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Halftime Mike - The Mike Gingerich Podcast on Business, Leadership & Life

Halftime Mike - The Mike Gingerich Podcast on Business, Leadership & Life

By Mike Gingerich
No nonsense, straight, practical talk on Business growth, marketing, and Leadership. I’m an athlete and love running and basketball. I love to watch, learn, adapt, and coach others implementing the best strategies to help them improve. I bring this over to business consulting. Leaders need to take time to stop for a “halftime” to reflect on the “first half”. I'll then help you elevate your business game for the 2nd half!
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The Future of Small Business Work
So much has happened since March of 2020!  2 years later it is important to understand that there is no "going back to the way it was" any longer.  The world has been through a massive shift in the last 2 years and in America, in particular, we have been through the pandemic, the murder of George Floyd and the related ongoing racial reckoning that is needed, the threat of Covid death, and knowledge of people that have died from Covid, as well as now the unjust war against Ukraine that keeps the world and global economy in unsettled territory.  The future of small business work is different and will continue to be different than in 2020! There is no going back. What we have gone through the past 2 years has fundamentally changed us and caused a "reset". Now, individuals, leaders, and employees are wanting a new way forward. Full blog post >
April 20, 2022
Top Office Fitness Challenge Apps for 2022
According to the Harvard Business Review, employers who invest in employee wellness programs get an ROI of about 6-to-1. That’s some serious ROI. Typically, when employees are fit and healthy, there is higher morale and increased productivity in the workplace, which then improves the company’s profitability. In today’s mobile culture, one of the ways to promote employee wellness is through the use of office fitness challenge apps. In this podcast vlog I'll outline the top office fitness challenge apps for 2022. Full post:
March 10, 2022
No Code App Builder Tools
Is your company wanting an app in the Apple and Google Play app stores?  Are you not wanting to spend 6 figures and potentially want a simpler way to build that you can manage or update?  Then it's time to look at no code app builder tools like Shoutem, Appy Pie and more.  In this podcast, we dive in with mo Ready to dig in?  Listen to this "No Code App Builder Tools" comparison and overview. View the full post here > Let me know what you think on Twitter @Mike_Gingerich
February 08, 2022
How to Get More Views on YouTube: 5 Tips that Actually Work
How to get more views on Youtube?  That's a popular Google search and for good reason!  There's power in video, there's power in YouTube where people spend hours per week watching videos, and there's potentially money to be made for your brand through YouTube videos.   This podcast, we dive in with more details! Full content version on the top business blog 
January 18, 2022
What is a Live Streaming App and Which Ones Are Best?
In this post and podcast, we answer for you "What is a live streaming app" and we share which ones are best!  View the full blog post published December 16, 2021 on
November 30, 2021
Facebook's New Name: Meta - What Changes and What Stays the Same
Facebook has a new name!  In this episode, we dive into Meta, Facebook's new name including what changes and what stays the same. View the full blog post at Mike on Meta >
November 11, 2021
SEO and Google Ranking Today - What's Changed
If there is a question I get via email a lot, it's about SEO and ranking high in search results.  It usually goes something like this, "Mike, we aren't ranking well for .  Why not? Somehow they expect a simple explanation and an easy fix.  If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it and competing for top ranking!  It's not SEO and ranking high on Google is complex...and changing.  What worked last year is not guaranteed to work well this year.  In this podcast, I dive into the trifecta of key things that need to be looked at to rank well. Full Blog Post episode on SEO and Google Ranking >
October 19, 2021
Time Management Tips to Get Back on Task
Proper time management is a common challenge faced by workers resuming work, especially after summer or annual leave, and particularly during a pandemic when things are changing weekly if not daily!  In this podcast we dive into time management tips to get back on task. Ready to dive in?  Listen to the time management podcast! Full blog post here >
September 01, 2021
Niche Mobile Apps like Swimply – The “AirBnB for Pools”
Mobile apps have exploded in the app stores in the past 2 years and yet each month brings about even more new innovations.  From cars, to motorcycles, and now to pools, niche apps for rentals and experiencing are popping up everywhere!  In this podcast I talk about the trends for niche apps, the emerging industries, and we look at one app in particular, Swimply - the airbnb for pools. Full blog post and vlog:
August 18, 2021
How to use SEO to Grow your E-commerce Business
E-commerce has exploded in the past year and most likely you are here because you have an e-commerce store.  With the explosion of online shopping has come the intensity of competition to rank high in search results. So it's critical to do the due diligence to use SEO to grow your e-commerce business. In this podcast and blog post, I outline key items to implement regarding how to use SEO to grow your e-commerce business. Listen in to learn more... Full post here >
June 04, 2021
Landing Page CTA Improvements to Increase Conversions
Landing pages on average convert at a rate of 9.7%, according to a HubSpot study.  What if you could double that rate with landing page CTA improvements?  Let’s look at some ideas on how! In this podcast, we outline key landing page CTA improvements you can make to improve the conversions on your website.  Listen in to learn more... Full blog post May 20 on here: 
April 28, 2021
Non Fungible Tokens for Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Growth
The complex and often confusing world of blockchain is fast expanding and getting even more complicated.  The latest item to know about is called Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).  I'll dive into what they are and how you can begin to learn and get involved with this evolving market. What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)? Non-Fungible Tokens, abbreviated NFTs, are cryptographic assets on the blockchain characterized by unique IDs distinguishing them from other tokens. Remember that a ‘token’ in the blockchain is any valuable asset that’s digitally transferrable between two people. However, NFTs differ from other blockchain tokens, such as cryptocurrencies, in one primary way – they cannot be exchanged or traded at equivalency. In other words, they are non-fungible. Fungibility in economics refers to the property of a good or commodity to be replaceable by an identical item. NFTs cannot be replaced by identical items. An excellent example of a non-fungible item is artwork. Every piece of artwork is unique and cannot be replicated. Therefore, a digital piece of artwork would make a valuable non-fungible token if it finds its way into the blockchain world. Why the Excitement? What Makes NFTs so Valuable? It’s simple – no one can own the asset but you! Whether it’s a piece of art or a huge moment in a game, such as the clips the NBA is selling, once you purchase the asset, it’s yours and yours alone. Full post:
March 31, 2021
Free Image Upscaler Tools
We've all been in that spot where we have an image but it's too small.  We can't simply stretch it or it gets pixelated.  So are we out of luck?  Not any more!  AI has made enlarging or "upscaling" possible and we cover the top free image upscaler tools in this post. Let's dive into this episode to look at the top free image upscaler tools for 2021.   Listen in to learn more... Full blog post on  >
March 16, 2021
Emerging Digital Marketing Tools for 2021
Social media is so 2020! Now that we've moved beyond 2020 there are some emerging digital marketing tools for 2021 and key trends to be aware of that I want to cover in this Halftime Mike Podcast. Let's dive into this episode to look at the emerging digital marketing tools for 2021.   Listen in to learn more... Full blog post live Feb. 18, 2021 here:
February 10, 2021
The Power of Online Reviews for your Business
Are you using online reviews to generate new traffic and get more leads? If not, you’re missing out on potential customers and the power of online reviews for your business. Let's dive into this topic about Google Reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp, BBB, and more.  What if I told you there was a solid way to get more positive reviews and catch potentially negative reviews BEFORE they get posted?  Listen in to learn more... Full post here:
December 28, 2020
How to Increase Your Website Organic Traffic
Traffic to your website is the backbone of many businesses. If you want consistent organic traffic, then a half-baked approach to search engine optimization (SEO) will only yield you limited results. As any business should know, low traffic equals low opportunity for leads and few sales. So how do you overcome this? Let's dive in... Full blog post here
December 01, 2020
What is Parler and why is it growing as a new social media network
Parler is among the fastest rising social media apps right now.  In fact it is currently #1 as of this publish date in the Apple app store.  So what is Parler and why is it growing so much right now? Discover this and more in this vlog and podcast episode. Let's dive into Parler deeper and get some answers... Full blog post here November 19 > 
November 11, 2020
Key Details on the New Google Page Experience Update Algorithm
An update to Google's ranking algorithms that judge web pages based on how much users enjoy the browsing experience is on the way. The coming algorithm change is called the "Google Page Experience Update." Here's what you need to know for your website and business.
October 02, 2020
Easily Determine App Development Costs with this Free Calculator
Does your business need an app and how can you determine what an app might cost?  There are multiple considerations when thinking about an app and how much app development might cost your business.  I recently was introduced to a pretty nifty and free app development cost calculator that I want to talk about today. App development has lots of variables and many businesses don't have a good handle on what they might be getting into when they say they need an app.  So let's do some 101 on App Development costs using the calculator as our guide. Ready to dive in? Let's go!
September 11, 2020
Excellence not Perfection
Oftentimes we fail to launch and we fail to get things done because we hold out for something to be done absolutely right.  The reality is, however, that this failure to launch has severe negative consequences for our business and we need to pursue excellence not perfection in our efforts. More on this and two other topics in this month’s Live with Mike.  I’ll also cover Landing Pages vs Web pages and the need to keep things simple. Ready to dive in? Let's go! Full vlog at
July 28, 2020
The Importance of Business Data to Business Success Today
Data is more important to your business success than ever before.  From website traffic stats to website speed and social media impact, data can help you review and channel what you do on the web.  Data is also critical to your business efficiencies and sales processes.  By giving customers or dealers access to data you can help take away bottlenecks, improve speed, and allow people to buy more easily.     Have you evaluated your data points?  What should you be watching and doing with your data? Full blog post and vlog here:
July 07, 2020
How to do a Simple SEO Audit on your Website
During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses realized they needed to rely even more heavily on their website for sales and marketing going forward.  Some found that they were not pleased with how their site showed up (or didn't!) in search results.  If your business is one of those that wants to strengthen your organic search results for key terms, then it's time to learn how to do a simple SEO audio on your website with some layman's (non-developer!) tools! Let's dive into how to do a simple SEO audit on your website with specific instructions, results, and what they mean! Full blog post here:
June 11, 2020
Moving Business Processes Online
Businesses have been forced to look at how they handle operations, including moving business processes online, since the COVID-19 pandemic has closed many businesses and forced many others to work from home.  As we look at re-opening and ongoing work-from-home scenarios, businesses need to continue to adapt and find ways to allow business to continue with remote teamwork and online sales. Let’s dive into business process options for doing things remotely. Full episode blog post and video will drop May 21 here:
April 28, 2020
Pivoting Well in Times of Change
Times of great change like we are in today, demand that we change.  The key is how we we pivot.  We can pivot well or pivot poorly. In this episode I’ll dive into how we pivot.  In these times of COVID-19 Coronavirus, changes need to happen, pivots need to happen.  A pivot is a shift in direction.  It can be major, such as a 180 degree turn, or, like the vast majority it means shifting to some degree but not drastically. Let’s dive in! Full blog post with notes available here April 16 >
March 31, 2020
Types of Video Your Business Needs and How to Create Them
Video has become a powerful marketing tool that works for businesses of all sizes.  It makes an impact that text can't, and it's definitely a step up over a photo.  With video consumption on the web continuing to grow, smart businesses are looking at ways to up their video marketing.  In this podcast episode I dive into the details about the types of videos that businesses can and should create, as well as how to do this with limited video skills using a powerful web tool called Wave Video.  Full blog post here:
March 12, 2020
The Need and Value of Providing Deeper Experiences Online
Today's web user expects deeper experiences online.  They have experience with mobile apps and social media, and therefore are accustomed to a deeper, richer experience and have come to expect this online.  They want to take care of their requests immediately, themselves, and the best websites will provide this richer online experience.   So what exactly are we talking about and does your website need a deeper experience for your visitors? In this podcast episode I dive into the details of what has changed, examples of what others are doing, and key ways business can and should up their game on their website.  Offering ways for customers to have a personalized experience and take care of advanced details with ease is critical to being "sticky" and retaining people on your site and in your business over time. Full episode and notes here.
January 24, 2020
How to Lead a Remote Team Successfully using the 3 T's
Remote teams are here to stay and only going to continue to grow in use so the key for business owners and managers is how to lead a remote team! Remote teams have some similarities to traditional teams in the office together but also some very unique differences that demand different leadership practices. Full episode here:
January 13, 2020
The Business Value of Digital Etiquette
There is business value in Digital Etiquette!  Quite simply, the way you communicate digitally matters. You are either making a positive deposit to a business relationship or you are making a withdrawal from a business relationship. This can have significant implications on your ability to sell and your ability to retain clients as well as the interest in a vendor retaining you as a customer overtime. I dive into a number of examples of bad Digital etiquette as well as give specific tips on ways you can enhance your Digital Etiquette in email, social media, and blogging. Full blog post available on View video episode on Mike Gingerich's YouTube Channel. 
December 18, 2019
Make Progress Not Perfection
Too many great ideas never reach the public and have the impact they could because leaders fail to adhere to this productivity principle: Make progress, not perfection! I believe that perfection is the great enemy of innovation, entrepreneurship, and progress, both in life and business.  Far too often we get "stuck" on the final 10% we think is needed when in reality it is totally good enough to be released and launched!  We've got to stop it and it takes personal self-awareness and business acumen to recognize this and move beyond it.  That’s what this podcast episode is all about! Join in to discover more about why making progress, not perfection is a important for you today!
November 19, 2019
Be a Leader, not a Boss
The statistics show proof that in any organization it is critical to sustained success for the top person to be a leader, not a boss.  In fact, a study has shown that most businesses are only 50% as productive as they should be. This is mainly because the leadership practices of the organizations are not effective. So what do I mean by this differentiation of a leader from a boss?  That’s what this podcast episode is all about! Join in to discover the differences… Read the full blog post here with extra details >
October 15, 2019
Competing in the Internet Information Age - Differentiation is the Key
Competing on the web today comes down differentiation. The internet has erased geographical barriers and given consumers more choices than ever. This globalization helps any small business compete around the world and with the big corporation in a way that has leveled the playing field like never before.  While on the one hand this is a great thing and online marketing gives you increased exposure, on the other hand your small business also has to contend with more competitors and succeed in a larger pool with lots more fish! In this episode we’ll dive into the keys for how to compete in this large global pond by using differentiation.  Full Blog post and video here:
September 17, 2019
4 Gems Most Social Media Marketing Plans are Missing
In this episode I talk about the 4 things that most social media marketing plans are missing.  So, is this you?  You’ve got your plan and you are on certain social media platforms and trying hard to make social work but you’re not seeing the results that you want to see.  If so, I’ve got the post for you revealing for gems you may be missing!
August 15, 2019
Maximize your Facebook Live Videos with these Tactics
You've started doing regular Facebook Live times...Great!  Now ensure that you maximize your Facebook Live videos with these key tactics to get the most mileage out of each Live episode. Multiple tips on how to use your Facebook Live Video across multiple social media channels! Visit my blog for the full blog post recap and video!  Read here: 
July 18, 2019
Lead Generation with Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories
Welcome to the Halftime Mike Podcast with Mike Gingerich. This episode is all about Stories, Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, and how you can use them for growing and nurturing leads for your business. Full Podcast episode here:
June 20, 2019
Digital Marketing Opportunities and Tools Guide for Small Businesses
As a small business owner, you likely feel you should be doing more online and implementing more digital marketing opportunities.  Having a digital presence is one of the best ways of building brand awareness and reaching a broader audience to grow your business sales. When you are just getting started, it may seem overwhelming to know where to begin and how to “up your game.”   In this Halftime Mike Podcast I’ll share key online marketing opportunities in this post and give you key tips on how, why, and when to use each.  Full post here > 
May 16, 2019
7 Instagram Growth Hacks for Business Marketers
Interested in Instagram growth hacks for your business marketing?  I've got 7 that I think many are missing!  Instagram has become a powerful social media marketing tool in the past 1.5 years and is really posed to be the #1 go-to platform potentially in the next 2 years.  Yes, it may surpass parent Facebook in users and particularly in engaged users. The key is that what works best on Instagram to grow and engage the right audience that is relevant to your business is not necessarily the regular news feed posts.  Let's dive into the 7 hacks! Full post here >>    
April 18, 2019
Online Marketing Funnels and ROI
What are keys to online marketing funnels and ROI (return on investment) growth? That's what every marketer wants to know, right? Full blog post here >
March 21, 2019
Creating Low Cost Videos for Lead Generation
Simple videos can be powerful for lead generation. Videos of any type, even low cost videos for lead generation, can be a scary thought for many small businesses but they truly are “doable” for nearly all businesses.  The KEY is that you need to have a plan! It does not need to require a professional videographer for most of your videos and they can be done in an effective way for those with no budget and those whose team members are camera shy. Full post here: 
February 21, 2019
Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation
In this podcast episode I dive into the strategy and the specific tactics businesses and organizations need for success in social media lead generation in 2019. Ready to dive in and learn about the digital marketing funnel strategy and the specific tactics for specific social platforms that are working in 2019?  If, so, you're in the right spot! That's what I cover in this episode.  Let’s do it!
January 17, 2019
What Metrics Matter? Determining ROI from Social Media and Web Marketing
In this episode of Live with Mike! I dive into an area that is sorely needed and often not setup well. I talk about, "What Metrics Matter? Determining ROI" with your Social Media and Digital Marketing.   Full episode >
December 13, 2018
Top SEO & Digital Marketing Tips for Your Website for 2019
2019 is around the corner and it’s time to review and be sure you are implementing the top SEO & digital marketing tips for your website!  Is your website and digital marketing doing each of these items? It’s time for you to review and I’m providing the checklist and tools! Ready to dive in and get my top SEO & digital marketing tips?  Let’s do it! Listen Now >
November 15, 2018
Book Launch Podcast of Making the Miles Count
Special unique episode here with the book launch podcast of Making the Miles Count! I'm excited to announce and discuss the release of my newest book, "Making the Miles Count", a guide to living beyond the daily grind and waking up each morning with purpose and focus. I give you the background and the details on this new, unique book, that has personal stories, details from my life journey, and a outline of how I believe it can help you form new habits through the 21 day format of reading, reflection, and challenges. Making the Miles Count is available in paperback and also via Kindle Ebook download. Also covered in this episode, small business matters: So you are a solopreneur wanting to take the next step? A legal business entity is key. Should you go for a LLC or a S Corp? I discuss both and give my suggestions. LLC or S Corp?  It's a question a lot of small businesses ask. Full blog post >
October 18, 2018
Email Marketing Tips: Keys for Each Stage of the Buying Cycle
Email marketing is still a highly valuable and relevant digital marketing tool in this day and age of social media! Why is email marketing valuable?  People still read email!  They deal with the inbox, and they buy from emails.  They buy from email marketing more than directly from social media!  In fact, the there is a ROI of $44 for every $1 spent on email marketing.  Let that sink in.  Spend, $1, generate $44 in sales.  It has potential if you are doing it right! To succeed with your email campaign, however, you need to understand that you can’t just send whatever you want whenever you want. There must be intentionality with your emails. Read full blog post here >>
September 20, 2018
Social Media Lessons from Hershey's Chocolate World
Recently I visited Hershey's Chocolate World in Hershey, PA, and I came away with appreciation and a number of valuable take-aways on how Chocolate World increases social media power, particularly with user generated content. Social Media has power for all businesses.  However, to expand and use the full power take creativity and strategy.  I came away from a visit to Hershey's Chocolate World impressed with a few of the ideas I saw being implemented. Interested in learning more about what I saw and learned? Let's dive in... Listen Now >
August 23, 2018
YouTube and Pinterest as SEO Tools: Not Just Social Networks
It's time to view YouTube and Pinterest as SEO Tools and not just as social networks!  What do I mean and how do you make this happen? In this episode I dive into the details of YouTube and Pinterest from a SEO, Search Engine Optimization, perspective. Let's dive in! Both YouTube and Pinterest are established social media platforms.  Did you know, however, that YouTube is the #2 Search Engine on the web in terms of monthly searches?  Yep!  Second only to it's parent, Google! And did you know that over 1 billion searches are done on Pinterest each month?  Or that Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than most other social media networks?  It's true.  So let's look at how you can optimize each channel for search, and how you can drive that traffic to your website. View full blog post:
July 19, 2018
The Instagram Algorithm Demystified
Are you wanting to know how Instagram's Algorithm really works and how you can know what posts you share for your business really matter? In this episode we look at the information a team of reporters where able to glean from direct access to the Instagram team all related to demystifying the Instagram Algorithm. Let's dive in!  Full post:
June 21, 2018
GDPR and your Business: What you Need to Know
GDPR and your business... What is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new set of regulations developed by the European Union to help in the fight against cybercrime. At its core, GDPR seeks to give people more control over the data they share with business entities on the internet. It’s evident that some businesses are currently misusing the information they collect from consumers. Cambridge Analytica, famous for influencing the last U.S. election, for instance, has obtained millions of personal records from Facebook without user permission because no laws bar them from doing so. The GDPR seeks to address such loopholes.
May 17, 2018
5 Ways to Reuse Blog Content to the Max
Are you getting the most out of your blog content? How about I give you 5 ways to reuse blog content to the max?!? You spend hours on each post, researching information, looking up keywords, finding photos, creating graphics and all the other details that go into writing a  blog post. You publish, then you share on social media, and you move on. What if there could be MORE life from that hard-earned work!  Yes, there can be and should be! Join me as we dive in to give you 5 ways to reuse blog content to the max…
April 19, 2018
Life Lessons from the United Airlines New York City Half Marathon
Have you been to New York City?  Have you toured Times Square and Central Park? How about RUNNING through New York City? I did recently, and I had a great time!  This podcast episode is about my run, my training and the life lessons I learned along the way that you can draw from to inspire and sharpen your daily walk in work and life. Just a note...this is a different podcast from my norm.  You are going to start seeing some shifts in my podcast episodes as I broaden my podcast focus.  I'm going to focus on web, social, and business as I have, but I'm going to more intentionally focus on a few key areas that have grown in importance for me:  Fitness and Mission.  I'm all about having each of us living life to the fullest and that happens best when we are healthy and have a focus and mission.  I'll be sharing stories from my journey and what I'm learning along the way! Ready to dive in?  
April 07, 2018
Recent Social Media Updates in this Halftime Mike Podcast
The topics covered in this week's podcast are recent social media updates.  Social media platforms change all the time, as well as test new features, and marketers need to keep up! What worked last month may not be what works best this month! Join me as we dive in and keep you  up-to-date.
March 15, 2018
Digital Marketing in 2018: What Matters Now
Digital Marketing in 2018, what matters now?  It's an important question! Social Media marketing and digital marketing always evolve and shift. What's new for 2018 and what matters now is different than what mattered last some cases...and in some cases it hasn't changed. The key is knowing the difference! Mike Gingerich dives in on "Live with Mike"!
February 24, 2018
Live with Mike #2 for 2018: Tips for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Video
I dive into two key questions that came my way in the past week. First, was a call from a lady saying, "I was told I need to use Instagram for my business and someone told me you were the person to talk to." So we needed to quickly establish if she should be on Instagram and what she would do! Second scenario was a friend who had been interviewed by a TV show and shared their video from YouTube on his Facebook Page. I gave him the lowdown of why this was not the ideal...
January 11, 2018
Instagram Archiving & Instagram Highlights
Instagram announced the launch of two new features in the app related to Stories. I cover what Instagram Archiving is as well as the related Instagram Highlights and how to use the latter for business marketing.
December 15, 2017
Attracting the Right Audience with your Social Media Marketing Funnel - Part 2
As noted last episode, attracting the right audience is critically important for businesses to maximize the use of social media for growing leads online.  This is often the area where the biggest mistakes by businesses are made! In today's "Part II" we do a quick recap and then go further on this topic to give you actionable tips to implement in your Attraction phase of the digital marketing funnel. It's all about being strategic with your social marketing!  Are you?  Use this episode as a checklist to find out.  Ready to dive in? Listen Now >
November 09, 2017
Attracting the Right Audience with Social Media to Grow Leads
Attracting the right audience is critically important for businesses to maximize the use of social media for growing leads online.  It's also one of the most missed and misunderstood aspects of digital marketing. Wanting to know how to maximize your use of social medial for growing leads through attracting the right audience? That's what today's podcast is all about... It's all about a strategic attraction plan using both free and paid social media to attract the right audience Ready to dive into the plan? Listen Now >
October 26, 2017
Why You Need a Game Plan for Online Marketing
It's a fact, you need a game plan for your online marketing! Too many businesses are operating "silos" on the web without any real cohesive connection.  Your website is run by the web developer or the IT team.  Your social media by a social media specialist, and your email marketing (if you are doing it), by yet another marketing person. With each doing their own thing gaps exist.  The only way to real results online is to have a cohesive Game Plan.  That's what this is all about in today's podcast.... The need for an a introduction to the Game Plan for your Online Marketing and lead generation. It's about your website, social media, blog, and email all working together in a unified way.   Ready to dive into the plan?  Listen now >>
October 12, 2017
15 Facebook Tools you Need to Know about for your Business
Facebook is the #1 most used social media network across North America, Europe, Australia, and South America.  It's a key place where people spend significant amounts of time online and did you know there is a powerhouse of Facebook Tools your business can be using to help your marketing on this network? A key reason Facebook is a powerful platform for marketers is the time spent by users on Facebook.  Recent stats released by Facebook show U.S. users are spending on average 40 minutes per day total on the platform in bursts of 2-5 minute increments. The majority of this time spent is on mobile devices, particularly the mobile app, and it is spent surfing the news feed.  So within that backdrop, what do we need to know about Facebook Tools for business?  I bet you are not using all 15 of these! Let's dive into 15 Facebook Tools you need to know about for your business today! Ready to go? Listen Now >
September 21, 2017
5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Facebook is the top social media network for a reason and there are 5 key Facebook marketing mistakes that marketers need to avoid today on this powerful marketing platform. A key reason Facebook is a powerful platform for marketers is the time spent by users on Facebook.  Recent stats released by Facebook show U.S. users are spending on average 40 minutes per day total on the platform in bursts of 2-5 minute increments. The majority of this time spent is on mobile devices, particularly the mobile app, and it is spent surfing the news feed.  So within that backdrop what do we need to avoid? Many marketers are not keeping up with Facebook shifts.  What mattered and worked a year ago on Facebook for marketing is often not working today.  It’s critical to stay current and use the latest tools and features that are working.  Let’s dive into 5 things to avoid and what really matters today! Ready to go? Listen Now >
September 14, 2017
What is a Digital Sales Funnel and How do you Build One?
What is a Sales Funnel, and how do I use one online to accomplish growing leads from my website? If you are asking questions about online sales funnels, this is a great post to dig into!  I'll cover the Digital Sales Funnel basics in simple terms to help you identify a plan and strategy to implement on your website. A digital sales funnel process is critical to actually growing leads that can convert to business online. Let's walk through an overview and the keys in each step of the funnel! Ready to go?  Discover how here >  
August 24, 2017
Facebook and Social Media Updates August 5
Facebook and social media updates happen at a ever-increasing pace!  It's hard to keep up online with what matters and what's changed for marketers online. That's where I aim to step in and add some value to you! Are you keeping up with the Facebook and social media changes?  As soon as I post this, new things have happened!  So let's get you caught up on the most recent "need-to-know" changes. Ready to go? Listen Now >
August 10, 2017
How to Create a Ebook for Website Lead Capture Use
Having a lead capture plan for your website to grow your email list is critical. Using a ebook as a tool is a good method for offering something of value. Let’s dive into the what, why, and how to create a ebook!
July 27, 2017
6 Local SEO Marketing Tactics to Improve Local Search Ranking
Being found by a local internet user doing a search for a local business need requires local SEO marketing tactics. It's a unique arena that requires unique SEO marketing efforts. Is your business performing well in local search? What is local search and local SEO marketing?  How can you improve your local search results? We dive in, explain, and outline 6 tactics to help you get started in the second half! Ready to go? Listen Now >
July 13, 2017
Website best practice review for lead generation
Is your website performing well and have you done a website best practice review lately? The ultimate goal of an inbound marketing campaign is lead generation. Your site can attract a lot of visitors, but if all they do is browse and leave, then your efforts have failed. To be successful, think of your website as a series of pages with elements that work together to turn a visitor into a potential customer.   In this episode, I dive into 6 key foundations to include in your website best practice review for lead generation.  Take a "halftime break" and evaluate your site in these areas! Ready to dive in? Listen Now >
June 08, 2017
Keyword Research Tools for Website SEO
Keyword research tools for website SEO.  What are they and what is it? Why does it matter? can you do it? That’s the key topic in this week’s podcast episode.  We dive into keyword research in a practical way to try and give you the tools and tactics needed to help you up your game with your website SEO. Who does this apply to?  Beginners are going to get the most value and yet others even with more advanced skill can benefit from learning about the tools used and research behind it. DISCOVER ALL THE TOOLS HERE >  
June 08, 2017
Website SEO Grader and Keyword Tools
Website SEO Grader and keyword tools help you get a picture of how your site is performing, and better yet, how to help improve your site!  We cover 4 key tools you can use today... In this episode, I dive into what a SEO Grader tool is, what a Keyword tool is, and then the details of four tools and the key benefits of each. Website evaluation tools help you see how well your site is performing and the areas it may be lagging behind. These 4 site evaluation tools will give insights into how and where to improve your website to gain traffic and rank! Ready to dive in? Listen Now >
May 25, 2017
Using Facebook Marketing to Grow your Email List
Facebook Marketing offers great opportunities for reaching your ideal audience. One reason to use it is to grow your email list.  In this podcast I cover key ways you can use Facebook Marketing to grow your email list. In this episode, I dive into 10 ways to use Facebook Marketing to grow your email list.   Ready to dive in? Listen Now >
May 11, 2017
Why I published a Leadership Devotional
A leadership devotional what? My leadership devotional is a 30 day guide that you read daily.  Basically, there is a short topic each day about leadership and it has some key points for reflection and a biblical Scripture reference you can look up for further study.  The goal is to help the reader to reflect and sharpen their leadership skills. However, the question remains, why would you publish this Mike? I typically write on digital marketing and social media topics.  All of these are practical and somewhat technical in nature related to the online marketing and web arenas.  However, my premise always is that people do business with people, and therefore backing up to the 30,000 view it comes down to your interactions with people...and leadership. So I dive into the "why" of a leadership devotional in this podcast and give you a quick peek at a few of the topics I cover. Ready to dive in?
April 27, 2017
Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, and Customer Care Highlight Social Media Marketing World 2017
Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, and Customer Care were highlighted topics at the recent Social Media Marketing World annual conference that brought over 3,000 marketers together in San Diego, California. Each year the key focus is on what is happening in social media and what is working best today.  These four items stood out as keys that many referenced and spoke on at #SMMW17 this year. In this episode, I dive into my key takeaways and tips gleaned from over 3000+ marketers who descended upon the convention center in San Deigo.  Ready to dive in and get the tips? Ready to dive in? Listen Now >
April 13, 2017
8 Lead Capture Free Offer Ideas for Growing Website Leads
It's all about growing website leads in the online world!   Traffic on a site needs to have a conversion percentage...a certain percent that move on to become leads and customers.  This isn't just for e-commerce sites, but for any site that ultimately offers a product or service.  You need to have a strategy for lead capture and often a weak area is the lead capture free offer itself.  If the other isn't a valuable incentive, your results will be poor. At the same time, neither does the incentive need to break your bank account! In this episode, I dive into 8 lead capture free ideas for growing website leads.  Ready to dive in and get the tips? Ready to dive in? Listen Now >
March 23, 2017
5 Keys to Improve Email Open Rates
Getting your email marketing content setup is not the end of your work.  Ensuring that the greatest potential possible OPEN the email is critical and you MUST spend time to improve email open rates. Are you using email marketing or automated email nurture campaigns?  HINT: You should be! A key for email marketing is the open rate.  It does no good whatsoever to have great content if it never gets read!  In this episode we dive into 5 keys to improve email open rates. Ready to dive in? Listen Now >
February 23, 2017
What is a Website Call to Action?
Beyond the need to know what it is, online marketers need to be using a call to action regularly and effectively on their websites!  It's often one of THE most overlooked lead capture and digital marketing components out there! Is your business using call to actions effectively on your website?  Let's look into the "what", "how", and "why" of call to actions for you website.  This little piece has tremendous value! Ready to dive in? Listen Now
February 23, 2017
How to succeed online - 4 Keys for Online Marketing Success
How can your business have online marketing success? What does it take? What are the key online marketing foundations? These are questions I was recently asked and I decided to answer in this podcast with a look at the four key foundations I believe are absolutely essential to online marketing success.   Is your business doing well in the four areas I note below?  They are essential and cover your website, social media, email marketing and more.  Let's walk through the four in detail! Ready to dive in? Listen Now >
February 09, 2017
Mobile Tips: Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP
It's a mobile world and Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP help you up your game! If you aren't making use of Facebook's Instant Articles and Google's AMP service, you could be missing out on speed and traffic!  Both are tools designed specifically for sites to give ease of use to mobile viewers. In this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast I dive into what Facebook Instant Articles are as well as Google AMP, and the reasons you might want to consider each. Ready to dive in? Listen Now >
January 26, 2017
Using Video in Social Media to Drive Web Traffic and Leads
Video matters in social media today big time! If you aren't making use of video in your efforts to get more traffic to your website and to grow leads, you're missing out on one of the most powerful tools available today. Video is perfect for capturing the attention of your target audience and funneling people into your company's nurture marketing. In this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast I dive into practical tactics for video use on Facebook and Instagram to drive website traffic and leads. Ready to dive in? Listen Now >>
January 12, 2017
Planning for 2017 Web and Social Media Marketing
2017 is just around the corner and it's critical you have a plan for your web and social media marketing.  Things change fast online and what worked a year ago can be outdated now!   In this episode I dive into 6 keys that can help you achieve greater heights related to your website and social media marketing. Are you still only posting links and images to Facebook?  Do you know about the dedicated video feed in the Facebook mobile app?  How about the key Google Search Engine change they've announced is coming soon?   In this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast I dive into six keys for your web and social media success in 2017.  You must take these seriously! Ready to dive in? Listen Now >
December 08, 2016
Social Media Lead Generation Ideas with the New Instagram Updates
Social lead generation is all about growing leads using social media.  Typically, the first networks to come to mind for use related to this are Facebook and Twitter.  Yet, one that has grown massively and has had major positive developments for businesses is Instagram. The new Instagram updates continue to evolve the network into a great platform for generating leads! In this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast I dive into my special strategy for social media lead generation and, in particular, how the new Instagram updates make it a much more appealing platform for attracting, engaging, and growing new leads. Ready to dive in? Listen Now >  
November 24, 2016
What's News in Facebook and Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation
It's time for an update podcast to talk about what's new in Facebook and Social Media Marketing for lead generation. If you've spent time with me before or are new here, you'll quickly pick up that I'm all about practical, effective strategy for your social media marketing.  For small and medium sized businesses, it's not about what's trendy or colorful, but about what can work.  I try to keep it simple and give you the updates you need to know today! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into Facebook and Social Media marketing for lead generation.  Learn about my new book, the strategy, and the latest on Facebook, Instagram, and more. Ready to dive in? Listen Now:
November 10, 2016
Add Value. Be Uncommon. Big Picture Thinking for Longterm Success
Add value. Be uncommon. Decent terms, but what do they mean?  How can someone add value, be uncommon, and from these have longterm business success? In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into my life and business philosophy based around these two terms.  It's a great opportunity to step back from the day-to-day tactics of marketing and reflect on the bigger picture of the "why" that drives the "what". Ready to dive in? Listen Now >>
October 27, 2016
Social Media for Lead Generation
Social Media works!  Are you using social media lead generation well for your business? It's more than just posting funny photos or repeatedly pushing your products! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into moving from simply social media to social media lead generation for businesses.  There's a strategic difference! Discover the concept and what's beyond the social postings that you need to integrate and measure! Ready to dive in? Listen Now >>
October 13, 2016
2017 Digital Marketing Planning Checklist
Is your 2017 Digital Marketing Planning underway? 2017 is around the corner and very soon it will be time to plan budgets and strategy for the new year.  Knowing this, I’ve created a handy ebook guide that helps you evaluate your 2016 marketing, discusses keys for 2017, and outlines all the details in a checklist you can follow to help you prepare your budgeting and strategy for next year. Things change all the time, and rapidly, online so it’s important to stay current and my aim is to help you do that right here! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into a number of the 20+ items in my forthcoming 2017 Digital Marketing Planning Checklist that will help you be ready for budgeting and setting strategy for your online marketing. Ready to dive in? Listen Now >>
September 22, 2016
Conversion Keys in the Social Media Marketing Funnel
Conversion keys help you sell.  When you've done all the steps in the funnel, it's time to ask for the purchase. There are a number of keys to help you in that process of the sales conversion offer and I cover those today in this podcast! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I revisit each of the components of the Social Media marketing funnel and then dive deeper specifically into conversion keys to help you present offers that position you best to win the deal. Listen Now:
September 08, 2016
Email Nurture Strategy in Digital Marketing
Is your Email Nurture campaign performing? Do you have a refined strategy for email nurture after a lead opt-in on your website? How can you improve your email drip marketing to convert more interested leads to sales? In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into the details on email nurture tactics as they flow within an overall digital marketing marketing strategy. Listen Now >  
August 25, 2016
Optimizing your Online Sales Funnel for Revenue Growth
What is it about optimizing your online sales funnel that seems so nebulous and challenging for marketers today? Not even sure what I mean when I say, "Online sales funnel"? Then you're in the right spot.  Stay tuned to learn about it from an expert! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I interview online sale funnel specialist Jeremy Reeves. Jeremy is one of the top sales funnel experts in the world today. He’s trusted to build funnels for computer products and dozens of other Inc. 500 companies.  Jeremy hails from Pennsylvania and is busy online all the time with sales funnel products for copy writing, coaching, and providing direct services.  I’m excited to dive into the details of powerful sales funnels today! Listen Now >>
August 11, 2016
Lead Capture Tactics in the Digital Marketing Funnel
Lead capture tactics – one of the most important and biggest gaps on websites today! Most website do not have clearly defined ways to capture leads on their website.  A “contact us” form is not a lead capture tactic! Lead capture must be part of an integrated online strategy. In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into the details on lead capture tactics as they flow within an overall digital marketing marketing strategy. Listen Now >>
July 28, 2016
Growing Leads with Instagram and SnapChat - Interview with Sue B. Zimmerman
Are you growing leads with Instagram and SnapChat? Do you wish you were and want to know how to track the ROI? Loads of creative ideas here! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast Sue B. Zimmerman drops in to drop some gold on ways to use Instagram and SnapChat (and she slides in Periscope too) to drive traffic, grow leads, and cross-pollinate. New to "cross-pollinating" in social marketing?  You'll want to listen in! Full Show Notes >>
June 23, 2016
Business Efficiencies with Key Mobile Apps
Converting PDFs to Boost Productivity   Traditionally, small business owners have followed four values to greater business success, but as of recently there has been another value that has found its place in small business management. The traditional values are: Time management Delegating tasks Good customer relations and Performance tracking  We are all familiar with these values and they are something we generally all try implementing. But now, there is a 5th and increasingly important value: Tech Proficiency, and even more specifically Mobile Device Efficiencies. Times change and smartphones are an integral part of our work life today.  We have made a significant switch towards mobile technology in managing business activities on a daily basis. We rely on mobile apps, today more than ever, in order to do even the most basic functions such as checking the weather and asking Siri if we should wear pants or shorts tonight.  Handling paperwork, dealing with monthly, weekly and daily reports, financial statements, insurance requirements...the list goes on. With the ever growing popularity of mobile apps, small businesses need to step up their tech game and move some of the paperwork to their phones and tablets. With that being said, here are some specific tips on how to boost your company’s productivity by using mobile apps at your workplace: Utilize the already owned apps Most of us have already downloaded several apps to our iPhones or Androids, but never really used them. All of us have apps that came with the phone but we simply overlook those due to not being familiar with them. For example: every iPhone comes with Stocks, iBooks, and several other very useful apps. If you haven’t had the chance to use these them, that’s probably because you never needed to. However, if you plan on improving your knowledge of eBooks, PDF files, and file management, you should definitely keep reading. If you think your app game is up to par, keep reading and you might rethink your app choices. Utilize the “Suggested Apps” Suggested apps are the apps 90% people download when they first open their phone, and no, we are not talking about Facebook, Messenger and Twitter. Your business will survive without them (but on a side note, if you are not marketing via Social Media, please start doing so). The 3 apps we would like to point out as most useful productivity apps from the “Suggested” category are Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote.  Utilize the little known apps If you’ve gotten this far down the article, this is where you can really make a difference. Knowing how to approach your employees, how to present your ideas, and how to most efficiently exchange files with coworkers is the key to small business success. And these lesser known apps will help you on that road: PDF to Word should be your go-to app in case you ever had trouble working with PDF files. 
June 16, 2016
Engagement Keys in Your Digital Marketing Strategy
This is Part 2 of a series. View part one >> Are you engaging your web visitors and social media community? Do you have an "engagement" action plan"? Engagement Keys in Your Digital Marketing Strategy is all about what you need to do at the TOP of your digital funnel. You NEED to be engaging your web and social community to build rapport.  I talk about how to do this...   In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into the "Engagement" area of the digital marketing funnel.  What it is, what you need to do, and how it works! Listen Now:
June 09, 2016
Online Marketing Success: Attraction Content in the Digital Marketing Funnel
Are you attracting more visitors to your website?  Do you have an "attraction plan"?  Online Marketing Success: Attraction Content in the Digital Marketing Funnel is all about what you need to do at the TOP of your funnel.   In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into the keys for attracting more visitors to your website and attracting the right community on social media! Listen Now >
May 26, 2016
How to Amp your Content in Today's Noisy Online World
How can you get heard today? It's all about how to amplify your content in a super-busy online world! It's crazy noisy online today.  The rate at which new content is added is exploding!  The average Facebook user has the potential to see 1500 unique posts in their News Feed during a single day!  So how is your business going to be able to compete in this sea on content? In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into web content. Particularly, how to amplify your content in today's noisy World online.  Listen Now:
May 12, 2016
Social Media Marketing World 2016 Key Takeaways
I just came back from Social Marketing World 2016 - the largest social media conference in the world. It was a tremendous event with great speakers, input, networking and the sunshine of San Diego! This is my 4th year attending and I've met people from all over the world, from business owners to marketers, all who are trying to use social media effectively for their business.  As well, I've had the chance to rub shoulders and sit down for dinner with multiple thought leaders, authors, and speakers who are at the leading edge of social media marketing for multiple social media networks.  It's been a great venue for learning, collaborating, and connecting in-real-life with those I met online. I want to share with you my synopsis and key takeaways from the conference.  This is my "What you need to know" about social media trends and shifts in order for your business and social media marketing to be effective online. Key 1. Facebook is strong than ever. From Michael Stelzner's data report of the social media industry generated via an extensive survey among marketers, business owners and what they do on their social media businesses. Facebook is stronger than ever because Facebook continues to evolve for 10+ years with the mainstream. Its continues to be no. 1 way that marketers reach their audience because every major demographic is on Facebook.   Facebook is prioritizing live video in the newsfeed. They rank things based what you engaged on and other factors. Use live video in smaller segments to talk about your business and direct them for exposure and awareness. You can also interview your project manager etc. and find creative ways. Let go of your fear for not doing it professionally perfect way. Key 2. Snapchat It's growing.  The userbase is young and dedicated. BUSINESS INSIGHT: Do not jump on the bandwagon unnecessarily and put lots of effort in this new platform but pay attention to it and experiment with it personally so you at least know how to use it!  The day may come when your business needs to use it.  That day is not here unless you need to reach 16-30 year olds in a b2c fashion, but it may be coming soon. Daily video views on Snapchat started on May 2015 with 2 billion, on Nov it's 6 billion, January 2016 it's 7 Billion, and now it's on 8 billion daily views. Key 3. Noise Challenge Online - Adapt to get seen. Adapt to tools and methods that will get you in front of the people best. Content still matters - Continue blogging, continue adding resource, rich content and find ways to ignite, and direct people to it, niche your contents. Use Google trends  Key 4. Relationships Matter Always - People do business with someone they know, like and trust. Social media is top-of-the-funnel marketing. 
April 28, 2016
Google Analytic Basics: Breaking it Down for ROI Tracking
Are you using Google Analytics on your website? Are you overwhelmed by all it's features and options?  Still hopeful that you can actually use it for ROI Tracking of your online marketing efforts? There's hope!  Google Analytics is a powerful and often overwhelming tool with loads of options. However, you can break it down to basics that you need to track important ROI items related to your online marketing including SEO, content marketing, and social media. Google Analytics allows your business to to track progress and determine if your online and social media efforts are showing positive ROI. Some of the report criteria you should be reviewing each month in your Google Analytics dashboard are: Overall Sessions – Page views, pages visited per session, new visitors and the bounce rate. Top Page Report – The best performing pages Social Media Traffic – Channels and communities where your audience is most active Mobile Traffic – How much traffic is mobile and the types of devices used. Every business needs to learn from the data available to them on their website!  It's a goldmine of rich information to help you make informed decisions. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Google Analytics. 
April 14, 2016
SEO Tips: What Matters Today for Business Websites
Staying current on SEO Tips is critical for business success on the web today. The web changes rapidly and SEO changes each year because search engine algorithms change.  A search engine algorithm is the set of rules that a search engine like Google uses to determine what is the "best" search results for a search done on In this episode I aim to please busy marketers and small business owners by narrowing down to the nitty gritty of what your website needs for SEO success today on the web.  Listen Now:
March 31, 2016
Facebook Updates Marketers Need to Use Today!
Facebook keeps on changing! It's a powerhouse of opportunity for businesses....if you keep up. Facebook recently released a number of important updates for marketers.  As the world's largest human database accessible to marketers, it's an important place to invest and stay current, because if you do, you can reap powerful benefits! In this episode I dive into three key Facebook updates, how to use them, and what it means for your business.  
March 10, 2016
Latest Trends in Social Media: Keys for your Business
Recently I hosted a seminar on the "Latest Trends in Social Media: Keys for your Business." The aim was to inform small and medium sized businesses as to what is changing in social media and online.  Things change fast and it's hard to keep up! For many small businesses, business life is already busy and keeping up with what might be shifting in social media that impacts business marketing can be a hard thing to get to in any given week!  That's where I come in. In this episode I dive into some the latest trends in social media, what new tools are out there, and what it means for your business.
February 22, 2016
Serving vs Selling: Why Serving is the Business Model of Today and Tomorrow
Serving versus Selling makes great business sense today. Gone are the days of one way marketing and sales strategies that were more “bullhorn” (and bulldog) in approach. Social Media and Online tools have given the customer a voice like never before and with that voice they want more from you.  They want a dialogue and trust, not smooth talk and a slick presentation before they move on to the next prey.  The time has come for businesses to understand that serving makes good business sense, and that hard-core selling needs to be dropped in the trash can. I dive into the “how” and the “why” that serving makes sense as the model for business selling today.
February 04, 2016
4 Keys for Business Website Success in 2016
Is your website setup for success this year? Are you covering the vital keys necessary for growing a strong online business website presence? Have you stopped to review your site lately? If you hesitated on ANY of these questions, this episode is for you!  I’ll cover the 4 keys vital for business website success this year.  
January 27, 2016
The Why That Drives The What in Business and Life
Why do you do what you do in business? For the profits? To provide for your family/lifestyle desires? It's important to know the "why" that drives you in business. I call it "the WHY that drives the WHAT". The why must be of such substance that it drives you forward when the going gets tough. Guess what, the why needs to be more than money and profits. In this episode I explain the critical importance of a deeper why as dive into this territory in more detail.  I open up and share with you my why that drives my what. Listen Now >>
January 21, 2016
Disruptive Thinking: You Need it. How to get it...
There's power in disruptive thinking! Too often we get "stuck" in small-minded, inside the box thinking in business and life. We do the same things, follow the same routines....and yet expect better results! It's "stinkin' thinkin'!"  What we often need is a way to get "out of the box". In this episode I dive into four areas that can help you engage in disruptive thinking, why you need disruptive thinking, and how it can impact your business, leadership, and life. Listen Now >>
January 14, 2016
Integrating Marketing with Lead Capture Tool Waftio
Is your website performing for your business? Is your website truly generating leads? More than just the website "Contact Form", is your website offering a incentive that grows your email marketing list? One of the biggest gap points on websites today is lead capture.   In this Halftime Mike podcast episode we dive into why lead capture matters, how it can be done, and one specific tool that can help!   Listen Now:
January 07, 2016
How to Effectively Set and Accomplish Goals for Business and Personal Life
It's that time of year..... goal setting. You hear about you.  You likely believe in it.'s so hard to follow through! Are you regularly reaching your yearly business and personal goals? What if there was a way....a path...a process? In this episode of Halftime Mike I dive into a clear outline of a path forward that is clear, doable, and straightforward.  It will help you have a plan you can follow to accomplish your business and personal goals for next year.  In this Episode:How to Effectively Set and Accomplish Goals for Business and Personal Life First, you gotta's a fight.  There will be trials.  There will be trouble.  You must persevere.  You must press forward. You gotta keep after it!  You will fall down, get back up and keep going! View Episode Notes >>
December 17, 2015
Business Website Tools: The Trend to Web-Based Tools
What tools is your business using today to manage things? Do you still have some software that is ONLY on a computer? Wouldn't you like to access key business information from anywhere, anytime? It's time to rethink your business website tools and adopt the trend to web-based tools! The tools have changed!  No longer do you need to install software with CD's and be dependent on downloading updates, managing details only when in the office, or hiring others to provide services for your team.  You've likely shifted your business software in many areas, but are you missing key areas that could help your business bottom line? It's a web-based world!  I dive into the details of the key areas and opportunities for businesses to gain efficiencies by using web-based tools. View full podcast post and notes >>
December 10, 2015
Hiring Digital Workers for your Team: The Interview Process
Are you responsible for interviewing and hiring your team members? Are you using VA's (Virtual Assistants) or long-term contractors? How do you interview when you can't physically "meet" someone? It's all about digital techniques to vet potential hires in this digital age! This is Part II of Hiring Digital Workers, the Interview Process. In the last episode of the Halftime Mike podcast I dove into evaluation and initial testing process for vetting and hiring digital workers.  These are workers that will not be physically in the same location as you.  I go through my process and shared stories from experiences for why I do what I do, and what matters.  I left off at the first interview process and that's where I dive in today...The INTERVIEW! Full Show notes here >>
November 26, 2015
Hiring Digital Workers: My How To Guide
Is part of your team virtual and not resident in the same physical office? Are you using VA's (Virtual Assistants) or long-term contractors? How do you hire when you can't physically "meet" and interview someone? It's all about digital techniques to vet potential hires in this digital age!   In this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast I dive into my techniques for vetting and hiring digital workers.  These are workers that will not be physically in the same location as me.  I go through my process and share stories from experiences for why I do what I do, and what matters for you. See full episode here >>
November 19, 2015
Businesses Online: Keys for your Digital First Impressions
How's your business first impression online? Are you aware you often have more than one avenue for a first impression online? Often we think of a company website as the first impression online, and rightfully so.  However, in today's social media day, a first impression a potential customer may have with your business may be through your employees activity on social media!  Are you thinking about that? Digital first impressions is the topic today in this Halftime Mike interview with Jeff Korhan.   View full show notes >>
November 12, 2015
How Buyer Personas Help your Business Digital Marketing
Is your business targeting the right leads online? Do you know how to speak to that ideal customer audience? Are you Buyer Personas sharp for your business or do you need to know more about creating them? If so, this show is for you! How Buyer Personas Help your Business Digital Marketing What exactly is a "buyer persona"? I'll outline it as a refined demographic of the attributes of your ideal target customers.  It's a fictional "character" that represents the keys about the client/business/role you are trying to reach with your product or service.  It's basically pulling together the common core traits of your best ideal clients and then putting a specific "personality" to that ideal client.
October 31, 2015
Growing a Social Media Agency: The Digital Matchbox Story
Are you a solo entrepreneur with dreams of growing? Are you a small social media agency looking to scale and build your team and clients? Listen in as we cover the Digital Matchbox story with Liz Azyan. Liz Azyan is a UK based social media PRO STYLER.  She'll say more about exactly what that means but suffice it to say she helps rising entrepreneurs "style" and leverage their online presence to attract the right clients and build their brand online. Liz started out as a PhD candidate turned solo entrepreneur and has now grown Digital Matchbox to be a strong multi-team digital agency. Go to full episode notes and video replay >>
October 24, 2015
How Instagram Can Work for Manufacturers and B2B
Can Instagram work for manufacturers and B2B? Isn’t Instagram primarily geared for business-to-consumer and used by young people? If your business builds products and relies on channels like dealers and distributors to sell your end-goods, is it worthwhile to be on Instagram? If your business is asking these types of questions, then this post is for you! I interview Instagram expert and social media consultant Jenn Herman of Jenn’s Trends.  In a unique livecast Blab format, I take the position of a skeptic and question Jenn from my starting point of not being able to potential in Instagram for business.  Listen in as I play the role of a RV (recreational vehicle) manufacturing exec who is not convinced that Instagram has any value for our business! More than just a interview on Instagram, this talk is a guide to Instagram for those companies that are product oriented, not direct-to-consumer, and in industries that are not geared to a single person being the “face” of the company.  Think of it as a guide to Instagram for practical industries! VIEW THE FULL BLOG POST >>
October 15, 2015
Getting Found Online: Local Search Optimization Tips for your Business
Are you doing local and regional business? Are people and businesses coming to your location to do business? How are you appearing in local search engine results? Keys for local search are coming up for your website but ALSO IN KEY LOCAL DIRECTORIES! How do you do this?  I dive in and explain a way... Location-based online searches are popular among consumers using mobile devices. Local SEO has the potential to help local businesses stand out in search engines and be found by potential customers. One vital local SEO practice involves creating and maintaining business listings on the key directories, apps, and websites that factor most into the local search engine results. View show notes >>>
October 08, 2015
From Zero to 200k a month in revenue: Scaling an Online Business
Do you have a online business? Is your website generating solid monthly income? Do you wish you were earning $200,000 a month from your website? One man is doing just that!  Listen in as I interview online entrepreneur and author Matthew Paulson! Matthew Paulson comes across as quiet and unassuming.  Yet underneath that layer of tranquility is a business mind and business success story that thousands would love to have! From Zero to 200k a month in revenue: Scaling an Online Business is the story of Matthew's rise in the web world to a powerful and massively successful website in the stock and investing industry niche  (Links to those below!).  You'll learn about his strategy, methods, and keys he feels helped the online business explode the last 2 years.  In 2015 revenue was $1.75m and it is projected to be at $2.6 this year, all while keeping the team small and nimble! Listen Now >>
October 01, 2015
Business Building in the Digital Age: Amazing Story of Casual Fridays Growth
Does your business have a strong online presence? Is your team dispersed and not all in the same office? Are you having communication gaps as you grow? We tackle questions like these as we hear from Tyler J. Anderson and his story of the growth of Casual Fridays. Tyler J. Anderson is founder and CEO of Casual Fridays, a pro social media team headquartered in San Diego, CA.  He's a social media marketing entrepreneur, and host of the Social Media Social Hour Podcast, as well as Executive Producer of Social Media Day San Diego. Listen Now: Businesses that are growing and have team members in different physical locations have much different experiences that businesses did 5 years ago. Today there are tools and ways to communicate online that didn't exist cost-effectively even 3 years ago!  The ability to communicate in real-time with remote teams makes scaling a business in other states a much more "doable" situation than it was just a few years back.  Of course, just because you can and just because tools exist doesn't mean every business does it well.  Communication for remote teams and team building, team synergies, etc, are all important factors to success. Tyler J. Anderson breaks down the story of Casual Fridays and how they have scaled in 6 years from 2 to over 22 team members spread out across the United States.  Listeners will learn about what Tyler sees as keys, and the tools that Casual Friday's uses for success. Listen Now:
September 24, 2015
The Growing Digital Divide - Helping Businesses on the Outside of the Leading Edge
Things online move fast! Is your business keeping up? Does your business need too? We dive into this question and more as we tackle the Growing Digital Divide: Helping Businesses on the Outside of the Leading Edge!   The Growing Digital Divide: Helping Businesses on the Outside of the Leading Edge! Businesses can struggle to keep up with the fast changes in the digital world.  Just this spring we were all talking about the need to use video on Facebook as the "leading edge."  That hasn't changed, but some changes by Google+ have made that network less of a "social media" tool and more of a utility.  In my mind, Google+ is declining in value.  Were you using Facebook video yet or trying to ramp up your Google+ use? Add to that the rage of live streaming and the onslaught of Meerkat and Periscope this summer and business marketers could feel they were behind.  I confess I didn't really jump in on Periscope or Meerkat that much.  I experimented but it wasn't a clear fit.  I'm glad I didn't because (1) my audience wasn't really there and (2) both of those livestreaming apps was then (in my opinion) superseded by Blab! Blab, to me, made more sense primarily because of efficiencies.  I have a podcast audience.  Some listeners wanted that podcast to be video.  Video works well on Facebook.  So I could do a "Blab" and use their tools to then convert it into multiple pieces of content: The Live event Blab A podcast audio file A video replay for YouTube A video to post to Facebook A blog post with audio and video in it! BOOM! I was sold!  That's five distinct content options from one live event.  That's what I needed!  A way to reach my audience in multiple forms where they are at.... and for me to do if efficiently! Some businesses in the leading edge of digital flow with all these online changes easily.  Many businesses, however, don't.  They are lost in the digital overload. In this episode, I sit with Jessika Phillips of Now Marketing Group and Donna Gilliland of MOS Training to discuss this trend.  Along the way we invite in my friend Vicki McLeod from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada, and we
September 17, 2015
Web Tools for Remote team Collaboration
The web is changing how we work! According to a infographic from Highfive, there was a 79.7% increase in the number of remote workers between 2005 and 2012, and that number just keeps jumping higher today (Infographic below) The key is how you collaborate and communicate...and with the web, that often means tools.  What web tools for collaboration, project management and interaction help your business proceed? I dive into my tools for remote team collaboration and communication. Listen Now>>
September 10, 2015
Web Tools for Productivity: The Shift to Business in the Cloud
Times have changed!  The "cloud" has evolved for business technology users. In particular, software has evolved, shifting from computer software to web software. What we used to need to do with 5 CD's to install on computer is now available online, anytime and on our phones! In this livecast recording, we dive into web tools for productivity including a load of the latest tools for small and medium-sized businesses.  As well, we discuss how the shift to cloud software impacts business productivity. I'm joined by Now Marketing Group President, Jessika Phillips, and MOS Training founder Donna Gilliland in this Halftime Mike episode discussing new tools and their uses.   More than just social media tools, we dive into core business use apps and tools that we use online.  Jessika is an early tech adopter and discusses the tools her business uses along with their core product for clients, HubSpot.  Donna is a tool trainer!  From social media, to Microsoft, to mobile apps, Donna is hired by businesses and business units to deliver staff training on how to use the tools productively.   It's a grand lineup of educated business folk and we each deliver tools and learn about new tools from each other! Catch all the tools here on >>  
September 03, 2015
Relationship Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service is Here
Is your sales, marketing and customer support model evolving? It had better be! People and businesses want more care and connection with their chosen business.  The days of sales blasts and obnoxious salesmen are dwindling. Business today that lasts is built on RELATIONSHIPS! In this episode of Halftime Mike I have three guests and we dive into a live Blab on the ways business has changed and what relationship sales, marketing, and customer service looks like today! My guests: Ravi Shukle is from London England!  Ravi is a customer service specialist who helps businesses online to increase customer loyalty, word of mouth and sales through customer service. April Heavens-Woodcock is co-founder along with husband, Kevin, of Touching Clients in Connecticut….a digital marketing agency  helping small businesses with social media, digital ads, and more.  April is also part of the extended team of Relationship Marketing pro Mari Smith. Jessika Philips is President of Now Marketing Group in Ohio and helps businesses build long-last relationship with their ideal audience.  She’s also the creator of “The Relationship Marketing System” We dive in for a lively discussion on how business has changed and what the new relationship business looks like and why it's so important for growth. >> SEE POST
August 27, 2015
The Contest Code: Discovering the Details for Successful Social Media Contests
Social Media Contests....All the rage, but how do you get results? Is your business considering ways to up your game online using social media contests but you're not confident on the process? Needing a game plan for a social media contest?  There's more to a social media contest than simply tossing up a message announcing that the contest is open!   Social Media Contests for Business Success: - How your business can grow leads with a contest- Keys to the length and awards you offer- The details for pre-contest prep- How to safeguard your contest with rules and security- Ways to increase sign-ups and participation- What to do after the contest- and more! It's about equipping your business to be successful with a social contest online that helps you reach business objectives! Learn what you need to succeed! Full show details here: Mike Gingerich Contest Code  
August 20, 2015
Pinterest Updates for Business Marketing: With Azure Collier
Pinterest is driving traffic to websites in amazing fashion! Did you know that e-commerce purchases right on Pinterest have started? All this and more on Pinterest updates for business marketing in this podcast! It’s all about informing you on the latest trends on Pinterest.  From, driving traffic toRich Pins and more, we cover it! This week I am joined by Azure Collier, Content Manager for Constant Contact. However, we’re not really talking email marketing today!  Rather, we’re talkingPinterest for business, one of Azure’s areas of expertise she performs for Constant Contact!  Want some tips and insights?  Listen in!
August 13, 2015
Insider Tips on Trends in Online Video with Sunny Lenarduzzi
It's raw, it's uncut! It's all about what's happening with video and livestreaming! Sunny Lenarduzzi is spectacular and informative....Mike's audio improves as the interview goes on.... It's all about informing you on the latest trends in online video today!  From YouTube to Facebook video, Instagram video to Periscope and Meerkat, we cover it. Sunny Lenarduzzi is an award winning social media strategist, YouTuber and broadcaster. Sunny’s been seen on Hootsuite’s Social Update, Breakfast Television Edmonton and Vancouver, The Huffington Post, and a weekly social trends report on Rogers' Radio stations across Canada. Sunny thrives on sharing the latest developments in the digital space and I'm privileged to have her  join me! Want some inspiration and steps to drastic life results?  Listen in! Listen Now:
August 06, 2015
Crowdfunding Campaigns: How One Startup Ran a Wildly Successful Kickstarter Campaign
Have you thought about running Crowdfunding campaigns? Are you familiar with how they operate? Would you like to learn the Secret Sauce from a successful Kickstarter campaign? Join me as I dive into this and more in this "Part 2" Podcast episode with the founders of KOOSHOO.   Jesse and Rachel, husband and wife yoga teachers based out of North Vancouver, Canada, continue our interview in this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast. In last week's show we dove into how they together with a small, tight-knit team, set out to create a lifestyle company that does good at every level – in forming their e-commerce store KOOSHOO.  It's an amazing story of their startup journey!  This time we dive deeper into the digital side with their Kickstarter campaign, content marketing and email strategies. If you like to learn from what others are doing successfully...this is the interview for you! Crowdfunding Campaigns: A Kickstarter Success Story Crowdfunding Campaigns: How KOOSHOO Ran a Wildly Successful Kickstarter Campaign As a way to launch a new KOOSHOO product, the Journey Shawl, the KOOSHOO team ran a Kickstarter Campaign.  To say they had a successful campaign is a massive understatement! In just 4 days they reached their goal of $10,000 and the campaign went on to garner $24,511 CAD helping them to a successful launch and now one of their ongoing top-selling products. Covered in the Crowdfunding Campaign:
July 30, 2015
KOOSHOO: Ecommerce Store Grows with Feeling and Doing Good
They left their jobs in corporate America. Purchasing one-way tickets, they headed to Asia. She's from a tiny island called Norfolk, that's roughly 3 miles by 5 miles in size and between New Zealand and Australia. Their background and experiences ultimately led them to start a ecommerce store called KOOSHOO, centered around the meaning of that word...Feeling Good. It's a story you don't want to miss!   Jesse and Rachel, husband and wife yoga teachers based out of North Vancouver, Canada, are my guests in this episode of Halftime Mike. Together with a small, tight-knit team, they set out to create a lifestyle company that does good at every level – from the communities growing the textiles to the people wearing the final yoga headbands, hairties and fashion scarves that they sell in their e-commerce store.  It's informative and inspiring! Listen Now!    
July 23, 2015
Facebook News Feed Personalization with "See First"
It's a FIRST! I recorded my podcast LIVE on Periscope! Yes, I use the Twitter tool and talked Facebook, producing my podcast in real-time video and then simply creating this post and loading the file to my podcaster service, Libsyn. I think you'll want to listen in because this is something that I think is BIG but hasn't gotten a lot of press as of yet. Basically, on July 9, Facebook made a change and is giving user CONTROL of what they see FIRST on Facebook!  For all those saying that Facebook isn't listening or it's just getting too big, this is a HUGE win for the user.  You and Me! What it means for brands is still to be determined.   I can tell you it means they need to pay attention to their community and find some content that users will like because fans have choices now! The Update: Facebook News Feed Personalization with "See First" Option Now in the Mobile App "News Feed Preferences" as well as on any Page or personal Profile on Facebook there is a "See First" option.  For the App, it populates icons of your Pages and Friends to select from. Note: I have not seen Groups accessible at all!   When on a Page or Profile, click the "Following" button and in the dropdown you can see and select the "See First" icon. How many can you add to "See First"? Not sure of a limit.  I haven't reached it yet and there doesn't seem to be one.  Of course if you add too many you defeat the purpose of fine-tuning your News Feed! That's a wrap.  Go check it out and do tell me what you thought of this "Periscope-first" version! Find the full episode with screenshots and details at  
July 16, 2015
Halftime Mike: Drastic Life Results with Toni Harris
How many of us would like to see some drastic life results?? Have you had some bumps and setbacks, or are you struggling to get that online business to the next level? You’ll want to listen into this interview about drastic life results with Toni Harris! Toni Harris is my guest on this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast!  Toni is a speaker, author, trainer, and all-around high octane change artist who lives it and walks it! She’s been down and out, I’m talking about on death’s doorstep, and made an amazing turnaround to thrive and talk about it! Full episode and show notes:  View here >>   Mike Gingerich
July 09, 2015
Ignite your Content if you want to see your Business Grow Online!
Content online has proliferated. You've heard all the tips about regular publishing of great content, creating quality images that communicate, and more. Yet everyone is doing that.  Great content is everywhere.  So how can you compete? More importantly, if you have great content, but no one sees it, is it really working for you?  What can you do about? Mark Schaefer is my guest on this episode of Halftime Mike!  Mark is a globally-recognized author, speaker, educator, and business consultant who blogs at {grow} – one of the top marketing blogs of the world. He teaches graduate marketing classes at Rutgers University and has written four best-selling books including The Tao of Twitter (the best-selling book on Twitter in the world) and Return On Influence, which was named one of the top business titles of the year by the American Library Association. His clients include Dell, Adidas, and the US Air Force. He has been a keynote speaker at prestigious events all over the world including SXSW, Marketing Summit Tokyo, and the Institute for International and European Affairs. Want to learn the next life stage of content marketing?   Join us as we dive into a discussion on his latest book Content Code, and how to ignite your content! < >
June 25, 2015
Video Blogging that's Savvy Sexy and Social!
Yes, I used the term "sexy" when talking about blogging, and in this case video blogging! Blogging and video blogging may not seem sexy, but Amy Schmittauer makes it so! Amy is my guest on this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast.  She's the founder and personality behind Savvy Sexy Social and leader of Vlog Boss Studios. We dive in and get gold from Amy on video blogging. Want to learn how video blogging can help your business and how to do it?  Listen in to this episode of the Halftime Mike Podcast!   Mike Gingerich    
June 19, 2015
Blogging for Business: How One Man Launched a Growing Empire
Want ideas on how to grow blog traffic? Interested in ways to generate revenue from your blog? All this and more covered in this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast with guest Ricky Shetty, The Daddy Blogger! Ricky shares his personal story of growing a business online and along the way offers specific tips that can help your business. This week I am joined by Ricky Shetty, known online as the Daddy Blogger.  Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Ricky owns and operates where he writes about parenting from a father's perspective and has a load of other "dad friendly resources".  He also runs YVR Media Group which has a number of sites and focus areas for the Vancouver area for blogging, dads, food, and conferences.  Ricky is also most proud of being the father of daughter Rianne and son Ryan, as well as husband to Anne. Ricky likes to live life large, make a splash and have an impact.  One example of making a splash was his coordination of a "flash mob" in the Vancouver Airport to help him propose marriage to his wife! Check out the full blog post here:
June 11, 2015
Facebook Videos: How to Create Optimized Videos with Apps
What is currently the post type on Facebook that gets the most reach? Did you know it's video? Do you know what type of video and how to make those videos? Did you know YOU can make those videos?  I review 4 apps that can be used to easily edit and produce your videos on your phone and give you my process for it all! Facebook Videos: How to Create Optimized Videos with Apps: It's true, Facebook video is getting the most reach by far of any post type for most Facebook Pages.  Facebook Pages should be reviewing their Insights and testing post types to see what works for them.  In my tests on TabSite, Digital Hill, and Mike, it's been video by far getting the most reach. Note: Reach is the amount of people on Facebook that see a post. Facebook Link Post vs. Facebook Video Post: Here's one example from my tests: I created two posts on TabSite within 2 minutes of each other.  I used the exact same text and and linked to the same blog post.  I let them run just over 30 minutes and checked the results....The video post had a reach better than 3x the reach of the link post!  More eyeballs is important as it helps drive more clicks and the potential for more engagement.  Thus video is important! All this and more in this episode of Halftime Mike! Read all the show notes at
June 05, 2015
What Works on Facebook Today? Interview with Jenny Brennan
How is your Facebook marketing going? Looking for a source of good Facebook marketing information? Are you tired of complex answers and want to hear it straight in simple terms? Then you'll enjoy this show where I interview Jenny Brennan on "What works on Facebook today?"   See the full show details here >>   Topics Covered in What Works on Facebook Today: Jenny's personal story of business failure, birth, and change The evolution of Facebook as a platform and communications network The essentials of reaching customers on Facebook Jenny's thoughts on Photos vs Videos on Facebook Training options offered by Jenny on Facebook Marketing and Facebook Ads
May 28, 2015
The Enchanting Way Business Process
Everyone wants to grow their business. In many industries today, what worked the previous two decades is no longer working today.  Are you in that boat?  Has your business climate shifted? The Digital World, basically the web and social media, has changed that.  Processes are different, customer acquisition and support are different, and new models for doing business are needed. Enter “The Enchanting Way.” >> Full POST HERE  
May 21, 2015
How to Use Social Media to Build your Career
What are tips for how to grow your career with social media?  What are pitfalls to avoid? Is "flash mob law" a real  thing? If a person sends someone naked pics digitally, can the recipient post them online? All this and more covered in a great interview with lawyer, author, and speaker Ruth Carter! Ruth is an out-of-the-box attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, who loves solving problems, particularly in the areas of Internet Law, Social Media Law and Flash Mob Law.  Ruth lives and breathes social media and is co-founder of  Improv AZ, a prank & flash mob troupe in Phoenix.  In addition to her practice, Ruth speaks on how new graduates and law firms can use social media to enhance their career and grow their practice. Ruth has authored a number of books, including, "The Legal Side of Blogging: How Not to get Sued, Fired, Arrested, or Killed".  I had the pleasure of meeting Ruth in the law office of our fellow friend, the Enchanting Lawyer, Jacob Sapochnick in San Diego, earlier this year where she was on a road trip called "The Undeniable Tour".  I was immediately captured by Ruth's enthusiasm, spirit, and non-traditional approach to law.  She's not called "The First Legal Rebel from Arizona" for nothing! Our Topic: How to Grow Your Career with Social Media
May 14, 2015
Social Media Loyalty Programs
Do you have a frequent flyer card? How about a credit card with rewards?  We're familiar with those types of loyalty programs, but... Are you using any loyalty programs in your social media?  Perhaps you should be! In this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast I go "down under" to interview Antonio Calero in Melbourne, Australia. Antonio's specialty is behavioral social media and how users respond uniquely to content they see, often based on their culture, background, and related behaviors.  This is critical for the business marketer to understand in order to truly reach well their ideal audience.  We dive into social media loyalty programs and you'd be surprised to find out how simple they can be to setup, and yet how important they can be to making that connection that alters the behavior of a purchaser! Listen Now:
May 07, 2015