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Habitology - Success Habits Made Easy

Habitology - Success Habits Made Easy

By Melanie White
Habitology is the art and science of developing success habits for your business and life. Get it right and you'll feel satisfied, fulfilled, joyful and productive.
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E#76 The Importance of Self-Compassion

Habitology - Success Habits Made Easy

E#168 Three Things To Consider When Hiring Staff
When your business is growing, you will reach a time when you get super busy, and you think about hiring staff. But there is a lot to navigate legally and practically - how do you know when you are ready to hire staff, what should you do first, and when should you do it? This interview with Kristy-Lee Billett, CEO of the Footprint Group is essential content. Kristy-Lee is an experienced Human Resource Consultant with over 15 years’ experience in HR management. He is a gun at sales, and will be sharing key insights to help you grow your client base with ease. Connect with Kristy-Lee via: Her website: The Footprint Group  Podcast: People Powered HR Free Facebook Group: HR Support for Australian Businesses
November 28, 2021
E#167 Four things you must do to sell easily and confidently
Anybody in business needs to tune into this one! It’s one thing to set up a business, but the thing that makes it work is your ability to put yourself out there professionally, connect with your audience, and sell confidently. This interview with David Carroll is a must-see. David is a Corporate Trainer and Personal Development Coach with over 20 years’ experience in personal development, health and wellness, adult learning and development, and corporate training. He is a gun at sales, and will be sharing key insights to help you grow your client base with ease. FREE event with David on 1 December, 2021:  Website: FaceBook: LinkedIn:
November 21, 2021
E#166 50 day Program Update - Forming Habits vs Circadian Rhythm
At 25 days into my 50 day program, I want to share some of my results and key learnings so far. I’ll also cover what I’ve learned about how habit forming is easier within a structure, but stickability is easier if you honour your more fluid circadian rhythm. This might explain to you why you have struggled to stick to programs in the past. I will also talk about a few solutions.
November 14, 2021
E#165 Busting Cravings and Firing Up Motivation
Are you doing a transformative program and have found that the magic is wearing off after a week, and you’re losing motivation? I want to share my initial results with you and talk about how to stay motivated while you’re on a transformative program.
November 7, 2021
E#164 Getting Motivated to Transform
Have you ever wondered what it takes to get motivated and in the right headspace to commit to and complete a transformation challenge or program? Have you ever started a program and not been able to finish it, and feel really bummed about that? I hear you! In this episode, I want to share with you a journey that I'm about to embark on to improve my mental health and sleep.
November 1, 2021
E#163 Early Warning Signs of Mental Health Decline
In October, Mental Health Awareness Month, I am in the thick of Mental Health First Aid training. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s a fabulous course that equips you with some basic skills to more easily identify and directly help people who are struggling with mental health. In celebration of this important month, I decided to share some of the common early warning signs of mental health decline.
October 24, 2021
E#162 The Link Between Stress and Mental Health Issues
Mental illness is a significant global issue. If we want to take a preventative approach, we need to understand the factors that lead to mental health issues and find the best starting point to address them.
October 17, 2021
E#161 Sleep Hacking
If you've struggled with anxiety and/or insomnia, listen in as I share my journey of biohacking sleep and anxiety. I'll share what's worked for me, and how I've gone about experimenting.
October 10, 2021
SPECIAL EDITION Facebook, Insta and Twitter Outage
Today we have a global outage on some major social media channels. In this short special edition, I will share some ideas on what you can do to protect your business assets on social media, now and going forward, to de-risk your business. YouTube and Mighty Networks are two platforms that are still operational right now. Natasha Berta is running a course on how to set up YouTube Mighty Networks has a free option and a paid option if you want to sell courses.
October 4, 2021
E#160 Trusting yourself
Trusting yourself as a key to developing self belief - and in creating a thriving business. That’s because if you can’t follow through on your commitments, you will lack self-belief and self-confidence, and you will also be seen as unreliable or flaky by others. How can you learn to trust yourself more and build more self belief, so that you can show up confidently and achieve what you want in the world? That’s what I want to discuss today.
October 3, 2021
E#159 Promotional Copy 101
In this episode, I’m going to explain how to write great copy so that you can attract more of the right clients more easily! Good copywriting makes the difference between ‘crickets’ and ‘conversions’ - but as a coach, you have some ninja superpowers that give you a massive head start. I'm going to explain how to get it right.
September 26, 2021
E#158 What You Promise in Marketing
Are you worried about what you’re promising in your coaching promotions and feeling like you can’t deliver? I want to explain a few basics about messaging, what coaches do, and how to describe your services in a way that is congruent, transparent and authentic so that by the end of this dialogue, you feel clear and comfortable with what you are promising.
September 19, 2021
E#157 Discipline Vs Commitment
Today we're discussing how getting commitment can help you bypass the struggle of discipline, so that you can more easily form new habits or be more consistent with your habits - and that the journey is more pleasurable.
September 12, 2021
E#156 Overwork vs productivity
Today I’d like to talk about how overwork impacts your productivity and how to flip the switch so you can enjoy high productivity and balance.
September 5, 2021
E#155 The Value of (Pilot) Program Content + Emails
Program content and emails are important program resources that help your clients to know what to do, grow into their new identity and make positive, lasting change. They are business assets with a tangible value and they make your programs easier to buy. Here are some ideas for content that you might not have thought of, and which can add incredible value to your clients.
August 29, 2021
E#154 The Why, What and How of Pilot Program Workflows
I’m going to show you an easy way to create a coaching program roadmap that your clients will love!
August 22, 2021
E#153 Some Better What ifs
Unhelpful what if thoughts can sabotage your success in business and life. They can be roadblocks! Today I want to show you what it sounds like when you problem solve and flip the what ifs, so that you can manage your fears, keep showing up each day, and find more calmness and enjoyment in running your business.
August 15, 2021
#152 7 Considerations for Choosing a Program Platform
When it comes to offering a program and content to your clients, there are SO many ways you can do it. Today, I want to help you break it down and get clear on how to choose a platform that is right for you and your program.
August 8, 2021
E#152 Some Better What ifs
Today I want to show you what it sounds like when you problem solve and flip the what ifs, so that you can manage your fears, keep showing up each day, and find more calmness and enjoyment in running your business. If you need help with what ifs, reach out for a 15-minute good fit call to see if we are suited to working together - or whether I can refer you to someone else.
August 8, 2021
E#151 Commitment, Failure, Success
Today I want to use football as an analogy for committing to your business no matter what and getting through the failures so that you can succeed.
August 1, 2021
E#150 Business Self Care
As a specialist in resilience building and planning, I have come up with a concept - business self-care - that will help you to develop and manage your business in a more proactive and organised way so that you can stay on top of things and build resilience in your business to help you better withstand the storms.
July 25, 2021
E#149 Taking Control with Better Planning
Do you want to feel more organised, calmer, more productive and live a more satisfying life, that you feel more in control of? These are the benefits of planning - and it's a skill that anyone can learn. Today I'll walk you through how planning can help you live a more purposeful, meaningful and satisfying life. 
July 18, 2021
E#148 Identifying high chemistry clients
High chemistry clients are the people that you have a natural resonance with. They are the people that you look forward to seeing and find pleasure in being around. So if you want to have enjoyable work with great people, then seek high chemistry clients and your whole life will change. Let’s look at their traits, how to identify them and how to find more of them!
July 11, 2021
E#147 Being Prepared (Getting Ready)
If you are thinking about embarking on a big journey or a big change like starting a business, losing 10 - 20kg, training for a marathon or having a family, or changing careers, then you’re probably thinking that you need to be prepared or organised before you can start. It’s great to be prepared but , trying to be too prepared means you may never even take a step. Speaking from lived experience, I want to invite you to think about what being prepared creates for you, and how to do it in a way that doesn’t sabotage your success. If you need help, contact me!
July 4, 2021
E#146 Having, Doing and Being Enough!
If you have ever struggled with being good enough, doing enough, or having enough, let’s unwind that and get to the truth. I will explain one important thing you can do to make peace with these feelings and let them go! If you want to coach around these things or get a recommendation for another coach, contact me! I want you to take charge and succeed!
June 27, 2021
E#145 Overcoming Purpose Blocks
Today I want to talk about some blocks that a lot of people face. They might be blocks that are stopping YOU from finding your purpose. I’m going to talk to you about how to work through them so you can finally find your purpose. If you need help, contact me!
June 20, 2021
E#144 How to Write Compelling Copy
Are you promoting your business, but only hearing crickets? After working with hundreds of coaches on this challenge, and recently devising a pitch for a startup, I have truly immersed myself in what it takes to to position your value in a mouthwatering, irresistible way.  My ‘End Point Method’ helps you to get past the features and jargon that you might be using now, to rather describe your services in a compelling and attractive way that makes sense to your niche.  Questions? Visit
June 13, 2021
E#143 Just Be Yourself and Be Authentic in Marketing with Natasha Berta
Today, Natasha and I get ranty about how to just be yourself and be more authentic in your marketing so you can attract more clients more easily! Learn more about Natasha at 
June 6, 2021
E#142 Interview with Michelle Hasani
Michelle Hasani is a health and wellness coach in Adelaide who is working with government organisations and NGOs to boost employee leadership, wellbeing and productivity. 
May 30, 2021
E#141 How to Bust Your Decision Blocks
If you’re struggling with making decisions in your business or your life and you’re feeling overwhelmed and procrastinating then this episode is for you. I want to help you to bust through your decision-making blocks and start taking action so that you can create the business in life that you want and do it your way. Make sure you book in for a free info session to learn about my Passion to Profit program.
May 23, 2021
E#140 A Four-Point Checklist to Launch Your Business
When you’re starting a business, there are some specific things you need to do to get set up and ready to operate.  Today I’m talking about four parts of my business startup checklist that are part of my Passion to Profit program. Here is a link to my next free info session for the Passion to Profit program - book in and see if I can help you.
May 16, 2021
E#139 17 Proven, Viable Niches for Health and Wellness Coaches
Being specific about who you want to work with helps you to create more targeted marketing - but you first have to find a viable niche that has a big enough pain point that they will pay to get help. Today, I will discuss 17 proven, viable niches for health and wellness coaches and provide links to those people who are successful so you can see for yourself! Want to turn your great idea into a thriving health and wellness coaching business?  Register now for my free info session for the Passion to Profit program.
May 9, 2021
E#138 Three Ways to Feel Confident In, and Connected With, Your Business
If you’re struggling with imposter syndrome, have lost confidence or are feeling disconnected from your business, then here are three solid ways you can regain that confidence and connection in your business. If you would like help with business confidence, book a 15-minute good fit call using this link. You can share your challenge with me, and we can work out if I am the right person to help you. 
May 2, 2021
E#137 Should You Start a Business?
Are you a frustrated employee and just wish you could do more meaningful, purposeful work? I want to help you decide if you should start a business and talk through three traits that indicate you'll be successful. Try my Business Personality Quiz to see if you have what it takes to succeed! Watch this episode on YouTube!
April 25, 2021
E#136 Have to, Need to, Want to
Today I want to ask you to think about the language of success. I want to ask you to reflect on your commitment to yourself. I want to help you change one word to be more connected with your purpose so you can have a better quality of life. If you enjoyed this episode, subscribe to my podcast here!  Or, check out the video version of this on my YouTube channel.
April 18, 2021
E#135 Transitioning From Job to Business
When you’re changing from a career into your own business, it’s a huge shift. Here are four must-do things that will create an easier, smoother transition from a ‘job’ mindset and into a ‘business’ mindset, so you can enjoy an easier start. If you need help with this process, hit me up on my contact page. I also recommend listening to some of my earlier podcast episodes  #30 How to Create Your Professional Identity,  #32 Traditional vs Coaching Businesses,  #42 Four Levels of Money, and  #49 From Job to Business: Managing Time Expectations.
April 11, 2021
E#134 Five Top Tips for Finding The Right Pilot Program Clients
Today we'll discuss five tips for finding the right pilot program clients, so you can build confidence, tweak your program, and get amazing feedback, testimonials and results.
April 4, 2021
E#133 Why (and How) Does Coaching Work?
I want to explain why and how coaching works, so that if you’re having trouble explaining it to your clients you can get some info to help you explain it - or you can send them here to have a listen to themselves!
March 28, 2021
E#132 One Easy Way to Get Chemistry, Clarity and Confidence in Your Business
Today I want to walk you through a free, low risk way to connect with your high chemistry clients, and get clarity and confidence around who you help and how you help them in your business.
March 21, 2021
E#131 Important first year goals for your coaching business
Today I’d like to talk to you about some important first you goals for your coaching business so that you can focus your energy and attention in the right areas to create success, win clients and make money. Here are some important links! Interview with Sarah Rusbatch on building her business - includes building an audience FIRST (before offers) Free trial with Acuity Scheduling (affiliate link) How to Use MailChimp YouTube series by Natasha Berta of Connected Marketing Book a Zoom Chat with me to discuss your business goals. 
March 14, 2021
E#130 Winning Clients in a Competitive Market
A common worry of coaches is how to stand out and win clients in what they describe as a saturated or competitive market. In this episode, I’m going to share a couple of very important tips to help you start winning clients in this scenario - via an unlikely source of information - cooking shows.
March 7, 2021
E#129 Gangbuster Coaching Business with Sarah Rusbatch
Today Sarah Rusbatch shares her secrets of launching a successful coaching business over the last 3 month, from niching to pilot programs and hot marketing tips.
February 28, 2021
E#128 Marketing Messaging 101
Today's episode outlines how to become visible and attract more of the right clients more easily with simple, consistent, repeatable marketing messages - and how to evolve and grow your messaging over time.
February 21, 2021
E#127 Managing Feelings in Coaching Sessions
This episode is designed to help you be grounded, present and prepared for anything in a coaching session and handle it with grace and professionalism. Emotional contagion quiz -  The Work by Byron Katie
February 14, 2021
E#126 Communicating Your Value
This episode is about communicating your value so that you can overcome your 'I'm not good enough' or 'I don't know enough' limiting beliefs, turn potential clients into paying clients, and be clear and confident about your value.
February 7, 2021
E#125 Coaching Industry Trends for 2021
I'm going to talk about some exciting coaching industry trends in 2021, to help you identify the best opportunities for your coaching business this year so you can priorities and focus your efforts in areas that are going to help you secure more clients, greater income and better work life balance.
January 31, 2021
E#124 Get Out of Your Head
If you're a solo business owner or even more specifically, an introverted entrepreneur, here are two ways to get out of your head and into your body and life, so you can get work life balance and feel more energised and productive.
January 24, 2021
E#123 Crazy Ideas
Crazy ideas are the seeds of innovation. They give you the power to inspire others, to feel more fulfilled and purposeful, to be a pioneer or ambassador or innovator, and to make a difference. In this episode, I'll walk you through my three step process to generate, capture and act on your BEST crazy ideas.
January 17, 2021
E#122 How to Create Your Best Year
Today I want to talk to you about how to create your best year ever - using a simple three step process.
January 10, 2021
E#121 Investing in Yourself
Learn how to become self-motivated, self-directed, self-accountable and self-responsible by investing in yourself. This is the second of a two-part episode. Sarah Rusbatch - the women's wellbeing collective Jason Nikakis - Vial Lifestyle Coaching Jason Barker - Jason Barker Coaching Amanda Mannes - Accept Health Irena Geller - Irena Geller Coaching  Gillian Goble - Gillian Goble Coaching  Tom Carroll - Tom Carroll Meditation Kristine Gardener - Melbourne Wellness Coaching Juliana Nikolova - Unique Health Designs Annie Braendle - Anneliese Braendle Lou Brown - Thriving with ADHD
January 3, 2021
E#120 Foolproof Resolutions (Part 1)
Learn how to set realistic, 100% successful and fool proof resolutions with this simple formula. This is the first of a two-part episode.
December 27, 2020
E#119 Celebrating Success
Although it's been a difficult year, today, I want to remind you that you can totally flip things around and start to feel better. I want to celebrate the year's successes with you and reflect on what we have gained, learned and how we have grown.  
December 20, 2020
E#118 The Rehearsal Loop
In today’s episode we’ll talk about how to be 200% more productive while remaining calm and centered, by mastering the rehearsal loop, so you can stop procrastinating and start living! 
December 13, 2020
E#117 Two Types of Business Person
If you're new to business and are comparing yourself to others, beating yourself up or feeling frustrated by a lack of progress, this episode is for you. I'll explain two types of business person and the formula for each to succeed in business in their own way. Which type are you?  If you’re interested in learning more, take my free quiz on business personality types. Gretchin Rubin's Four Tendencies Quiz: 
December 6, 2020
E#116 Explaining Your Coaching Services with Fiona Cosgrove
Do you have friends who don't understand or believe in what you do as a coach, and challenge you? Do you know how to clearly differentiate yourself from psychologists, counsellors and allied health professionals? CEO of Wellness Coaching Australia, Fiona Cosgrove gives some great ideas on how to be clear about who you are, how you help people, and the value of what you do as a health and wellness coach.
November 29, 2020
E#115 Health and Wellness Coaching Prices
Are you a health and wellness coach who wants to know about health and wellness coaching prices - and more specifically, how to price your programs and packages? This episode shows you exactly how to create yes-please pricing so that your coaching clients see your services as a no-brainer! I will publish an irresistible pricing guide soon but for now, grab my Value Stack worksheet in my Facebook group, or listen to my previous episodes related to this one.  Business models for startup and growth Confidence in your coaching skills Confidence in your coaching business
November 22, 2020
E#114 Client and Work Boundaries
In this episode, I talk about setting boundaries with clients and at work so that you can feel in control, confident and create cash flow and greater client success
November 15, 2020
E#113 The Benefits of Boundaries
Today we'll discuss how setting boundaries around your habits, and meet your own needs first, can lead to integrity, feeling happier with life, and finding greater meaning and purpose.
November 8, 2020
E#112 Identity, Standards and Boundaries
You can get clear on your identity - who you are and what you want - by examining your strengths, beliefs, values and opinions. Then you'll be equipped to set your own standards of behaviour for the most important values you have and more easily identify what you want to say no to, and how to set boundaries with other people.
November 1, 2020
E#111 Succession Planning
Early succession planning - that is, planning the way you will run your business and gradually transition out of it or sell it - has lots of great benefits. Here are FIVE that I can think of.
October 25, 2020
E#110 Coaching in Corporate with Christine Boucher
Today I interview Corporate Health Coach Christine Boucher on how to launch your corporate health coaching business. Christine is running a free webinar on 22 October 2020 if you wish to attend: link below, as well as her FB group and other social media connections!  Webinar registration Link: Social Media: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Website:
October 19, 2020
E#109 Overdrinking Coaching with Sarah Rusbatch
Today I interview Sarah Rusbatch about alcohol consumption and how and why she is developing her coaching business in this space. Where you can connect with Sarah: Sarah's facebook group “the women’s wellbeing collective” - Link to sober October: SLR wellness sober October 2020 Link to the Perth meet up group for ladies who want to socialise without alcohol: SLR wellness Perth meet up group Link to Sarah's Instagram page @slrwellness - install the app to follow her photos and videos.
October 11, 2020
E#108 AmIOK
This episode is about taking care of your own mental well-being. I want to start by talking about the RU OK campaign in Australia and then to talk about the need to manage our own mental well-being as well. RUOK Mental Health First Aid
October 4, 2020
E#107 Just-ification
What you say to yourself matters. It has consequences. Learn how to rewire your reticular activating system in this episode for a calmer, less rushed, more grounded way of living.
September 27, 2020
E#106 Essential Advanced Business Systems
Today I want to talk about essential advanced business systems that you will need to set up once you’ve been working in your business for at least 6 - 12 months. These systems I describe today will help you to get organised and deliver a more professional, efficient, and seamless experience for your clients. Try Kartra for two weeks for just $1 :)
September 21, 2020
E#105 Best Essential Business Systems
Today I’ve outlined four of the best essential business systems that you can use in your service-based business to run a start-to-finish client process, from onboarding and taking payment, to running sessions and closing a program. You'll be able to run your business as efficiently as possible to eliminate mistakes and reduce arduous admin tasks by using simple, efficient and effective systems. I recommend Wave Financial (WaveApps) free accounting system I recommend Acuity Scheduling (this is an affiliate link) and suggest the basic paid version is worth it for the integration features!
September 13, 2020
E#104 Purpose Case Studies
These case studies present a more organic approach to finding your purpose - an alternative to the method described in episode 102. Need help finding your purpose? Hit the contact page on my website - - to find out more.
September 6, 2020
E#103 Four Legal Essentials for Business
In this episode I’m going to list four legal essentials for business that you need to be aware of, so that you can operate your business in a safe, professional and compliant way. Here are some useful links! Episode 82 - Must have legal agreements for health and wellness coaches FREE info session 22 Sept: Passion to Profit coaching business program HCANZA insurance: Website disclaimers: Copyright information: Licensing agreements for images (Canva): Comparison of cloud platform security: FREE Malware program: Habitology September membership closes 31 August - sign up here!
August 30, 2020
E#101 2 Hot Marketing Success Tips
I’ll be sharing two powerful aha moments that my clients have had this week, so that you can get really comfortable with marketing AND do it with confidence, and sell your stuff like a boss.
August 27, 2020
E#102 Purpose
Do you feel like there's something more to life but you aren't quite sure what it is or how to find it? This episode explains purpose, why it’s important, and how to figure out your purpose so you can live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Links Join Habitology September 2020 membership - we're studying Purpose Beyond Blue handout on purpose List of Values VIA Strengths survey 
August 24, 2020
E#100 Client Centric Business with Bridget Healy
Today's interview with Bridget Healy is a great example of how you can create a global brand using a client centric approach to business. Visit Bridget and buy quality, values-led products online!
August 9, 2020
E#99 Money Values
If you're attracting clients who won't pay, it's a reflection that you need to work on your money values. There is ONE question you need to ask yourself, and three ways you can start getting over your money value blocks right away!
August 3, 2020
E#98 Consistency with the CARE Model
Today I want to walk you through a model I’ve developed - the CARE model - to help you be consistent with self-care and build resilience.
July 26, 2020
E#97 Defining a New Normal in Business
As a result of lock down, a lot of people and businesses have been re-thinking what’s important to them, their values, and how they want their business to run. Let's look at a three-step process for defining a new normal in  your business.
July 19, 2020
E#96 5 Tips For Coping With Uncertainty
Resilience is your ability to bounce back from stress and it’s something you need to be able to cope with uncertainty in a healthy way. It’s not until you’re tested that you realise how much resilience you actually have, or not. In this episode, I’ll define resilience, and talk about five things you can do to better cope with uncertainty and build resilience. Post comments or questions at
July 13, 2020
E#95 Validation and Profit
In this episode, I show you why and how rigorous, high quality data is your secret weapon for helping your clients to get better results and make long lasting change, and to create more value, more sales, higher prices and better profits. Contact
July 5, 2020
E#94 How to Sell More Coaching Programs
In today’s episode, I want to explain how to add massive value to your coaching programs so that you can sell more programs at a higher price, and secure raving fans - with the power of data.
June 28, 2020
E#93 Client Strengths = Better Marketing
This episode outlines how a simple coaching quiz can be used for more than just boosting client results - it can also show you how strongly defined your niche is, what's important to your client, the common ground between you, and how to better engage them in your marketing and sales.
June 21, 2020
E#92 Feeling Connected, Networking and Creating Clients
If you are finding solo business hard, and want to feel more connected and create clients through networking, this episode is for you. We explore five ways to start building professional and personal networks to achieve these aims. Links from this episode: Coaching Success Accelerator Group on Facebook HCANZA  Professional Coaching Association NBHWC International accrediting body for health and wellness coaches 
June 14, 2020
E#91 Being Authentic
If you want to be more authentic, there are three things you need to do - create courage, be honest and act with integrity. Let's find out how.
June 7, 2020
E#90 Working From Home
If you want to master working from home, this episode is for you. I will walk you through a four step process to help you set up a really effective working from home situation so you can more easily adapt to a new way of doing business. Comments or questions? Hit me up on the contact page,
May 31, 2020
E#89 Stretch Goals
Do you want to develop courage, confidence, persistence, agility, strategic thinking and self-belief?  Then you might just need to set a stretch goal. Study stretch goals with me this month - jump in NOW
May 24, 2020
E#88 Packaging Coaching Part 2 - Interview with Irena Geller of Irena Geller Coaching
Confused about how to package coaching with an existing service? This is part 2 of a series of interviews explaining how to do it. Today, I talk to Irena Geller about working with a ready-made coaching program.
May 17, 2020
E#87 Creating a Vision for Your Coaching Business
A vision is SO important to your business because strong emotions are what drive us to persevere and what cause our customers to buy. This episode explains two vision traps to avoid, and two steps to creating a compelling, inspiring, get-me-out-of-bed vision. Need help creating a vision? Visit
May 10, 2020
E#86 The Central Governor Theory
As we enter the so-called third phase of isolation, what can we learn from Dr Tim Noake's Central Governor Theory to help us cope better and go the distance? 
May 3, 2020
E#85 What You Can Control
In pandemic times, there are four skills you can use in a four-step process to dial down the intensity, feel calm, take charge and gain a sense of control. To find out about coaching support, visit
April 26, 2020
E#84 Counter Anxiety
Let's talk about how to identify the signs of anxiety, and some simple daily routines to counter anxiety so you can stay calm, focused and relaxed. Got comments or questions? Visit and leave me some feedback!
April 19, 2020
E#83 Connection
Humans need connection to survive. Let's look at the three ways you can increase your connection so that you can be more resilient and calm in these trying times. Questions or comments? Visit
April 12, 2020
E#82 Must-Have Legal Agreements for Health and Wellness Coaches - interview with Nadia MacLeod of RP Emery Legal Kits
Does your business work with clients, hire contractors, use premises or engage in joint ventures? If so, adequate legal protection is a must so that you can manage your business risks. Today I interview Nadia MacLeod from RP Emergy Legal Kits, who talks about 7 legal agreements for Health and Wellness Coaches. Click here to access the document (no sign up required)
April 5, 2020
E#81 Running a Business in Stressful Times
How are you showing up in your business right now? This episode describes three levels of resilience and helps you to get clarity on what to do at YOUR level to keep your business on track in stressful times. Summary of state-by-state stimulus measures Australian Tax Office information for COVID 19 Business support for sole traders Small Business NSW (includes info on financial hardship and bank loan deferment) Business Qld (includes information on economic relief, payroll tax relief,  power bill relief and support facts) Business Victoria (includes different support options including low cost business mentoring) Telstra small business support Tips for coping with COVID anxiety (, includes a list of resources)
March 29, 2020
E#80 That Quit Voice
What does it take to succeed, and how do you silence that quit voice? Let's talk about the skills you MUST develop in order to persist and succeed in your business or other big life goal.  Visit to join my monthly personal and business growth membership. I recommend reading Angela Duckwork's book Grit Previous podcast episodes here that will help you get there: Episode 4 - How to Get in the Mood to Get Things Done Episode 59 - Becoming Your Future Self Episode 68 - Cultivating Self-Discipline and Self-Regulation Episode 73 - The Three Best Ways to Build Self-Confidence Episode 76 - The Importance of Self Compassion
March 22, 2020
E#79 Packaging Coaching Part 1 - Interview with Terri Sparrow of Six Sparrow
In this episode, I talk to Terri Sparrow about how to retain clients for the long term by packaging health and wellness coaching with a product. If you'd like to learn more about Terri and her business, visit
March 15, 2020
E#78 How to Build a Referral Network with Allied Health Professionals
What is the most effective way to become known and to start connecting with potential clients? By building a referral network with Allied Health professionals. Here's how to get started so you can get a steady stream of referrals and build your sales pipeline. Need help to create your referral network? Email me at to request a chat to see how I could help. 
March 8, 2020
E#77 Three Ways to Be a More Compassionate Coach
Here are 3 ways to be a more compassionate coach so that you can maintain your own emotional and energy in your coaching sessions, AND help your clients get into more of a creative, optimistic and motivated state so they can more easily make change.
March 1, 2020
E#76 The Importance of Self-Compassion
More than ever before, we need a reliable tool to manage our inner critic, judgement, negative thinking and the opinions of others. This is self-compassion, and here's how to start using it. Study self-compassion in March 2020 with me:  Learn more about self-compassion, methods and get free loving kindness meditation resources  Visit my friend Laiyee Fernandez's website to learn about hypnotherapy, mindfulness, psychotherapy and counselling services
February 23, 2020
E#75 Confidence in Your Coaching Business
Here are two things you must do if you want to succeed in your new coaching business - and measuring your numbers isn't necessarily one of them. Get help to build confidence in your business with a strategic plan and consistent action-taking. Visit for more details.  
February 16, 2020
E#74 Confidence in Your Coaching Skills
If you want to build confidence in your coaching skills, quickly and effectively, you need to start doing these things right now. Got your own ideas for building confidence? Let me know at
February 11, 2020
E#73 The 3 Best Ways to Build Self-Confidence
Self-confidence is a skill that anyone can learn. And I want to walk through three things that you can do to start building self-confidence, so you can show up and be more powerful in your own life and in the world. To study, self-coach and be coached around self-confidence, join my Habitology Membership before February 4, 2020.
February 1, 2020
E#72 Unwavering Self-Confidence
This episode is for you if you want to be more secure in yourself and your abilities, and to feel worthy, helpful and capable. We look at what self-confidence is and the basics of what you need to do to get it. We are focusing on Self-Confidence in February 2020 in my monthly Habitology membership. Visit my contact page to enquire, or enroll at
January 27, 2020
E#71 Selfish vs Selfless
If you often feel selfish about doing things for yourself, listen up. I'm going to help you explore the concepts of being selfish, selfless, and to identify the comfortable middle ground. The focus of my February 2020 Habitology membership is to help you study and build self-confidence so you can set better boundaries and be more proactive with self care. Visit my Contact Page for more details, or enroll at 
January 20, 2020
E#70 Self-Discipline Without Guilt
If you want to be more self-disciplined and feel less guilty, you need to learn to manage your thinking patterns and emotions. Here are 6 guilt-reducing skills and 5 self-discipline building strategies to help you do that. To work with a coach, visit
January 13, 2020
#69 Fire
An overview of my experience in the December/January 2019 fires on the South Coast of NSW.
January 8, 2020
E#68 Cultivating Self-Discipline and Self-Regulation
How to develop two important skills that will help you achieve results in any area of life 
December 23, 2019
E#67 Making Positivity a Habit
If you start making positivity a habit, you will create a practice of constantly filling your cup so that you can build resilience and enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding experience of life. Positivity Ratio Self-Test:  Get help:
December 10, 2019
E#66 5 Simple Ways to Increase Positivity
If you want a more enriching and fulfilling life, keep listening to learn what positivity really is and 5 ways to get more of it in your life. Get support here: The broaden and build model of positivity Read how positivity makes you healthy and successful 
November 27, 2019
E#65 Discover and Communicate Your Value
Do you find it hard to describe the value of the transformational work that you do? This episode shows you a powerful two-step process to understanding and communicating your value.   Need help? Join the Coaching Success Accelerator Tribe here
November 22, 2019
E64 7 Tips to Increase Body Awareness
Body awareness is a simple yet powerful tool that is easily overlooked or pushed down your priority list. But using 1 - 3 practices each week will raise your BA so that you will sleep better, have less anxiety, eat more healthily, feel calmer, feel like a good role model, have clearer thinking, feel more empowered and in control, and make better, more rational decisions in your life. If you would like to talk to a coach about raising your BA, go to the contact page at Other episodes mentioned: E#61 What is your body intelligence?   E#62 Intuitive Eating 101 
November 21, 2019
E#63 5 Steps to Increase Your Buyability
If you want more people to buy from you more often you need to listen to these five steps and follow them.
November 14, 2019
E#62 Intuitive Eating 101
What is intuitive eating and what are the 10 principles for getting started? Learn how IE is closely aligned with BQ - body intelligence - and what you need to do to start intuitive eating.
November 3, 2019
E#61 What is your body intelligence?
How to use BQ to attend to eat well, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and manage your emotions so you can feel calm, energized, stable and resilient.
October 27, 2019
E#60 Mind Seeding
A simple practice to help you become your future self that’s quick, easy and painless.
October 21, 2019
E#59 Becoming Your Future Self
Here are the two essential methods to become your future self, sooner. Get help to start taking action on this at
September 23, 2019
E#58 Removing Motivation Blocks
Even the best of us can lose our motivation. Here are five simple ways to get it back in under 10 minutes If you want to proactively manage your mind, visit to learn about my monthly membership. Tools and info 
September 11, 2019
E#57 Overhelping
This podcast is dedicated to people who overhelp, and gives a 4-step process to overcome the righting reflex Listen also to #53 Empowerment. If you need assistance with Overhelping, visit and learn more about how I can help you to help people effectively and with confidence and clear boundaries.
September 6, 2019
E#56 5 Steps to Engaging Icebreaker Conversations
This five step process will help you to break the ice with confidence, and create strong connections and engagement If you need help with business confidence, skills and structure, visit 
September 3, 2019
E#55 Business Models for Startup and Growth
The simple business model you can use when transitioning from a job into your own business, and then, three business models you can use to scale and grow your business when you're ready. For assistance with choosing your best business model and implementing it, visit 
September 3, 2019
E#53 Empowerment
Four steps to empowering yourself so you can become stronger and more confident, take charge and get what you want in your life If you want to get coaching support with these four steps, visit
August 30, 2019
E#54 Creating Motivation
A five step process to turn motivation into a habit. Get motivated at 
August 30, 2019
E#52 Nine Benefits of Thought Modelling
Here are 9 good reasons to develop your own thought modelling practice to become a better version of yourself. This is super important if you are a coach running your own coaching business but it's also an essential practice for anyone who wants to improve or upgrade their lives. To learn how to develop your own thought modelling practice, visit   The ABCDE model 
August 27, 2019
E#51 Becoming a Household Name
 8 ways to become known in your first 3 - 6 months in business and beyond! Get help to overcome your fears, work out who you are and become known at  Online research on   Australian census data for research | American census data for research VIEW club Australia |  Rotary club Australia Women in Business Australia | Women With Altitude Eventbrite
August 20, 2019
E#50 Measuring Habits and Actions
 Are you a serial "failer"? It could be because you're measuring the wrong things.  This episode explains why you need to measure more than just results, and why it can make the difference between success and failure. To get help with measuring and achieving your big goals, visit 
August 4, 2019
E#49 From Job to Business: Managing Time Expectations
This episode tackles the challenges of managing time and feeling productive as you transition out of your job into your own business. If you are interested in discovering your business personality; Take the quiz. If you want to read the eMyth by Michael Gerber, click here to buy the book on Amazon (NOT an affiliate link).
July 22, 2019
E48 What’s Behind Your Time and Money Beliefs?
Affirmations are great, but if you truly want to bust your faulty time or money beliefs, you will resolve them faster and more effectively if you go upstream to the source of the problem. That's where you'll find the habits and action steps that will create your success. 
July 15, 2019
E#47 Using BQ for Motivation and Self-Control
Learn how to use BQ - body intelligence - to quickly and easily lower stress, boost motivation and create a sense of motivation and positive self-control. 
July 13, 2019
E#46 How to Make Time in Your Business
 How to make time each week in your business so that you can get more done and feel good about it.  
July 11, 2019
E#42 Four Levels of Money
 Learn about my concept of the four levels of money and how you can manage them to create more wealth. 
July 9, 2019
E45 Why Value (not Time) Creates Money
If you are thinking about charging for your services per hour, or about discounting, or about how much you hate your job, you need to listen to this.
July 8, 2019
E44 Referral and Partnership Agreements
Here are the five steps to creating referral and partnership agreements for business through three stages: initiating, developing and formalising agreements 
July 4, 2019
E43 Changing Beliefs about Money
 Learn how value and beliefs affect your wealth and how you can change them to create more money. 
July 1, 2019
E41 Making the Most of Your Time
Use your thoughts about time to create a great experience of time so that you can make the most of the time you have available.
June 26, 2019
E#40 How to Use Health and Wellness Coaching Agreements With Your Clients
Do you know you need to cover your legal bases with a Health and Wellness Coaching Agreement, but aren't sure how to do it seamlessly and professionally? This episode summarises the main documents you need to give to clients, and shows you two easy approaches to doing this. Here's a summary of the tools I mentioned in this episode: Legal documents in the Business Coaching Toolkit from Wellness Coaching Australia. Coaching documents in the Coaching Toolkit from Wellness Coaching Australia. The ICHWC Code of Ethics Online booking platform, Acuity Scheduling. To connect with me, visit 
June 4, 2019
E#39 Two Ways To Overcome Your Blocks To Being an Effective Leader
If you want to be a more effective and positive leader but are struggling with confidence and motivation, here are my two best tips for overcoming your blocks to becoming a great leader, so you can step up and truly inspire your tribe.
May 27, 2019
E#38 Top 8 Leadership Skills
If you want to be a better leader, for yourself or in your life, there are 8 traits and skills you need to develop.
May 25, 2019
E#37 Why Screening Clients is Your Best Approach to Sales
Rather than feel like you're doing the 'hard sell', learn how screening your clients can help you convert most of your leads into new customers, consistently.
May 23, 2019
E#36 Marketing for Health and Wellness Coaches
 In this interview with Natasha Berta, we explore the common mistakes that coaches make in their marketing and best steps to take going forward.
May 21, 2019
E#34 Create a health and wellness coaching program
There are two types of coaches and there are different types of programs to suit each. Discover your style and which type of program will suit you best!
May 20, 2019
E#35 Tips for Running an Effective Health and Wellness Coaching Session
As a coach trainer, I often see important things being missed in coaching sessions. This episode highlights the common things that most new coaches need to practice and polish.
May 20, 2019
E#33 The Value of Coaching
Find out why clients want and need coaching - what's really in it for them! 
May 13, 2019
E#32 Traditional vs Coaching Businesses
A coaching business is somewhat different from a traditional business. This episode points out the differences so you can get clear on how to build your business in the right way.  
May 8, 2019
E#31 Niches, Expertise and Specialties in Health and Wellness Coaching Businesses
Exploring the difference between niches, expertise and specialities so you can position your business the right way. 
May 8, 2019
E#30 Creating Your Professional Identity
In this episode, you'll learn how to present yourself to attract the right people to your business 
May 8, 2019
E#29 Three Easy Ways to Be More Accountable to Yourself
 Stop saying it's too hard and start taking action toward your goals with these three easy steps that you can start right now. 
May 7, 2019
E#28 How to Harness Self Talk and Show Up
If you are constantly saying I don't know, it's too hard, or why am I doing this, it's time to double down on your self talk so you can start showing up to the goal you are deeply committed to.
May 2, 2019
E#27 How to Stop Failing By Showing Up
How to get clear on what you truly want so that you will more likely succeed.
April 29, 2019
E#26 What is Showing Up and Why Do It?
Showing up is the intention, presence and commitment you bring to any role or goal in your life. It requires confidence courage and persistence. here’s how it works
April 29, 2019
E#25 Running a Client-Centred Business
What does it mean to run a client centred business? And how might this affect your success, profits and satisfaction?
April 27, 2019
E#24 Perfectionism vs Consistency
Ever wondered what the saying 'progress, not perfection' really means?  It means simply that as long as you continue perfectionist behaviours, you are blocking consistency.....and that prevents you getting results. 
April 12, 2019
E#23 Challenging Perfectionism
A lot of people these days call themselves perfectionists. I want to challenge that label and ask - are you really a perfectionist? And, is this truly a label you want to give yourself? If you have a comment or question, visit and get in touch!
April 8, 2019
E#22 Simplifying Your Business using the 80/20 Rule
This episode explains how to earn the same amount of money in less time and with less effort.
March 15, 2019
E#21 Boundaries and simplicity
Learn how simplicity and boundaries are closely entwined and how you can manage boundaries to get rid of mental clutter.
March 12, 2019
E#20 Going slow
Discover how going slow can help you to get more done in less time. Visit to get in touch. Book reference in this episode: Yhe Practicing Mind by Thomas M. Sterner.
March 7, 2019
E#19 A simple method to develop self belief
Anyone can develop self belief with this simple trick. Do it weekly, see results!
March 2, 2019
E#18 Other People's Opinions
In the journey of developing self-belief, it's important to recognise the difference between seeking help and relying on other people's opinions.
February 27, 2019
#17 The 11-step brain sweep
Step out of emotional chatter and into a clean and simple mindset with this 11-step process that comes from Wellcoaches US.
February 27, 2019
E#16 Judgement
There are two sides to judgment and two simple ways you can use judgement more positively
January 31, 2019
E#15 How To Believe in Yourself
Learn the two things that need to change to develop self-belief, and 5 simple practices to get there
January 31, 2019
E#14 Be specific to achieve more and have better relationships
Being specific is a very very simple and effective way to achieve your goals, finish things, enjoy better communication and save time - with a side bonus that you might learn the art of self-discipline.
January 22, 2019
E#13 How to Plan When You Don't Know What You're Doing
When we are new at something, we often think we know what to do but then get bogged down and end up procrastinating as we hit the stumbling blogs. This episode shows you how to make a plan up front so you can identify and work around those blocks and stop shopping online for stationery!
January 22, 2019
E#12 100x Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique
The Pomodoro technique is a great way to work like an athlete. You'll get more done in less time, achieve more, and learn the art of self-discipline along the way.
January 22, 2019
E #10 9 of the Best Reasons to Target a Niche
 Scared of narrowing your niche? Here are 9 of the best reasons why you should and how it will help your focus, clarity and marketing. 
January 14, 2019
E#11 10 Hot Tips for Defining Your Niche
Are you trying to work out which niche to pursue in your business? Here are 10 hot tips to help you start working it out.
January 14, 2019
E #9 12 Hot Productivity tips
 How to enhance productivity - 12 tips + 4 bonus tips 
January 14, 2019
E #8 How to Solve Any Problem
 Instead of getting bogged down in problems, here is one simple thing you can do to solve any problem and get unstuck, quickly and easily. 
January 14, 2019
E #7 How to live and work like an athlete
Quit perfection and impossible dreams of consistency - live and work like an athlete instead!
January 14, 2019
#6 Rocket fuel productivity by working with your Tendency
 Understand your tendency and how to make it work for you 
January 14, 2019
Episode #5 How To Create A Foolproof 30 - Day Plan
 A step by step instruction for creating an effective 30-day plan 
January 11, 2019
Episode #4 How to Get in the Mood and Get Things Done
 A short audio to describe rituals for getting things done.
January 11, 2019
Episode #3 What is Health and Wellness Coaching
The difference between Health Coaches and Health & Wellness Coaching; How to choose a good coach. 
January 11, 2019
Episode #2 How to Overcome Negative Thinking
 Why we think negatively and 10 powerful ways to rewire our thoughts for better results in business and life.
January 11, 2019
Episode #1 Creating a Vision
 How to create compelling business and personal visions that will actually help you succeed. 
January 11, 2019