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Good to Great Education Leaders Series - Jeni Ling - Faulkner Brown Associates

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Education insights from Head Teachers Principals and Senior Leaders, giving you access to their biggest wins and successes.
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Good to Great Education Leaders Series - Jeni Ling - Faulkner Brown Associates
 I went in with very clear vision of what I wanted to achieve in the school, and getting the staff and the community on board with that vision was really, really important. - Jeni Ling Jeni Ling is an experienced director, facilitator, and education coach with a wonderful history of developing senior leaders and Head Teachers in education. Experienced school evaluator and inspector Jeni is a skilled coach, Educational Consult and Learning Manager. Jeni has a vast array of experiences which have rounded her abilities to improve all she works with. Listen to more of Jeni’s fantastic experience and how she helps and supports the current crop of  UK Head Teachers.   SHOW NOTES: Jeni’s route into Education [00:40] Jeni’s career path [02:26] Becoming a head teacher? [06:13] What advice would you give to senior leadership or aspiring headteachers [10:12] Moving from Head to being a Consultant [11:17] Jeni’s lightbulb moments  [14:23] Recent consultancy  Initiatives [17:02] What does makes a good senior leadership team [20:23] Where is the Education sector heading [22:23] Is teaching still a vocation [26:35] Jeni’s next project [31:10] Contacting Jeni [34:36]   SELECTED LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE Connect with Jeni Ling Linkedin  Tweet Jeni on – Twitter Feed Email Jeni – INTERESTING MENTIONS Klobs Learning Styles National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL)  Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)
April 18, 2019
Good to Great Education Leaders Series - Liam Powell - Manor High School
 Building your SLT team is like trying to build an aircraft while it’s in the air – Liam Powell Liam Powell is the Head Teacher at Manor High school in Oadby, Leicestershire. He has been teaching for over 24 years, initially qualifying in 1993 as a History and Politics teacher. Liam has been a Head for over 7 years and taken Manor High school through significant changes, in particular, becoming an Academy and part of Oak Multi Academy Trust. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out Liam’s “Hot Choc Friday” pics on LinkedIn, they truly are brilliant and show how as a Head you can have a huge impact on your students. Listen to more of Liam’s fantastic experience and how he still believes being a Head Teacher is the best job in the world.   SHOW NOTES: Liam’s route into Education [00:36] Advice to Student teachers entering the profession [01:36] Is Teaching still a vocation? [02:44] What makes a good senior leadership team in a school [03:53] Moving from SLT to being a Head [04:55] Advice on becoming a Headteacher [06:00] Recent Manor High School Initiatives [08:52] Manor Highs Partnerships [11:30] Hot Choc Friday [13:03] Where will Education move too in the next 5 years, being a MAT [14:34] Primary Secondary Transition improvements [16:15] Being process driven, not outcome driven [17:46] Students are our greatest resource [19:25] Recruitment needs for September [22:20] The importance of having “Core Values” [22:48]   SELECTED LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE Connect with Liam Powell Linkedin  Manor High School Facebook Page – Twitter Feed Spark Academy PEOPLE MENTIONED Luke Ambler – ANDYSMANCLUB – Linkedin Mital Thanki – Spark Academy – Linkedin Paul Dix – Pivotal Education Linkedin
March 26, 2019
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