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Hallowed Waters

Hallowed Waters

By Matt Supinski
The Hallowed Waters Journal Podcast is an intense and passionate journey into the world of fly fishing for all trout species. It is a podcast like no other, featuring discussions with the masters of fly fishing tactics, reading water, ecology and habitat, presentation and vast new age and old standard fly patterns. With your host Matthew Supinski- world-renowned author, guide, chef/forager and Publisher of Hallowed Waters Journal, we go full bore in-depth fly fishing with added scientific, historical, artistic, even culinary flair to make this one podcast you can't miss!
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05: Brown Trout Tales and North Woods Misadventures with Bob Linsenman \\ Sereies: Big Brown Trout Hunters
Bob Linsenman's Brown Trout Tales and other North woods Misadventures -The poet laureate author of Michigan Fly Fishing shares the tall tales, misadventures and  mostly humorous side of our passion for brown trout and Fly Fishing's  "one that got away" . Bob has written countless books on the Michigan  and Great Lakes fly fishing experience along with co-authoring the  masterpiece on streamers with Kelly Galloup; "Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout" . Bob is the Sensai of all things North woods and the founder of the jack-pine heathen hermit Zen society, ring-leader of the ditch pig and bait maggot haters coalition -LOL...  and the curmudgeonly oriented writers and storytellers pot-luck dinner  club -sit back and have a laugh! Seriously Bob is the real deal fly fishing karma that put the "mitten" on the book map. If it wasn't for him we would still be reading scribbling's on birch bark from French Fur trappers. Look out Hemmingway!, Bob is back! Come to Hallowed Waters Journal for the passion and journey for all things Trout/Salmon/Steelhead Fly Fishng - Check out Bob Linsenman's book "Water Songs" Thank you to our sponsors Rio Products - Hareline - The Brown Trout-Atlantic Salmon Nexus: Tactics, Fly Patterns, and the Passion for Catching Salmon, Our Most Prized Gamefish - Thank you to Peet Project for the use of their song Galaxies  Podcast Artwork by Igor Vinnik Engineered and Produced by Caleb Denman at LazerBeak Sound
September 16, 2021
04: Complete Big Trout Hunter: The Mastery and Talent of Landon Mayer \\ Series: Big Brown Trout Hunters
The Hallowed Waters Podcast is a companion to the Hallowed Waters Journal, hosted by fly fishing legend, Matt Supinski. You can learn more at This season, we’re after the Big Brown Trout Hunters and their stories. On this episode, Matt interviews Landon Mayer.  Landon Mayer’s angling success is fueled by an addiction to pursuing selective quality trout on the fly. Mayer enthusiastically teaches and demonstrates his techniques and on-river knowledge to fellow anglers and has developed innovative strategies for sighting, hooking, and landing selective trout. He shares these tips and secrets in his books 101 Trout Tips: A Guide’s Secrets, Tactics and Techniques, Colorado’s Best Fly Fishing, Sight Fishing for Trout (Second Edition), and The Hunt for Giant Trout: 25 Top Locations in the US to Catch a Trophy, in addition to a new instructional video Mastering the Short Game ( For additional information on his services and presentations, contact him at: Thank you to Nora En Pure for the use of their song “Aquatic”  Podcast Artwork by Igor Vinnik  Engineered and Produced by Caleb Denman at LazerBeak Sound
September 1, 2021
03: The Big Brown Trout Streamer Mastery of Kelly Galloup \\ Series: Big Brown Trout Hunters
A man who needs no introduction, a legend worth talking about. The moment you have been waiting for. Today we're excited to welcome the Great Kelly Galloup to the Hallowed Waters to talk about his wild adventures and unruly techniques for conquering the Big Brown Trout.  This episode of Hallowed Waters is sponsored by: ORVIS Helios 3 Blackout Abel Reels The Gray Drake: Murder on the Au Sable - A Burr Lafayette Mystery Book Thank you to Peet Project for the use of their song Galaxies Podcast Artwork by Igor Vinnik Engineered and Produced by Caleb Denman at LazerBeak Sound
August 19, 2021
02: Dry Fly Selectivity feat. The Dry Fly Mastery of Paul Weamer. \\ Series: Big Brown Trout Hunters
Host, author and publisher of Hallowed  Waters Journal: Matthew Supinski, discuss and probes all the the amazing  diversity and wary selectivity in how brown trout take the dry and  meniscus presentations with Paul Weamer. This is an in-depth serious  look at the brown trout/dry fly mystique and their infatuation with  surface feeding to the dry and meniscus offerings. Discussed is  everything you will ever need to fool a big brown on a dry, emerger,  spinner fall or still-born nymph. Their acute eyesight and physical  qualities, niche habitat preferences from tailwaters to spring creeks  and to freestone rivers, predator foraging styles in types of water to  ultra-selectively feeding on various mayfly, caddis, stonefly super  hatches, as well as attractors and terrestrials. Peculiarities, myths  and the ability to fluctuate from larger flies to minutiae imitations  are discussed. Historical and contemporary dry fly designs, colors and  everything you should know on this ultimate art form is discussed . Paul  is a former Pennsylvania/New York fly fishing professional now based in  Montana. He is an author, guide, photographer and free-lance writer  that has written outstanding books on hatches, entomology and is  featured in his new book soon to be released: "Dry Fly Strategies" Thank you to Nora En Pure for the use of their song “Aquatic”  Podcast Artwork by Igor Vinnik  Engineered and Produced by Caleb Denman at LazerBeak Sound
July 27, 2021
01: Streamer Evolution feat. Tommy "The NIght Stalker" Lynch \\ Series: Big Brown Trout Hunters
Don’t Miss! The Multi-Episode Series: “The Big Brown Trout Hunters” –Episode 1: Tommy Lynch: “The Night Stalker”  Tommy and Host Matt Supinski talk Streamer Evolution, Tommy’s ‘Drunk N’ Disorderly streamers designs, articulated chicken streamer concepts that elicit prey/predator trigger responses, the Mouse/Big Fly nocturnal hunt, big brown trout behavior/habitat preference /science, Hex and mayfly strategies, the hallowed Pere Marquette River’s “ground-zero” 1884 brown trout legacy and the quest to be a “Trutta Buddha”. Join us for this explosive material podcast -total Lynch and Supinski on steroids!"  Thank you to Peet Project for the use of their song "Galaxies" Podcast Artwork design by Igor Vinnik Produced by Caleb Denman at LazerBeak Sound 
July 4, 2021