
Mark Whittle S2 E4: The Journey That Led to Take Flight
Today's guest is the Founder and Host of the "Take Flight" podcast in Mark Whittle. It was so much fun to sit down and hear Mark's story all the way to the point where he's putting on live events, interviewing some of the most interesting people the world has to offer & helping people improve their quality of life. Being able to hear how open Mark is about his journey, which has taken him from the suburbs just outside of London all the way to Urbana, Ohio and back was inspiring, refreshing and eye-opening. It's easy to see after hearing his story why he's comfortable speaking to guests ranging from his brother, James who is one half of "The Tempest Two" all the way to an entrepreneur like Ed Mylett. I have a ton of faith in Mark's vision and what he's hoping to achieve. If you want to follow what Mark has going on then check him out below: Mark's Instagram: Take Flight TV YouTube Channel: Take Flight Podcast (Apple): Take Flight Podcast (Spotify): If you're listening to this on Apple Podcasts then please rate and leave a review. One love :) x
October 31, 2019
Hannah Clarke S2 E3: All Things Fitness, Love & Growth
I was lucky enough to sit down with the fantastic, badass Hannah Clarke! Hannah has been a fitness instructor for over 10 years as she began with a CD and a CD player teaching classes like LBT & Aerobics in leisure centres and now finds herself teaching with the company Digme Fitness as a spin instructor. Hannah is someone I've had a great deal of respect and admiration for since we met and to sit down with her as she told her story was an honour. She embodies persistence with an open heart & mind; I believe her story has a ton of value for people listening. You can find more about Hannah below as well: Hannah's Instagram: Go and ride with Hannah: If you want to check out the Spotify playlist then you can find it here: If you're listening to this on Apple podcast can you please leave a review. Luca :) x
October 24, 2019
Suzie Clark S2 E2: From The Corporate World to Canggu, Bali
Today I was fortunate enough to sit down with the courageous & fantastic Suzie Clark. Suzie has her own podcast in the "Well and Wild" podcast ( and after finding out about her story, I couldn't wait to sit down with her and get to her better. After building a successful and promising corporate career, Suzie realised that she had lost what made her authentically her and began to transform her life to the point where she has built a fantastic podcast and finds herself living in Bali as a Performance Coach. Please support her journey below: Suzie's Instagram: Suzie's website: I really believe in what Suzie's building and her story is amazing. Enjoy :) x
October 17, 2019
Domenique Fragale S2 E1: Princess Diana Award Winning Actress to Deputy Miss England
Season 2. Episode 1. Guards of Eden is back! We start back up with the fantastic Domenique Fragale. Domenique started as a child actress in the short film "Wednesday's Child" which focussed on the effects of bullying and gun-crime; it would go on to win The Princess Diana Award & would continue Domenique's journey to following her passion for improving people's lives through her platform. It helped build the foundation that she would find herself entering the pageantry circuit and going on to win Deputy Miss England in 2019 and has now guided her towards even more great work. Please follow Domenique's journey below through her website & social media platforms below: Domenique's Instagram: Domenique's Website: You can also find the new The Guards of Eden Soundrack playlist exclusively on Spotify here: If you're listening to this on Apple, please leave a review & continue to support Guards of Eden along the way.
October 16, 2019
What is Guards of Eden & What Can You Expect From Season 2?
Your first time listening to this podcast? Welcome to Guards of Eden.  This particular episode serve the dual purpose of explaining the origin story of this podcast whilst also looking into the future as a preview into what you can expect for season 2.  I hope you enjoy your stay. One love :) x
October 16, 2019
Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) *FINALE* S1 E11: My Hero & Greatest Life Influence
The end of season 1 is here! I was fortunate enough to close the first season of Guards of Eden with someone I've admired and looked up to my entire life in my cousin and boss, Joe Wicks (The Body Coach). Joe is one of the greatest examples of success that I've been around and that's not just describing his achievements and financial status. I've had a front row seat to one of the most generous, loving and genuine human beings you'd care to meet and he displayed all of that in our conversation. Joe spoke about everything from his childhood all the way to becoming a parent and it was truly an honour to help Joe tell his story in greater detail. I'll see you for season 2 soon. Thank you for making season 1 so special. Lots of love, Luca :) x
July 04, 2019
Trammell Logan S1 E10: From the Choir to A Second Chance at Life
Guards of Eden finally went on the road to New York as I was fortunate enough to sit down with Co-Founder of EastSide Dance Company & SoulCycle Master Instructor, Trammell Logan. After finding him through his posts on the Colin Kaepernick protest fallout, I quickly learned that Trammell was a one of a kind person and this conversation proves that without a doubt. We covered his life growing up as 1 of 8 siblings all the way through to his hopes and goals for his life. Whether it's his grace to relay his views of race in America or his sudden face-to-face with death after a misdiagnosis, I believe that Trammell is a blessing to everyone around him and I cannot stress enough how valuable this conversation is for anybody looking to grow as a person. You can find Trammell and his many ventures below: EastSide Dance Company: Trammell's SoulCycle Instructor Page: Trammell's Instagram Page:
June 27, 2019
Ben Davie S1 E9: Digme's Head of Matrix & My Introduction to Indoor Cycling
We started as team members in 2015 and have grown into friends as well as someone I look up to (both figuratively and literally). Today, I was fortunate enough to stop the man behind Move With Ben and catch up with him on his journey from 18 year old PT to the Head of Matrix at Digme Fitness. Ladies and gentleman, here's Ben Davie's story! Ben is someone I've always had a lot of love for from when we started at The Body Coach together and to share his story with you is truly an honour. You can find more of Ben below: Ben's YouTube channel: Ben's Instagram:
June 20, 2019
Alex Mann S1 E8: The Rollercoaster of University Life & Health and Fitness
 Today’s episode is with a friend of mine who’s journey through university and fitness provides an interesting and inspiring story to tell in Alex Mann. I truly believe that his development as a man and a human being directly relates to the fantastic changes he’s made in his life to improve his overall health (mental and physical). 
June 13, 2019
Annie Buckland S1 E7: Managing Your Health in the World of Fitness
I was lucky enough to sit down with the fabulous, Annie. We spoke about her own journey with fitness as well as her managing her Rheumatoid Arthritis at 21 years of age whilst transitioning into the fitness industry as a P.T and Spin Instructor. Annie's story speaks to the importance of appreciating the small victories along the way in life and being positive about the life you're set up with. If you want to do a class with Annie or keep up to date with her journey then you can find more below: Annie's Digme Profile: Annie's Instagram: @anniebfit_
June 06, 2019
Haley Justice S1 E6: The Combination of Brains, Beauty & Strength
In today's episode, I was fortunate enough to sit down with an aspiring PHD student and body builder, Haley Justice. We cover her journey from Houston, Texas to London, England and everywhere in between. Haley's story is a display of what discipline can do for your life and how it can blossom into something as fantastic as she is. Haley's Instagram:
May 30, 2019
Ollie Baines S1 E5: Where Football Meets Faith - Cross The Line Co-Founder
I was fortunate enough to sit down with one half of the "Cross The Line" founders and good friend of mine, Ollie Baines. A devout Christian man who found a way to create a platform that celebrates professional, Christian athletes and talk to them about how their beliefs have impacted their careers. Me and Ollie cover his journey with his faith as well as his love for football and how that grew into his book which you can find below:
May 23, 2019
Bridget Hunt S1 E4: A Phenomenal Woman Built on Commitment, Persistence and Love
I had the opportunity to speak to the host of the podcast "In Bed with Bridget" Bridget Hunt. I've had the pleasure of knowing Bridget for a year now and what she stands for in terms of empowering women to embrace their authentic self is inspiring. You can find her podcast below: We caught up on her life, projects and hopes going forward and it led to a real, authentic and beautiful conversation.
May 16, 2019
Miss J. Mosely S1 E3: My Greatest Teacher
I had the opportunity to sit down with my secondary school English teacher, Miss Mosely. We spoke about her journey to teaching, her experience as a teacher and everything along the way. We also spoke about book recommendations which I've left links for below if you're interested in adding to your reading list: Miss Mosely's reading list: Philip Pullman - The Northern Lights Trilogy ( Dave Pelzer - My Story: A Child Called It ( Alice Walker - Possessing The Secret Of Joy ( My reading list: Truman Capote - In Cold Blood ( Mitch Albom - The Five People You Meet In Heaven ( Mitch Albom - The Next Five People You Meet In Heaven ( By the way, no this podcast episode is not sponsored by Amazon. 
May 09, 2019
Jess Homer S1 E2: Spin Superstar & Digme Centurion
A friend of mine, Jess is chasing down a target of 100 spin classes in 100 days with Digme Fitness. I sat down with her to talk about the challenge itself and everything Jess Homer based. She's raising money for an amazing charity called Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony Charity. You can donate money to the challenge below:
May 02, 2019
Adam Crompton S1 E1: Long Time Friend & DJ (MiBro_Music)
Adam began his DJ career approximately 5 years ago and in this episode, Luca and Adam sit down and talk through his career to this point as he embarks on his first summer season as a resident DJ in Magaluf. 
April 24, 2019