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Hands On Business

Hands On Business

By Hakeem Adebiyi
The aim of this podcast is to chat to business leaders from different industries and different disciplines to discuss what it takes to succeed in business and for them to give their experiences of how to accelerate business success. They'll let us into the tips, the tricks and the strategies.

Hopefully we'll also have a bit of fun along the way.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace with Anne Avgerin

Hands On Business

How to obliterate objections like a ninja
How do you deal with objections? Or better yet, how do you obliterate objections? This is one of my favorite topics when it comes to sales. Why? Because I found that most people get very nervous or worried when an objection to their product or service is mentioned. And it doesn't matter how good your product is or how fantastic your service is, there are still people who are going to object to it. In this episode, I would like to share how to obliterate objections like a ninja. And the reason why I've called it obliterating objections is that I see lots of people talking about dealing with objections, but what I want to do is remove that objection so that you never have to think about it again. Join me as we look into objections from a different perspective and help people to understand how they can turn those objections into strength. 📝 For full show notes: 🔗Contact me on LinkedIn for the offer:  🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here:
June 19, 2022
How to turn an idea into a real business - Ben Treleaven
All businesses start with an idea. But how do you turn your idea into a real business? Ben Treleaven and his business partner and friend Gregg Curtis met in 2010. Both of them always had the idea of running their own business. Eventually, they quit their jobs, borrowed a hundred grand, and finally built their business around an idea. Now, Ben and Gregg are the successful founders of ISO Spaces, an industry-leading and multi-award-winning company, ranked as the 10th fastest-growing private company in the UK in The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 in 2018. In this episode, Ben shares how they have grown ISO Spaces from just a seed of an idea in 2012 to a successful business today. Ben and Gregg are firm believers in turning ideas into reality, and that’s exactly what they did. Stay tuned, be inspired, and learn how to turn your idea into a business! 📝 For full show notes: 📺 Watch this episode on Hands On Business Podcast: 🔗Contact me on LinkedIn for the offer:  🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here:
June 05, 2022
Is rest the forgotten pillar of success?
“Rest is the real key to top performance.” What does rest have to do with productivity? How can you succeed when you’re resting? Many people think that I’m obsessed with getting more done and being more productive because I’m very structured and always have so much to do outside of work. I remember one of my team members saying that they can’t ever imagine me relaxing because I’m so focused when I’m at work. In this podcast episode, I’m going to let everyone in on a little secret: I’m actually a lazy git. I love holidays, I love resting, I love relaxing, I love my downtime. By making sure that I get my rest, I am able to be my productive self. 📝 For full show notes: 🔗Contact me on LinkedIn for the offer:  🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here:
May 22, 2022
9 Mistakes every company Is making which is loosing them millions - Dr John Oda
In this episode of the Hands On Business Podcast, Growth strategist and Keynote speaker , Dr John Oda, runs through the 9  mistakes that he believes every business is making which is leaving millions on the table. 📺 Watch this episode on Hands On Business Podcast:  🔗Contact me on LinkedIn for the offer:  🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here:
May 08, 2022
3 Tips to Getting More Done in Less Time: How to Maximize Productivity
Life is short. We only have so many hours in a day, and it's important that we use them wisely. In order to get the most out of our time, we need to be productive. In this podcast episode I discuss three tips which will help maximise your productivity and get more done in less time! 🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here:
April 24, 2022
Why being dispensable should be every leaders number 1 goal - Katy Hope
No leader wants to be dispensable, but the best leaders know that it's important to build a team that can function without them.  In this Episode we explore this topic with leadership mentor and coach, Katy Hope. 📺 Watch this episode on Hands On Business Podcast: 🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here:
April 10, 2022
3 Reasons why sales and marketing need to work together
On this episode , I get into the 3 reasons why sales and marketing need to work together.   If you learn nothing else from the episode it's becasue those companies where there is a collaborative approach leads to 54% increase in sales. Listen on if you want to hear how and why? 😁😁 📺 Watch this episode on Hands On Business Podcast: 🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here: Research mentioned in the episode:  Precision marketing group data Marketing research partners data LinkedIn and Join the Dots Survey
March 26, 2022
The best way to use LinkedIn in your business - Pam Case
Today we talk to Pam Case from Linked Online a she talks us through how win clients through LinkedIn without sending cold sales pitches.    Want to know the best way to use LinkedIn for your business, then listen well.   📺 Watch this episode on Hands On Business Podcast Youtube Channel: 🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here: 
March 12, 2022
Explode your revenue and growth as an expert - Jane Bayler
In this episode we speak to Jane Bayler AKA the The Smart Connector.   As an entrepreneur, investor and brand and digital marketer, who has scaled multiple businesses, including a London brand identity business that grew from £1m to £6m in just over a year, Jane was perfectly placed to discuss how you can explode your revenue and growth as an expert.     📺 Watch this episode on Youtube:  🏅If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here: A perfect follow up to my podcast with Ian Chamberlain - 
February 27, 2022
How to become an expert for hire - Ian Chamberlain
In this episode Ian discusses how you can become an expert hire as he is often asked how does someone one turn a skill or interest they have into a business.   📝 To get the info Ian discusses in the podcast contact him here:    📺 Watch this episode on Sales Acceleration Formula Youtube channel: 🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here:
February 12, 2022
The 2 Key things you need to become a great manager - Business Bites with Hakeem Adebiyi
There are 2 vital elements you should have if you want to be a good manager and definitely if you want to be a great manager. In the latest short business bites episode, Hakeem talks through what he's learnt in 25 years of managing people 
January 30, 2022
The one thing you need to innovate and create impact! - Guillaume Wiatr
"Innovation only happens if we know how to create new narratives.  "People will pay for a story, but they will die for a narrative". - Guillaume Wiatr   Join us on todays episode to explore Guillaumes mission to turn every organization, team, and personal story into a movement that few can resist.  Find out, amongst many things What is the difference between story and narrative?  Why is the company narrative not just a sales and marketing thing?  Why is the company narrative the job of the CEO?   📺 Watch this episode on Hands On Business Podcast: 🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here: 🌐 To find out more about Guillaume:  
January 16, 2022
Why Neuroscience Matters In Business - Gill McKay
Neuroscience may seem like a strange topic for business execs on first look, but in fact it has an enormous impact on how businesses are run and on the decisions that businesses make.     One of the biggest trends in business today is how companies are using what they learn about human motivation and decision-making to influence consumers. They want their products to appeal to consumers in ways that are natural and and makes sense for the consumer’s brain.    Hence on todays episode we discuss WHY NEUROSCIENCE MATTERS IN BUSINESS with  Applied Neuroscience Trainer, GILL McKAY.   We'll get into  intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors as well as SELF DETERMNATION THEORY. 📚 Books mentioned: Stuck - Gill McKay | Atomic Habits - James Clear  🎙 Watch this episode on Hands On Youtube: 🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here:
January 01, 2022
Wellbeing in the workplace - why it matters now with Anne Avgerin
Having worked 2 years as a mental health therapist and 25 years in corporate business roles, my guest, Anne Avgerin, is here today to help us understand wellbeing.  As the pandemic has stressed individuals and work cultures alike,  it seems the topics of wellbeing and burnout are everywhere.   Anne is going to help us make sense of what we are hearing and why it matters.    📚 Books recommended:  Atomic Habits by James Clear  Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker  Burnout - The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle - by Emily Nagoski  Feel Better in 5 - by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee  Books / podcasts by Brene Brown Emotional Agility by Susan David   Watch this episode on Youtube:   🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here: 
December 10, 2021
Unleash Your Awesome - Taz Thornton
Joining me today is award-winning coach, best selling author and international speaker - Taz Thornton   Taz has spoken across the world, on some of the biggest stages and for household name brands.  She has coached BBC dragons, actors , politicians and military tacticians from the Royal Navy, Army, Airforce and Special Forces.   Unleashing your awesome is the title of todays podcast  as this is one of the many things that Taz does in her empowerment seminars.   👀 Watch this episode on Hands On Business Podcast: 🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here:  💬 Let us know what you think of this video in the comment section below.   👉 We appreciate every thumbs up and would love, if you’d consider subscribing to the channel!!   Contact Taz:
November 27, 2021
How to supercharge your business growth - Carole Bozkurt
Joining me today is Carole Bozkurt, sales and marketing strategist/business coach and owner of Blueprint Marketing.   Carole will be discussing how to supercharge your business and in this episode she discusses the key elements to do that.    📚 Books mentioned: Professor Steve Peters  - Mind Management James Clear – Atomic Habits   🎙 Watch  this episode on Youtube : 🏅 If you enjoy the podcast then Rate us here: Contact Carole:
November 14, 2021
5 work habits from highly productive people - Hakeem Adebiyi
Ever wondered why successful people seem to be able to get more done in exactly the same time you are struggling to get half of what they do done. Are they superhuman, are you useless or is there something else at play here. Quite simply it’s that successful people are highly productive and they are highly productive because they have tried and tested methods to be  more effective. This podcast explores the 5 work habits from highly productive people Resources mentioned in the podcast 4 hour work week – Tim Ferris Eat that frog - Brian Tracy Speedmailing Loom – Video messaging Sales acceleration software
October 31, 2021
5 Steps that should be part of your standardised sales process - Hakeem Adebiyi
Question, do sales people underperform becasue they don't know what to do or because they don't rigorously follow a standardised sales process. Obviously the title of the podcast kind of  gives away my position at the outset. In this podcast I delve into what I think are the 5 key steps which should never be missed if you are looking to deliver successful sales calls and hence grow your sales. Hope you enjoy and as always please give a review if you do
October 17, 2021
Is Key Account planning a curse or a saviour - Hakeem Adebiyi
I'm sure you've heard the phrase 'the customer is always right' before. If this is true, then why do so many companies fail to plan for their key accounts? When it comes to marketing and sales, the key account plan has been a curse to some and a saviour to others. The truth is, it depends on how you use it.  In this podcast we will explore if and how key account planning should be viewed and whether or not it could work for your company's marketing needs! For more info on key account planning
October 02, 2021
Communication in Business - Leanne Elich
On this latest episode we talk to phycology driven business strategist Leanne Elich where she discusses The importance of the right kind of communication in business. Leanne started her career as a paediatric oncologist and transitioned into the commercial world as she believed she could make deeper changes to healthcare from the business world than she could as a medical Doctor. That in itself is a fascinating listen. We get into Leannes periodic table of sales, the difference between listening and hearing as well as many other critical topics to help you make your business more effective. Watch video here: References mentioned in the podcast Website: Business mastermind Ebook: Sales acceleration formula Ebook: Books mentioned: Robert Cialdini - Influence Conversational Intelligence - Judith E Glaser
September 17, 2021
5 key steps for building a sustainable healthcare business that lasts - Dr Abdullahi Sheriff
Todays episode is with Dr Abdullahi Sheriff - Pharmaceutical leader, Associate VP at MSD and winner of the black business awards 2020.  We delved into the topic of market creation through partnerships and hence 5 key steps for building a sustainable healthcare business that lasts.  If you are in healthcare this is a must listen as Sheriff had built a reputation as the go to guy for developing markets/categories and sustainable growth solutions.  If you aren't in healthcare then you need to listen to pick up the same tips and apply them to your industry 😁  Contact us: If you enjoy the podcast then  Rate us if you don't enjoy it then keep it to yourself 😁  Watch the videocast:    Books referenced in the podcast   Radical simplicity - Ken Allen  Prosperity paradox - Professor clay Christianson  Hit refresh - Satya Nadella
September 05, 2021
6 Factors that drive a marketing strategy (and 4 that don't) - Audio book sample
Following on from the sales acceleration formula e-book, I received lots of questions about marketing strategies, so I decided to write another one.  However since then I started podcasting and thought that I should definitely do an audio book.  So I have and here is a sample. If you want a free book all you have to do is go to my youtube channel, subscribe and write DONE in the comments. Get Audiobook here
August 22, 2021
How important is customer service? - Hakeem Adebiyi
A question that is often discussed but most people just pay lip service. In this podcast I explore with a real life personal example how customer service can deliver great results or the converse, lose you a lot of money Contact us : Rate us here Listen to our podcast with Baba Awopetu on customer centric marketing:  Click here  References in the podcast Survey Monkey Skills you need 
August 21, 2021
How to grow a novel category in digital therapeutics - Everett Crossland and Andy Molnar
Everett Crossland (CCO - Cognito Therapeutics) and Andy Molnar (CEO- Digital Therapeutics Alliance) discuss the emerging world of digital therapeutics.   We talk about   What are digital therapeutics  Why all Big Pharma companies are now investing in the area  What are the key steps to commercialising  a novel category  Pitfalls to watch out for  Key business takeaways    An interesting watch for anyone in Digital therapeutics but also just a great listen for people who are interesting in understanding how to grow a business.   If you enjoy please rate the podcast here by clicking here  If you just want to listen to the watch the video If you want to become part of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance click here
August 06, 2021
How do you become the Usain Bolt of Sales - Hakeem Adebiyi
On todays episode of business bites I discuss what as mere mortals we can do to deliver Usain Bolt like results in the Sales arena. How did he do it and what can we do to replicate his success. If you like please subscribe to my You Tube Channel for more quality content Also please pop over to the sales acceleration formula website to find out more about us and what we do. If you enjoy please rate the podcast here by clicking here, if not keep it to yourself 😁
July 24, 2021
How to use customer-centric marketing to accelerate growth - Baba Awopetu
Customer-centric marketing strategist Baba Awopetu joins Hakeem to discuss what people get WRONG about marketing and how to reset your organization’s marketing compass. Baba explains why the first step to having a successful business is to genuinely internalize the fact that businesses exist to serve their customers. Get the show notes for the episode here within 2 weeks of the episode going live - Watch the video here: If you enjoy please rate the podcast here by clicking here, if not keep it to yourself 😁
July 10, 2021
B2B Lead Generation Methods
Today we ae joined by Jo Anne Chan and Emma Hoffman from Shoestring Services, to share their expertise.  On this show we will be discussing the best way to generate leads in a B2B environment. What's the best social media channel and how can we leverage them. I think you'll like the 5 key steps for methodical and effective lead generation. Watch the video here: To contact Emma and Jo go to Shoestring Services For more info on accelerating sales jump over to The Sales Acceleration Formula
June 26, 2021
Business bites - How seriously should we take Naomi Osakas claims of mental health issues
On this episode we explore Naomi Osaka opting out of the French Open to protect her mental health. Do we really take mental health seriously and if we do, how do we identify it in others and more importantly how can we help. We are joined by our resident mental health expert Anne Avgerin.  Anne has a master’s in clinical psychology and is a practicing mental health professional. Feel free to listen to our more indepth podcast on mental health and well being in the workplace
June 13, 2021
Getting Your Organisation Match fit For the Future
On todays episode we are going be delving into the realms of organisational development and design, to try and understand the effect that this has on the success of your business   To help us do that we will be joined by 2 experts in their field Sharon Benson  HR Director (HRD) of Sunrise Senior Living UK, a winner of the HR Director of the year award, having previously worked as HRD at Studio Retail, Acorn Care and Education and the Co-Op Joining her today is  Emma Cotton, MD of Innovation Central, a learning and development company and  previously Chief Exec at SFL  Watch the Video here:
May 27, 2021
Business Bites - Selling Value vs Selling Price
Never drop your price is my motto. If you price right and you give value then you should never have to do it either. Todays business bites discusses, Selling value vs selling price. Read the book the sales acceleration formula for more info and how to ensure you add value and reduce your sales cycle Visit resources If you enjoy please rate the podcast here by clicking here, if not keep it to yourself 😁
May 16, 2021
Business Bites - Is being helpful in sales always a good thing.
Every so often in addition to the hour long podcasts, we drop in a short sub 10min podcast discussing an interesting business topic. Today we discuss - When being helpful in sales isn't a good thing. Sounds counterintuitive? Have a listen and then draw your conclusions 😁
May 02, 2021
What does it take to stand out?
Today I welcome Chris Cummins to the show, who has worked in a number of key senior leadership roles for organisations such as Takeda and Pfizer. In all his roles he has focussed on creating environments to help his teams succeed.   He now co-owns, the OTD company, has authored a book the power presenter and is also a NLP master trainer.  He imparts some great pearls of wisdom, A MUST WATCH!   Watch the video cast here:
April 17, 2021
Key considerations when using an outsourcing agency
People outsource for many reasons but some are more confident than others to do so.    Nomi Farooq, Director and Founder of Shoot Business, a multimedia marketing agent, gives us some insight into the key considerations when choosing an outsourcing agency.   Watch the video on youtube here -
April 04, 2021
Key steps to commercialise a healthcare product
On todays episode I am delighted to be joined by Helen McCormack who is the CEO of HMC marketing consultancy. Through executive business and global commercial roles she has  become an expert in many aspects of the healthcare industry from concept to commercialisation. Helen has worked in most markets and in all aspects of healthcare, from pharmaceuticals, surgery, pharmacy, SAAS, biotechnology and medical devices sectors Watch video here>>>
March 20, 2021
The key steps to building a million pound business
Today we talk to serial entrepreneur Paul Dermody about the key steps to building a million pound business. Watch the videocast here:
March 06, 2021
Mindset and Success with Veronica Safoa Owusu
Today we are joined by Veronica Safoa Owusu Transformational Online Course Creation Strategist for Coaches & Consultants / Deep Dive Mindset Coach /  Founder of and The Women On Fire Warrior Academy. We discuss the importance of mindset, knowing yourself and consistency amongst many other things needed to deliver success.  Passionate, entertaining and always authentic, Veronica is an engaging and informative individual who always gives value. A must listen. You can also watch the video recording if you prefer here Check out Veronicas Youtube channel here: her:
February 20, 2021
Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace with Anne Avgerin
On todays episode we are joined by Anne Avgerin,  who is many things including a change Agent, systems thinker, mental health and well-being advocate. Her degrees include an undergraduate in political science, and two master degrees – one in international business and the other in clinical psychology. She also has a graduate qualification in sustainability Her career in business has been with large global companies and the US Navy including director level positions at Hyster-Yale and Nike. Her career roles have been contract negotiator / procurement professional; Global project / program manager, consulting, and strategy development lead.  Anne has recently pivoted to facilitate wellbeing at the individual level as a mental health practitioner. On this episode we discuss a variety of areas related to mental health and well being in the workplace including Are we getting less resilient How does poor mental health manifest itself Are mental health issues becoming more common How can you improve sleep hygiene The impact on performance If you prefer to watch it, you can see the video here>>>
February 07, 2021
The key steps to growing a global business - Ian Jolly, MD Wheelwash UK
Today we talk to Ian Jolly, MD of UK based, global manufacturing business Wheelwash, on the key steps to growing a global business  Topics range from  The way we Brits are perceived abroad  The key things to consider when deciding to internationalise  Value vs price Importance of the D.I.T when trying to grow an global business   Useful Links    Wheelwash ltd DIT initiatives
January 24, 2021
What the bleep is coaching with Mags Bell
On the show today we are joined by Mags Bell one of the most inspirational coaches I've worked with. Business owner, author, coach, speaker, behaviourist. Originally from Scotland, now residing in sunny Australia The topic for discussion today comes from the title of her book, "what the bleep is coaching"   Get the book here: Find out more about  Mags and her programmes here: Creating Powerful Results
January 09, 2021
Hands On Business Trailer
With a new episode in the 2nd and 4th week of every month, the aim of this podcast is to chat to business leaders from different industries and different disciplines to discuss what it takes to succeed in business.
January 08, 2021