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By Guitorigins
GuitOrigins is a podcast where professional guitarists talk about their first experiences with guitar, how they learned to play, tips and tricks, their inspirations, challenges, failures and successes as they recount the story of their journey to the top. Join Greg Burlet for (bi)weekly episodes diving into the world of guitar playing.
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EP 6 - Electric Maddie Publicly Learns Guitar From Scratch on TikTok in 140 days
Greg calls up Maddie (, and we talk about her journey buying a guitar on her 28th birthday, learning guitar, and posting her progress on TikTok. Lots of thoughts on the mental behind learning guitar, keeping on top of practice, and thoughts on what she wished she knew from the very beginning.  This podcast is powered by AIMusicLessons - the site that teaches you guitar.
October 01, 2021
EP 5 - GBliz on The Death Of Guitar Solos And Their Revival, Playing Guitar At The Grammys
Greg hits up GBliz, a popular guitarist on TikTok that adds guitar solos to pop, rap, and RnB songs that don't have solos in them. We talk about his experience recording guitar for Doja Cat's 2021 Grammy performance and what it was like to write music with Pitbull.  Check out GBliz's channel on TikTok: This podcast is powered by, the site that teaches you guitar.
September 23, 2021
EP 4 - TikTok's Grandma, Algie Powers, on How To Stay Passionate About Guitar and Life
Greg Burlet calls up Algie Powers, colloquially referred to as TikTok's Grandma, to talk about guitar, how music and culture has changed over the years, and how to stay passionate and follow your dreams. This podcast is powered by - the site that teaches you guitar. Check out Algie's awesome TikTok vids here:
September 07, 2021
EP 3 - Yvette Young on Guitar Tapping Techniques and Writing Prog Riffs
Greg Burlet talks with Yvette Young, a guitarist, songwriter, and visual artist from SoCal that is the lead guitarist of the acclaimed math rock band, Covet. She reps the Ibanez signature series guitar, the YY10.  GuitOrigins is powered by - the site that teaches you guitar.  You can listen to Covet on Spotify or Bandcamp, connect with them on social media @covetband. Be sure to check out the other great artists on Triple Crown Records on
August 30, 2021
EP 2 - John Hagley on Writing Guitar Riffs For Commercials, Movies, and Video Games
Greg Burlet speaks with John Hagley, a Canadian guitarist, songwriter and composer. John writes the music behind commercials for well-known brands like Ford, Subaru, Lincoln, Mercedes, Kraft, Marks, Visa, Bell, Ski-Doo. He's written guitar for film and TV: Dreamworks' Dragons, Delusion. He's also written music for video games like Skully. He's a wealth of information on guitar and how to get started in this line of work.  This podcast is powered by - the site that teaches you guitar  View John's work at
August 20, 2021
EP 1 - Seb Bridges on Practicing Guitar with Netflix, Guitar Hero and Why Metal is Outdated
Greg Burlet interviews Seb Bridges, a Canadian guitarist, singer-songwriter, and producer about how he got interested in guitar, tips for practicing guitar while chilling on the couch watching Netflix, and thoughts on beginner recording equipment and software. GuitOrigins is powered by - the site that teaches you guitar.
August 12, 2021