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My Gratitude.....

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Take better care of yourselves MGTOW
September 3, 2019
The MGTOW movie and that FIRST red pill.....
Red pills come in all shapes and sizes oh, sometimes they even show up from the ones that you thought you knew. Opening them eyes are hard, but once it's there don't close them again
August 15, 2019
The Sinking Man.....
Remember gentlemen, when you feel like you're sinking all you have to do is set down that bag of bricks and walk away. You weren't walking away from your responsibilities, you're walking away from the expectations placed on you.
August 8, 2019
The Junkyard Dog
Every day that passes more and more mid towel reveal themselves to be incapable of adhering to a philosophy that is so simple. They come pound this fraud with being Liars to. Cover your six gentlemen
August 8, 2019
Agents and Infiltraitors inside MGTOW....
After doing some super sleuthing... I have found some interesting things about some high-level mgtow. It's amazing the way people preach right to your face and then simple like a motherfuker when they think nobody sees it
August 7, 2019
Just here for a chat.😆
You know how it is....
August 6, 2019
My Gratitude.....
We knew it was only a matter of time, no sad faces no hurt feelings. Mgtow is stronger than a YouTube channel. Thank you for your support gentleman, Catch Me On Bitchute and Here on anchor
August 3, 2019
Their reality isn't YOUR reality.....
You have to stop giving credence to people that know nothing about you and want nothing more than to see your failure and collapse in life. They aren't worth your time or your effort. Pass them by and see the world.
July 26, 2019
She lost control.....
You know that we live in Bizarro world when a woman who won't give her husband sex, becomes jealous of a sexual apparatus that he buys. And all the time she has a dildo sitting in her drawer.
July 25, 2019
MGTOW is a doorway.....not the final stop.
Remember gentlemen, MGTOW is not there to enslave you but to free you.
July 24, 2019
Man....and his disrespect....
The Bash Dejoure in today's world is to take every blunt object and aim it directly at white men.... followed by every other man.
July 22, 2019
The Alphabet soup Mafia Strikes Back!!
I have zero tolerance for whiny gay people. You live in a country where your lifestyle is not only tolerated but permitted in protected by law shut your mouth enjoy your freedom you could be in Saudi Arabia.
July 11, 2019
The price of feminism...
The price of feminism towards men and women is an enormous one to pay. It is a global infestation that is slowly but surely canceling Western culture
July 11, 2019
MGTOW....saves mens lives, here is the proof.
I get more emails from men that I can count about how MGTOW has saved their life, here's one of the ones that I thought you should all here.
July 4, 2019
A Fathers day to remember......
Sometimes you can't control the ups and downs of life, but if you're strong, you can control how you react to the ups and downs of life
June 28, 2019
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