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By Hanzo
Hanzo helps compliance and legal teams find, collect, preserve, and present dynamic web and social media content in interactive formats compliant with SEC, FINRA, MiFID, and FTC regulations.
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The Real Compliance Implications and Lessons of Operation Varsity Blues: A Conversation with AP Capaldo-Aoun


Compliance Investigations Best Practices Webinar Highlights: Hanzo, Tom Fox, and Mike Volkov
In May 2019, Hanzo hosted Tom Fox and Mike Volkov for a webinar discussing 9 best practices for effective compliance investigations. Topics discussed include social media evidence, preserving documents and records, program structure, written procedures, witness interviews, and more. In this podcast, we're sharing some highlights and short clips from the session. To watch or listen to a full recording, visit  Hanzo's Compliance Hotline Investigations technology enables you to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to quickly and easily find and preserve valuable, legally defensible evidence from websites and social media channels so you have a more comprehensive set of data to reach an informed, conclusive decision. 
May 22, 2019
The Real Compliance Implications and Lessons of Operation Varsity Blues: A Conversation with AP Capaldo-Aoun
All views expressed on this podcast by Sean Freidlin and AP Capaldo-Aoun are their own and do not represent the opinions of any entity whatsoever with which we have been, are now, or will be affiliated. Operation Varsity Blues is one of the biggest academic scandals of all time, with widespread implications for compliance programs within universities and colleges, and lessons for anyone in the ethics and compliance industry. In this episode, Hanzo's Sean Freidlin speaks with AP Capaldo-Aoun, a global compliance attorney, current director of E&C at a Fortune 100 technology company, and a former Associate General Counsel at an education company, to get her uniquely qualified opinion on this massive story.  (00:00 - 4:55) Introductions and Operation Varsity Blues Overview (4:55 - 7:00) AP's Personal Reaction to Operation Varsity Blues (7:01 - 10:30) How Does Operation Varsity Blues Change Ethics & Compliance Programs in Colleges and University Moving Forward?  (10:31 - 14:35) How Long Will It Take For Things To Change After The Dust Settles and Implement Changes To E&C Programs?  (14:36 - 21:50) Reputational and Cultural Implications of Operation Varsity Blues, Proactive and Reactive Risk Management, and Why Nobody Saw This Coming  (21:51 - 26:10) How the Ethics & Compliance Market Will React to Operation Varsity Blues, Academic Accountability, Collaboration, and Opportunities for Recovery  (26:11 - 32:50) Using Operation Varsity Blues as a Case Study and Training Opportunity for Corporate Ethics & Compliance Programs
April 12, 2019
Compliance and Marketing: Tom Fox and Louis Sapirman Explore This Dynamic, Untapped Relationship
In February 2019, Tom Fox and Louis Sapirman joined Hanzo for a webinar all about the risks and opportunities that exist between compliance and marketing teams. These highlights from the hour-long webinar dive into their thoughts, guidance, advice, experiences, and strategies around improving the effectiveness of a compliance program through marketing best practices, and how compliance teams can overcome common social media and marketing risks to protect their brand and organization. 
March 4, 2019