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Hacker News TLDR

Hacker News TLDR

By Tuesday Labs
Colin is a YC-backed founder and open-sourcer. Kenny is a human-computer interaction whiz at Apple. Two best friends report daily from the depths of Hacker News.
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[#43] Feb 24, 2021
Maker space schemes, Tesla memes, and lucid dreams.
February 24, 2021
[#42] Feb 23, 2021
We cover the vices and virtues of mind uploading, electric jets, and the Arizona correctional system in 15 minutes or less. Spoiler alert there are no virtues. Links: Perseverance landing video New York bans Bitfinex I Am Bezos Ethereum isn't fun anymore Software bug keeping hundreds of inmates in Arizona prisons beyond release dates Launch HN: H3X - High power density electric aircraft motors Lena: brain uploading
February 23, 2021
[#41] Feb 22, 2021
You know what's cool, Kia Motors is a trillion dollar company... in Won.
February 22, 2021
[#40] Feb 19, 2021
It's episode 40! We're over the hill. It's all downhill from here. Links: The Texas power outage is a nationwide problem GitHub Skyline Fracture I am a heroin user. I do not have a drug problem. Perseverance lands on Mars Mars Photo Booth Colin on Mars [photo] Launch HN: MindsDB
February 19, 2021
[#39] Feb 18, 2021
Rovers, satellites, and the rocketship growth of Clubhouse. What an episode. Citibank just got a $500 million lesson in the importance of UI design Perseverance rover landing How to cancel a New York Times subscription Why did I leave Google, or why did I stay so long? John Carmack at Oculus Connect (2019, 2020) Starlink now available for pre-order Pixar In A Box on Khan Academy Buying a Tesla with Bitcoin Blitz.js in beta
February 19, 2021
[#38] Feb 17, 2021
Clubhouse, Texas, and anti-minimalism. It's a speed round, light on the speed. Links What went wrong with the Texas power grid?  Python Pattern Matching  Jacquard by Google  Clubhouse Bio Generator  The designer behind Paper (by FiftyThree) is calling for an end to minimalism 
February 17, 2021
[#37] Feb 16, 2021
TikTok takes another hit, and a couple new essays from familiar names.  TikTok hit with consumer law breaches complaints across Europe Clubhouse's inevitability What I worked on (Paul Graham) Comma Two
February 16, 2021
[#36] Feb 15, 2021
Snow everywhere. Hackers everywhere. Journalism everywhere. Links SolarWinds hack was 'largest and most sophisticated attack' ever: MSFT president Show HN: – open-source tax filing webapp Launch HN: Noya — Direct air capture of CO2 using cooling towers Launch HN: Prometheus – Remove CO2 from Air and Turn It into Gasoline AirPods Causing Tinnitus (600+ reports since 2019?) Silicon Valley’s Safe Space Statement on New York Times Article
February 15, 2021
[#35] Feb 11, 2021
Kenny announces his upcoming book! Plus, Dalio gives us his unsolicited thoughts on Bitcoin. What I think of Bitcoin (Dalio) Do things that don't scale (HN comments) DIY box fan air filter vs Dyson
February 11, 2021
[#34] Feb 10, 2021
Elon, Bitcoin, and Reddit. It's memes all the way down. But don't worry, thinking too much is bad for you. Links Elon Musk wants clean power. But Tesla's carrying Bitcoin's dirty baggage  Bitcoin now uses more electricity than Argentina  Reddit valued at $6B on a $250M round  Police playing music while being filmed, seemingly to trigger copyright filters  Github1s – One second to read GitHub code with VS Code  90-year-old man spends $10k on 2 ads in WSJ to tell AT&T CEO about slow internet Thinking too much can be bad for you (2012) Where are All the Successful Rationalists?
February 10, 2021
[#33] Feb 9, 2021
Colin is filled with regret.  Show HN: Clerk Tesla buys $1.5bn in Bitcoin Don't underestimate the power of a walk Stop swiss-cheesing your calendar 20% of requests for Wikimedia Commons are for one image of a flower
February 9, 2021
[#32] Feb 8, 2021
To have a free plan or not to have a free plan, that is the question. For some reason. A visual guide to SSH tunnels Inside TurboTax’s 20-year fight to stop Americans from filing their taxes for free Programming for cats Don't offer a free plan Do offer a free plan Science fiction hasn't prepared us to imaging machine learning
February 8, 2021
[#31] Feb 4, 2021
Bezos and Bees. Bees? They don't allow you to have bees in here. Links Email from Jeff Bezos to Employees  I still use RSS  Computer Graphics from Scratch  Apple urged to root out rating scams as developer highlights enforcement failure  Collection of Human Interface and Software Design Guides 20k honey bees took over a tech company’s empty office during lockdown 
February 4, 2021
[#30] Feb 2, 2021
It's groundhog day. Here are the stories we discuss: A 25-Year-Old Bet Comes Due: Has Tech Destroyed Society? Publishing is Back to the Future Just because I have a vertical screen, doesn’t mean I’m on a phone  Apple watch keyboard developer put off by app store scammers Google Stadia shuts down internal studios, changing business focus Also, it's groundhog day.
February 2, 2021
[#29] Feb 1, 2021
New month, new news! We give the people what they've been clamoring for: a detailed breakdown of the Chrome 89 Beta. It's actually a gamechanger. Why Robinhood disabled buys not sells Robinhood raises another $2.4bn Myanmar coup Deloitte CDC website is trash Chrome 89 Beta
February 1, 2021
[#28] Jan 29, 2021
Robin Hood a legendary heroic outlaw originally depicted in English folklore and subsequently featured in literature and film. Robinhood is... different. Links Robinhood now has a 1-Star rating on the Google Play Store  Robinhood Play Store listing went from 329K reviews to 180K in few hours Robinhood is said to draw on bank credit lines amid tumult  Robinhood, in Need of Cash, Raises $1 Billion From Its Investors Robinhood denies claims that it sold GameStop shares out from under its traders High Short Interest Stocks
January 29, 2021
[#27] Jan 28, 2021
There's only one story today: Robinhood. But don't worry, we talk about some other stuff too. Links Discord Bans r/WallStreetBets Robinhood Limits Purchasing GameStop Is Rage Against the Financial Machine AOC Considers Investigation Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company Let's Not Dumb Down the History of Computer Science (2014) Hotwire: HTML over the Wire WebRTC is now a W3C and IETF standard Data Fetching on the Web Still Sucks
January 28, 2021
[#26] Jan 27, 2021
The one where r/wallstreetbets breaks the simulation AMC share price quadruples Meet the Censored: Status Coup (Taibbi) Launch HN: Axle Health Telephoto fear: Japanese photojournalist shows how lenses affect views of crowds amid virus A bootstrapped SaaS journey to 10k MRR (Bannerbear)
January 27, 2021
[#25] Jan 26, 2021
⚡️ SPEED ROUND ⚡️ Twitter acquires Revue Twitter announces Birdwatch Everything I know (HN comments) Otokichi The 1983 Johnny Cash classic Kairei Halt and Catch Fire syllabus Backblaze Hard Drive Stats (2020)
January 26, 2021
[#24] Jan 25, 2021
Death, revolution, and CSS. Happy monday. Larry King has died Brad Cox has died The computer revolution hasn't happened yet (Alan Kay, OOPSLA 1997) An incomplete list of mistakes in the design of CSS
January 25, 2021
[#23] Jan 21, 2021
A combination plate: new hardware, new science, and new social media services. Everything a growing HNTLDR listener needs. Ultraleap Haptic Feedback Sundayy Longwave Vitamin D study Mendelian Randomization (Wikipedia) Youtube DL Summary 90% of everything is crap MuscleWiki
January 21, 2021
[#22] Jan 20, 2021
New & Old: a new president and old dream of a single unified chat app.
January 20, 2021
[#21] Jan 15, 2021
It’s a Show HN sandwich! Kenny highlights the best and worst products launched on HN in the past 24 hours and Colin finally learns about the Google acquisition of Fitbit. Show HNs: HitTheFrontPage Haxplore Nothingly Supernotes Articles: Rent a person who does nothing Fitbit join Google Open letter from Laura Poitras The used to post selfies. Now they're trying to overturn the election.
January 15, 2021
[#20] Jan 12, 2021
More on the Parler takedown and associated avalanche of thoughtpieces! Plus Sci-Hub starts using distributed DNS service Handshake on the 8th anniversary of Aaron Swartz's death. We need a new media system (Taibbi) How Silicon Valley, in a Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler (Greenwald) The Lies That Can Undermine Democracy (Martin Fowler) The original fluent interface blog post Sci-Hub using Handshake Aaron Swartz commemoration
January 12, 2021
[#19] Jan 11, 2021
Did you see that Donald Trump tweet last night? 🔥 The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News What Silicon Valley "Gets" about Software Engineers that Traditional Companies Do Not Working off grid efficiently Will the US Really Experience a Violent Upheaval in 2020?
January 11, 2021
[#18] Jan 8, 2021
We're finally at the end of this totally normal week! We talk Gumroad's approach to the workplace, the WhatsApp exodus, and more.
January 8, 2021
[#17] Jan 7, 2021
Well that escalated...steadily over four years. 
January 7, 2021
[#16] Jan 6, 2021
Kenny learns the difference between Bridgerton and Paddington. We also talk DALL·E, Iran, behavioral psychology, and Nat Friedman being pretty cool.
January 6, 2021
[#15] Jan 5, 2021
Speed round! Google changes its algorithm, LinkedIn gets a new competitor, and America continues to suck at healthcare.
January 5, 2021
[#14] Jan 4, 2021
Slack is down, so there's no way to work. Just sit back and listen up.
January 4, 2021
[#13] Jan 1, 2021
Happy new year! Starting off 2021 figuring out browser tabs and bitcoin. 
January 1, 2021
[#12] Dec 31, 2020
Closing out the year with dancing robots and unprofitable side projects.
December 31, 2020
[#11] Dec 29, 2020
The recommendations from the scientific advisory have been rejected.
December 29, 2020
[#10] Dec 28, 2020
After the holiday break, we talk money (SaaS products), money (SF rent), and money (global reserve currency).
December 28, 2020
[#9] Dec 18, 2020
How to get a college degree in a month (plus or minus 37 months). And more.
December 18, 2020
[#8] Dec 17, 2020
Robinhood steals from the poor and gives to the SEC, and much more
December 17, 2020
[#7] Dec 16, 2020
Bitcoin is high but spirits are low.
December 16, 2020
[#6] Dec 15, 2020
Does Elon Musk want more money or less money? Tune in to find out.
December 15, 2020
[#5] Dec 14, 2020
The government has been hacked but at least we'll get some good book recommendations.
December 14, 2020
[#4] Dec 11, 2020
Google Stories. What!? And some other things.
December 11, 2020
[#3] Dec 10, 2020
Elon, Explorable Explanations, and Errors. 
December 10, 2020
[#2] Dec 9, 2020
GitHub Universe, Twitter Threads, and more.
December 9, 2020
[#1] Dec 8, 2020
Airpods Max and whatever Kafka is.
December 8, 2020