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Securing Your Blockchain with LedgerOps' Ajay Chandhok and Preston Thornburg

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Debugging Diversity in Australia's Infosec Community with 0xCC's Alannah Guo
Let’s be honest, the cybersecurity community is still predominantly male. As of March 13, 2019, Cybersecurity Ventures states that women will represent 20 percent of the workforce globally in 2019, still an under represented group. The 2018 McAfee Cybersecurity Talent Study stated that Australia’s cybersecurity workforce is 25 percent female. But how can we get this number closer to 50? What gender biases and double standards lie in the way of that goal? Someone tackling this issue is Alannah Guo (@alannahguo), the founder of 0xCC, Australia’s first women-only cybersecurity training conference.  On this episode, we talk about her experience creating 0xCC, the importance of women-only conferences, her adventure of meeting the happiest animal on the planet. 
March 19, 2019
Securing Your Blockchain with LedgerOps' Ajay Chandhok and Preston Thornburg
Over the past few years, "blockchain" has been a serious buzzword. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have made people overnight millionaires. But new technologies come with new security issues. LedgerOps is a penetration testing firm specializing in blockchain security, cofounded by Ajay Chandhok and Preston Thornburg. They join the show to talk about blockchain security, how to run a good penetration testing firm, and whether or not blockchain will even last.  Tweet at us @HackerCultureFM and let us know how many times we said the word "blockchain".
March 11, 2019
Reducing Alert Fatigue with GreyNoise's Andrew Morris
The background noise of the Internet is a loud hum and rumble. Everyday, automated scanners bombard servers with traffic. Sometimes they're benign, other times malicious; when you're an analyst, it takes time to tell the difference. For the past year, Andrew Morris (@Andrew___Morris) has been helping companies filter pointless alerts and reduce false positives. He's built GreyNoise Intelligence, a platform that helps companies and analysts understand what NOT to worry about. Through collecting and analyzing widespread internet scans and attack activity, GreyNoise gives SIEMs the ability to tune out the background noise of the Internet.
March 4, 2019
Securing the Inbox with Sublime Security's Josh Kamdjou and Ian Thiel
Approximately 70 percent of breaches associated with state-affiliated actors involve phishing. It's continues to play a major role in our lives whether it's our family members or our politicians. At some point, everyone gets an email that they shouldn't click. But not everyone knows they shouldn't. Sublime Security is cofounded by Josh Kamdjou and Ian Thiel, who have dedicated their time to helping us defend our email inboxes with the power of machine learning. And even better, it's free for consumers! You can try it out at sublimesecurity.com.
February 26, 2019
Secret Surveillance and Public Privacy with Cyrus Farivar
Whether you’re reading about court rulings on fingerprint authentication or about the newest privacy scandal on Ars Technica, chances are, it was written by Cyrus Farivar (@cfarivar), their Senior Tech Policy Reporter. As of tomorrow February 19th, he’ll be joining NBC’s Tech News Investigation team! On this episode, we revisit some of his favorite stories he’s written and talk about his second book, Habeas Data. It’s a culmination of his efforts and dedication to bringing public awareness to data privacy issues and internet surveillance. 
February 18, 2019
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February 15, 2019
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