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By Hannah & Meg
Your favorite bkln babes are here to challenge dating stereotypes, celebrate female empowerment, and encourage emotional exploration. Join us on our journey as we navigate life and love in the city that never sleeps. Because everybody says girls are crazy...and we’re not. New episodes every Thursday! @guyzrcrazy
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Overcoming trauma in relationships


Szn 2 FINALE!!
GRC turns 1 and Hannah & Meg are moving on up in the world! In this szn finale, the girlz talk about what’s in store for the pod (MERCH!!) and go through some life updates. What’s new in athleisure and tiktok fashion (aka all they wear), insecurity as a turn off, what they’re watching nowadays, the power of “no,” and more! As always, rate/review/subscribe/follow @guyzrcrazy and stay tuned for updates on next season! Byeeeeee
June 10, 2021
Life doesn’t always happen the way you expect it to
Life lessons from a couple! Meg & Hannah sit down with Meryl & Eric to talk about the “rules” of relationships, age differences, and moving in together. Don’t forget to rate/review/subscribe and follow @guyzrcrazy, and use discount code GUYZRCRAZY at checkout for The Weem. Byeeeee
June 03, 2021
Shot girl summer (& new TJs gummies)
Hannah & Meg explore Hannah’s new pink man cave and talk about moving, candy, and more. Learn about why you should talk about pooping with your partner. Are musicians automatically hotter than non-musicians? Are you more nervous to meet your partner’s guy friends or girl friends? What’s this summer going to be like? Aaaand an exciting GRC announcement! Rate/review/subscribe/follow @guyzrcrazy and buy The Weem vitamins with checkout code GUYZRCRAZY for a discount ok byyee
May 27, 2021
Swipe right on Daniel!!
Hannah & Meg & Daniel talk tinder! How can we imply intentions in our bios? Should we write cover letters for potential dates? What happens when you have one pose in photos? Also what the heck are “passions” on tinder? All this and make this week! Aaaand don’t forget to rate/review/subscribe and follow us @guyzrcrazy and @danielgittler and use code GUYZRCRAZY at checkout for @theweem ok byeeee
May 20, 2021
Hawaiian pizza and other life updates
Join Hannah & Meg as they chat about life! Nights out, moving, Hawaiian pizza, pregnancy cravings, age differences in relationships, and more! Rate/review/subscribe/etc., follow @guyzrcrazy, and use code GUYZRCRAZY at checkout for a discount on The Weem gummies!
May 13, 2021
The best dating app profile
On this episode of GRC, Hannah & Meg chat with the creator of the best dating app profile they’ve seen. Learn about what inspired this profile (hint: there are no fish!!) and the effects it has had on making connections. Rate/review/subscribe and follow @guyzrcrazy, and use code GUYZRCRAZY at checkout for The Weem for a discount! K byyeeeee
May 06, 2021
Wedding planning and other things about being married
Hannah, Meg, & Max talk about marriage! Hear advice about how to grow as a couple, how our parents’ relationships can inform ours, how marriage can change a relationship, and more. Rate/subscribe/etc. and follow @guyzrcrazy, and use code GUYZRCRAZY at discount for The Weeem (yum yum) ok bye!
April 29, 2021
Questions for the guyz: SPECIAL GUEST
Meg & Hannah chat with special guest Ryan for his return to your favorite pod after almost a year! Hear Ryan’s perspective on quarantining as a couple, moving in together, “if he wanted to, he would,” relationship games, introducing a partner to friends, age differences, Taylor Swift, and more! As always, rate/review/subscribe and follow @guyzrcrazy, let us know if you want to be a part of GRC, and use code GUYZRCRAZY at checkout for a discount on The Weem vitamins! Byeeeee
April 22, 2021
Crazy girl summer and the 36 questions that lead to love
On this episode of GRC, Meg asks our resident single (Hannah) about her first experience on Coffee Meets Bagel. The girlz discuss hot girl summer and how the dating world might compare to last summer. And finally, get a sneak peek of the 36 questions that lead to love as Hannah & Meg discuss a few Qs (and fall in love????? Stay tuned). As always, rate/review/subscribe, follow @guyzrcrazy, and use code GUYZRCRAZY at checkout for 15% off The Weem (aka the most delicious vitamins) ok byeeeeee!
April 15, 2021
Dating apps: expectations vs. reality
Hannah, Meg, & Sabrina talk dating apps! Ghosting, priorities, and how the pandemic has changed the game. Does it matter if you meet someone irl or online if they start out a stranger either way? Rate/review/follow @guyzrcrazy and try the delish gummy supplements from @theweem⚡️
April 08, 2021
Swipe Right - you do you but in a way that maximizes your matches!
Join Hannah & Meg on this special episode of Swipe Right as they discuss Hannah’s eventual re-entry into the dating world and her new hinge profile! Learn how to choose pics that don’t seem too curated and how to answer prompts in a way that shows off your personality without being cliche. Visit or use code GUYZRCRAZY at checkout for a discount on the yummiest gummy supplements! And as always, rate/review/subscribe/whatever and stay cool byeeee
April 01, 2021
You don’t have to be your best self, you can just be yourself.
Rosie aka @kaleintheclouds chats with Hannah & Meg about finding herself outside her career and what she learned from taking a year off of dating. Should dating be a hobby or a responsibility? How do you deal when you’re the single friend? What if all your friends are single and you’re not? Do the “36 questions” lead to love? How do you figure out your dating non-negotiable? All that and more in this fab episode! Remember to rate/review/subscribe and follow @guyzrcrazy and make sure to follow Rosie too! K byee
March 25, 2021
Badass babes of history and what we learn from breakups
Join Hannah & Meg for a lil life update! They chat tiktok, Netflix, and books! Who started the battle of gen z vs. millennials and why do we care what people wear? If you could do-over a breakup, what would you do differently? And finally, the girlz celebrate Women’s History Month with some historically badass babes to inspire you! Rate/review/subscribe and follow @guyzrcrazy byeeeeeee
March 18, 2021
Questions for the guyz: if he wanted to, would he?
Hannah & Meg ask Caleb about his experiences being a guy. Is the saying “if he wanted to, he would” accurate? What should you do if your partner likes to text but you’re bad at responding? How do you navigate breaking “the rules” society has taught us about dating? Should you date someone in your school program? This and more! Follow us @guyzrcrazy and make sure to rate/review/subscribe! Byeeee
March 11, 2021
Swipe Right on Matt - funny (girl) business
Hannah & Meg go through Matt’s dating profiles on four different platforms. Should you show your entire personality on your profile? Should you include video? How can you incorporate open ended questions? Do you also love Wicked? Listen to find out! Rate/review/subscribe/follow @guyzrcrazy and also check out Matt’s podcast @thebroadwaybabble!
March 04, 2021
VDay stories from the archives
Hannah & Meg recount Valentine’s memories. They discuss pop culture happenings (Matt James, anyone?) and navigating new relationships in February with VDay pressure. Hear about how Meg cried at a party and how Hannah got a black eye. Learn a fun fact about Reese’s. Hope you all had a fab season of love! Follow/rate/review/subscribe @guyzcrazy ok byyyeeeee
February 25, 2021
Dating yourself, dating with intent, and dating (or not) around Valentine’s Day
Hannah & Meg are joined by Hannah (host of Off The List podcast!) to chat about Valentine’s Day, pandemic dating, the entertainment industry, and more. Are VDay dates actually fun? Did Meg know the pandemic was coming? What does 100% look like in a relationship? As always, rate/review/etc. and follow @guyzrcrazy and @offthelist.podcast!
February 18, 2021
Mystical Maya: wellness and gender
Hannah & Meg talk to Maya (of the brand new podcast Mystical Maya!!) about wellness trends. Why does society view wellness as feminine? Why do men use 3-in-1 products? How do different people define self care? They review a face mask (with help from Ryan) and talk about their own skincare routines. Follow/rate/review @guyzrcrazy AND STAY TUNED for the rest of their convo, airing on Mystical Maya in March!!
February 11, 2021
Swipe right on Katelyn: two truths and too many lies on Hinge
Hannah & Meg blind react to Katelyn’s Hinge profile. They debate authenticity and superficiality on dating apps, help Katelyn choose the best prompts for her profile, and discuss dating app dealbreakers. Would the girls do well on Survivor? How can you crowd source on Hinge? Listen to find out. And don’t forget to rate/review/subscribe and follow @guyzrcazy byeeeeeee
February 04, 2021
The power of thirst traps and other anecdotes
Hannah & Meg (& a live studio audience!!!) discuss what happened on their latest (and only) night out, the power of a thirst trap, our hot new president, the drama behind Driver’s License, and more. Are you ready for Mercury retrograde? We are not. Follow/subscribe/rate/review/etc. @guyzrcrazy
January 28, 2021
A Humble Whore and two crazy girlz
Hannah & Meg sit down with Lianna (host of A Humble Whore) to discuss things she’s learned about sex and relationships as she’s gotten older. They talk about virginity, “body counts,” how to recover from embarrassing sexual events, and more. Follow/subscribe/review/listen/etc. @guyzrcrazy and check out @AHumbleWhore ok byyyyeeeee❤️
January 21, 2021
How to date when the world is (kind of?) locked down (but also kind of not?)
In a full circle moment..... Hannah & Meg return to the question of dating during the pandemic with Emily, whose socially distant relationship is going strong! The girlz discuss finding love on Tinder, developing a relationship without physical touch, and the importance of boundaries. Listen and learn how to find loveeeeee! Follow/like/subscribe/rate/review/share/do the things ok byeeeeeeee
January 14, 2021
New year new szn
“SHORT & SWEET JUST LIKE US” Buckle up for season 2 of your favorite podcast! Hannah & Meg kick off their 2 year roomie anniversary with a holiday recap, what’s good on Netflix rn (pro tip: don’t watch Bridgerton with your boyfriend’s mom), how to manifest a new job, and what you can expect from this season of Guyzrcrazy. As always, rate/review/subscribe/listen/follow/give us attention. And send us your dating profiles (or the profiles of your single friends) for a chance to be featured!
January 07, 2021
Szn 1 *finale*
6 months later and you can have a lil break from us, as a treat. Hannah & Meg talk about Taylor Swift, dating during the holidays, New Years resolutions, the best places to cry in NYC, and what we’ve learned from season 1 of our world famous podcast! We’ll be back on January 7th with an exciting new season, so stay tuned! Aaand in the meantime, catch up on all the episodes you’ve missed and make sure to subscribe, rate, review, and follow us on social media for updates. Byeeeeeee!
December 24, 2020
Fart in front of your partner and other reminders that life is messy
Everyone’s favorite Tiktok boyfriend @MeetMattShep is here to talk about overcoming addiction, body image, and staying present in relationships. Hannah, Meg, & Matt discuss therapy, baggage, and knowing what you want (or don’t want) in a relationship. Follow Matt on social media and check out his YouTube videos, where he talks about shit guys don’t want to talk about and his own journey. As always, subscribe/review/follow us for more!
December 17, 2020
Swipe right on Phil: navigating Tinder with a newbie
In their first episode in a *new series,* Hannah & Meg dissect Phil’s Tinder profile. They talk about what pics will catch someone’s eye (fish? Gym pics?) and how to write a genuine bio. Do memes and puns belong in a profile? Does height matter? How do you phrase what you’re looking for? As always, rate/review/subscribe/follow @guyzrcrazy AND hit us up if you want us to help fix your dating profile!
December 10, 2020
Go date an actor and befriend your ex?
Hannah & Meg sit down with Carlos, an actor (and an *ex*) to talk about dating in theatre and having relationships post-breakup. They talk pros and cons of dating actors vs. dating non-actors and the stereotypes attached to actors in the dating world. They also debate and discuss all things exes - Is it possible to be platonic friends with an ex? Is it a red flag (or a green flag!!) if a partner is friends with their ex? Hit us up with your feedback, this is a juicy one! Give us a follow @guyzrcrazy and don’t forget to rate/review/subscribe and share with all your friends xoxo
December 03, 2020
Politics and dating and why you get *excited* when Joe Biden smiles
Are you attracted to Joe Biden (and why did you answer yes)? Hannah & Meg discuss your feedback from Instagram polls about dating people with different political views. Meg talks about where she was when she found out Joey B. won the election, and Hannah takes to dating apps to register new voters. They talk about gender differences in politics, how the 2020 election was different, and that Trader Joe’s needs to sponsor this podcast. Check out @guyzrcrazy on Instagram and TIKTOK NOW TOO and rate/review/subscribe/follow/do all the things. Have a wonderful (safe) thanksgiving and see you next week! Xoxo gossip girlz
November 19, 2020
From 25 years together to making out with a neighbor in an Uber: The Accidental Swingers
Can non-monogamy strengthen a relationship? In this episode, Myrina & Tristan, aka The Accidental Swingers, chat with Hannah & Meg about their accidental journey into non-monogamy. They dispel common myths about swinging (“it’s just about sex,” “it’s a last resort for a failing relationship,” etc.) and talk about how communicating and dissecting emotions are key in their thriving relationship. Follow Myrina & Tristan @accidentalswingers, find them at, and listen to their podcast on any listening platform! And as always, rate/review/subscribe/do all the things and follow us @guyzrcrazy to stay cool. Byeeeee
November 12, 2020
Be an individual and ~don’t settle~
Did you know that tons of couples get divorced because of sex? Hannah & Meg chat with Carly Israel, divorce coach and author of “Seconds and Inches,” about lessons she’s learned on her journey through life and love. They discuss: building relationships without societal rules, having tough conversations with a partner (re: money and intimacy), being an individual in a partnership, and so much more. Find Carly on Instagram @carlyisrael1279 and read her book! As always, follow us @guyzrcrazy and rate/review/subscribe/whatever.
November 05, 2020
Crazy girlz talk: getting waxed, watching porn, sleeping with friends, & how to handle jealousy
What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you during a Brazilian wax? On this *solo episode,* Hannah & Meg catch up and answer some guest questions. They talk about handling jealousy, watching porn, friends with benefits, and the bizarre dreams everyone seems to be having lately. Also Clare sucks. As always, rate/review/subscribe and don’t forget to dm us @guyzrcrazy to hear your questions answered live!
October 29, 2020
Questions for the guyz of Okay, So.. Podcast: “just say what you feel, yo”
Hannah & Meg get real about dating with Josh, Glenn, & Larry (aka the guyz of Okay, So Tell Me A Story). They chat commitment, social media, moving in together, splitting costs, red flags, communication, and more. Need some guy perspective on dating? Look no further! Make sure to listen to @okaysotellmeastory and check them out at, and as always, follow us @guyzrcrazy and don’t forget to rate/review/subscribe!
October 22, 2020
Millennial matchmaking and dating during a pandemic
Emma Vernon - millennial matchmaker, Tiktok aficionado, and host of The Dating Show - talks with Hannah & Meg about meeting people in NYC, pandemic dating, and weeding out average men and sub-par connections to find the good ones! Check her out @emmavern / @thedatingshow and don’t forget to follow us @guyzrcrazy and rate/review/subscribe/whatever!
October 15, 2020
Questions for the guyz: hookup culture vs. settling down
Hannah & Meg sit down with Jesse, a 28 year old guy, to chat about dating in your 20s. Hear his answers to questions about hookup culture, overthinking, cuddling, and more. Follow Jesse @jesse_markowitz33 and check out more from us @guyzrcrazy!
October 08, 2020
“It’s okay to want what you want, and it’s okay to ask for it”
Hannah & Meg chat with Leah Carey, a sex and intimacy coach and host of the podcast Good Girls Talk About Sex, about gender stereotypes, sexuality and how to figure out what you want (and ask for it)! Find Leah at, and check out her podcast at Make sure to rate/review/subscribe/all that and follow us @guyzrcrazy!
October 01, 2020
Dick stories ep. 1
Let’s talk about dicks. On this episode of GRC, our guest shares some *sizable* stories about men. Follow @guyzrcrazy or check out for more, and don’t forget to subscribe, download, and tell your friends!
September 24, 2020
How to pull off your own style: put it on, and pull it off
Hannah & Meg sit down with Holly Chayes, style and wardrobe consultant and the host of Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes. On this episode of GRC, learn how gender stereotypes influence what we wear and how to build up your confidence to dress like the best version of yourself. Find Holly at and make sure to follow us @guyzrcrazy and subscribe for more!
September 17, 2020
How our relationship with food affects our relationships with people
Hannah & Meg interview Katie Hake of @fitfriendshappyhour about body image, dieting, and relationships. Learn about intuitive eating, orthorexia, and how our eating habits can affect our relationships. Follow us at @guyzrcrazy for more!
September 10, 2020
Microaggressions, dating as a black woman, and how to set your standards high *and stick to them*
Hannah & Meg talk to Kia (of the @socalledoreos podcast) about dating as a black woman, interracial relationships, fetishization on dating apps, and the importance of hearing perspectives and experiences that differ from our own. Follow us at @guyzrcrazy for more!
September 03, 2020
Live, laugh, lube
Raylene Taskoski (@standupcomedysexed) shares lessons and wisdom throughout her journey from selling sex toys to stand up comedy. Join Hannah & Meg as they learn about sexual empowerment (and the importance of lube). Follow @guyzrcrazy for more!
August 27, 2020
Let’s talk about sex (ed) babyyyyy
Hannah & Meg chat with Ariel (@sushiariel) about her experience as a middle school sex ed teacher. Learn about the shortcomings of sex ed curriculums, how it affects our relationships, and how we can overcome our lack of sex education. Follow @guyzrcrazy for more!
August 20, 2020
Overcoming trauma in relationships
TW: abuse. Hannah & Meg sit down with Whytli, host of @inthewakewithwhytli, to discuss overcoming abuse in relationships. In this episode of @Guyzrcrazy, learn how to recognize signs of abuse, how to overcome past trauma to develop healthy relationships, and how important it is to talk about abuse and call it what it is!
August 13, 2020
Our craziest dates
Hannah & Meg are joined by Amy & Nana of The Notbook Podcast to spill the deets on the craziest dates ever! In this episode, we examine why we find ourselves in these situations and how to recover from a terrible date. Check out @thenotbookpodcast for more dating horror stories, and follow us @guyzrcrazy for more of the content you love!
August 06, 2020
Validate yourself, darling! How gender stereotypes hold us back in life and love
Hannah & Meg sit down with Keisha Shields (, a leadership and business advisor and the host of She Will Not Be Silenced. In this episode, learn how stereotypes can hold us back from our true potential, how to look past stereotypes, and how to be your own hype woman.
July 30, 2020
In an open relationship, your strongest relationship is with yourself
Hannah & Meg talk to Maya about her experience with open relationships. On this episode of Guyzrcrazy, learn about discussing honest intentions with a partner (or multiple partners), setting guidelines and expectations for an open relationship, gender stereotypes in open relationships, and how to create a strong relationship with yourself above all else.
July 23, 2020
Tarot, moon magic, and relationships
In this episode of Guyzrcrazy, Hannah & Meg learn from Courtney Lauran (host of More Tarot Please) about how tarot and the phases of the moon can affect relationships. Find Courtney at to book a personal reading!
July 16, 2020
We cannot be reduced to our stereotypes
Hannah & Meg talk to Joey to get a totally new perspective on dating. In this episode of Guyzrcrazy, learn about implicit bias, dating apps, and what we can do to overcome stereotypes.
July 09, 2020
Should astrology play a part in dating?
Hannah & Meg chat with Nylani Rios, a student astrologer and tarot reader, about the role astrology can (and should?) play in dating. In this episode of Guyzrcrazy, learn about the roots of astrology, how pop culture has shifted the way we view our signs, and how compatibility can factor into a relationship. Find Nylani on Twitter (@venusmvmi) to book your own birth chart reading!
July 02, 2020
How to date when the world is locked down
Hannah & Meg sit down with a few of their friends to talk dating in quarantine! In this episode of Guyzrcrazy, learn about virtual dating, the ups and downs of quarantining with a partner, and how the dating game might change after the age of Coronavirus.
June 25, 2020
Because everybody says girls are crazy, and we’re not
Welcome to our “crazy” adventure! Life is never dull for Hannah and Meg, two Brooklyn gals on the lookout for love as they work on dismantling the patriarchy. @guyzrcrazy
June 23, 2020
June 22, 2020
June 22, 2020