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Halfway Home A Bicycle Podcast

Halfway Home A Bicycle Podcast

By Halfway Home Bicycle Podcast
I meet cycling buddies halfway between their place and mine, for a brew up and a chat about all things bike. Different meeting place, personality and conversation every episode. The untold local stories of ordinary cyclists finally on the record. Come along for the ride.
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One Adventurous Womxns Journey to find answers - Frankie Dewar at Marlow.
Frankie and I chat about her 3175km Cycle tour around Britain to interview older adventurous womxn to help plan the path for future Frankie.  All this on an ageing rigid MTB and a very wobbly start! Be sure to check out this inspirational soul and listen to her podcast series of interviews with these incredible Womxn.
November 11, 2020
Community through Bicycles - Matt Hill - Hardie Park Cycle Hub
I meet up with a good friend to find out about his role at the Hardie Park Cycle Hub in Stanford-Le-Hope in Essex, A place which is literally building community through Bicycles - turning around young lives and being a beacon of light for the local area...Does every town need a place like this? I suspect it might. We also sneak in a cheeky little ride around the area.
October 14, 2020
Alan Goodman, Recumbent fan and possibly the nicest man on wheels.
Alan and I meet at Cholesbury Cricket Club and get into chatting about pedal car racing (yes it can be serious)! The recumbent cycling lifestyle. What the Corona virus 'Lockdown' did to improve cycling in the UK. The British Human Power Club, Guy Martin, record attempts. Mike Burrows. The birth and growth of an informal cycling club through Facebook and so much more. Make your brew of choice sit and join us 'Halfway Home'. (there were some chaps working on the wicket and the audio does pick up abit of their work in the background at times, all part of the ambience of rural village life. 
August 18, 2020
Gav(in) Vanner of BG Bikes at All Saints Church Wing
A stormy ride to a long overdue catch-up...i've known gav since the last century but haven't seen him for at least 10 years...too long, a lot has changed in that time...but Gav is still the same cycle obsessive he always was, in those years he's been busy turning his passion into his industry. Gav and I sit and discuss his cycling, racing, training and most importantly his Business; BG Bikes, Sourcing and upgrading 'used approved' bikes. If you want to take the risk out of buying 'Used' Gav is the man to talk to...His contact details are... 01908 990 187 Ebay - bgbikes_me Web:
August 13, 2020
Bear Knots (aka Barry Brown) World Champion Cyclist.
Barry and I disappear down many rabbit holes in this episode, his custom built (by him) bespoke bike, recumbents, crank length (who decided 170 - 175mm would work for everyone)? and why commuting on an Ordinary (Penny Farthing) is the 'safe' option. Oh; and those British, European and World titles...It's a long ride, put your comfy shorts on and join us Halfway Home.
August 6, 2020
Bikepacking Chat with Tim Pie...Thoroughly Decent Chap!
A meet up with Tim, recorded on the cricket pitch at Penn Street, Buckinhamshire. Tim and I chat about Bikepacking, what it means to Tim, why he dislikes the 'Wildcamping' name, and we get into his stove obsession.
July 16, 2020
Adam Chandler, Have a go Hero to Century Cyclist. -Hampden Road Nature Reserve Nr. Prestwood.
On a very wet and grotty night, Adam meets me for a chat about our shared cycling history...I would not recommend winter pub rides to anyone...however they were amazing! (We are all a bit more grown up now). I hope you enjoy this chat.
July 9, 2020
Simon North MTB race organiser - Lott's Wood race track.
I get to have a natter about the good old days of Summit MTB races, if you want to organise a local race series...Simon did it from scratch here's his story.
June 25, 2020
LBS legend Chris Cooper of Velo Haus, recorded at Little Horwood.
I get blown away by cycling on a section of 1900 year old road but more importantly We find out from Chris how he manages to run his successful bike shop in challenging economic times for the industry. What is the Velo Haus secret? Oh and there are a couple of swears.
June 18, 2020
Food for Thought - Paul Bisseker - Prestwood
Paul and I get into food cooking on the trail, e-bikes as car replacement and using cycling to help with weight management and fitness. Recorded at Sheep Wash pond Prestwood, Buckinghamshire UK.
June 11, 2020
Is 26" Dead? Races and silly rides, Andy Trisconi-Smith. Hambleden Lock, Thames River.
A good old chinwag about, races, rides and tours on less than perfect bicycles. What is it about overnight bike rides?
June 4, 2020
Andy Whitaker - on the Green at Ashley Green
The very first interview session, with some serious heavy breathing pre-amble, it was a hilly ride! A proper bicycle chat, I hope you enjoy.
May 28, 2020