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Blue Hare Podcast ~ On Storytelling

Blue Hare Podcast ~ On Storytelling

By Haloquin
Adventures in storytelling, magic, and life, with author, witch and storyteller Halo Quin ( /
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Blue Hare Storytelling Podcast Trailer

Blue Hare Podcast ~ On Storytelling

Blue Hare Storytelling Podcast Trailer

Blue Hare Podcast ~ On Storytelling

Episode 1. Introducing the Blue Hare and the Birth of Taliesin
Welcome to episode one of the Blue Hare Podcast!  In our inaugural session I, your host Halo Quin, share with you a little background of how I got started in storytelling, why a "Blue Hare", and the Welsh legend; The Birth of Taliesin.  Please come find me at, support the podcast and my other projects at, and get in touch if you use stories in your work and would like to join the conversation! Until next time, here's wishing you happy thoughts and pixie dust, Halo
August 31, 2020
The Blue Hare introduces the Brilliant Resilient Safely Distanced Damsels
A mini adventure and an introduction...  Meet the Brilliant Resilient Safely Distanced Damsels of Wild West Wales, a joyfully performing trio of musicians and storytellers.  Watch out for more of their story and how to find them, and our host, Halo, on TRANSCRIPT: Why good evening!  I am Halo, the host of the Blue Hare Storytelling podcast and I've been a very busy bunny collecting tales and charming them into shape for you and episode one is very nearly ready...  But something strange happened on my way home today which I couldn't wait to share with you... As I was weaving my way through the hedgerow I came across a campfire, burning in the dusk-light.  Sat around drinking tea and merrily munching biscuits were three musicians, three brilliant, resiliant, safely distanced damsels to be precise! And they were singing a merry little tune. Well, I couldn't help but sneak closer, and closer, and closer until the firelight reflecting off my shining bag of tales caught their eye and they invited me over to join them for supper! We got to talking, and they told me of some of their wonderful adventures but more than that... They've agreed to come and share some of their stories with us this autumn over a nice pot of tea. Isn't that lovely?! They even, very kindly, let me record their delightful melody to share with you all tonight and they said they're going to be out and about this Friday lunchtime in Aberystwyth! Dodging seaspray on the seafront no doubt! Here are the lovely ladies... the Brilliant Resiliant Safely Distanced Damsels themselves! (Song; We are the Damsels) So my dear friends, do go find them on Facebook and wandering the Wild West Coast... and then, when the weather gets chilly and the best place to be is home and cozied up to a fire, come join us on the Blue Hare Podcast, for tea with the Damsels... at Until then may there be happy thoughts and pixie dust, tea, and plenty of biscuits for all! (Song; We are the Damsels... fading out)
August 27, 2020
Blue Hare Storytelling Podcast Trailer
Welcome to the Blue Hare Storytelling Podcast! I am your host, Halo Quin, and I'm excited to be embarking on this new series of adventures in life, magic, and storytelling with you.  Please enjoy this little trailer to get a taste of what is to come... In Episode 1 I share the story of the great bard Taliesin and ponderings on storytelling...  Until then, I hope you live happily ever after! ~Halo ~~~ You can find my other work on and support me and this podcast at
August 20, 2020