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GUOYA TIME (Get Up Off Yo Ass)

GUOYA TIME (Get Up Off Yo Ass)

GUOYA TIME is a podcast dedicated to expressing the opinions of the people that are not influenced by mainstream media as it pertains to basketball. The views expressed in this Podcast are the opinions of The two Hosts join them as they break down the barriers of unfair media coverage with certain athletes and up-and-coming superstars within major sports organizations Get Up Off Yo Ass and show your support by clicking the Link where you see our video previews posted
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Rookie Watch in the NBA
join this as we break down the Lakers w against the Golden State warriors as well as up and coming NBA All-Star prospects down the line in the future with Anthony Edwards and lamelo ball get up off your ass until then till the only podcast where you can hear the blunts being rolled and smoke that the same damn time like where they do that at GUOYA TIME
March 2, 2021
Lakers Downs and Ups
Join Us as We discuss the Lakers Struggles 1-3 out of their last Four Games we're trying to figure out rather we are struggling more on the offensive or defensive end mainly so let's get into it Get Up Off Yo Ass and Tune in to the only weekend NBA Podcast
February 21, 2021
Welcome Back Lakers News and Injury Updates around the NBA
Join us as we breakdown recent events in the NBA as Well as discuss the Super Bowl, Anthony Davis out for 3-4weeks and the Lakers ups and downs heading into All Star Weekend
February 17, 2021
Mamba Day Remembering Kobe Bryant
Join us as we remember Kobe Bryant talk about his great moments his mentality as a player as well as the team in which he left behind and the mentality in which they are trying to play with as well as Tom Brady heading to his 10th Super Bowl championship Tapp in Get Up Off Yo Ass and Stream
January 28, 2021
Lakers and Brooklyn ???
Join Us as we discuss the possibility of an Championship Match up between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets for the 2021 NBA Finals, its early however let's talk about the possibility Like always Get Up Off Yo Ass and Tune Inn to help keeping this content coming Clike that Like Button and Follow the Channel via Spotify, Anchor, Apple Music Google Podcast virtual on all streaming platforms its GUOYA TIME
January 22, 2021
NBA Weekly Hot Takes from AudiobyDjuan
Join Us as we discuss Kyle kuzma and Marc Gasol's inconsistency the Lakers looking Great, the Brooklyn Nets acquiring James Harden its Going Up Get Up Off Yo Ass and Tune Inn
January 16, 2021
KD'S Breakdown of Wild Card Weekend
Join KD as he discussed NFL's Wild Card Weekend Lamar Jackson's win over the Tennessee Titans Baker Mayfield's upset of the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as the Rams beating the Seattle Seahawks and you know we got some NBA as always Get Up Off Yo Ass and Tune Inn it's GUOYA TIME
January 12, 2021
Lonzo Ball vs Lamelo Matchup Numero Uno
join us as we discuss the first of many matchups between Lonzo and lamelo ball as well as the Lakers victory over the Chicago bulls
January 9, 2021
Bad Santa's X-Mas Special
Join Us as we Discuss the events that occurred over Christmas weekend From Playboi Carti's Album to Bronny's Dm's The lakers Falling short to the Blazers Lamelo Ball, and the seemingly overpayment to Gordon Hayward its going down on this preview Episode of GUOYA TIME
December 30, 2020
Ring Night in Los Angeles
Join us as we discuss the Los Angeles Lakers slow start in my opinion due to coaching Frank Vogel could have easily made the necessary adjustment to stop the bleeding early on in the first quarter how are you guys feeling about that as well how are you guys feeling about the Brooklyn Nets and their season opener against the go ahead and beat us Golden State warriors did Steph try to motivate his team let's discuss it in this episode of Goya time thank you for all of your support but those who are and for those who are not keep playing yourself tune in to the nation's only non-media influence basketball podcast GUOYA TIME
December 24, 2020
A Very Special GUOYA TIME Christmas
join us as we discuss the Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant's live as well as the NCAA and the NBA stepping in with the G league to provide more playing opportunities for these students as always get up off your ass and tune in and help make us number one
December 16, 2020
Weekly hot takes episode 10
Come join us as we discuss another round of off-season transactions the Philadelphia 76ers the Dallas Mavericks Brooklyn nets as well as the Los Angeles Lakers we got a full course meal on the plate today y'all just come check it out and let us know what you think as well as let us know how do you feel the top draft prospects are going to work out in the NBA we have cole Anthony Anthony Edwards lamelo ball like always get up off your ass and tune in help make us number one
December 2, 2020
Off-season transactions and end of career blunders Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook Edition
join us as we discuss a variety of topics involving the off-season transactions that are being made Russell Westbrook James Harden Kevin Durant as well as Kyrie Irving and the NBA draft as always get up off your ass and tune in to the content that's being put out we have four more episodes coming this week
November 19, 2020
Off Season Transactions and The NBA Draft
Join us as we discussed future of James Harden and Russell Westbrook the Brooklyn nets Milwaukee Bucks Dennis schroder joining the Los Angeles Lakers and many more off-season transactions with your host Audiobydjuan and KD
November 19, 2020
What's Up With Russ???
Join me as I discuss Russell Westbrook's future with the Houston Rockets James Harden future in the NBA Ben Simmons Joel embiid Mike dantoni Steve Nash and we're even going to double back on the Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant and LeBron James situation we're even going to speed up to the future with lamelo ball and where do you think he's going to land so tapp inn like always Get Up Off Your Ass and Tune inn
November 15, 2020
Weekly Hot Takes from Audiobydjuan
Join Audiobydjuan as he discuss the Los Angeles Titles, Lakers Free Agency, The Brooklyn Nets along with Steve Nash and Mike Dantonio as well as the Package deal for Giannis, will it go through Tapp Inn 🏀 via IGtv for Comments as always get up off your ass and tune in to the one and only Sports Show that is truly unfiltered and Raw GUOYA TIME
November 2, 2020
Episode 3 Lakers Free Agency, MJ, Kobe, Lebron and the Lakers Championship
Join us as we break down the Los Angeles Lakers free agency as well as Kobe Michael Jordan and LeBron James talks as well as congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers on winning the NBA championship in the Orlando bubble shouts out to the Miami Heat for showing courage like always get up off your ass and tune in Special guest FishinWithFresh
October 17, 2020
Did Paul George really cost Doc Rivers his head coaching position with the Los Angeles Clippers?
Join Audiobydjuan as he breaks down the Eastern Conference Finals as well as the Western Conference Finals along with recent events regarding the head coaching position with the Los Angeles Clippers as always get up off your ass and tune in to the only filter Sports podcast bringing it to you in language of many basketball fans intro and outro music throughout this podcast is brought to you by KD his single "Never Seen" can be streamed on Itune, Spotify and Amazon music
September 29, 2020
What Happened to them Clippers ?🕊️
In GUOYA TIME Episode number 2 we're asking one simple Question What happened to them clipps Tap in man they done snuck Giannis Winning the MVP inn on us Early this friday morning Shout out to him however do you feel he deserved it. DM me your opinions via audiobydjuan IG and Twitter Get up off yo ass get up off yo ass GET UP OFF YO ASS!
September 18, 2020
Are The Clippers In Trouble?
My opinions on recent events in the NBA Bubble as we head into the Western and Eastern Conference Finals the "Clippers in Trouble" Edition featuring the hit single "What Happened to them Bucks" Tap in and let me know how you feel Get Up Off Yo Ass and Tune in
September 14, 2020
Audiobydjuan's Hot Takes for week 3
A Brief summary of recent athletic events in the Bubble, a humourous rundown of the past few games, Free Agency, and a Critique of Game 3 between the Lakers and the Rockets Like always Get Up off Yo Ass and Tune in it's GUOYA TIME for the visual click the link in the description or follow @audiobydjuan via Instagram
September 10, 2020
Round 1 Recap, Top 5 PGs in the Bubble, Heat Beat the Bucks115-104 in game 1
Check out audiobydjuan as he gives his analytic breakdown of round one as well as discuss his top five point guards in the bubble right now that the NBA has to display as well as he gives his predictions for round two and a quick rundown of game 1 bucks versus the Miami Heat beats that are included within the audio can be found on soundcloud search the artist audiobydjuan episode 2 featuring @thegr8_kay via IG will be available soon
September 1, 2020
GUOYA TIME Week One Recap
Audiobydjuan gives his summary of week one of the playoffs while keeping it short and simple tap inn to give your predictions throughout the playoff share who your rooting for and follow us on Twitter @audiobydjuan on Instagram @audiobydjuan Get Up Off Your Ass and tune inn the irony of that However do just that
August 22, 2020
GUOYA TIME EP. 2 Lakers in Trouble?
AudioByDjuan and KD breaks down game 1 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland trail Blazers in the Orlando bubble honest critiques on the coaches as well as The supporting cast get up off your ass and tune in GUOYA TIME
August 20, 2020