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Kern River Fly Shop Podcast

Kern River Fly Shop Podcast

By Guy Jeans
Guy Jeans talks with special guests on everything outdoors, conservation, music and life.
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Episode #5 Legends of Whitewater Rafting with Chuck Richards. Chris Brown and Luther Stephens

Kern River Fly Shop Podcast

Episode #10 Guide Roundtable June 18, 2021
Guy talks with the Kern River Fly Shop Professional Fly Fishing Guides about current conditions on the Upper Kern River 20 Mile Section, 4 Mile Wild Trout Section, South Fork of the Kern River and Crowley Lake. Discussions from the guides include fly fishing techniques, water temperature, flies and rigging. 
June 19, 2021
Episode #9 The Calico Syndicate
The Calico Syndicate stops by the Kern River Fly Shop Podcast studio to drink a few beers, laugh and tell stories about fly fishing in the So Cal salt water. Discussions include the developing of their own sinking fly lines, flies and techniques to catch Calico Bass on a fly, as well as their successful fly fishing movies. Sit back and listen to these cast of fly fishing characters as Guy dives into a fun filled episode with the boys of the Calico Syndicate.
June 5, 2021
Episode #8 Kern River Conservancy with Gary Ananian and Kristin Pittack
Guy talks to Kristin Pittack and Gary Ananian of the Kern River Conservancy. Discussions include the past and future visions of the Kern River Conservancy, the "Kern River Rainbow Project", trash and graffiti solutions, black panther spirit animal, the Kern River Conservancy app and how Gary made the jump from Los Angeles to Kernville to pursue and manifest his dream/vision of a healthier Southern Sierra and Kern River. These folks are a hoot! 
May 27, 2021
Episode #7 Guide Roundtable for May 16, 2021
Guy discusses Kern River and Crowley Lake fly fishing conditions with Rob and Ryan Buhler. 
May 17, 2021
Episode #6 Glen Ueda - 3 Time Corbina World Record Holder
Guy talks to Corbina fly fishing world record holder Glen Ueda on fly fishing for the "Ghost of the Coast". Discussions include techniques, tides, gear and equipment, flies and structure. Guy also talks to Glen about fly fishing techniques for Carp, Calico Bass and offshore species such as Yellow Tail and Bonito.   
May 12, 2021
Episode #5 Legends of Whitewater Rafting with Chuck Richards. Chris Brown and Luther Stephens
Guy talks to Kern River whitewater legend/pioneer Chuck Richards, whitewater OG Chris Brown "Brownie" and Luther Stephens of WhiteWater Voyages. Discussions include how Chuck became an outfitter for rafting the Kern River, naming rapids, first-time rafting on the Upper and Lower Kern River, rafting stories, and insight into this year's water flows versus previous years flow. 
May 6, 2021
Episode #4 "Ladies on the Fly" with their "Addicted Fly Fishermen" spouses.
Guy talks with the significant others/wives of "Addicted Fly Fishermen" on what it's like to be with somebody who lives and breathes fly fishing 24/7. The significance of the spirituality, and grace of fly fishing is discussed, as well as the traveling to different destinations around the US and world. 
May 2, 2021
Episode #3 The Kern River Rainbow Project and Guide Roundtable with the Kern River Fly Shop Guides
Guy discusses the Kern River Rainbow Project, California's Heritage Trout Challenge and talks with some of the Kern River Fly Shop's guides on techniques and flies used this week on the Kern River.
April 16, 2021
Episode #2 Buhler Bros interview Guy
Host Guy Jeans gets interviewed by the Buhler Brothers. Discussions include early childhood fishing to opening a fly shop to playing music with Ska bands Lion I's and Stoneflys to an interesting yet spiritual/mysterious Owl story on the Kern River.
March 17, 2021
Episode #1 The Buhler Bro's
Guy talks to Rob and Ryan Buhler who are professional fly fishing guides and fly tier's in the southern and eastern Sierra. Discussions include the Kern River, music, Grateful Dead, fly tying, guiding and doing what you love.
March 5, 2021