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Handle Your Scandal Podcast

Handle Your Scandal Podcast

By Mara Watkins
Are you ready to handle your scandal? Join host Mara Watkins as she handles her hectic life as a law student, lifestyle blogger, fitness instructor and provides tips and tricks for millennials balancing their own busy lives. Subscribe and listen every week to level up and the get the hell out of your own way!
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2.4 Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself: Mara W., J.D.
WELCOME BACK, again! This time Mara has a good excuse for her absence...receiving her Juris Doctor degree after 3 struggle filled years of law school! Listen this week as she talks about her graduation experience and closing that chapter of her life. She also discusses the bright side of bar prep (whaaat?) and her journey with adjusting her mindset and inner voice towards her body. This episode is a little all over the place but still full of tips for you to handle your scandal so be sure to tune in! Thanks for your support! If you enjoy the Handle Your Scandal Podcast, PLEASE take the time to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts! Listen to Mara's guest appearance on the Black Womxn Healing Podcast: Apple: Spotify: Soundcloud: Follow Mara and the podcast on Instagram: 
May 31, 2021
2.3 Don't Take People's Projections Personally
Happy International Women's Day! Shoutout to all the wonderful women who support this podcast. You are so appreciated! This week on Handle Your Scandal Podcast, host Mara Watkins will be telling a story of a twitter interaction that had her questioning herself and her actions. She will also discuss one of her favorite self-help books, "The Four Agreements", and how it has changed her life. This episode is full of tips to deal with conflict when people come at you wild af for no reason. Mara also shares some ways that she makes sure she is in fact not the problem because let's face it...sometimes we are the problem and wrong in our conflicts. LISTEN NOW so you can figure out how to tell the difference between the two and be more equipped to Handle Your Scandal! If you enjoy the Handle Your Scandal Podcast, PLEASE take the time to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts! Follow Mara on Instagram: @musingsofmara Follow the Podcast: @handleyourscandal Read Mara's Blog:
March 9, 2021
2.2 Surviving Mercury Retrograde, Meditating for Peace, & Manifesting a Good Life
Hey scandalous people! Tune into this week's episode where Mara talks about how the first Mercury Retrograde of 2021 almost got her completely out of character (or into character? she's not sure). She also gives listeners some tips on how to survive the next Mercury Retrograde (coming to a solar system near you in May) and how meditation has changed her life recently. It's also 2/22 so Mara is going to discuss angel numbers how to use them to manifest and attract the life you want. She's not an expert in numerology or astrology so please take it for what it's worth. That aside, this episode is full of tips on getting really intentional and creating the life you want so LISTEN NOW!  If you enjoy the Handle Your Scandal Podcast, PLEASE take the time to leave a review on Apple Podcasts! Follow Mara on Instagram: @musingsofmara Follow the Podcast: @handleyourscandal Read Mara's Blog:
February 22, 2021
2.1 Making Changes & Knowing Who You Are
WELCOME TO SEASON 2! Yes, you read that right SEASON 2! Some minor changes coming to the Handle Your Scandal Podcast. Listen as Mara talks about some changes coming to the podcast, how important it is to have an identify outside of work/school and others, and celebrating the blessing of life! Mara also shares her NEW word of the year for 2021. TAP IN. Follow Mara on Instagram: @musingsofmara Follow the Podcast: @handleyourscandal Read Mara's Blog:
February 9, 2021
1.22. Life is Not a Race & Taking Accountability for Being the Victim or Villain w/ Sarah Vega
Welcome back listeners! This week on the podcast Mara is joined by Sarah Vega, a Newark (pronounced NORK) Native and cultivator of culture in the tri-state area! They discuss Sarah's recent birthday reflections and her advice for twentysomethings out there trying to figure it out. Sarah also talks about misconceptions about Newark and Dominican Republic that drive her crazy, how important it is to forgive yourself as person, & how our idols and inspirations can sometimes be shady and flipping that inspiration in an ethical way. Mara also tries to pronounce Newark like a local and fails miserably. The pair discuss how sometimes you have to make your own when there's not a place for you , which is how Dique! Media came to be. *DJ Khaled voice* THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO HAVE HEALTHCARE! So Sarah made her own product for her teeth and overall wellness to break through the scam of US healthcare system (or lack thereof). This episode is full of gems of wisdom from Sarah so you definitely want to TUNE IN NOW!  Follow Sarah Vega on instagram: @_sarahvega_ Follow Dique! Media on instagram: @diquemedia Follow Lujo Toothpolish on instagram: @lujotoothpolish Keep up with all things Dique! Media & Lujo Wellness, LLC at 
November 9, 2020
1.21. Zen Time, Passion Projects, & Doing What You Want w/ Ana "Pao" Calleros
Did you know the Las Vegas IKEA has a pumpkin patch in the parking lot? Hear how host Mara Watkins reacts to this information when her good friend and this week's guest Ana aka Pao Calleros breaks the news. The pair also discuss how Pao came to the decision to leave her hometown of El Paso, Texas to pursue her legal education in Vegas! Pao also shares how she and another friend came up with the concept for her website, Desert of My Eye and how far it's come since then. This episode was fun to record and Pao was refreshingly honest in discussing how manages to (or doesn't) handle her scandal. The two friends also premiere a new segment where Pao has to answer "This or That?" Let's just say that Beer and Wine are hard to choose between. TUNE IN NOW! Follow Pao on Instagram: @anapao101 Follow Desert Of My Eye: @desertofmyeye Check out her website: Thanks for listening and please leave a review and rating on Apple Podcasts! 
October 20, 2020
1.20. Sharkcoochie Boards & Making Time for Rest
Catch up with host Mara Watkins as she talks about the importance of having fun after meeting important deadlines and her experience making a charcuterie board (aka sharkcoochie board according to twitter). This weekend she also did a hike that made her come face to face with her current fitness level and her mental well-being. She also talks about how her body decided she needed rest and what led up to that. This is a short but sweet episode that you want to make sure to LISTEN TO!  Thanks for listening to the podcast! Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Follow Mara on Instagram: @musingsofmara Follow Handle Your Scandal Podcast on Instagram: @handleyourscandalpod
October 13, 2020
1.19. Taking Care of Yourself When You're Triggered & Not Letting Comparisons Steal Your Joy
The Handle Your Scandal Podcast is BACK AGAIN this week and Mara gets real honest about one of her triggers. Content Warning; Violence Against Black Women. Mara discusses why this is triggering for her, the hypocrisy after the Breonna Taylor ruling, and what led up to her sobbing in front of her colleagues on a Zoom meeting (when she thought she was muted). It's also that time of the year where some* people are already figuring out their post-grad jobs and Mara addresses how she tries to handle it when she finds herself playing the Comparison Game. Tune in this week for some vulnerability and transparency and tips for dealing with both your triggers and comparing yourself to others.  Thanks for listening to the podcast! Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Follow Mara on Instagram: @musingsofmara Follow Handle Your Scandal Podcast on Instagram: @handleyourscandalpod
September 28, 2020
1.18. Breaking Generational Cycles & The Journey to Self-Love w/ Denitra Michelle
Trigger Warning: Suicide (around 13ish-14ish mins). On this week's episode, Mara chats with Online Content Creator, Influencer, and Entrepreneur Denitra Michelle to discuss all things SELF-LOVE! Denitra tells us why she felt quarantine was the perfect time for her to go all in on her influencer and online content creator aspirations. Denitra also discusses how her experiences when she was in high school led to her issues with self-confidence and how one relationship was an inspiration to change. The women also talk about how norms impact how women view themselves and the struggles that come with that. The episode doesn't only cover self-love and confidence, the two women also discuss cute instagrammable restaurants in Miami with actual good food, whether or not they splurge on clothes, the process for creating content, and much more! You definitely want to listen to this one. TUNE IN NOW! Follow Denitra on Instagram: @itsdenitramichelle Follow Mara on Instagram: @musingsofmara Read Mara's blog post on getting out of a creative funk: Thanks for listening to the podcast! Please leave a review!
September 21, 2020
1.17. Dealing with Being Overwhelmed, Eating Frogs, & Needs vs. Shoulds
Tune in this week as host Mara W. rants and raves about her weekend full of pumpkin spice overload and feeling like an aunty. She also talks about how shoulds should not be in our vocabulary (ironic) and how they do more harm than good. Mara also discusses how she manages to deal with being overwhelmed. Step 1: Cry (but actually). If you want to know the rest of the steps, LISTEN NOW! Follow Mara on Instagram: @musingsofmara Follow The Podcast: @handleyourscandalpod Thanks for listening! If you're listening on Apple Podcasts, PLEASE leave a review & rating. It would mean the world. 
September 15, 2020
1.16. I Mean...Where Should I Really Even Start? (Mini-Episode)
Is this thing working? Yes! No, your eyes aren't deceiving you! This is a NEW EPISODE of #HandleYourScandalPod after entirely too long of a hiatus! Host Mara isn't justifying her absence but does explain where she's been and what to expect (maybe?) now that she's back. Tune in to see if she's is actually able to record with her baby cousins and family enjoying the holiday weekend. WELCOME BACK!
September 7, 2020
1.15. Not Taking Communication For Granted & Creating The Content That's Missing w/ Kimberley Rose
Tune in this week as Mara has a lively discussion with Kimberley Rose, a Houston Native who is speech language pathologist that works with children and a quadriplegic with her own YouTube channel where she shares different videos related to living life with her disability. The two women discuss various topics such as the patience required for working with children with communication disorders, the wild misconceptions able-bodied people have about those with disabilities, and the hotspots for foodies in Houston. Kimberley also tells the story about how her YouTube channel came to be and why it almost didn’t happen. In that conversation, both women discuss the numerous challenges that come with being a content creator. Kimberley also shares what books she’s been reading and what documentaries she’s been watching and how “The Year of Yes” changed her life. The pair also discuss the importance of saying no and how saying no can be empowering. This episode is full of inspiration and gems from Kimberley. Make sure you tune in now! Thanks for listening to Handle Your Scandal If you like this episode, please take a moment to subscribe, leave a review, & share it with your favorite people! #HandleYourScandalPod Keep up with Kimberley Rose here: Instagram: @ivyrose112 YouTube Channel: Follow Mara and the Podcast: Instagram: @musingsofmara @handleyourscandalpod
June 8, 2020
1.14. Finding Your Joy & Recognizing Your Capacity For Things w/ Shara
Trigger Warning: Police Brutality. This week on the podcast Mara is joined by her friend and sorority sister, Shara. Shara talks about what it was like to grow up in Chicago and the nuance that comes with when people have preconceived notions about your hometown. Shara also discusses how Chicago closing 53 schools a few years ago not only impacted her but also the entire community and what her life is like now that she’s moved an hour away from the city. She also walks us through her journey of getting her Bachelors Degree in Management to shifting to Counseling with an emphasis on College Counseling for her Masters and deciding to get her PhD…3 months before the application deadline!  In light of recent tragedies with police brutality and killings, they both talk about what they do protect their mental health as Black women living in America during these times. The episode is full of many heavy topics related education, mental health, and recent tragedies, but the episode also touches on more lighthearted topics such as trying to be a yogi, being a plant mom, why Shara is always cooking pork chops, and how she uses two things Mara loves to handle her scandal! This is episode is definitely a dynamic discussion between two friends that you don’t want to miss. Tune in now!  Shara’s Instagram and Twitter: @BraveBlkGrk Rest In Power: Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade and all the countless other Black lives lost due to racism and police brutality.
June 1, 2020
1.13. No Advice Is Free & Thinking Before Asking For A Favor
Finals season kept host Mara from recording for a little bit but she's back and has some advice for you, especially content creators. Mara talks about a recent hot topic on Twitter regarding mentorship. She also tells a story about a someone asking her for advice on their creative endeavor...after not speaking to her for years. Tune In to hear Mara's opinions on asking for favors from strangers or people we don't have relationships with and better ways to go about doing so. Listen now!  Thanks for listening to Handle Your Scandal If you like this episode, please take a moment to subscribe, leave a review, & share it with your favorite people! #HandleYourScandalPod Check out Mara's Blog: Mara's Instagram: @musingsofmara  Other content creators mentioned: Janine - (IG: @qwnjanine) Tea With Qwns Podcast (IG: @teawithqwnspod) Daniel and The PlotTwist Podcast (IG: @dannny415 @plottwistpod)
May 26, 2020
1.12. Perfection Doesn't Exist, Ego Checks, & The Importance of Therapy w/ Danielle Figas
Hey listeners! This week Mara chats with another one of her law school buddies, Danielle about her decision to pursue her dual degree by getting her J.D. and MBA at the same time and how she's had to adjust to that. They also discuss Danielle’s (aka Dani, depending on the setting) involvement in the Organization for Women Law Students  how that involvement has fueled her passions in law school. The friends also dive into Dani’s decade long experience of being trained in classical piano and how that turned her into a recovering perfectionist as an adult. This month (May) is Mental Health Awareness Month and Dani shares how therapy has helped her personal growth and given her the tools to handle her scandal. P.S. we also talk about her adorable little pups and how being a dog mom is awesome. Tune into this week’s episode, you won’t regret it! Thanks for listening to Handle Your Scandal these past few weeks! If you like this episode, please take a moment to subscribe, leave a review, & share it with your favorite people! #HandleYourScandalPod Danielle's Social Media: Instagram: @dani_lion_ Twitter: @dani_lion_
May 4, 2020
1.11. Stress Ruins Everything & Adjusting Your Expectations
Whaddup Listeners! Mara is finally back with a solo episode for the first time in a long time! On this episode, Mara discusses what she’s been up to lately and why it’s been a minute since her last solo episode and how stress was keeping her out of her creative bag. She also tells a story about making tea and bag of lemons that escalated very quickly…which led to her crying on a telesession with her therapist. This episode also touches on the importance of not comparing your current self with your past self in a negative way and how boundaries are more important than ever during this crazy time in the world. Tune in now for more tips on #handlingyourscandal! Thanks for listening to Handle Your Scandal these past few weeks! If you like this episode, please take a moment to subscribe, leave a review, & share it with your favorite people! #HandleYourScandalPod Check out Mara’s blog: Follow the podcast page & our host, Mara Watkins in instagram: @handleyourscandalpod @musingsofmara
April 27, 2020
1.10. The 4/20 Episode: Cannabis Law & Having A Growth Mindset w/ Aariel Williams
Whaddup y'all! Did you miss the podcast? HAPPY 4/20! It's only fitting that this week, Mara chats with Aariel, her good friend and trailblazer in the Cannabis Law industry, about Cannabis Law and her plans for the special holiday. Before they dive into that Aariel gives Mara insight on the different places she's lived and what she loves about each of them. Mara also asks Aariel what gave rise to her interest in Cannabis law and starting the Cannabis Law Society at their school, what that process was like, and how it was received. Additionally, Aariel shares tips she has for those who are interested in the Cannabis industry in general. Aariel also shares how she keeps her spirits up and maintains wellness during this crazy times. Whether or not you indulge in 4/20 or not, this is definitely an episode you don't want to miss! Make sure to tune in. Thanks for listening to Handle Your Scandal these past few weeks! If you like this episode, please take a moment to subscribe, leave a review, & share it with your favorite people! #HandleYourScandalPod Follow Aariel on Instagram to keep up with her, she's doing big things! Instagram: @aarielloves Also follow the podcast page & our host, Mara Watkins: @handleyourscandalpod @musingsofmara
April 20, 2020
1.9. Checking Your Sources & Controlling Your Work Ethic w/ Sebastian Ross
This week, Mara is joined by her fellow law school colleague and friend Sebastian Ross. Mara asks Sebastian for his insight on being a journalism major at a time when people shout "fake news" and blame the media for everything. They also discuss how he made the transition from journalism to law school and if that has helped him is his law school career. Don't worry non-law school listeners, Mara and Sebastian also talk about their favorite breakfast foods, what they're currently listening to, and the importance of fact checking and dealing with different perspectives in life! Sebastian is a man that wears many hats so there is sure to be something you can gain from listening to this week's episode. Tune in now! Thanks for listening to Handle Your Scandal these past few weeks! If you like this episode, please take a moment to subscribe, leave a review, & share it with your favorite people! #HandleYourScandalPod Sebastian's Social Media: Twitter: @VegasVeryOwn Instagram: @VegasVeryOwn Sebastian's Weekly Column:
March 30, 2020
1.8. Culture Is Omnipresent & Why You Should Know Your Values w/ Tey Lynn
Hey hey hey listeners! This week Mara chats with her sorority sister who is also a published author and wanderlust queen, Tey Lynn! Mara and Tey Lynn discuss her writing process for both her self-published poetry book, Awakening The Dragon, and her publication in an academic journal. The pair also talk about the delayed post-grad blues Tey Lynn is going through with all the uncertainty in the world delaying her career and travel plans. If you want to catch some great Korean Drama recommendations or hear how Tey Lynn managed to work a full time job, self-publish her poetry book, & travel where her heart desired, TUNE IN to this episode. It's a great one you don't want to miss!  Thanks for listening to Handle Your Scandal these past few weeks! If you like this episode, please take a moment to rate, subscribe, & share it with your favorite people! #HandleYourScandalPod Tey Lynn's Social Media: Twitter: @TeySipping Instagram: @Iridescently.Tey Tey Lynn's Website: Buy her book:
March 23, 2020
1.7. Talking Mess & Making The Most of My Quarantime
Hey listeners! There is a pandemic and Mara struggled with deciding on having an episode or not to discuss it. It felt wrong to ignore it and go on business as usual so she recorded this episode to briefly discuss the importance of staying home (if you are in a position where you can) and what she's doing during her self-isolation & social distancing to keep her extroverted heart happy. Mara also tells a story of how her 4 and 6 year old cousins hustled her into getting Disney+. This episode is kind of all over the place (which is pretty on brand). Make sure you tune into this solo episode to get your weekly dose of Handle Your Scandal!  Mara's IG: Mara's Blog: Follow Handle Your Scandal on Instagram: Music Mentioned: Chika's latest EP "Industry Games"
March 17, 2020
1.6. Picking Your Battles, Self-Discovery, & Being Ready For Opportunities w/ Chef Mercedes
BRACE YOURSELF, this episode is full of some fiery energy! In this week's episode, host Mara Watkins invites her sorority sister, fellow Aries, and culinary powerhouse Chef Mercedes onto the podcast. They discuss when Mercedes decided she wanted to be a chef and the challenges she faced as a young female chef in the male dominated food industry. Chef Mercedes also talks about meeting Guy Fieri (she may or may not have peed her pants), navigating life after a long-term relationship ends, and the importance of being in the right place at the right time. This episode is full of many different gems and notes you need to take. Listen now!  Chef Mercedes' Professional Instagram: @chefmercedesmorones Chef Mercedes' Personal Instagram: @mercedes_beanz 
March 9, 2020
1.5. The Importance of Being Present, Support Systems, & Trusting Your Gut w/ Alfa Alemayehu
Tune in this week as Mara chats with her first ever law school friend, Alfa! Mara and Alfa discuss how Vegas is basically the most perfect place to live and why being intentional is a major focus of the year 2020. Alfa also talks about how important her family and God are to her success and how going for long drives by herself are just what she needs managing her stress levels. This episode is a wonderful talk between two friends over green tea matcha lattes and fruit snacks. Make sure to listen now! Alfa's Instagram: xo.alfa Alfa's Twitter: xoalfa Books Mentioned: You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero
March 3, 2020
1.4. The 7 Day Month, Love Is Blind, & Giving Credit Where It's Due
This month is flying by and it's caught Mara all off guard. Tune in this week as she discusses needing time to slow down just a little bit and her latest Netflix binge: Love Is Blind. Mara loves mess and this show definitely delivers! Mara also discusses the importance of crediting online creatives and content creators and tells a story about a time a fellow online "content creator" had her f*cked up! This episode is full of mess and lessons so make sure you tune in!  Mara's instagram:  @musingsofmara Mara's Blog: Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging:
February 24, 2020
1.3. Reflecting on the Year So Far, Self-Compassion, & Letting Yourself Shine
Is this thing on? Join host Mara Watkins as she explains where the hell she's been and why she hasn't been uploading episodes.  In addition to explaining her absence, Mara will dive into how perfectionism can sabotage new endeavors and really prevent you from being successful. Mara will also explain why you should never ever play small and the importance of celebrating yourself and others. This is a short but sweet episode that you won't want to miss. Tune in now! Mara's guest feature on the Tea With Qwns Podcast: Link to Apple Pods: Link to Spotify: Link to Podbean: Check out Mara's blog: This episode is sponsored by #ad
February 18, 2020
1.2. Roadtrippin: Dating In Law School & Prioritizing Me Time w/ Jazmine Thompson and Aariel Williams
An Aries, Leo, and Capricorn walk into a car and shenanigans shortly follow afterwards. Mara, Jazmine, and Aariel recap their lively experiences on their weekend trip to LA for a Convention and discuss the age old question "would you date another attorney?" Jazmine and Aariel also discuss how they manage their schedules as super involved law students who also need to water other relationships in their lives in addition to maintaining their own sense of peace. This episode was recorded on a road trip back to Vegas and is full of laughs and a good talk between girlfriends. Tune in now!
January 13, 2020
1.1. How To Bounce Back From Your Ls Like a Pro
As young professionals trying to make our way it only makes sense that every so often we're gonna have some losses along the way. Between her personal life, academic pursuits, health and fitness journey and everything in between Mara has taken her share of Ls. Tune in to this episode for her 4 tips for bouncing back from an L so that you can continue to handle your scandal.
January 8, 2020
The Introduction: What's My Scandal?
Why the hell would anyone live in Las Vegas? Meet the host Mara Watkins and learn more about her life and her journey with her many different endeavors, including starting the podcast. She also talks about what inspired her to name the podcast Handle Your Scandal. Hint: it's some "shenanigans."
December 22, 2019