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Shanti Yoni's Podcast

Shanti Yoni's Podcast

By Hannah
As women we are the bringers of life and light, the medicine makers, story keepers, and land lovers. The ones who ride the waves between the spirit world and physical world, weaving webs of unity. In synch with the moon and womb of wombs. Shanti Yoni's Podcast offers women a sacred space to remember this ancient wisdom and remember that our essence as women is wise wild, and free.
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Welcome to Shanti Yoni's Podcast
Hello Sisters ! Thank you for tuning in. This podcast is a sacred sanctuary for us women to come together. To learn, grow, understand, unlock, and embody. Each month we will focus on a new topic and intention so stay posted and feel free to send in your questions and reflections. Blessings and love - Hannah For more content and news on public events follow @shantiyoni on Instagram
November 26, 2019