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Happiness Manifesto

Happiness Manifesto

By Nancy Pham
Redefining what happiness is, what success is, and how we can better equip ourselves to adopt such mindset and life. All in the goal to create each our own Happiness Manifesto. By your host Nancy from @withnancyy and ❤️
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Balancing Work, a side hustle & being a boss mama ~ Interview w/ Vimy
We know it, time management can be quite something. Just balancing work and social life can already be a challenge! Imagine with a side hustle AND a toddler. Well, that is the challenge that Vimy, Co-founder of Boss Babe Imperial, chose to rise up to.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, a social butterfly, or simply someone constantly running from one thing to another, out of breath, this episode is for you. A light yet inspiring interview where we dive into how Vimy was able to manage all that, and ways that maybe you can get ideas from.   As well, we're talking about the reality of being a boss mom, and what it can mean for people who want to embark on that journey. Because, it's doable :) Get comfortable, and join us in this 20-min episode! -- To learn more about the Happiness Manifesto podcast, head over to where you can sign up to get this episode's show notes and connect with the community.  The goal of the host, Nancy from @withnancyy, is to allow everyone willing to do so, to confidently rise up to our potential and live by each our own Happiness Manifesto.
May 16, 2020
Teaser 2 | The Podcast launches in the next few days!
The 1st episode of the Happiness Manifesto podcast will be released in the next few days! In the meantime, here's a sneak peak at some of the interactions, interviews and topics that you'll get to hear. Do you know anyone who would benefit from hearing these words? Do them a favor and share this episode with them! Let’s uplift others with happiness ~ —- You can find Nancy on IG at @withnancyy and on Sign up on the website to get access to the 1st episode's show notes. You'll see, it's good value-filled information and worksheets!
May 10, 2020
Happiness Manifesto | Open dialogues about wellness, greatness and success
If you’re wondering how to better navigate through life to find your state of happiness, you’re at the right place! What is happiness? What is success? Listen to the teaser to find out what the Happiness Manifesto is about. Talk to you soon ~ more on
May 01, 2020