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Between The Lines with Haig

Between The Lines with Haig

By Haig Armaghanian
Haig brings smart casual conversations to explore business insights with some of the most switched on brains across the globe. Haig is a corporate transformed entrepreneur and CEO of a strategic consulting company. Having worked in 40+ countries, he is a trusted advisor and partner to many prestigious clients working on a wide range of projects across many sectors. Haig’s philosophy is passionate partnerships which he brings to the table for Between The Lines as he gets cosy with industry leaders and experts to bring you some great stories, key insights and steer for future business growth.
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Episode 15 - Heavenly view of London with Tony Matharu
Tony Matharu, founder of the chain Blue Orchid Hotels, entrepreneur, hotelier, sportsman, philanthropist and patron of London’s Culture Mile. From investing in his first hotel in his late teens to owning the largest independent group in London, Tony’s career is truly inspirational. His deep-rooted passion for the city has driven initiatives, such as the Central London Alliance, which invest and build London back following the difficult pandemic year by supporting businesses, charities and the arts. During the peak of the pandemic, March 2020, Tony launched his new hotel chain which he kept open to key workers, citing Anne Frank ‘Nobody ever becomes poor by giving’. He is also the owner of one of the hottest spots for post-lockdown, The Skyline, with a 360 view of London. Tony is very much part of the rich tapestry of business, entertainment and energy of the city that he so loves. Listen in to find out how Tony’s innovation, creativity and resilience has taken him from his first venture to winning him several awards and becoming one of London's most proactive advocates. #entrepreneur #startup #tonymatharu #futuresthinking #blueorchidhotels #theskylinelondon #haigbarrett #centrallondonalliance #towersuites #culturemile #lordtaveners
May 26, 2021
Episode 14 - Lars Andersen: The Man with the Golden Badge
We are joined by Master of the Company of Entrepreneurs, Lars Andersen. Though born in Norway, Lars takes us behind the scenes of the Livery companies in the City of London and shows his deep knowledge and passion for the heritage and tradition of the capital’s Gilds.  His desire to travel started as a student, where he moved from Paris to Berlin and finally settling in London where he caught the entrepreneur’s bug.  He has been involved with numerous start-ups, from cosmetics to 3D printing, before becoming CEO of his current venture, My Nametags which now trades with 127 countries across the world.  He discusses the valuable lessons learned through embracing failure and provides brilliant insights for other entrepreneurs and the freedom afforded in running your own company.  When he isn’t fishing or cross-country skiing, he likes to read up on ancient history.  Listen in to find out how innovation for the future can draw from past culture and historical tradition. #entrepreneur #startup#scaleup#mynametags#cityoflondon#innovation#incubator#companyofentrepreneurs #haigbarrett#worldtraders
May 18, 2021
Episode 13 - Scale new heights with Vessela Ignatova
Our guest is Vessela Ignatova, strategy manager, start-up advisor, and investor. Vessela is in the fast lane of the tech ecosystem in London and has over 13 years of experience in strategy for start-ups, corporates, and accelerators. With multiple careers in multiple cities, Sofia (Bulgaria), Paris, New York and London, her unique strategy and operations experience provides vital lessons for small start-ups to help them become market winners. Riding the wave of self-expression and creativity in the 90s, Vessela created her own future and was always in search of the next big thing. Having worked with more than 200 start-ups, Vessela has written a fascinating research piece: ‘Future of Acceleration’ examining the impact of Covid-19 on remote mentoring. Join Vessela and Haig to navigate the start-up ecosystem, learn key entrepreneurial insights and find out what Vessela means in Bulgarian! #entrepreneur #startup #scaleup #accelerator #futuresthinking #innovation #incubator #vesselaignatova #haigbarrett #wework #uber #LBS
May 06, 2021
Episode 12 - Follow your gut with Dave Stevens
‘If you can lead people by influence when you're in a senior position, you can achieve anything’. David Stevens, President and Chief Operating Officer at Arranta Bio. From the windy shores of Scotland to the Atlantic coast of Boston, Dave has developed a fascinating career by following his gut instinct into the cutting-edge innovation in Microbiomes. Though born and raised in Edinburgh, Dave’s thirst for deep knowledge in biotech and dedicated hard work has led him across the world to leading a multi-million dollar biotech to unlock the power of this world-changing approach to medicine. By understanding the potential of the microbiome in managing a number of chronic diseases from diabetes, to autism, from cancer to alzheimers, this truly is an exciting venture that will impact our future. From learning Italian, playing golf and enjoying whisky, Dave reveals a whole variety of talents with Haig, and gives key insights to developing a winning culture for business. A true gentleman of Verona… listen up and enjoy! #biopharma #pharmaceuticals #microbiome #innovation #disruption #pioneer #arrantabio #davidstevens #haigbarrett
April 27, 2021
Episode 11 - Mintridge brings the Gold for Alex Wallace
Resilient, Realistic and Radiant. Alex Wallace, founder at The Mintridge Foundation and Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society. Starting out her career as a sportswoman playing hockey to becoming a true inspiration to 60,000 young people. Whilst coaching hockey and netball to young people in Fiji, Alex realised the far-reaching impacts and lifeskills sport brought into communities. Her experience in dealing with internal pressure, perceived failure and imposter syndrome stemmed the very successful Mintridge Foundation. Alex's charity promotes sport to improve the mental and physical well-being of young people to help them find their pathway in life. Alex embraced her “just do it” attitude, found herself at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth games and ventured with various Olympians, paralympians and professional athletes. She provides a realistic journey of the challenges to becoming an entrepreneur and how you can transform negatives into positives. Tune in to find out how Alex took the leap from the English farmlands to the Olympic games! #sport #passion #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #charity #mentalhealth #transition #transformation #alexwallace #haigbarrett
April 20, 2021
Episode 10 - Get maternal with Tanya Patel
“Aim for the moon and if you fail then you will land in the stars”. Join Haig with Tanya Patel, CEO and Founder of Lily & Ribbon, avid Formula 1 fan, and winner of the Asian Women of Achievement Award 2015 for her contribution to business leadership. Tanya shares her journey into founding a startup and motherhood to inspire other upcoming creative entrepreneurs. During her first pregnancy, Tanya spotted a huge gap in the market for stylish affordable maternity wear. She took the immense risk and created her own brand, a brand that truly cares for the well-being of all mothers with innovative design patents and a focus on comfort. She started as a business student and worked in finance before transitioning into the M&S graduate scheme, where she worked her way up to become International Project Manager in 2017 and winning the Best Maternity Jeans Award. Although Tanya believes there is no manual for entrepreneurship, she is full of useful experience and advice about the pits and peaks of this courageous journey. Join Tanya and Haig to find out what is remaining on Tanya’s bucket list!  #womenleaders #innovation #fashion #maternity #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #haigbarrett #lily&ribbon #tanyapatel #motherhood #risk #projectmanagement #companyofentrepreneurs
April 14, 2021
Episode 9 - At the frontline with Peter Jaye
‘Inclusivity, Authenticity and Compassion’ are key to Peter Jaye, a consultant in Emergency Medicine at St. Thomas’s hospital when leading a team through the pandemic. Peter’s wealth of hands-on experience in how to maintain resilience, adaptive capacity and care in the face of disruption provides key leadership and team insights for all both in medicine and business. So much so, that he has co-founded his own business, IncusER, that translates this approach used in the Emergency Room for business leaders. The unexpected will always come knocking at the emergency room door, and Peter describes the critical importance of continuing investment in a resilient team that prepares for future uncertainty and disruption. Having led the team at a hospital with the highest rate of success over the past year, he is well-placed to provide these insights and offer a completely unique and exhilarating simulation experience of becoming an ER doctor for a day. Learn about the Circle of Care and how good leadership starts with you: whether yoga, five-a-side or conversation. Listen in for a powerful conversation in navigating through crisis at the frontline. #leadership #entrepreneurship #medicine #disruption #crisisleadership #haigbarrett #peterjaye #companyofentrepreneurs #frontlineleadership #simulationlearning #handsupforhealth
April 06, 2021
Episode 8 - Building bridges with Nisrine Chartouny
“I always wanted to be part of projects that would influence positively how people lived.” Nisrine Chartouny goes Between The Lines with Haig! Currently Rail Director at Jacobs in Dubai and previously the youngest ever Project Manager for Crossrail at Farringdon, Nisrine discusses her leadership capabilities for excelling in a male-dominated industry. She found her passion for engineering whilst travelling the mountain roads of Lebanon and now having worked in London, Doha, Washington and Romania, Nisrine reveals the ‘tangible tools’ and ‘leadership language’ to become an effective and impactful leader wherever you are. Diversity, open-mindedness and acceptance of other views is what Nisrine believes fosters an environment of creativity and success. Spending a decade working on Crossrail - a huge amount of time deep underneath the streets of the capital - she illustrates her dedication to her team and the positive impact of her work on so many Londoners. Nisrine is not only dedicated to her team but also her family as she shines a light on juggling motherhood and a meaningful career. Join Haig and Nisrine to hear about complex transformations, Nisrine's importance as a female leader role model in engineering and disrupting that ‘organisational drift’! As part of our Spotlight on Leadership series: Shaping the Future™ sponsored by JMW Consultants, Nisrine provides insights on complex transformations, disrupting ‘organisational drifts’ and brushing up on your 'leadership language'. JMW are expert in developing leaders and teams fit for transformation and this collaborative series has been compiled to provide valuable insights and strategy for business growth and accelerated performance. #transformation #leadership #crossrail #womenleader #engineering #stem #strategy #haigbarrett #nisrinechartouny #JMW
March 23, 2021
Episode 7 - Tony Meggs fast tracks the future
“I like to make a difference in whatever I do.” Tony Meggs, ex Chairman of Crossrail and former CEO of Major Projects and Infrastructure, joins Haig to talk clean energy, complex transformations and Greta. His career has taken him around the world, from battling off large insects in Sumatra through to leading Upstream Technology in the North Sea at BP. His extensive leadership experience in both public and private sectors reveals brilliant insights on two key challenges: leading a £600bn government project and construction ventures, to heading up the transformation of Crossrail. Trust, Transparency and ‘Seeing the whole elephant’ are Tony’s key ingredients for effective transformational leadership to create the environment where others can thrive and pave the way for extraordinary change. What has been achieved with Crossrail - the most ‘stunning’ and ‘sophisticated’ digital rail project - is a transformation of so many lives. It is no wonder that such an extraordinary leader leaves his thumbprint on such spectacular projects - listen in to hear where he will make a difference next… As part of our Spotlight on Leadership series: Shaping the Future™ sponsored by JMW Consultants. JMW Consultants are expert in developing leaders and teams fit for transformation and this collaborative series has been compiled to provide valuable insights and strategy for business growth and accelerated performance. #transformation #leadership #BP #crossrail #energytransition #renewableenergy #TonyMeggs #HaigBarrett #JMW #oilandgas #energy #electrification #government
March 16, 2021
Episode 6 - Mercedes Alonso follows her passion
Care, Courage and Collaboration... Mercedes Alonso’s 3 Cs as she goes Between The Lines with Haig. As Executive VP of Renewable Polymers & Chemicals at Neste and pioneering leader in transformation, Mercedes reveals how she began as a medicine student but found her passion deeply rooted in chemistry as a way to contribute to a more sustainable future. Tracing her meteoric rise to global leader in energy transition provides a truly inspirational story as Mercedes reveals what it takes to run a ‘startup’ within a corporate machine. With Neste already exploring renewables in 2005, they view other energy leaders as partners, not competitors, all geared to creating a healthier planet for our children. Mercedes also discusses juggling duties as a business leader and a mother, her advocacy for encouraging more women into Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics as well as the measurable advantages of a truly diverse workforce. Join them to find out about their favourite Spanish foods and how a transformation initiative has helped shape the future at Neste. As part of our Spotlight on Leadership series: Shaping the Future™ sponsored by JMW Consultants, Mercedes provides valuable learnings on how she has led successful transformation within an organisation. JMW Consultants are expert in developing leaders and teams fit for transformation and this collaborative series has been compiled to provide valuable insights and strategy for business growth and accelerated performance. #transformationalleadership #mercedesalonso #neste #energytransition #womenleaders #STEM #diverseworkforce #valueledculture #sustainability #renewables #innovation #climate #climatechange #circulareconomy #haigbarrett
March 16, 2021
Episode 5 - Simon Hocquard takes to the skies
This episode we journey from international air travel to ice-skating with Simon Hocquard, who as DG of CANSO leads the organisation that is the global voice of air traffic management.  In conversation with Haig, he explores his new grounded lifestyle and gives us his tips on survival - the four Fs: Fitness, Food, Flexibility and Family.  Formerly at UK NATS, Simon knows a great deal about leading an organisation through crisis, from managing the total disruption to air traffic in 2010 after the Volcanic eruption, to navigating the fallout of the pandemic to global air travel.  His extensive experience is full of brilliant insights on career development, leadership and future thinking and innovation.  Learn about what the future holds for aviation in sustainability, digitisation and resilience. The first in the Spotlight on Leadership series, sponsored by JMW Consultants, Simon provides valuable lessons and experience in his own leadership journey, and how his personal approach has been integral to his success and shaping the future. JMW Consultants are expert in developing leaders and teams fit for transformation and this collaborative series has been compiled to provide valuable insights and strategy for business growth and accelerated performance. #canso#airtravel#aviation#NATS#simonhocquard#jmwconsultants#haigbarrettpartners#leadingthroughcrisis#leadingremotely#organisation#resilience#leadership #digitisation
March 03, 2021
Episode 4 - Brexit Special with David Oldroyd-Bolt
Brexit, Brandy and Bolt…  Our guest, journalist and political consultant David Oldroyd-Bolt, joins Haig for a Brexit special. David discusses some positives from lockdown, brushing up on his languages and piano-playing, as well as the positives from Brexit, especially the UK vaccine orders. Despite the Brexit ‘teething problems’, he provides an optimistic outlook for the winning industries and firms, as well as an insight into what business leaders can expect from the new US administration. Drawing on his own experience, writing for The Telegraph, The Spectator and appearing on France 24 TV, he talks about the impact the pandemic has had on journalism reporting. He shares with Haig his own lockdown highs and lows; a thwarted charity pilgrimage from London to Yorkshire, lessons from history and an enthusiastic wine palette. Join the chat and learn just how good Armenian Brandy can be. #brexit #europe #eu #transformation #partnership #winners #losers #unitedkingdom #brandy #books #crisis #languages #davidoldroydbolt #haigarmaghanian
February 16, 2021
Episode 3 - Nigel Walker Unplugged
Haig is joined by Nigel Walker, long-term colleague, and founder and CEO of science agency That’s Nice. Based in New York, Nigel is recently back from an amazing 25 day trip visiting 25 countries across Europe to celebrate his 25th Anniversary.  He shares his insights on how different cultures have responded to the pandemic, exciting innovation in biopharma and the Future of Healthcare, as well as revealing his own penchant for supercars, shoes (his collection is in the 100s), and how he built up his business from scratch.  Haig and Nigel discuss what it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur, with Nigel's own tale from sleeping rough on the streets of  NYC to creating a $multimillion global agency, and delve into what the future may hold for the industry events and exhibitions.  Nigel reveals fascinating insights on gene therapy and patient-centred care, observations on the speed of development in development of RNA vaccine, and big-ticket investment areas of the future. This episode is packed! A bit more about our guest: Nigel Walker’s company, That’s Nice, is a diversified science agency providing research driven marketing to companies within life sciences. With headquarters in New York, That’s Nice operates in 4 other strategic locations - San Diego, London, Frankfurt and Shanghai. Their end-to-end offering reflects 25 years of industry knowledge, a passion for strategic thinking, and a comprehensive approach that meets the needs of global companies. That’s Nice serves 125 research & thought leadership accounts, 25 agency-of-record accounts and 10 consulting accounts annually. #biopharma #pharmaceutical #innovation #entrepreneur #inspiration #growth #journey #healthcare #vaccine #lamborghini #research #development #nigelwalker #haigbarrett
February 13, 2021
Episode 2 - Jonathan McMahon
In this episode Haig is joined in the studio by author and Green Arbour founder Jonathan McMahon. Discussing the publication of his new book, Post Pandemic, 12 lessons in Crisis Management, Jonathan draws on his frontline experience of navigating Ireland out of financial catastrophe in 2007, as a Director at the Irish Central Bank. Highlighting the lessons learned and how they may help the leader in the current crisis, Jonathan weaves a mix of human story and strategic insight for a unique perspective. A former private secretary to Sir Howard Davies, before joining the ICB, Jonathan went on to become CRO and COO of St James’ Place, before setting up his own consultancy in 2017. He chats to Haig about resilience as a business leader, lockdown parenting and disruptive innovation - and how to smell good! A bit more about our guest: Jonathan McMahon has key leadership experience during various crises such as the financial impacts of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the global financial crisis. Following his tenure as COO at St James' Place, Jonathan is the founder and director of Green Arbour, a strategic advisory consultancy, and 145 studios, a digital marketing agency. Additionally, Jonathan has a business focused on integrating physical, emotional and financial wellbeing called Well Human. He is also a Trustee and Board Member at National Star, a charity supporting young people with Special Educational Needs. Jonathan’s Financial leadership roles tied with his entrepreneurial kind spirit has set the perfect foundation for writing his book “Post-Pandemic: 12 Lessons in Crisis Management”. #postpandemic #crisismanagement #leadership #recovery #leadingthroughacrisis #crisis #pivoting #businessinnovation #virtualperfumery #fiole #jonathanmcmahon #haigarmaghanian
February 09, 2021
Episode 1 - William Malek
In this episode Haig chats with William Malek, a strategic transformation expert and ex-Stanford based in Bangkok, who shares his wisdom on strategic foresight and his disruptive innovation approach with clients. William compares the magnitude of today’s crisis to the 2008 crisis; explains why he chose to live in Bangkok, an emerging Asian market and discusses the Chinese company Haier, a decentralised organisation with 4000 agile microenterprise teams. A bit more about our guest: William Malek is a facilitator of the strategic planning process and has worked with 45 successful businesses in 12 major industries across 5 continents. William has helped design and teach award-winning courses at Stanford University and continues to follow his passion for strategy and execution. He also authors a book titled “Executing Your Strategy: How to Break it Down & Get it Done”. All in all a wonderful guest to delve Between The Lines about strategic foresight. #strategicforesight #businesstransformation #disruptiveinnovation #organisationalengineering #emergingmarkets #executingstrategy #businessgrowth #leadingtransformation #stanford #williammalek #haigarmaghanian
January 29, 2021