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Redifining Inclusivity

Redifining Inclusivity

By Handy Lead
Our mission is to provide physically disabled persons in Rwanda with the adequate physical, social, and emotional support they need to lead healthy and dignified lives.
We want to do this by raising awareness and creating a movement for social change and inclusivity.
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Podoconiosis / taking over the lives of Thousands in Rwanda
In today's episode, we are honored to host Ganza Thierry, a brilliant and passionate advocate for victims of podoconiosis.  Ganza's mission is to cater to the physiological and socio-economic needs of podoconiosis patients in Rwanda.
May 2, 2021
HandyLead Intro
Welcome to Handy Lead's first and unique radio program in Rwanda. A place where voices of the most marginalized & Stigmatized persons in our communities are amplified. Expect to hear, Stories for change from persons living with a disability, their families & caretakers—health professionals, and so much more. Do not miss out. Catch us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the week at 5 pm.
March 31, 2021