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How to Enjoy Experimental Film

How to Enjoy Experimental Film

How to Enjoy Experimental film is your approachable user-guide to some of the most unusual and extraordinary moving image works ever created. Aiming at the newcomer to experimental films as much as those who love them already, this podcast features interviews with artist filmmakers, film experts and programmers to shine a light on some of the darkest corners of the cinematic landscape. H2EEF aims to make the case for experimental film as something that can be widely enjoyed by viewers wherever you may be, as opposed to a niche interest.
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H2EEF LIVE "Three Steps to the Avant-Garde" with Neil Henderson and Andrew Vallance

How to Enjoy Experimental Film

H2EEF LIVE "Three Steps to the Avant-Garde" with Neil Henderson and Andrew Vallance
Recorded live at Anglia Ruskin University, we are joined by filmmakers Neil Henderson and Andrew Vallance, as they discuss their "ways in" to experimental cinema as well as how closely linked Avant-Garde cinema is to more mainstream work. The speakers have each chosen a handful of films to discuss to illustrate their points as well as recommending others to the audience. As this is a live recording, please expect some background noise. This episode was made possible thanks to Simon Payne, who organised the event and who co-edited the book FILM TALKS: 15 CONVERSATIONS ON EXPERIMENTAL CINEMA. The book was the impetus for this episode and more live events are taking place throughout this year. The book can be purchased here: Artists discussed in this episode include: Stan Brakhage Bruce Conner Malcolm LeGrice Ray Agony Todd Haynes Richard Kern Francis Thompson Oskar Fischinger
March 31, 2022
H2EEF 31 "Secret Whispers" with Sandy Ding
Filmmaker Ding Xin, more commonly known as Sandy Ding produces extraordinary "psychoactive" films, which lull the viewer into states of altered consciousness to weave his very special kind of cinematic magic. In this in-depth interview, he discusses his filmmaking methods as well as his wide ranging interests in noise music and hypnosis. Sandy graduated from CalArts in 2007 and now teaches at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. A DVD of his films can be purchased from the Paris-based distributor Re:Voir. and some films, including his first feature Night Awake can be viewed via Re:Voir's VOD service. A selection of the films found on the DVD are also now available to view using the Re:Voir app, a subscription service boasting a huge selection of experimental films.
March 17, 2022
H2EEF 30 "Absent Presence" with Emily Richardson
Filmmaker Emily Richardson joins us to discuss her highly atmospheric explorations of spaces and locations, many of which are in states of transition. Working both in film and digital video, Emily's works communicate a sense of immanence in often anxious atmospheres hinting at something just unseen at the periphery of our vision. These spaces are often "haunted" by soundscapes created by recording and manipulating sounds recorded on the locations.  For more information, visit
March 10, 2022
H2EEF 29 "Things Close At Hand" with Nick Collins
Prolific filmmaker Nick Collins joins us to discuss his extensive body of film work. Shot in some of the filmmaker's most frequently visited locations, these are films that defy classification, despite the regular presence of landscapes and of carefully controlled structures. Simply put, we are in the presence of a filmmaker who explores the world around him and we are gently invited to explore with him. Extremely hard to label, Nick's cinema might even transcend the label of experimental film, with appeal far beyond what is sometimes described as a "niche" interest.  Nick's films can be found here: Or on DVD published by Simon Payne, from the BFI Store. Filmmakers discussed in this episode include: Simon Payne Yasujirō Ozu Carl Theodor Dreyer Anna Thew Authors discussed include: Gaston Bachelard
March 03, 2022
H2EEF 28 "Coherent Complexity" with Bret Battey
Bret Battey is a composer and visual musician, who creates both electro-acoustic music together with digital moving image art. The films are as complex visually as the music is to listen to, but together they create an altogether gripping and captivating experience. Musically, Bret is influenced as much by the sweep of late romantic composers such as Gustav Mahler as he is by the granularity of Iannis Xenakis, or the 'organised noise' of Edgard Varése and a host of other more recent electro-acoustic composers. Visually, he works often by digitally manipulating photographs (which he has often taken himself) to create colourful abstract visualisations to compliment the music, working often from programming individual pixels into alluringly complex larger pictures. Here, he discusses the processes involved in creating both music and image for his artworks, as well as the lineage of visual music into which he fits.  Filmmakers discussed in this episode include: Oskar Fischinger Jordan Belson Norman McLaren
February 24, 2022
H2EEF 27 "I Am Not A War Photographer" with Lynne Sachs
The incredibly prolific Lynne Sachs returns to the show to discuss her films, particularly those found under the collective title "I Am Not A War Photographer". These titles include: States of Unbelonging, Which Way is East, Investigation of a Flame, The Las Happy Day and Your Day is My Night. We also discuss her films Film About a Father Who... as well as film as an act of civil disobedience. Many of Lynne's films can be found on her personal Vimeo page, as well as The Criterion Channel and, in the case of Film About A Father Who... on a new Blu-ray Disc. 
February 17, 2022
H2EEF 26 "Reverberations" with Lynne Sachs
One of the leading figures in the field of experimental documentary, Lynne Sachs joins H2EEF to discuss her extraordinary body of work. In subjects ranging from the personal to the global political, Lynne's films are consistently sensitive and completely compelling. In this episode, she discusses the field of experimental documentary in general as well as her ways into the field.  Filmmakers discussed in this episode include: Jonas Mekas MM Serra Chantal Akerman Robert Altman  Jean-Luc Godard Sharon Greytak
February 10, 2022
H2EEF 25 "Affinities" with Larry Gottheim (Part 2)
Larry Gottheim returns to the show to discuss some of his mid and late period works as well as the questions some of these films raise. It includes a discussion of how Larry found himself travelling to Haiti and becoming deeply involved with Voodoo as well as the deep self questioning that led to his latest films Chants and Dances for Hand and Knot/Not, both of which can be downloaded from the New York Filmmakers' Co-Operative Vimeo page. Some of the discussions travel to quite dark thematic areas and Larry will be discussing the problems, both intellectual and moral, of assembling the material for some of his films. 
February 03, 2022
H2EEF 24 "Manifestations" with Larry Gottheim (PART 1)
One of the giants of the American Avant-Garde, Larry Gottheim joins H2EEF to discuss his life and work from his near legendary early films like Blues, Fog Line and Barn Rushes to his mid-period work (more recent work will be discussed in part 2).  The serenity and beauty of Larry's early films can be enjoyed in a DVD produced by the New York Filmmakers' Co-Operative and Re:Voir and more recent works are available via the NYFMC's on-demand Vimeo page.  Filmmakers discussed in this episode include: Stan Brakhage Tony Conrad Ernie Gehr Hollis Frampton Ken Jacobs Jonas Mekas Nicholas Ray
January 27, 2022
H2EEF 23 Memory & Matter with Bill Morrison
Filmmaker Bill Morrison, whose work explores found and often decayed film footage, discusses his work and the nature of memory when contained in found footage. Broadly describable as documentary films, Bill's works have a hypnotic quality (his production company is even called Hypnotic Pictures!), which feature footage both from fiction and documentary films as well as home movies, scientific documentations and more. He recently collaborated with composer David Lang on the short film Let Me Come In for LA Opera as well as the feature film The Village Detective: A Song Cycle. His feature Decasia (in collaboration with composer Michael Gordon) was the first film of the 21st century to be entered into the Library Of Congress National Film Registry and his work consistently transcends the boundaries of the term "experimental", winning over audiences around the world. 
January 20, 2022
H2EEF 22 "Romancing the Rotoscope" with Jeff Scher
Painter who makes experimental films and experimental filmmaker who paints, Jeff Scher joins us to discuss his complete embrace of the term "experimental" across a rich and varied body of work including rotoscope animations and live action films.  A student of Adolfas Mekas, Scher also teaches animation at NYU. Jeff has collaborated with musicians as diverse as Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and Graham Nash as well as winning a Creative Arts Emmy for his work on the HBO special The Tattoo on Great Grandpa's Arm. Many of Jeff's films are available on 2 DVDs from Re:Voir And more are available on his personal Vimeo page: Filmmakers discussed in this episode include: Kenneth Anger Bruce Baillie Robert Breer Max Fleischer Marie Menken Warren Sondbert Francis Thompson Andy Warhol
January 13, 2022
H2EEF Special: Kurt Kren- Lord of the Frames, with Nicky Hamlyn, Simon Payne, Anna Thew & Steven Woloshen
In a special extended episode of How to Enjoy Experimental Film, FOUR filmmakers gather to discuss one of their favourite filmmakers: Kurt Kren. Nicky Hamlyn and Simon Payne have edited (with the late A.L. Rees) the first English-Language study of Kren's films, while Anna Thew, who has regularly programmed Kren's works for screenings, shares some stories of her own association with Kren and his films. Steven Woloshen, who lists Kren as one of his favourite filmmakers, starts the ball rolling with questions sent in specially for this episode all the way from Canada! Filmmakers discussed in this episode include: Peter Kubelka Rose Lowder Michael Snow Paul Sharits Oki Hiroyuki Tony Conrad Peter Tscherkassky Writers discussed in this episode include: Annette Michelson We also discuss the music of the Second Viennese School in relation to films by Kren and Kubelka, focusing on: Arnold Schoenberg Alban Berg Anton Webern
October 07, 2021
H2EEF 21 Naughty & Nice with Anna Thew (PART 2)
Anna Thew returns to the show for a lively discussion of her film works, including Cling Film, which has been known to generate considerable controversy, particularly when shown in the UK. Much of the work, however is very personal and has universal appeal, whether humorous, or tragic. We'll also discuss broader themes connected to the films including the AIDS crisis and the role of arts in education. Filmmakers discussed in this episode include Luis Buñuel Jean Cocteau Takahiko Iimura Kenneth Anger Carolee Schneemann Yann Beauvais
July 01, 2021
H2EEF 20 Creative Rituals with Anna Thew (PART 1)
Painter turned filmmaker Anna Thew discusses her first steps in filmmaking, leading to her feature film Hilda was a Goodlooker, which dramatises her mother's reminiscences and Behind Closed Doors, which deals with the trauma of losing her mother suddenly. Anna's cinema is deeply personal and yet possesses universal appeal, which will be approachable to audiences everywhere. Highly literate and indeed cine-literate, these are works that amply reward repeated viewings to explore their links to other works. Find a selection of Anna's films on Vimeo: Filmmakers discussed in this episode include: Anne Rees Mogg Rose Lowder Peter Gidal Malcolm LeGrice David Hall Chris Wellsby Guy Sherwin Marcel Duchamp John Smith Steve Farrer Katerina Thomadaki Maria Klonaris Yann Beauvais Cordelia Swan John Maybury Derek Jarman Stan Brakhage Kenneth Anger Terence Davies George Saxon Writers discussed in this episode include: Alexei Sayle Walter Benjamin Jean Genet
June 24, 2021
H2EEF 19 Seriously Playful with John Smith (PART 2)
Contains brief strong language. Join film artist John Smith as he explores some of the major works of his career from his breakthrough film The Girl Chewing Gum, through documentary works including Blight and Home Suite, to his most recent works in the video medium including the Hotel Diaries, The Kiss and Citadel.  A number of John's recent films can be found on YouTube including Dad's Stick: Several more films and excerpts are available on Vimeo: And there is a DVD box set available from Lux Online, for which 50% of all sales go directly to the artist: John collaborated with composer Jocelyn Pook for the film Blight. Find out more about her work here: Filmmakers discussed in this episode include: Peter Gidal Nicky Hamlyn Writers & Artists discussed in this episode include: A.L. Rees Cornelia Parker Berthold Brecht
June 17, 2021
H2EEF 18 Associations with John Smith (PART 1)
Contains brief strong language. Legendary London-based artist-filmmaker John Smith joins H2EEF to discuss the beginnings of his career leading up to his breakthrough film The Girl Chewing Gum. Smith's films are renowned for their sense of humour, often used to illustrate a more serious underlying point. His works are shown all over the world including, at the time of recording, on Mubi.  Popular with audiences everywhere, John's films are heavily informed by the notions of structural film, though they do not comfortably fit this, or any other description. With a deep focus on the power of language to suggest and mislead the viewer, "he has attracted admirers from way beyond the narrow confines of the Avant Garde."- Michael O'Pray, Art Monthly.  "In John Smith’s films, the spectator is a producer as well as a consumer of meaning, bound in to the process but simultaneously distanced from the ‘naturalness’ of the film dream. This feature alone marks off John Smith’s films from the lure of cinema (to which his richly visual images nonetheless allude) and locates him firmly as an artist-filmmaker, who turns the codes of the film medium into a continual questioning of film truth." - A.L. Rees (Full essay here: A number of John's recent films can be found on YouTube including Dad's Stick: Several more films and excerpts are available on Vimeo: And there is a DVD box set available from Lux Online, for which 50% of all sales go directly to the artist: Filmmakers discussed in this episode include: Peter Gidal Guy Sherwin Anne Rees Mogg Malcolm LeGrice
June 10, 2021
H2EEF 17 Myron Ort: Eikono-Klast
Shifting focus from our earlier discussion, this episode focuses on Myron Ort's found footage films and film portraits. The epic 5 hour film cycle Eikono-Klastes is made up of found footage as well as hand painted film to create an enormous exploration of history and the moving image. It also includes re-contextualising of often very non-PC footage in order to create a new framework through which to view more difficult aspects of human history.  The whole cycle is viewable on Youtube here: And you can view/purchase Myron's films and paintings on his website: Filmmakers mentioned in this episode include: Bruce Conner Joseph Cornell Ken Jacobs
June 03, 2021
H2EEF 16 No Metaphor with Myron Ort (PART 1)
Myron Ort, filmmaker, painter, musician, composer, repairer of antique cuban drums, restorer of vintage cars and expert on Latin-American music, talks to H2EEF about his unique film works. Spanning most forms of experimental practice and heavily influenced by the 60s psychedelic scene and Gestalt psychology, using hand painted film, multi-exposure films, film portrait, found footage and more, Myron's work is really deserving of a wider audience. In this first part of our discussion, we discuss the influences of the 60s Bay Area scene on the filmmaker's work and in particular his psychedelic films and the film that Stan Brakhage referred to as "the most worked on hand painted film I've ever seen!" OMMO. You can find his wondrous array of work on Vimeo: On Youtube: and on his own website, where you can buy his collected films on DVD along with his paintings!:  Filmmakers & artists discussed in this episode include Barbara Hammer Steven Zailian Stan Brakhage Jordan Belson James Broughton Bruce Baillie  Ben Van Meter Chick Strand Sidney Peterson Wassily Kandinsky Len Lye Man Ray Jean Cocteau Standish Lawder Fernand Leger Harold Gregor Donna Germain Peter Kubelka Writers discussed include: Aldous Huxley Hoyt Sherman Rudolf Arnheim Wolfgang Köhler Siegfried Kracauer
May 27, 2021
H2EEF 15 A World Assembled with Toby Tatum
Filmmaker Toby Tatum joins H2EEF to discuss his extraordinary body of work. Tatum's work is a landscape of the mind, with pieces often set in gardens and grottos and featuring mind-bending visual effects, particularly involving composite imagery. Meditative, dreamlike and sometimes dark, these are unashamedly romantic film works that invite the viewer to participate in a completely unique view of the world.  View Toby's films at: Figures discussed in this episode include: Alex Cox Borja Calvo Erik Davis
May 20, 2021
H2EEF 14 Let's See What Happens with Simon Payne
Simon Payne produces works almost exclusively with video, often without using a camera. In these video pieces, patterns work themselves out quite systematically, through colour and well-defined shapes to create unique cinematic experiences, which compel the viewer to reflect upon what they are seeing as well as their relation to it. Sometimes, these are frenetic and colourful, and other times, subdued and meditative, these pieces are shot through with a true spirit of experimentation, exploring what unexpected results might be produced by using shape, light and colour in various ways. In short, they are driven by a quest to see what happens! Some of Simon's works can be found at his Vimeo page: And two DVDs of his works (Colour Field Videos & Systems Cinema) can be purchased in the Lux Store: Simon has also edited a number of books, most recently Fields of View, a posthumous collection of writings by A.L. Rees and the first English Language study of the work of Kurt Kren called Kurt Kren: Structural Films.
May 13, 2021
H2EEF 13 The Deeply Representational Cinema of MM Serra
Filmmaker MM Serra discusses her extraordinary film work. Serra's work often incorporates documentary in a textural exploration of the film medium. Her films empower the viewer by allowing them to share in the empowerment of her film's subjects, often real people pushed to, or testing limits, but always viewed in the most humane and approachable manner. As Jonas Mekas put it: they are REAL films about REAL people "One of the most difficult things to do in cinema." Filmmakers discussed in this episode include: Jonas Mekas Marcel Duchamp Shirley Clarke Josh Lewis Carolee Schneemann Abel Ferrara  Todd Browning Writers discussed in this episode include: Baroness Elsa von Freitag Loringhoven
May 06, 2021
H2EEF 12 NYFMC With MM Serra
Filmmaker and Executive Director of the New York Filmmakers' Co-Op MM Serra talks to How to Enjoy Experimental Film about the work of the Co-Op and and her extraordinary work in keeping the amazing institution running. Founded by a group of artists in the 60s, the NYFMC is one of the most exciting and diverse non-profit collections of artists and experimental film on the planet.  You can support them by visiting View some films in distribution here: Or purchase films on DVD co-produced by the Co-Op and Re:Voir at the Re:Voir website. Available titles so far: MM Serra ArtCore; Storm De Hirsch Mythology for the Soul; Larry Gottheim Fog Line and Taylor Mead Home Movies. Filmmakers mentioned in this episode include: Jonas Mekas Shirley Clarke Andy Warhol Lindsay Anderson Jack Smith Edward Owens Saul Levine Abi Child Carolee Schneemann Stan Vanderbeek Martha Colburn Art Jones Ken Jacobs Marie Menken Helen Levitt Carmichael George Stan Brakhage Catherine Aldridge Writers Discussed: P. Adams Sitney 
April 29, 2021
H2EEF 11 Composing Images with Joost Rekveld
Artist and filmmaker Joost Rekveld discusses his singular approach to creating image works. Making films using machinery and software, often of his own design, his abstract works are mesmerising and incorporate a scientific research alongside a lifelong interest in musical composition (Rekveld trained as a composer) to create work that is as rigorous in its attitude to content as it is to form.  Read about his research project Dialogues with Machines at Buy his films on DVD & Blu Ray at: Filmmakers discussed in this episode include: Bart Vegter Karel Doing Kurt Kren Andrei Tarkovsky Jürgen Rebele
April 22, 2021
Coming Soon...
Coming soon, 10 new episodes of How to Enjoy Experimental Film! Featuring (in order of appearance in this trailer) MM Serra Joost Rekveld Toby Tatum Anna Thew Myron Ort John Smith & Simon Payne
April 15, 2021
H2EEF 10 Maya Deren: Roundtable Discussion with Steven Woloshen & Charlie Hewison
Something a little different for our 10th epsode. Here, we have a very welcome return from Steven Woloshen along with Charlie Hewison, an expert on experimental film & PhD candidate currently in Paris. We discuss our own personal interpretations of some of Deren's puzzles as well as discussing the ways in which her influence has been felt ever since. 
February 11, 2021
H2EEF 9 Structural Film: A Problematic Label with Nicky Hamlyn
Renowned filmmaker & artist Nicky Hamlyn, who has occasionally been linked to the label of "Structural Film" discusses the meanings and interpretations of this label in relation to his own work as well as to the works of other filmmakers. Find some of Nicky's work here: 3 DVDs of Nicky's work are also available from the BFI store. A selection of filmmakers discussed in this episode: Ernie Gehr Michael Snow Peter Gidal Chris Welsby William Raban Maya Deren Stan Brakhage Ken Jacobs Kurt Kren Andy Warhol  Paul Sharits Hollis Frampton Morgan Fisher Simon Payne John Smith William English A selection of writers Discussed:  P. Adams Sitney,  Peter Gidal,  Hollis Frampton,  Paul Sharits,  Peter Wollen  Nicky Recommends: William Raban Malcolm LeGrice Amy Dixon Guy Sherwin Kurt Kren Birgit & Wilhelm Hein Hollis Frampton Paul Sharits  Michael Snow Helga Fanderl Steve Farrer Jennifer Nightingale
February 04, 2021
H2EEF 8 Breaking the Box with Diana Reichenbach
Artist, filmmaker and anthropologist Diana Reichenbach makes films for conventional cinema settings as well as immersive films created in "Fulldome"- 360 degree projected films. We discuss making experimental work for projection in a dome as well as filmmaking for virtual reality experiences as well as reproducing Fulldome films online and in non 3D spaces, combining analog and digital methods and the challenges of virtual experiences. See some of Diana's work here: and here: Filmmakers discussed in this episode: Jan Svankmajer Jordan Belson Writers/ Critics discussed in this episode: Scott McCloud Diana Recommends: Jordan Belson Oskar Fischinger Norman McLaren Diana also recommends reading Marshall McLuhan's work. 
January 28, 2021
H2EEF 7 Listening With Your Eyes with Jean Detheux
In this episode, we explore the idea of "visual music" with artist Jean Detheux, who has a unique approach to marrying audio and visual material in his films.  Differing from the likes of Oskar Fischinger and Norman McLaren, Detheux rejects the idea of animation in a traditional sense, making the whole cinema screen into his canvas on which living paintings emerge before your eyes.  Regularly collaborating with musicians for live performances, he aims to create a dialogue between music and image and a whole world into which the audience can enter. Check out over 300 films and "sketches" as well as documentation of live performances on his Vimeo page at
January 21, 2021
H2EEF 6 Filmmaker = Frankenstein?! With Steven Woloshen (PART 2)
A very welcome return from artist Steven Woloshen, this time discussing his own filmmaking work and methods as well as the importance of encouraging others to attempt direct filmmaking for themselves. See Steven's work on Vimeo: Filmmakers discussed in this episode: Stan Brakhage Willard Maas Bruce Conner Norman McLaren Standish Lawder Hollis Frampton Steven Woloshen recommends: Bastien Dupriez Gina Kamentsky Julian Antonisz José Antonio Sistiaga Karl Lemieux Lis Rhodes
January 14, 2021
H2EEF 5 "Filmmaking at Arm's Length" with Steven Woloshen
PART 1 OF 2: Artist, writer and infectiously enthusiastic advocate of direct filmmaking Steven Woloshen discusses some of the history of this form of experimental filmmaking. You'll also hear why Steven wants everyone to have a go at working directly on film for themselves and express his passion for workshops to make his approach approachable and accessible to as many as possible. You won't want to miss part 2! Filmmakers discussed in this episode: Norman McLaren Len Lye Hans Richter Steven Woloshen Dziga Vertov Steven Woloshen recommends: Bastien Dupriez Gina Kamentsky Julian Antonisz José Antonio Sistiaga Karl Lemieux Lis Rhodes
December 23, 2020
H2EEF 4 Silent Experimentation with Neil Brand
Fresh from his triumphant BBC series The Sound of TV, Writer, composer, presenter and pianist Neil Brand discusses some of the earliest of cinema and how experimental processes influenced almost all cinema pioneers. For more information and to support his work, visit Filmmakers discussed in this episode Lumière Brothers Georges Méliès Burt Acres Dziga Vertov Sergei Eisenstein F.W. Murnau Ladislas Starevich Godfrey Reggio Walter Ruttmann D.W. Griffith Hans Richter Teinosuke Kinugasa Robert Weine Robert Siodmak George Loane Tucker René Clair Abram Room Fernand Léger
December 17, 2020
H2EEF 3 "Gaze vs. Graze" with Vicky Smith
Dr. Vicky Smith discusses her work in film and her desire to communicate to the embodied viewer through multiple senses.  Vicky's DVD can be purchased here: Find more of her work on Vimeo: Filmmakers discussed in this episode: Len Lye Guy Sherwin Man Ray Normal McLaren Critics/ Authors discussed: P. Adams Sitney Laura Marks Vicky Recommends: Annabel Nicolson
December 10, 2020
H2EEF 2 Loud Films with Stefano Miraglia
Artist & Curator Stefano Miraglia discusses his work in film production and exhibition as well as his thoughts on the co-operative Collectif Jeune Cinema. Filmmakers discussed in this Episode: Leandro Varella Nick Collins Stefano Recommends: Elisa Celda Tinne Zenner Gautam Valluri Eva Kolcze Joseph Bernard Lis Rhodes Malcolm LeGrice Anna Thew
December 03, 2020
H2EEF 1: What is Experimental Film with Pip Chodorov
Pip Chodorov: Filmmaker, musician and film teacher offers his insight to the use of the term experimental in relation to cinema. Thanks to the kind people at Re:Voir in Paris, who facilitated this interview.  A Selection of the filmmakers discussed in this episode: Jonas Mekas Stan Brakhage Maya Deren Ken Jacobs Peter Kubelka Jay Rosenblatt Alan Berliner Paul Sharits Robert Breer Stan Vanderbeek Len Lye Maurice Lemaitre Hans Richter Jeff Scher Critics/ Authors mentioned in this episode Scott MacDonald Visit
November 26, 2020
Coming soon to a podcast outlet near you! Follow the show on Facebook for more updates @H2EEF! Voices heard in this trailer: (in order of appearance) Diana Reichenbach, Jean Detheux, Neil Brand, Stefano Miraglia, Joost Rekveld, MM Serra, Nicky Hamlyn, Vicky Smith, Steven Woloshen, Pip Chodorov Experimental film shows are not great in number, but H2EEF are proud not to be the only one out there, so do check out Into the Mothlight and Experimental Film Podcast as well to keep the discussion going!
October 26, 2020