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Hank Orion Podcast

Hank Orion Podcast

By Hank Orion
Inspiring new generation of filmmakers, sharing stories and in general making people less evil.
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Hitting Those 30s …
Sooner or later we come to realise how important time is, we hit 30 and something strange happens.
June 15, 2022
Shooting A Feature Film On A DJI Pocket 2?
Would you shoot a feature film on a DJI Pocket 2? I did. Here's why. 
April 10, 2022
UK Film Industry Broke My Heart
After many years in UK film industry I am very disappointed... Here's why.
April 08, 2022
I See Darkness - The Hardest Film I’ve Shot
In this episode let’s talk about my new film I SEE DARKNESS, and the journey to make it.
April 04, 2022
How To Color Grade A Movie
In this podcast I will tell you how I approach color grading of a film. I hope you will find it interesting and helpful, and if you do consider subscribing to me on YouTube.
December 09, 2020
Shooting A Movie on GoPro
Recently I made a movie on a GoPro Hero 8, here is what I think about the camera and its place in film industry. 
December 01, 2020
First ever public interview with Roger Hollywood, cinematographer that does not exist
Guys I'm happy to welcome Roger Hollywood to today's podcast. Roger Hollywood is a fictional cinematographer based in Los Angeles, Hollywood. 
November 23, 2020
How I Made And Lost My First Feature Film Outsiders
In this episode I would love to share a story of how I made and lost my first feature film Outsiders. If you like podcast like this please consider subscribing on YouTube and my onlyfans account for exclusive content. 
November 22, 2020
Filmmaking Is Not Hard - But Directing Is
In this episode I will tell you why filmmaking is not actually hard, but directing is. And don’t forget to follow my vlogs on YouTube, HankOrionVlogs
October 07, 2020
How To Make A Movie In Two Days
Hello everyone in this podcast we are going to be talking about how you can make a movie in two days by yourself.  Also check out my book A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO MAKING A MOVIE FOR UNDER 5K  on Amazon: US UK Thank you for listening and remember keep creating, keep inspiring.
October 04, 2020
Why Would You Want To Be A Filmmaker?
In this podcast we will talk about why would you want, or would you not want to be a filmmaker. Join me. 
September 29, 2020
Being An Independent Filmmaker Is Not Easy
In this episode we talk briefly about being independent filmmaker and what it really means. 
September 29, 2020
Filmmaking 101 - How To Make A Movie
Ever wanted to make a movie but don't know how? In this podcast we will cover everything from writing to getting your indie feature film out there. Tune in. 
September 11, 2020