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Shitcoin Insider

Shitcoin Insider

By Guy Swann
A Bitcoin Maximalist take on the scams, ponzis, & bad ideas in the world of crypto. Doing the dirty work so that you don't have to.
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#003 - Move Fast & Break Ethereum with Udi Wertheimer
Just in time for one of the various ETH hard forks, both intentional and unintentional, we dig into the dirty details with Udi Wertheimer in this episode of Shitcoin Insider. What even is ETH, what is the perspective of the developers and community around these sorts of problems, and what future does it have? Don't miss a fun conversation. And follow Udi and his escapades at the link below:
November 20, 2020
#002 - The Pungent Smells of a Bitcoin Fork
Back with another episode! In #2 we dive into the increasingly irrelevant fork of Bitcoin. What are they, where did they come from, and what exactly is going on in the delusional world of those who who forked consensus, and created a centralized political mess in a backwards attempt to chase the ghost of Satoshi's vision. More hard forks on the horizon, bugs abound, no transactions, and the conclusion of the large block experiment. All this and more in Episode 2 of Shitcoin Insider! To check out the thread and Reddit convo detailing the incredibly timely bug in the BSV multisig, find it at the link below:
November 9, 2020
#001 - DeFi & Ponzinomics
Were you ever just deathly curious about what Defi really is? What is going on behind the scenes of the token wrapped token printing yield machines? Or what the mindset of the shitcoiner really is, and what they think they are building? Don't miss the flagship episode of our new show SHITCOIN INSIDER! Don't forget to subscribe to Shitcoin Insider if you want more and let me know on Twitter is you enjoyed it and want us to dig further. And to support my work and learn all about the history and economics that you couldn't learn in school, check out the amazing Liberty Classroom! Find it at
October 1, 2020