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Dunes.Dreams.Digital Marketing

Dunes.Dreams.Digital Marketing

By Haithem Zaidan
My name is Haithem Zaidan (Sam), and I love having engaging discussions about life (especially in the middle east), ambitions and reams, and Digital marketing (and business in general).
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[Episode202203] Informative episode covering a question from a fitness wanna-be influencer, repurposing content, Jungle Scout and the metaverse
In this episode I take more spend a bit more time answering the Q&A of the day explaining to a fitness wanna-be influencer how to go about becoming one. I then explain what content repurposing is and give you two great examples of who does repurposing very well. I then talk about Jungle scout, a tool to do Amazon research. And I end with explaining something that has been annoying me about the Metaverse as a term.
March 30, 2022
Fashion Startup Question, Why Having a Blog is Important, What is, whose, and how to use SEMRush - S02.E02
As I am trying to improve the way I am doing podcast, you will find that I am keeping them as short as possible, and as to the point as possible. In this episode I answer a question from someone who is thinking of starting their own fashion brand (and I circle back to the question to give more detail at the end of the episode). I then go on to explain why having a blog post is important for your business. Then I quickly talk about SEMRush, an SEO tool that I like. Who should use it and how to use it.
February 27, 2022
Dunes, Dreams and Digital Marketing Podcast S02E01
In the first episode of 2022, I answer the Q&A of the day which came from a gentleman named Eric who is running an HR consultancy business. I also go at length explaining the difference between ROAS and LTV and why I like to based my decisions on LTV more than ROAS. And finally I talk about Jungle Scout, an amazing Amazon tool for those who are interested in starting an Amazon business.
February 18, 2022
Episode 10: 8 New Business and Digital Marketing Improving Tips
In this week's episode I share with you 8 tips that help you in your business and your digital marketing efforts. It was supposed to be a kind of a Q&A episode but in all honesty I did not go through a lot of the questions I received and I wanted to add value to my listeners so I said I will these tips this week and next week I will do the Q&A.
December 13, 2021
Episode 9: Starting the week with 7 business and digital marketing tips
Checkout this week's 7 business & digital marketing tips that you should know and apply today!
December 05, 2021
I am BACK!
In this episode I talk a little about my disappearance from the podcast scene. My BJJ experience. Seeing my father in Jordan and I answer 5 questions about digital marketing that I had received recently :)
November 03, 2021
Unreasonable & Unrealistic Job Descriptions For Digital Marketing
In this episode I talk about some of the unrealistic job descriptions I came across on Upwork and LinkedIn, and I briefly address why recruiters or biz owners do this when hiring a freelancer or an employee. I also talk about my plan of getting some cool people on the podcast.
July 06, 2021
My MultiVitamins & Client Gossip (Tobacco Client with interesting feedback)
One thing not mentioned in the title of the episode is that this is the first episode that has also been captured on video. I will be posting these on Youtube (DunesDreamsDigitalMarketing). I wanted to do it DunesDreams, but that did not work sadly. Nevertheless, I am excited to be adding the video aspect to this type of communication. It was really weird for me to hear myself speak when I heard the playback of my first podcast. Now watching myself on video is even 10x weirder. But I think it will help me improve on a few things :) On to the episode. In this episode I spend about 2 or 3 sentenses about multivitamins. They really make a difference for me, so please do not neglect them. Then I go on about a Tobacco client I was prospecting and some of my thoughts on how to approach the client. I hope you find it useful
May 23, 2021
Episode 5: Ramadan & Digital Marketing
Some of do's and do not's when you are communicating to your audience during Ramadan.
April 18, 2021
Episode 4: Make Sure You Ask These 5 Questions Before Taking Any Digital Marketing Agency On
Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned one, the process of starting a new business can be very exciting and very overwhelming in the same time. You got to take care of the legal set up, banking set up, suppliers, staff, lease, warehouse, goods, etc. The last thing you want to do is add more To-Do’s to your To-Do list. A common To-Do I see lots of business owners add regularly on their To-Do list is finding a new Digital Marketing Agency. This is a frustrating process that can leave some business vulnerable. Some businesses rely very heavily on their digital activities to communicate and generate leads for their survival. And the process and frustration of finding and then vetting a new agency and then ensuring a smooth transition can cost business a lot of time (and money). Each business has its own requirement and reasons for changing a Digital Marketing Agency, so it is very unrealistic to list them all, but after speaking with many business owners in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, I saw a pattern. Before we get to the questions you can ask to filter out the bad apples, please keep in mind that the barrier to entry into the Digital Marketing Agency world appears as extremely low. Lots of Digital Marketers think this profession is about FB ads, or IG posts. They watch a couple of YouTube videos and boom! A digital marketing disaster is born. This naturally leads to an explosion of people trying to pitch their services to your business and the only differentiator they bank on is offering very cheap fees. I think we all know the saying “You Pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. And sadly that is exactly what you get.
April 04, 2021
5 Benign-Appearing Mistakes That A Business Owner In Middle East Makes That May Drain And Bleed Him/Her Dry
I have consulted on and worked with many different businesses in the region. I have seen how panic takes a solid business owner from a solid business idea down a path of business destruction. It kind of reminds me of that scene from OZARK where Wendy talks to Mason about evil. That happens to a lot of business owners who try to be too smart and end up harming their businesses. Here are 5 mistakes that different types of small and medium business owners do that harm their businesses:
March 31, 2021
How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business in Dubai
Not long ago, I was sitting with the owner of who happens to be a good family friend and whom I have not seen in a while prior to moving to Dubai. As we were catching up on different things we started talking about his business and some of the pains he went through dealing with different digital marketing agencies. His stories were not new to me; I have heard them countless times in one form or another. Though I must say the way he recounted his stories was funny and light hearted but sad in the same time. Funny because they were funny and elicited a “Duh that is how they are supposed to do it” reaction, and sad because you quickly realize that “oh wow, lots of “Experts” have no clue what they are doing and they are just harming their clients” With this in mind, I wanted to share some of the top things any business owner in Dubai (or anywhere for that matter) should look at and consider before hiring a digital marketing agency
March 31, 2021
Episode 1: Dune Dreams & Digital Marketing Podcast comes to life!
In Episode 1 you get to hear your host Haithem Zaidan being nervous before the "official" recording. The podcast then continues on to explain what drove its inception and why is it called Dunes Dreams and Digital Marketing.
March 18, 2021