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Habi Hour

Habi Hour

By Habi Education Lab
Habi Hour is Habi Education Lab's official podcast where we bring together our learning experience designers, collaborators and communities to share stories and curiosities on well-designed learning experiences.
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Season Ender: What is creative teaching and learning?
4 months and 14 episodes in, we ask ourselves this sticky question - What is creative teaching and learning? For Habi Hour’s Season 2 finale, let’s listen to what we’ve learned about creative teaching and learning, some key takeaways, and what it means for us as learning experience designers. #LXDTayo
July 23, 2021
Episode 14: What Matters to Students
Are we ready for another year of teaching in a pandemic? What does it really take to keep our students engaged in remote learning? Join Bernice, a learning experience designer at Habi, as she listens to students tell stories about what they appreciated their teachers doing this past year.
July 16, 2021
Episode 13: Students Speak
In this Episode of Habi Hour, we put the spotlight on our learners! It’s been a year since we’ve explored new ways of teaching and learning and we’ve heard many stories of how teachers have creatively adjusted to the new normal but have you ever wondered how students are navigating this new learning set-up? Let’s join Amiel, one of Habi LXDs, as he highlights our learners’ unique stories on their experiences with distance learning.
July 9, 2021
Special Episode: Ninoy, Cory, and Noynoy Read-Aloud
In this special episode of Habi Hour, we are one with the Filipino people in commemorating the life and service of the late Former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III. Let's listen to this read-aloud session of the book, "Ninoy, Cory, and Noynoy" hosted on Habi's Facebook page in partnership with Dream Big Books and Museo Pambata. We interviewed the author Yvette Fernandez, illustrator Abi Goy, and one of our guest readers, Nina Lim-Yuson - founder and chairperson of Museo Pambata.   Access the book here: Episode music: Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod  Link: License:
July 2, 2021
Episode 12: Music and Learning
Does music support student learning? How do we use music to enrich a learning experience? In this episode of Habi Hour, let’s listen to our learning experience designers, Chess and Amiel, and Manghahabi Teachers Bettina, Kat and Mike, as they share how they use music in their diverse teaching and learning contexts. Let’s see how we can carefully craft and design the elements of our learning environment - from the space, the people, to the processes, and how music can be part of the space too! Curious to know more about the connection between music and learning? Here’s a to the references used in this episode as well as a collection of our curated playlists for Habi workshops and activities!
June 25, 2021
Episode 11: Learning with TikTok
TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. With most of our learners as a captive audience, educators have turned to the app to create learning content and connect with their learners. In this episode of Habi Hour, we chat with Alyssa, a school teacher, and Patrick, an instructional designer, on the impact of TikTok on learning and creativity, and explore ways that we can harness the app for our teaching practice. Are you interested in using social media for teaching and learning? Check out Jovi's lab note for tips at
June 18, 2021
Episode 10: Empowering Young Advocates
In this episode of our Turo-Turo Serye, we listen to Bea, Ola, and Emil share their stories on empowering young advocates through learning experiences. As the Philippines celebrates its 123rd Independence Day this June 12, let’s reflect on the different social issues that we are facing as a community, and see how each one of us (not just Social Studies teachers!) can design learning experiences for our students, colleagues, families, and friends that awaken critical and creative citizenship. New resource - lesson ideas related to Community Pantry initiatives:
June 11, 2021
Episode 9: Usapang EdTech
It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live. One thing that we’ve noticed is how the pandemic has pushed almost everyone to use technology a lot more than we used to. In this Episode of Habi Hour, we listen to Kaye, Ronel and Jarrent share their thoughts and experiences in using Educational Technology (EdTEch) in a creative and purposeful manner to enrich the learning experiences of students and teachers alike. While this episode is particularly useful for teachers, this conversation is also for anybody who works from home and uses technology in meetings or collaborative work. Curious about the Digital Tayo course packs? Join JEEP here:   
June 4, 2021
Episode 8: We Are Wired Differently
In Habi, we’ve been talking about the MISMO framework a lot as the main tool we use in designing learning experiences. It is grounded in the principles of Universal Design for Learning and strengths-based approaches, but where does neurodiversity come in? In today’s Habi Hour episode, we sit down with Lana Jelenjev, chairperson of the Neurodiversity Foundation, to talk about how we else we might approach “starting contexts” and designing “option and alternatives” for our learners through the lens of neurodiversity. Resources on neurodiversity: Sign ups for our free Habi Live workshop on June 18:
May 28, 2021
Episode 7: Building Your Facilitation Toolbox
In this week’s episode of the Turo-Turo Serye, we sit down with Joan and Joseph, Manghahabi Community members and fellow learning experience designers, to talk about their unending journey of finding their facilitator selves. They talk about their proudest and most challenging experiences as facilitators, as well as bits and pieces of what they have in their facilitation toolbox. For more tips on online facilitation, check this labnote by Gerson:
May 21, 2021
Episode 6: Structured Creativity
In Episode 6 of Habi Hour’s Turo-Turo Serye, we listen to stories from Kay, Teacher Kara, Teacher Zaldy, and Teacher Sherwin on how structured learning experiences like Learning Actions Cells can still promote creative collaboration especially in a time of pandemic.
May 14, 2021
Episode 5: Creative Teachers Flock Together
Narinig mo na ba ang kasabihang "Birds of the same feather flock together?" In this episode, let's join Chess, Mai, Kevin, and Tope - former officemates turned friends, and creative teachers in different settings. Let's listen to them as they share stories about how collaboration or flocking together helps them boost their creativity.
May 7, 2021
Episode 4: Productive Play
In episode 4 of Habi Hour's Turo-Turo Serye, we step out of the classroom to talk about the positive effects of playfulness to creative teaching, learning, and productivity. Listen to Celina and Gerson share about how we use playful methods in our work processes, and see how you can also apply the same principles in your work or school setting.
April 30, 2021
Episode 3: Feedback Is a Gift
In Episode 3 of Habi Hour's Turo-Turo Serye, we continue to share stories around the use of Roses, Thorns, and Buds (RTBs) and how it's a good way for giving and receiving feedback. Let's listen to Gen, a member of our Manghahabi Community, as she shares their story on how RTBs has helped them share this gift of feedback with learners.
April 23, 2021
Episode 2: Roses, Thorns, and Buds
Have you ever wondered, "What's a creative way for giving constructive feedback?" or "How might we make the process of reflection and metacognition delightful and fun?" Episode 2 of Habi Hour's Turo-Turo Serye is all about Roses, Thorns, and Buds! RTB is one of our favorite activities for reflection, analysis, and feedback that has been well-received by both children and adult learners. Get to know RTB's origin story and how it can be used in different contexts and situations. Enjoy!
April 18, 2021
Episode 1: Let's begin with a Check In
For our first episode, we talked to Teacher Candy Padilla and Teacher Tina Halal about their experiences in using a creative teaching strategy they first encountered in Habi workshops - check ins. Listen to their stories about creative kumustahan and cultivating a caring learning environment. Ikaw, what color represents how you're feeling as you listen to this episode? Enjoy!
April 9, 2021
Welcome to our Turo-Turo Serye!
Puwede kayang magturo at matuto gamit ang mga kuwento? Habi Hour is back for Season 2, this time bringing you creative teaching and learning tips for learning experience designers. If you have have superpowers and tricks you'd love to share with us in an episode, tara! Kuwentuhan tayo. Email us Turo-Turo Serye - SERVING SOON! Abangan.
March 26, 2021
Episode 8: Start with Day 1
As the year ends, we invite you to listen to stories from our beginnings. Paano ba nagsimula ang Habi? In the 8th episode of Habi Hour and the last for this season, Habi's co-founders talk about starting a start-up and early moments in making well-designed learning experiences for everyone.
December 18, 2020
Episode 7: LXD Tayo
6 episodes in and at the end of our Habi ANIMersary celebration, we gathered Habi's Learning Experience Designers to talk about what #LXDTayo means. Hello, listeners! Meet our Habi family :)
December 11, 2020
Episode 6: Making Learning Happen with Empathy
Kumusta ka today? In this episode of Habi Hour, we talk to Miguel and Nikki, two teachers in different contexts, and how a little empathy can make big ripples in the lives of our learners. Tara, kuwentuhan tayo! In this episode, Nikki also talks about using The Empathy Map as a way to practice stepping into other peoples' shoes. Download the Habi Empathy Map at and try it out for yourself! Let us know how it worked for you by sending us an email at
December 5, 2020
Episode 5: Level Up! Designing Games for Learning
Gamer ka ba o mahilig sa games? In this episode of Habi Hour, we talked to Sir Denz, a DRRM teacher, who is working on an educational game that teaches first aid. Join us as we talk about designing games for learning - where to start, how to test your idea, and how to balance learning and fun. Tara, kuwentuhan tayo!
November 27, 2020
Episode 4: Kuwentuhang Kalikasan
7 days after Typhoon Ulysses hit the Philippines, we step back and reflect on our roles as learning experience designers in championing sustainable practices and in responsibly contributing to environmental education. In this episode, we are joined by the Environmental Education (now known as Education for Sustainable Development) team of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines.   What does nature mean to you? What is your relationship with nature? What does it bring you? What does it ask of you? What is your move?
November 20, 2020
Episode 3: Designing for Families and Homes
Aside from the Habi ANIMersary (6th year!) celebration, November is extra special for us because we're also celebrating National Children's Month. In this episode, we come together to wrap up a 5-month long design project for families, homes and young children.  We talk about how our childhoods and life experiences have inspired the way we design for families and homes.  Kayo, ano'ng hugot ninyo? Tara, kuwentuhan tayo!
November 13, 2020
Episode 2: Designing for Teacher Wellbeing
In this episode, three teachers talk about the roles that stories, narratives and communities play in designing teacher wellbeing experiences.
November 6, 2020
Episode 1: Learning Experience Design in the Pandemic
In our first episode (ever. Yay!), we talk about powerful learning experiences we've designed and experienced during the pandemic. From newly-discovered hobbies and interests to concepts and skills needed for our changing learning contexts - how has the pandemic changed the way we experience and design learning? 
October 30, 2020
Welcome to Habi Hour!
See you on Friday, 6pm for our first episode! 
October 28, 2020