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The Social Sunday

The Social Sunday

By Hannah Isted
Welcome to the Social Sunday podcast! I’m Hannah Isted, I run HI Communications and I love helping small businesses with their marketing. The Social Sunday Podcast is all about making marketing easy for small business owners. Find out more on my website
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21. Jess from Wynter Isabelle - Running a Bridal Boutique During Lockdown
In this episode I talk to Jess from Wynter Isabelle Bridal Boutique about the wedding industry, starting a business and how even a car crashing into the front of her shop isn't going to stop her from helping her brides. Enjoy! 
July 25, 2021
20. Making a 6 month plan
We're almost half way through 2021! In this episode I talk about making plans for the second half of the year and how to break things down into smaller steps. Enjoy! 
June 20, 2021
19. How to spend less time on your marketing
One of the most common things I hear from small business owners is either they don’t have enough time or that marketing is taking too long. Here are a few ways to save time on your marketing, so you have time for the other things you love. Enjoy! 
June 13, 2021
18. What to do if your Engagement is Down
There are so many reasons that your posts aren’t being seen. But there are things that can be done if your engagement has taken a nose dive so here are a few ideas to get things going again. Enjoy! 
June 6, 2021
17. 5 things that are stopping you marketing your business
Most of us know we should be promoting our small business online but there are always things that get in the way. Here are 5 common hurdles I hear that stop us from using marketing to help our businesses. Enjoy! 
May 30, 2021
16. Amy from Awesome Wales - Starting a Zero Waste Business
In this episode I speak to Amy from Awesome Wales in Barry and Cowbridge about starting a zero waste business, opening a new shop during a pandemic and how important your community is when you're running a business. Enjoy! 
May 23, 2021
15. 6 Marketing Mistakes
There are 6 marketing mistakes that I often see small businesses making and they are mistakes I've made myself too. Here's what I've learnt and how get the most out of your marketing. Enjoy! 
May 16, 2021
14. Documenting on Social Media
When you want to show up online, it’s so much easier to document rather than put pressure on yourself to constantly create. This episode has 4 tips to help you document your journey on social media. Enjoy! 
May 9, 2021
13. Just Getting Started
When it comes to our business, sometimes we have decisions that we need to just go for, and sometimes it’s about waiting until the time is right. This episode is all about just getting started. Enjoy! 
May 2, 2021
12. Getting Your Motivation Back
Motivation comes and goes when you're running a business or running a marathon! Here are 3 ways to get your mojo back when your motivation has disappeared. Enjoy! 
April 25, 2021
11. Launching Your Product or Service
Launching my first group course The 5 Day Newsletter Fix has been full of lessons. In this podcast I talk about what I would do again next time and the things I would change. Enjoy!  
April 18, 2021
10. Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone
Marketing is about constantly getting out of your comfort zone and it's true what they say, it's where the best things happen! In this episode I talk about reels, newsletters and what it feels like launching something new. This is the final day to sign up to The 5 Day Newsletter Fix, visit my website here Enjoy! 
April 11, 2021
9. 5 Newsletter Myths
I often hear reasons why starting a newsletter is hard or scary, but when you get going it doesn't seem that difficult after all. In this podcast I talk about 5 newsletter myths I often hear and why they aren't true for your business! If you'd like to find out more about The 5 Day Newsletter Fix, visit my website Enjoy! 
April 4, 2021
8. One Year of my Newsletter
The Social Sunday Newsletter has just turned one! In this episode I look at the good things (and the bad) of having a newsletter for your small business. Enjoy!
March 28, 2021
7. Keeping your marketing consistent
Consistency - what does it really mean? In this podcast I explain the 5 things to do to promote my business every single week. Enjoy! 
March 21, 2021
6. Future Marketing
How often do you think about the marketing that 'future you' will benefit from? If you ever feel like you have no time to market your business because you’re so busy, this podcast will show you how to make the most of the marketing work you've already done. Enjoy!
March 14, 2021
5. How to be an Expert
Why is being an expert important for your small business and how can you show your audience your skills and knowledge? Here's 3 tips to help. Enjoy! 
March 7, 2021
4. Small Business Gifts
There are so many ways to support small businesses, this episode is all about the gifts you can give, and if you're a small business - how to ask for them! Enjoy!  
February 28, 2021
3. The Pros and Cons of PR
In this episode of The Social Sunday I talk about the pros and cons of a piece of PR I received last year! Enjoy! 
February 21, 2021
2. Marketing Your Business in 10 Minutes
Marketing doesn't need to take ages. It doesn't need to be hard and complicated. In this episode I talk about my top 5 Tea Break Tips and how they can help you market your business in just 10 minutes. Enjoy!
February 14, 2021
1. Making Content Creation Easy
Who says that content creation needs to be difficult? In this episode of The Social Sunday I explain my content creation circle which helps to make posting for your business and reaching a new audience easy and simple! Enjoy!
February 7, 2021
The Social Sunday Introduction
Welcome to the Social Sunday podcast! I’m Hannah Isted, I run HI Communications and I love helping small businesses with their marketing. The Social Sunday Podcast is named after my weekly newsletter, the Social Sunday and is all about making marketing easy for small business owners. Listen to this quick introduction to find out more!
February 3, 2021