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The Hankie Pankie Podcast

The Hankie Pankie Podcast

By Coralyn Jewel
Best-selling author, Porn Star, Director/Producer, Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle Coach, Swinger Club owner and certified master sexologist,
Coralyn Jewel hosts The Hankie Pankie Podcast.

Tune in weekly as Coralyn breaks down the stereotypes and misconceptions in regards to those involved in The Adult Industry, KINK, Fetishes, and alternative relationships.

Her guests include adult performers, sex therapists, relationship coaches, authors, Pro-Dom's, Doctors, scientists and so much more!

Come open your mind to a whole new way of thinking.
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Hankie Pankie - Michael Ramos Interview
Michael Ramos, CEO ASN Entertainment. Michael is a self-made entrepreneur, he started ASN Entertainment, LLC a lifestyle Media company in 2011 and a first of its kind in the lifestyle.   Michael now have a Radio network with more than 3.6 million monthly listeners and a Lifestyle TV Network with some of the hottest content produced for the lifestyle.
June 27, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Leana Lovings Interview
Leana Lovings is a beautiful Adult film actress, Model, Streamer/Camgirl, and content creator. Leana is ranked 98 on Pornhub with over 70 million views.  Leana made her acting debut in the second half of 2021 and has worked with prominent production companies such as BFFs, Family Strokes, etc. She has achieved a lot in a very short period. Leana says she has many things planned for her fans.
June 20, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Rob Kramer Interview
Mens dating and Lifestyle Expert Rob Kramer Our guest today has coached over 1000 clients from all over the world on guiding men to accomplish their goals with woman and dating. He began The Inner Confidence program in 2008 and has proven his program works. Podcast Leverage Podcast IG rob_Kramer Seen on Maxim, Sirius, Playboy, Elite Daily, USA Today
June 14, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Nookie Interview
known by most as Nookie, Nookie grew up in the lifestyle and around people of every color and bent. Her primary fetishes are communication and behavior modification. She's a lifestyle dominant who runs her relationships and is hedonistic in the bedroom. She is the owner and developer of a new kinky dating site:
June 05, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Tristen & Kicker Interview
Tristan and Kicker are a couple who could not be happier living the Lifestyle and why it works so perfectly for them.   They share with us why they think they have no drama and how they feel they can help others understand and benefit from the Lifestyle community.   With mutual agreement, basic rules, no drama and living by adventure they love to teach and share their story and why they could not be happier in the Lifestyle community.
May 30, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Jenna Star
Jenna Starr is the fiery new content creator that is turning heads in the adult industry. Her stunning beauty, phenomenal physique, delectable booty, and fiery sex drive make it easy to see when fans have fallen for her. Originally from Sacramento, California, Jenna moved to Austin, Texas where she started her own cosmetology business. The skilled entrepreneur found great success, but when the Covid pandemic hit, she was forced to pivot and establish a new career. Jenna created an account on OnlyFans and showcased her talent, beauty, and body. Almost instantly, Jenna found herself with a growing and ravenous fan base. Global entity Brazzers contacted the blonde bombshell and by February of 2021, featured Jenna in her first hardcore sex scene. The initial scene made an undeniable impression as views skyrocketed. Brazzers began using Jenna's image in ad campaigns and showcased her in a series of additional videos. Her third scene amassed over 1 million views and is officially the most watched Brazzers scene of 2021. Other industry production companies have already cast Jenna to star in additional scenes. Jenna has no plans of stopping as fans can't get enough of insatiable love of sex. Get to know Jenna Starr! She is going to be your next favorite content creator! Links:
May 23, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Kasey Storm Interview
Kasey entered the Adult Industry in May 2012 and has filmed for several companies such as Reality Kings, Brazzers, Forbidden Fruits Films, Karups, Score, Devils Films and many others.   Kasey has been with her partner, the Original Tommy Gunn for over 11 years.  First came to Southern California not in search of a career in the adult industry but as a hired gun for Larry Flynt. She became the Head of American Mean Girls in June 2012 which she shares with us during our interview.   Kacey hasI  worked with domestic violence victims for over 25 years. Not on a professional level with a Psychology degree… But as someone who had been in the situation for many many many years and broke free.  She is also an ordained Minister.
May 16, 2022
Hanky Pankie Podcast - Tyson Interview
This was a nice surprise. Owning my community since 2012 my members are my friends. Tyson came to me on my website and said if I ever wanted to interview him to share what it is like to be a married man for 10 years in the Lifestyle and then how things changed when he divorced and attended as a single male.   How some turned their back on him and how he had to adapt to the LS and learn things a different way.  He is now in a relationship and still in the LS community. He is also now a guest Co-host with Hankie Pankie and I think you will find his insight very interesting.
May 09, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Princess Snow Interview
Princess snow is a unique content creator. She is someone young and new  embarking into our industry.  Enjoys being in touch with nature and  doing various outside photo shoots and filming sessions.   Twitter: @ princesssnow757
May 02, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Kieth and David Interview
SADLY WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF CATFISHING AND SCAMS.   In this episode Coralyn and her guests discuss what scams are out there, how it is easy to fall for them and what you can do to protect yourself.  Coralyn shows the other side of dating from a man’s point of view. Keith a retired police officer shares with us the scams he has almost been taken for and David, a regular listener of The Hankie Pankie Podcast, who brought this subject matter to the attention of Coralyn, shares how he was scammed out of over $1000 and how he wishes he knew then what he knows  now. The stories are very similar and this is a MUST LISTEN FOR EVERYONE.   The scams occur in the adult industry, regular dating world and Lifestyle websites.  Do not believe anything without proof.   I highly suggest if you are going to listen to only one episode this is the one you need to tune in to.  YOUR SAFETY IS NUMBER ONE!
April 25, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Danica Danali
This week Coralyn interviews Danica Danali, an award winning, multi nominated performer in the adult industry.  Twelve years in the business and no plans on retiring anytime soon.  LINKS:             
April 18, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Mac Styles Interview
This week Coralyn Interviews author of Sex Chicken and Coco Butter, Mac Styles. Mac Styles is a published author and holds a Masters in Homeland Security, Mac focuses now on writing for the Lifestyle community and education in the LS.  His book focuses on teaching the readers the wrong ways to approach relationships whether it be in Poly, Lifestyle community or BDSM.  He helps to educate others how to navigate their way through these various alternative relationships. YouTube
April 11, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Jay Crew Interview
This week my guest is Jay Crew. Jay crew is a director and adult male performer that has been active in the adult industry since 1984   He began as a camera man and then was a stunt fill in “cock”  for 8 years before face revealing and remains active today working for Brazzers, Reality Kings and Jeff’ Models.   AVN AWARDS 2015 Nominee: Best Supporting Actor, Sleeping Beauty XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2014) 2016 Nominee: Best Group Sex Scene, Peter Pan XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2015) Nominee: Best Supporting Actor, Peter Pan XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2015) 2018 Nominee: Best Non-Sex Performance, Unbridled (2017) BBW AWARDS 2019 Nominee: Male Performer of the Year BIGGIE AWARDS 2016
April 04, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Tyson & Coralyn (Consent)
My Podcast which also airs on Full Swap Radio covered a topic this week that is of the utmost importance not just in regard to the Lifestyle but pertains to society as a whole.  Many people do not realize or are unaware of overstepping boundaries and having any respect or regard for consent. This is a topic the owner of FullSwap Radio feels very strongly about as he was a victim of someone having no respect for his boundaries.  He asked if I would do a show on the topic and I felt that having a male and a female hosting together would give my listeners different points of view.  I hope you enjoy the show and learn from it as well.
March 31, 2022
Hankie Pankie - Nischa Phair Interview
Nischa Phair, an embodiment researcher and coach specializing in trauma informed pleasure work.  She joins us and discusses how to get the feel-good life you envision for yourself without having to toil so much, as well as discover that Pleasure Work allows us to better understand how we relate to safety and security. By understanding that the repressed shame around sex and pleasure can prevent us from fully stepping into our potential and how to overcome this and release that pain. She began studying the connection between fawning and sex in 2016 and has written the first book dealing with Fawning and Sex & consent, Titles “ When no looks like yes”.
March 28, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Girlsamory Interview
Luna and Mary Co-founders Luna and Mary, join us for today’s episode.  Both ladies are co-founders of the company called “Umoia.   This name refers to two things: first, in an ancient language that we learn, it means a philosophy of honour and dignity and, secondly, it is also an all-female village (Umoja Uaso) in Kenya, Africa, founded as a sanctuary for homeless survivors of violence against women and young girls running from forced marriages. These women do not agree with violence and the traditional subordinate position of women. They believe in the values of the sex positive feminism. Along with now around 20 team members, the site launched mid March and is a  unique company where performers can create content at home.  This is not just an adult pornography page, as anything that empower a woman to feel sexy is encouraged to be submitted to the platform. FANS INTERESTED: MODELS INTERESTED: Twitter @Girlsamory IG @Girlsamory
March 21, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Neil Herrin Interview
Today's guest shares with us how there is discrimination in every industry and what he is experiencing with his newest project.   Proud member of Generation X, Neil started gaming in the 80s on the Atari 2600. Making his way up through NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, PS2, etc. He’s been around for every generation of gaming thus far. On the Professional side he has over 20 years in IT/coding and illustration.  In 2020 Neil combined his love for gaming and technical expertise to form the Vanilla Gaming Company.   He set out to create a company that’s not afraid to take risks and make games that are FUN and a little less “fluffy” than the current titles we’re used to seeing these days.  “It seems the days of originality in gaming are dead, or at least asleep.  Every game is a carbon copy of the previous game, and most styles are in a perpetual rinse and repeat mode.  Let’s dare to be different and do something fresh, something new.” Contact / Social Media Email: Website: Press Kit: Steam: Twitter (Main Social Media):  @VanillaGamingCo Instagram: Kickstarter Campaign (March 15th):
March 14, 2022
Hankie Pankie Alicia Davon Interview
Alicia Davon holds a Master’s degree in Integral Psychology with a focus  on women’s romantic and sensual expression. She trained as a therapist  before meeting her husband and business partner Erwan and led numerous  women’s groups devoted to female pleasure and life fulfillment from  career to relationship.   Together, Erwan and Alicia developed Mastery of Relationship and several  other programs, which have helped thousands achieve their ideal love  lives. They provide a safe place to explore psychological inquiry,  pleasure, and sexuality.  Alicia and Erwan have spent years perfecting their curriculum and  techniques and are excited to share their expertise with newcomers so  they can help improve chemistry, connection, communication, and passion  in others’ lives! View this episode on YouTube Here is the link for a Free Love Life Consultation Here is a link for The May 21-22 Pleasure Course- weekend online workshop where we start the exploration of Extended Orgasm Links: 1. Free Love Life Consultation: Text 415 308 9580 Click 2. Website: 3. Instagram @davonmethod
March 07, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Alexis Fawx Interview
In This week's episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Alexis Fawx, early Jan 2022 at the X-Biz Awards show on the Red Carpet and immediately just adored Alexis Fawx.   Adult Industry Star, Business woman, contract star for Brazzers and most recently awarded, Milf Performer of the year at the X-Biz Awards.  In addition she is the  2020 & 2022 AVN Awards MILF of the Year,  2020 AVN awards for Best Star Showcase along with numerous other AVN, XBiz and Night Moves Awards in various categories.   In addition, Alexis has her own coffee brand and 100% of proceeds are donated to frontline responders fund. Alexis served in the Air Force prior to embarking on a career in adult films. She is the host of the High as Fawx Podcast and she continues to challenge herself daily.  Links:  
February 28, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Asteria Cassatt Interview
Open your mind as today’s guest shares her story of struggling with her identity throughout school and the fear of being ridiculed and shamed for trying to find her true identity. Asteria Cassatt is a professional performer, cinematographer,  film editor-grader, and performer. She is also openenly Transexual, Polyamorous and pansexual,  After serving in the US Army Combat Arms and Afghanistan, she went to college for painting and graphic design and when the pandemic hit her job let her go and she made her way into the Adult Industry. She has shot with a number of professional studios including Grooby and PureTS. She also maintains an active subscription site and clip sales listed at Find her on Twitter and other social media @AsteriaCassatt
February 21, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Miles Long Interview
Sights & Sounds Productions Inc. Miles Long is an award winning and 4 time Hall of Fame Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Photographer, Actor, Writer and Record Label Owner. He earned a degree from U.C. Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies as well as served in the military before embarking on a career in the adult industry in 1999.  Since then he has made quite a name for himself working with many of the top studio’s and as well as owning 2 production companies. His work has garnered numerous accolades including, 86 Award nominations, 11 awards and his induction into 4 different Halls of Fame. He is one of the few persons in the adult industry to be inducted into the AVN, XRCO and Urban X Halls of Fame. 
February 14, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Erikka Rijks Interview
Erikka Rijks is making her return back to the adult industry. Her experience stems from stage performer and pro switch performance artist.   Erikka, has been working in front and behind the camera for over 30 years at this point. She started out as a mainstream model in the 90's. Worked in mainstream as an actor, writer and producer. After 2008 work was drying up. The financial crisis was delaying many projects. Having known people in the adult industry she started in the BDSM end of it. Erikka got hired at Sanctuary LAX.  She decided she wanted to do a screenplay about BDSM. At the same time Sanctuary LAX had a contract with Kink so Erikka also started web camming. One thing leads to another. As time went on Erikka did her first hardcore scene with Jack Cannon XXX. Right around that time she would also co-host the defunct XXX Porn Star Radio, Later on she shot a scene. Little did she know she would head the box cover but they got her name wrong. Then the pandemic hit. So now she's aiming for a bright 2022
February 07, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Steve Mollura Interview
Steve Mollura: Licensed mental health counselor Steven is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in sexual health, fear and self-sabotage, and empowerment. He offers honest and open therapeutic support to help clients face the fears holding them back from the lives they want.  He loves helping clients heal the shame, hurt, and anxiety around sex so that clients can have better sex, more sex, and express themselves a self-loving way.   Steven has worked in a variety of settings with a wide array of populations including psychiatric hospitals, substance treatment, palliative care, and private practice. He is a US Army Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He also specializes in working with pissed off men who can run towards gunfire but can’t tell their dad they love him. He is Licensed in Pennsylvania and Florida, and offers online coaching services nationwide.
January 30, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Ray Ray Interiew
This week Coralyn interviews Adult Porn star Ray Ray. Ray Ray is a force not to be reckoned with.  After completing highschool she joined the military where she worked as a medic for 6 years.  Now, at 28 years of age, she’s been in over 50 gangbangs, had sex with over 1,000 men, and filmed over 60 scenes. Although her specialty is large gangbangs, you’ll see her in bukkake, creampie, bbg, bgg, g/g, DP, deepthroating, water sports, anal, dungeon, BDSM, and outdoor scenes.
She already has 3 years of college under her belt, and, after porn, plans to become a physician’s assistant specializing in either trauma or cardiology.
 Twitter @ray_xRay_xxx
January 24, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Gallo Chingon
This week Coralyn interviews Gallo Chingon. Gallo is a recovering  sex-addict and  shares his story with our listeners and it is quite the  eye-opener.   Gallo is of Texas Mexican heritage. His life story is very  diverse and interesting in that he's lived through quite a few  tragedies and near tragedies, made his way out of homelessness, served  in the US army, and  although not involved in the adult industry his  story shares a different side.     As a recovering sex addict,  having sex with over 1000 women he shares  with our listeners when it dawned on him that he actually was addicted  to sex and if he was not having sex at least 4 times a day he felt  inadequate.      Hankie Pankie Podcast is a Sex-Positive podcast bringing stories from  all walks of life and this story is sure to show you how parenting and  sex education from such a young age plays a huge impact on our youth as  they enter adulthood.
January 17, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Jay Kopita, co-owner of YNOT
Coralyn interviews Jay Kopita, co-owner of YNOT. Jay has been proficient in online sales, marketing, PR, writing, hosting, presenting and event production since 2000.  YNOT Group LLC is a media company that offers business to business (B2B) news and resources for adult companies, industry performers, adult affiliates and peripheral service companies.
January 10, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Marlon67 Interview
South African Adult Entertainer, Actor, IT Graduate, Astrologer, Writer and Model. Marlon67 is a South African gay adult entertainer, pornographic actor and media personality. His career in the adult entertainment industry began as a ghost writer for a very popular series titled DL Thug Passion, which is the tale of a love story between two DL (Down Low) men, coupled with a series of sex scenes within the story. The series began to increase in popularity and fans wanted to see the series episodes done at a more X rated level, inspiring Marlon67 to start recording these videos, with him starring as the main character Q. His popularity as a performer continued and he now has his content on a variety of platforms and has content on Treasure Island Media and XVideos. Marlon actively contributes to London based queer blog and has had an article published by sexual wellness blog Tickle Life.
January 03, 2022
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Heather Montgomery Interview
Tech Leader, Media Disruptor, Innovator and Educator in Sexual Wellness  And Pleasure / Impacting Social Reform.   Heather Montgomery is a world class leading edge revolutionary in the  media industry. Revolutionizing receptivity to ‘sex positive content and  conversation between adults’ as the new norm. She invites us to  experience the joy of being a fully integrated with our sexuality. To do  so one may needs to reprogram entrenched beliefs; psychologically,  physiologically, and behaviorally. It will require existing paradigms to  change for new possibilities to be experienced. The freedom of access  to healthful sexual content is necessary to evolve this part of our  being.   As Founder and CEO of PleazeMe, one of the largest sex positive  platforms in America and soon the world, she challenges the status quo  as it relates to the way people treat sex in life and society,  especially for women.
December 27, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Michael McGrady Interview
Michael McGrady is an adult industry journalist and communications professional. He's a freelance political and business contributor for and a staff contributor to ASN Lifestyle Magazine, where he authors the monthly Death, Taxes, & Sex column.  Michael has been a journalist for several years, having worked on numerous news beats like public health, drug legalization, harm reduction, workers rights, small business rights, digital civil liberties and porn (to name a few).  He entered the adult entertainment industry as a journalist and writer and now works with some of the largest porn brands on content marketing and communications. He is also an aspiring adult screen writer, and has previously collaborated with Coralyn on her upcoming biopic documentary film.  He's been featured on other adult industry podcasts, including Adult Site Broker Talk and now the Hankie Pankie Podcast with Coralyn Jewel.  You can learn more about Michael by visiting or by following his work on YNOT. 
December 20, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Coralyn's Refelction
Coralyn Jewel reflects on her first year of hosting her own Podcast and her experiences at all four Exxxotica Expos.  She shares with you some of her most emotional moments and what she is finding most rewarding with her current career. It's only just beginning.  See what she has in store for the future.
December 13, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Lily & Alphonso Interview
This week on The Hankie Pankie Podcast, Coralyn interviews Lily Craven and Alphonso Layz. Lily Craven Bio: Lily Craven is an independent, self-taught, model, actress, webcam model, editor, producer,  & radio  host of “Phone Sex With Lily Show”, where she interview Adult Industry Talent in front and behind the camera. Don’t miss the beginning of each episode where Lily has phone sex with her guests. Phone Sex with Lily Show can be heard on Spotify, Anchor, and she's very thrilled to announce, Alphonso Layz Bio: Alfonso Layz is Male talent 2021 AVN Award winner, producer, director and performer for his own production company, He recently collaborated with Lily craven and Blush Erotica’s Cinematographer shot the video. Mr Layz composed all the music and they both feel so strongly about how this film it is not a typical gonzo film but instead a passionate love saga. The movie Begins with the Love Saga and ends with xxxxxxxx . The journey back to an Adult film with a story line, characters and an undeniable chemistry and connection between both Lily and Alphonso.  All of the music in the video is written and performed by Alfonso Layz.
December 06, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast, Luc Wylder & Alexandra Silk Interview
Luc Wylder  Luc is an AVN Hall of Fame erotic film star, award winning director,  producer and owner of the world famous FallenAngel TV. Luc has a  Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality from the Institute of Advanced  Study, a degree in psychology and an IPSA trained sex surrogate. He’s  a philosopher, a futurist, internet entrepreneur, a sexual pioneer, an  erotic artist, and a world renowned filmmaker.   Alexandra Silk  Alex is a director, producer, comedian, photographer, sex educator, web  geek, a Certified Surrogate Partner Therapist and a Certified Somatic  Sexuality Specialist from The American College of Sexologist. I recently  graduated with a Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality from the Institute  for Advanced Study. Alexandra has starred in over 500 xxx movies, had  her own TV show on the Playboy channel called “Sex Court” and appeared  on HBO, Cinemax, E channel, CNN, several music videos, TV commercials  and mainstream movies.
November 29, 2021
Hankie Pankie - erica Lauren Interview
If you are a true believer that woman only get sexier with time, then Erica Lauren has reached her peaked because this granny could fuck you  down to your place anytime and location.  All you have to do is be  interested in a woman that are fifty plus then you was bound to hear about her at the granny loving places such as Channel 69, Devil's Film, Filmco Releasing and Pornstar Platinum.  One of the first films that she has made was by the people at X-traordinary made in 2004 under the name  of Mature Women With Younger Girls 8. She has done only one film thus far this year under the name of Gang Affiliated 5.  I am hundred percent  positive that she will continue to make more porn throughout the years.
November 22, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Rick Garcia Interview
Rick Garcia is the owner of Industry by Rick. Rick, self-proclaimed “Fat old man with a camera“ is a well-known and well-respected photographer in the adult entertainment industry. He’s covered numerous red-carpet events and his story of how he became such a prolific photographer will be sure to encourage you to perfect your own photography skills. “You never know when opportunity will present itself, be ready to take action” It was a pleasure having Rick share his story with us.
November 15, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Tod Hunter Interview
Tod Hunter is a writer who has been vitally interested in politics since his teenage years in the late '60s. He has worked a bookstore clerk, record store manager, animation art salesman and game show writer before entering the adult industry in 1997 as a reporter and reviewer. He has been an editor at adult-industry trade magazines AVN and XBIZ, was managing editor of general-circulation magazine Adam Presents Amateur Porn, is a member of the X-Rated Critics Organization with more than 1500 video reviews to his credit and has a contact list on his cell phone that would fetch six figures on eBay. 
November 08, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Jack Cannon Interview
This week’s guest is Jack Cannon. Jack has been in the industry for almost 11 years. Along with Jack’s 2 awards from The Adult Film Festival in Las Vegas, Jack was also a featured guest at The Night Moves Awards in Tampa. Jack recently stated his very own production company, Compass Adult Productions. Compass has worked with some amazing ladies in the industry Alison Kilgore, Siren Demer, Nikki Hunter, Sara St Clair just to name a few.
November 01, 2021
The Hankie Pankie Podcast - Sean Elliot Interview
This episode of the Hankie Hankie Podcast Coralyn interviews Sean Elliot AKA: Bobby Golden. Sean Elliot was born in Western New York, spent his teens in Rhode Island and went off to college in Miami, then transferred into pre-law in Connecticut. After graduation with a BA in political science, and a minor in drama, he promptly informed his parents that he wasn’t going to be a lawyer…or a doctor ..or an architect or whatever the standard fare that his parents expected from a nice Jewish boy. He let them know that he was going to New York to study acting. They promptly told Steve , good luck and you’re on your own. He enrolled and was accepted into the Lee Strasburg Theatre  Institute and almost immediately started getting bit parts on soap operas and films in the New York area. One day, he answered an ad in The Village Voice. “Wanted , male actors for feature film being shot in Upstate New York. Some nudity may be involved…And that was the beginning of Sean Elliot, adult film actor. 4 year career won best actor in Scoundrels got in & got out, when on to get married have children and open his own company unrelated to porn.
October 25, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Lily Craven
Today's guest on The Hankie Pankie Podcast is Lily Craven. Lily is an adult performer, webcam model and adult media crew went from owning an oil field trucking company with her then husband until she came across a pay to play Facebook group while becoming suspicious of her husband’s infidelity. After her divorce was final, Craven found her niche as a webcam performer. At the age of 43 she earned a college degree in marketing management. Lilly’s story is an inspiration to all woman who may at some point feel the lack of self confidence and self-esteem. She will lift you up with her personality and uplifting story.
October 18, 2021
The Hankie Pankie Podcast - Richard Pacheco Interview
This week’s guest on The Hankie Pankie Podcast is Howie Gordon known as Richard Pacheco. Richard grew up in a Jewish orthodox family, college educated and ridiculed as a child due to being overweight. Richard embarked on a career in the adult industry, becoming Playgirl Magazine Man of the year in 1979. Richard appeared in more than 100 X-rated films and videos. He has won multiple adult film awards for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Director. He was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in January 1999. Pacheco was given Lifetime Achievement Awards by the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) in the year 2000. And in 2006, Pacheco was presented with the pioneer induction into the X-Rated Critics Organization's (XRCO) Hall of Fame. His book, Hindsight is a 700-page biography can be purchased on Amazon.
October 10, 2021
The Hankie Pankie Podcast - Eric Monti Interview
On today's episode of The Hankie Pankie Podcast, Coralyn interviews Eric Monti. Eric is an Adult Male performer who was most active from 1983 to 1998 appearing in over 100 films.  He was a middle school social studies teacher for 7 years before making the career switch to the Adult Industry. As a classically trained method actor, and a degree in History. 
October 04, 2021
The Hankie Pankie Podcast - Sir Ezra Interview
Today’s guest is Sir Ezra Algos. Sir Ezra is  involved in BDSM Education and is the Director of Education for Sanctuary LAX Studios. He is the co-founder of the Triskelion Scholarship, the first scholarship available for students pursuing courses and training in the BDSM field. In addition Sir Ezra offers professional sub/Dom Training, BDSM/Sex Coaching and is the author of the Mindfucking Mindfully: A Guide to Mental Manipulation for BDSM and Sadomasochism; The first ethical guide to mind-fucking ever published.
September 27, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Jim from Bucking Bull Studios
When the pandemic hit and Jim was out of work he decided to make a complete career switch and its been quite successful. Beginning as a male webcam performer and seeing the need for porn with real people he now runs in own productions Bucking Bull Studios. Jim still performs solo on webcam and so far has no regrets on the switch to the adult industry. Twitter: @bull_stud
September 20, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast Tony Bones Interview
Tony Bones is an Adult industry personality and works as a talent for his own website tonybonesxxx  Formerly a RUDETV host of  Booby Prize with Pornstar Regan Anthony and the Co-Host of Sex Spaz with Pornstar Kitten.  He was also a PJ (Porn Jockey) for KSEX the radio and appeared on the TV side of  KSEX.  He got his start in internet radio as a Co-host on the Rev Mel show with Tony Bones on talkingsexradio. He is also a native of California and currently resides in North Hollywood. Tony is frequently seen around town at various industry parties, Porn Star Karaoke, Erotica LA, XRCO, and AVN/AEE convention.  Tony says since the recent hiatus of  RUDETV that he was the host for 15 months has said: “I will be heard from and seen again soon”.  You can bet that Tony is here to stay.
September 13, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Dee Siren Interview40
Dee Siren is an adult performer and a recipient of numerous award nominations. Dee went from a teacher to a pornstar, she started in the adult  industry in 2010 but took some time out after being in a severe car  accident and breaking her neck. Along with her porn career, Dee has an open marriage lifestyle and is also an avid Swinger.
September 06, 2021
Hanke Pankie Podcast - Cici Anders Interview
Cici Anders is an adult performer, webcam performer, model for Babes in the UK and a talent manager for Babes Station UK .  She entered the industry at the age of 32 after having a 10 year career in the Corporate world working in data and compliance protection.  
August 30, 2021
Hankie Pankie - Oceana Breeze
This week Coralyn interviews Breeze. Oceana is a TS webcam performer who shares with us when she realized she wanted to live her life as a woman although born a man, her struggles, obstacles she overcame and how she made the choice to enter the adult industry.   Twitter @OceanaBreezeTS
August 22, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Christian,37 owner of Eden After Dark
Christian: owner of Eden After Dark. Eden After Dark was Established in 2020 and brought to you by  true “lifestylers” who are dedicated to providing the same high quality swing lifestyle events that mainstream lifestyle enthusiasts get to enjoy, but whose focus is to include those with “alternative lifestyles” who seem to always be left out.
August 15, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Megan Hussey Interview
Megan Hussey is a US best-selling author, feminist erotica author, as well as the Feminist Sexpert at and the chief correspondent at Femplicit. Megan has published over 30 erotica books and is getting ready to release her newest project The Ultimate Femme Porn Directory.
August 09, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Lonna Wells Interview
Adult porn star 2X AVN Nominee Lonna, has various adult membership pages and also manages the Independent wrestling circuit in the Southern US. Her story went viral after a situation where she felt he was wrongly terminated from employment at a fast food chain during Covid when taking a break from the Adult industry.
August 02, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Marvelle Interview
Marvellee is a Webcam model who specializes in role-play and writes scripts for over 30+ characters that she portrays online. She shows how the industry helped her when she financially needed somewhere to turn. Entering late into the industry she found a niche and is making quite a name for herself.
July 26, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Bitchmaker Keke
This week Coralyn interviews Bitchmaker Kekek who holds a Bachelor of Science in Security and worked in cyber security and at the age of 34 she is thriving in a completely different career then was intended with her University degree as a Pro-Domme specializing in Total Power Exchange.   Apag union:  @apagunion  R/apagunion Twitter: @tpekeke
July 18, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Sharon Mitchell
Sharon Mitchell boasts a career in the adult industry spanning from 1975-2012, appearing as a performer & director in over 400 films. She is a member of the AVN Awards Hall of Fame[8] and XRCO Hall of Fame and founded the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (AIM), which tested talent in the industry. Her time now is used as an educator for youth in sexuality & drug treatment. This is a strong woman who has overcome many obstacles and yet she perseveres.
July 11, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Red King
Actor, writer, film and music producer shares with us the similarities between mainstream film and the adult industry.  Red King also hosts a weekly podcast Raw Fusion
July 06, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Bobbi Bidochka Interview
Advocate, speaker, entrepreneur, mother of two, a degree in Political Science and accidental author of Sexual Intelligence in Business. Bobbi has worked in nearly every sector, industry, corporate, non-profit, government, arts, academia, startup, and venture capital and acquired education from over six institutions in areas of humanities, finance, arts, and social enterprise. Bobbi is a strong advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion, and co-founded WIN4Science, to encourage young female scientists to remain in academia.
June 28, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Ralph Greco Interview
Ralph Greco, Jr. is a professional freelance writer with clients and credits throughout the world. Penning his weekly SEX FILES columns  and bi-monthly tutorial at, co-hosting the Licking Non-Vanilla podcast with co-host M. Christianas well as an educator at kink conventions around the U.S. He is also a published playwright, ASCAP-licensed songwriter, and ghostwriter for mainstream businesses. LINKS: Licking Non-Vanilla Sex – Short and Sweet NYC Ralph Greco, Author at latest book: No Whip, No Problem (
June 22, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Bruce Friedman Interview
Bruce Friedman has been in the adult industry for over 17 years and his company is Adult Site Broker,, which was opened to respond to a need in the market for expert adult website and company brokering. Adult Site Broker helps people sell and buy adult websites and companies. He has been in the marketing business over 48 years and also has a podcast Adult Site Broker Talk.
June 13, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Tara and Andre Interfiew
On Today’s Episode of he Hankie Pankie Podcast, Coralyn interviews Tara  Lynne Franco a Relationship Coach and Co-Founder of T&A and Andre  Turcotte a sex positive Registered Psychotherapist, Coach and Co-Founder  of T&A.
June 07, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Dick Chibbles Interview
Dick Chibbles is a prolific straight male performer and director with over 80 films to his credit and a vast filmography that includes amateur, BDSM, plot-oriented, and porn-parody scenes. 
June 02, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Viloshni Moodley Interview
Viloshni is a Certified Love Coach, Master Sexpert & Relationship Coach practicing as an Online Intimacy Coach and the founder and owner of Ultimacy Online. Her work specializes in coaching individuals or couples who wish to achieve certain goals in the bedroom and short courses in different areas of sexuality.
May 23, 2021
Coralyn interviews Dr Michael Perry
Michael Perry, Ph.D., A.C.S., is an internationally known author, educator, and sex therapist. He has made "Sexology" his specialty for over 25 years and maintains a private practice in Hollywood, California. He is Board Certified by the American College of Sexologists. Michael has also been a professional photographer for over 30 years. Now he brings his unique photographic eye and sexual expertise together to create these hot, erotic, and instructional videos. As a licensed sex therapist, he has assisted thousands of clients to have better sex lives. He knows what women and men really want -- in bed and in their relationships. He conducts seminars and lectures and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs including Geraldo, Larry King Live, Lifetime, Hard Copy, Sonya Live, CNBC, Rolanda, Vicki, Marilu Henner, Extra and The Playboy Channel.
May 17, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Micky Lynn Interview
Coralyn interviews Micky Lynn, who became involved in the adult industry at the age of 18.   She has appeared in over 200 porn films, and appeared as herself on The Howard Stern Show (1990) in 1995. Among the popular men's magazine's she was featured in are "Swank," "Fox," "Orgy," "Chic," "Hawk," and "Hustler." Micky Lynn was signed with Jim South's Agency and remained with him for 30 years. She now plans to launch Micky Lynns Production and hopes to bring adult films back to the way things used to be with plots, videos and sensuality.   Twitter: @MickyLynnXOXO Instagram: mickylynnxoxo
May 10, 2021
Hankie Pankie - Mike and Rhonda Interview
Coralyn interviews Mike and Rhonda, a couple that has been together for  over 20 years and involved in the lifestyle last 10 years of those 20  years. Listen as they share their experiences and stories of why and how  they got involved in the lifestyle and what it has done for their  relationship.
May 03, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Leya Tanit "Pineapple Support" Interview
This week Coralyn interviews Leya Tanit the founder of Pineapple Support.  Pineapple Support Society is a free support and therapy service for all  persons working in the online adult industry – no matter their gender,  ethnic origin, social status, age or sexual orientation.
April 26, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Kinky Koach Interview
Craig Chacon and Stephanie Sigler are both co-owners of Kinky Koach. Kinky Koach provides Guidance and Counseling services with Licensed and Certified, Sex Therapists, Counselors and Professional Educators. Hosting Events, Retreats, Seminars, Workshops, and providing resources through Articles, Podcasts, Vlogs, Blogs and Guide Books to those seeking to elevate their sexuality and sexual freedom. Craig is a Relationship & Sex Coach, & Certified EMT. He holds his Bachelors in Criminology & Criminal Psychology, & certifications as a relationship and Sex Coach, Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Specialist & a Crisis Intervention Specialist  Stephanie is a Sex Therapist, & Licensed Mental Health Professional & Sex Coach. She holds her Masters in Clinical Mental Health and specializes in Alternative Relationships and is currently in her Ph.D program as a Sexologist
April 19, 2021
Hankie Pankie-Dr. Lee Phillips Interview
Dr. Lee Phillips, purpose is to ultimately help clients achieve the goals they wish to accomplish. He offers a safe, empathetic and a warm environment. Dr. Phillips uses interventions that offer not only symptom relief, but also a means to improve emotional connections to the individual and others.
April 12, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - LA Kink Shrink
Coralyn interviews David Singer, LMFT LA Kink Shrink, a licensed marriage and family therapist with more than a decade experience helping people find more intimacy and connection in their lives.  David specializes in working with people exploring, experiencing, and evolving in consensual non-monogamy.  LA Kink Shrink works with plenty of monogamous folks too!  His goal is to help you find the life you yearn for, and find ways around the hurdles and stumbling blocks.  David strives to create a supportive environment where everyone can feel safe and accepted.
April 05, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Jane Boon Interview
Coralyn interviews Jane Boon, another fellow author who will be sure to stimulate your mind with her business mind and how she decided to write the Novel  EDGE PLAY  based on her research of the Dominatrix world.  
March 30, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Orpheus Black Interview
Orpheus Black - Southern California's Leather Master/slave titleholder - is also a published author and erotic educator, specializing in hierarchical dynamics, non-monogamous relationships, and extreme sexual encounters.  He is one of California's most respected educators as well as a favorite interviewee and contributor.  Join him live in our Hollywood Studio with Coralyn as he takes her into his world regarding his passion for the art of BDSM through a commitment to innovation, excellence, and active leadership in the D/s, Ms, and fetish communities.
March 21, 2021
Coralyn interviews Sante
Coralyn interviews Sante, Swing Club Owner Menaglife & Swinger app Playlove app  17 years as a Swinger Club Owner and now owns a brand new app for meeting open-minded sex  positive people.  Playlove, LLC
March 15, 2021
Coralyn Jewel interviews Eric Edwards
Tune in as Coralyn Jewel interviews one of the greatest and best legends from the Golden Era of the Porn Industry.  Actor, director, and producer ERic Edwards takes us back to the days when porn WAS ACTUALLY AN ART.   With over 40 years in the industry, 367 credits, AVN Hall of Fame award, and a battle with stage 4 colon cancer, bankruptcy AND fight with drug addiction,  Eric will be sure to open your eyes and mind to the world of porn from then till now.
March 08, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Sabel Renae
Meet Lady Sable Renae Finance Manager turned adult MILF performer, Las Vegas courtesan and full-time nurse as she shares her story of being a military brat, honor roll student, college graduate and why at the age of 43 did she enter the fault industry.  Ms. Sable Renae will peak your interests in her lifestyle, her mind, and her heart of gold.
March 01, 2021
Nicky Rebel Interview
Nicky Rebel has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, communications, and photography and has been involved in the adult industry over 5 years.  He began as an art model turned advocate. Together with his wife, they run Aglaea Models, which is a non-traditional agency where together, they hope they can assist in making a chance to how models find work and stay safe with-in the adult industry. Twitter @NickyRebelXXX Instagram @NickyXRebel
February 22, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Dr. Wendy
Dr. Wendy is an educational teacher who specializes in Fem/Dom and developed a product called Teddy Love which was nominated for 6 products of the year awards and has been featured on a variety of television shows. Dr Wendy is also an author and host of her own podcast show Dr. Wendy. Website is
February 15, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Aaron Headley
Orgasmic Research started by Bio-Medical Engineer, Aaron Headley with a goal of bringing mind-blowing pleasure to millions of women around the world developed a device called the Squirt Watch.  This device measures the speed and force of your fingers compared to the most known master world-wide Marcus London who is programmed into the patented Squirt Watch. Come, listen, learn & execute. Website: twitter: squirtwatchman
February 08, 2021
Dr. Tom Murray PHD.
Coralyn Interviews Dr. Tom Murray PHD. Who is Dr. Murray Selecting and hiring a professional with whom you can open up and  share intimate parts of your life is a big deal. I get it! So, if you’ve  not already, take that deep breath. That’s it. Here, you can learn more  about me and decide whether my style, approach and philosophy are right  for you. Credentials Tom Murray, PhD–the only doctoral AASECT certified Sex Therapist serving the Triad. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (FL, PA, MA, OR & NC) Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor (NC) AASECT Certified Sex Therapist Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider (CSOTP) Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator Certified Child Custody Evaluator Gottman Educator: “Bringing Baby Home” and “Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.”
February 01, 2021
Hankie Pankie - Brian Sebastian Interview
Producer/Host of Movie Reviews Brian Sebastian. Brian is the host of Womenontv.TV and with 6.6Million views per day and counting.  Brian has interviewed 80,000+ Celebrities since 1983 and is a contributor to: iHeartRadio, K4HD, Talk4Media,LATalk Radio KABC Talk Radio, CNN, STARZ Network, Dish TV, CBS, BET, LOADmedia,,,, and TRIBUNE Entertainment.
January 25, 2021
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Walter Wicked Interview
Coralyn interns with Walter Wicked, owner of offers something for everyone from hard core and explicit porn to soft core, boudoir, lingerie, and nude photography. Walter serves as producer, photographer, videographer, and even the male talent in POV shoots.
January 18, 2021
Hankie Pankie - Meet The Mavericks
Join Coralyn as she sits down with Jason and Aubrey Maverick, a happily married couple for over 10 years who recently came out to their family and friends publicly with their online blog Listen as they share with Coralyn their experiences in the lifestyle, learning experiences, and the naughty stories too.  Here between Coralyn's experiences and their experiences you will see what works for some does not work for all and the "Lifestyle" is about experimenting with your own desires and fantasies. 
January 11, 2021
What really is a Swinger?
Coralyn will take you into the world of swinging.  What is considered a swinger? What are the misconceptions? Why do people swing? What are the rules? How do you get involved? Can being a swinger help your relationship or harm it?   If you have ever been curious and want to listen to someone who will share with you the positives and the negatives, this episode is for you.
December 28, 2020
During tough financial times with Covid: Is a fan page a good idea?
With all this talk about fan pages such as Only Fans, Porn hub, and many others,  is this a good way to make extra money?  Coralyn will share with you the various ways you can do this but she will also, as always, discuss the importance of educating yourself for anyone getting involved in this industry. Such aspects as safety, payment, marketing,  privacy issues, and many different scenarios, Coralyn helps you understand more in-depth the different avenues in the adult industry.  Coralyn is an open book and full of knowledge and her podcasts will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about what it is you want to try. 
December 18, 2020
Introducing Coralyn Jewel
Meet #1 International Best-Selling author, retired adult porn star, high-class escort, retired competitive athlete, porn director, swinger club owner, fitness trainer, wedding planner, talent manager, voice-over actress, coach, and speaker. Coralyn Jewel is the epitome of a strong powerful female entrepreneur.  Your host of Hankie Pankie Podcast.
December 18, 2020
Do you really want to be in Porn? What you should know First
Coralyn shares with you how she became involved in the adult industry from behind the scenes to in front of the camera as a porn star. She shares with you the positives and the negatives as well as prepares you for the good and the bad.  She has so much to share on this topic that this particular episode is a must for anyone considering this "world" as a solo or a couple. Even if you are just considering webcam work this is a MUST LISTEN before putting yourself on the Internet.
November 28, 2020