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Happy Being Well

Happy Being Well

By Rita Farruggia
We talk about how to love ourselves, how to upgrade our identity, success & our life game! The daily rituals of billionaires. How to reprogram our minds to take massive action towards more success and much more!
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How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals and Stay on Track as a Lifestyle with Liz Hoxeng

Happy Being Well

How to Really Love Yourself with Rose Djiofack
If you are on a journey to really start loving yourself to improve the quality of your life then you want to listen to this episode. Rose definitely knows what she is talking about on how to actually really love yourself deeply. Rose has been on her self-love journey for years, she uncovers when she started loving herself in the beginning, she was still attracting toxic relationships into life. She hit the pause button on dating others and retreated into really developing a love affair with herself. Rose gets real, raw, and deep with us on how to get curious about ourselves. She shares with us, how to really get to know yourself in order to first end the subtle self-sabotaging behaviors and get out of being familiar with toxicity in order to be familiar with what a healthy, loving relationship with yourself looks and feels like in order to have them with others. Super powerful self-love episode.  Get to know more about Rose on her Instagram page at  - @dhappinesswarrior - You can also download her free self-love e-book by clicking the link in her Instagram bio and/or book a coaching session with her.  ***This podcast is sponsored by - Your online store for high fashion and comfortable leggings, organic facial masks, natural candles, natural soaps, crystals, sage and much more high quality &afforadable self-care products. Subscribe to the email newsletter for 10% off all products, including free shipping on all products. ***
September 10, 2021
What are the Barriers to Self-Love? Ant Blair Discusses All The Many Aspects of Achieving Real Self-Love.
In this thought-provoking and captivating episode with our amazing guest, Ant Blair, you will learn the full big picture to really achieving self-love. Ant Blair goes deep in this podcast episode of what it really takes to love yourself for real and fully. This is one of the best podcast episodes you will hear on the specifics of really achieving self-love, the things that get in the way to achieve real self-love and how to overcome them. Learn how to unlock your unconscious blocks to success and better quality of relationships in this podcast episode. Ant Blair will charge you up on starting your journey to loving yourself and opening up your eyes to things you may have not seen before. Listen to this enlightening episode to be inspired to spark your further personal growth journey to more love. Ant Blair is a motivational speaker and personal/business transformation coach. Watch his amazing TEDx talk on his website, learn more about Ant and you can contact him on his website at  To learn more about Ant Blair and Watch his Powerful TEDx Talk Here:  ***This podcast is sponsored by - your online store for activewear leggings, 100% organic facial masks, organic soaps, organic deodorants, crystals, sage, palo santo, natural candles, crystal home decor items and much more self-care products. Subscirbe to Happy Being Well's email newsletter for 10% off all products. Free shipping in the USA on all items. 
September 3, 2021
Leslie Dowling Shares with Us How to Eat Healthy & Live Happy Being Well
Leslie Dowling is a Certified Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner. In this episode, Leslie describes the importance of customizing your healthy and clean eating meals and snacks to your health & wellbeing. You will learn the reasons why people get stuck in bad eating habits. Listen to learn how to start developing healthy eating habits, how it affects our health and wellbeing.  To learn more about Leslie and get in touch with her, visit her Instagram page at:  - Leslie's IG Handle: @eastwestfunctionaltraining - You can DM her on her IG page.  ***This podcast is sponsored by - your online store for fashionable, comfy and unique activewear leggings, natural soaps, natural deodorants, natural candles, essential oils, crystals, 100% organic facials masks & much more self-care products. Subscribe to Happy Being Well's email newsletter for 10% off all products including free shipping on all items in the USA. *** 
September 1, 2021
Learn The Major Personal Development/Spiritual Definitions & Descriptions
In this quick 8-minute podcast episode, learn some of the major spiritual /personal development terms that you may or may not be familiar with such as Ayurveda or Sushumna etc. So the next time you read a blog article or listen to audio content you will know what some of these terms fully mean. Subscribe to this podcast and leave a review if this podcast has blessed you in any way.  ***This podcast is sponsored by - Your online store for stylish, comfy & unique leggings, crystals, natural facial masks, natural soaps, natural candles, sage, inspirational t-shirts, and much more organic self-care products. Subscribe to Happy Being Well E-newsletter for 10% off all products including free shipping on all items within the USA. ***
August 28, 2021
Meditations for Stressful Situations
In this 10 minute episode, you will be guided through a travelling meditation for when you are experiencing travel delays, this meditation works best. You will also be guided through other quick meditations such as:  Guided Meditations:  Eliminating Overwhelm Guided Meditation,  Seeing the Bigger Picture Meditation,  Creating a Bubble of Protection Meditation  Boost Your Confidence Meditation  ***This podcast is sponsored by: - Your online store for activewear leggings that are unique, fashionable, & comfy! Along with other high-quality self-care products such as: natural soaps, natural candles, organic facial masks, organic deodorants, sage, crystals and much more! Subscribe to Happy Being Well e-newsletter for 10% off all items including free shipping on all items within the USA. ***
August 23, 2021
Using Fragrances in Meditation - How Do They Work- What Are Some of The Best Essential Oils to Use & Why?
In this episode, we will discuss the reasons why aromatherapy has been used since ancient times. What they are used for, how to use them specifically in meditations, what each major essential oil is used for, their healing qualities & how to use them.  ***This podcast is sponsored by - Your online store for natural products to uplift your wellbeing including fashionable & comfy activewear leggings, essential oils, oil diffusers, crystals, sage, natural scented candles, natural soaps, natural facial masks & much more! subscribe to the e-newslettter to get 10% off all products including free shipping on all items in the USA. ****
August 22, 2021
The Power of Sound- How Certain Sounds Heal Us, Increase Our Concentration & Joy
In this podcast episode, we dive deep into why sound baths and binaural beats have become so popular. How certain sound frequencies can heal us, using the qualities of sound, using sound to solve your problems, improve your relationships. I walk you through a chakra sound meditation.  ***This podcast is sponsored by - Your online store for fashionable & comfy activewear leggings, crystals, natural soaps, natural candles, essential oils, organic facial masks, sage, and much more high-quality self-care products. Subscribe to the Happy Being Well newsletter to get 10% off all products including free shipping on all orders within the USA. ***
August 20, 2021
How to Use Color & Light to Change Our State & to Receive Answers to Your Questions.
In this episode, we explore the powers of color and light. You will learn how color & light influence us, affect our moods, what each color means and we will do color meditations and candle meditation exercises in this episode. Enjoy! Subscribe to this podcast for more upcoming insightful episodes that will transform you into a self-confident who loves themselves, knows what is best for themselves and how to get it!  ***This podcast is sponsored by - Your online store for fashionable and super comfy leggings, natural candles, natural soaps, sage, crystals, organic facial masks, and much more self-care products that help you be the best you daily! ***
August 19, 2021
How to Use Meditation for Healing, How it Works & Healing Meditation Excerise
In this exciting episode, you will learn how meditation works for healing, how to use healing meditations and I will walk you through a quick healing meditation exercise to heal any physical, emotional, or mental pain you may be experiencing. If you suffer from headaches, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, poor memory, etc. You definitely want to listen to this podcast episode.   *** This podcast is sponsored by - Your online store for activewear leggings, natural candles, crystals, organic facial masks, natural soaps, essential oils, sage, and much more self-care products for your everyday needs.***
August 18, 2021
How Visualization Works, Visualization Techniques and Benefits.
In this podcast episode, you will learn how visualization works with the subconscious mind. The reasons it is the number one technique for many things such as manifesting things into your reality, healing, improving your concentration, self-confidence, eliminating fears and the list is endless in terms of what you can achieve or acquire with visualization techniques. You will learn simple and powerful visualization techniques to sharpen your visualization skills to get to the point of visualizing as clear and sharp as a TV screen in your mind's eye. Subscribe to this podcast for more upcoming life-changing strategies and personal development topics.  *This podcast is sponsored by - Your online store for activewear leggings, natural candles, natural soap, crystals, sage, organic facial masks and much more self-care products to increase your happy vibes! * Subscribe to Happy Being Well's email newsletter for 10% off all products and all products include free shipping within the USA. 
August 17, 2021
How to Be Honest with Yourself in Order to Achieve Real Self-Love with Kurt Powers
In this insightful episode, Kurt Powers gets real with us on the ways to achieve real self-love. He shares with us how, to be honest with ourselves to realize the truth of who we really are and how to be embrace who we really are. Kurt has many years of experience as a personal trainer, personal development coach and hypnotherapist. He also runs his own podcast, "The Powers Project". To learn more about Kurt and ways to work with him and contact him visit his website and social media links below:  Kurt Powers Links:  Email:
August 6, 2021
How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals and Stay on Track as a Lifestyle with Liz Hoxeng
Liz teaches us why women who gain weight find it difficult to lose. She goes deep into explaining the full process of being successful at losing weight, it's not just about food. There are other reasons you need to look at it and you will find out in this insightful podcast episode. Liz also teaches us how to mitigate the major challenges of not staying consistent in our workout routine. Liz has been a fitness trainer and coach for 15 years so she is well versed in the deep subconscious reasons, people sabotage their fitness routine and subconscious motivations of what it means to be thinner in order to propel us into working out regularly. Liz is running a woman for wellness online summit on August 13th. She is also offering a free fitness planner! You can access all her website links on her linktree link in her Instagram bio. Follow Liz Hoxeng on IG at  - Her Instagram Handle is @lizhoxeng   *** This podcast is sponsored by:  *** Your online store for highly fashionable, highly comfortable & unique leggings and self-care products such as organic facial masks, crystals, natural soaps, natural candles, sage, inspirational t-shirts and much more! 
July 28, 2021
How to Boost Your Self-Love & Confidence With GiGi Robinson
In this episode, we learn from GiGi Robinson who even though manages a chronic illness has learned how to love herself, boost her self-confidence while mitigating all the pressures of society's day-to-day life. Learn her strategies to self-love and increased self-confidence now. To learn more about Gigi, visit her site at  *** This podcast is sponsored by: - Your online store for highly fashionable, comfy & unique leggings and many other self-care products such as 100% organic facial masks, natural soaps, natural candles, crystals, and much more*** 
July 27, 2021
How to Transform Yourself with Nate Dukes
Nate Dukes is the author of, "You'll Never Change: Create Your Comeback and Prove Them Wrong". Nate is a master at knowing firsthand to stop feeling hopeless, start making the right choices, and prove them wrong. Nate shares with us why people get stuck in learning about personal development and not taking the right actions towards the personal transformation needed to feel fulfilment, peace, joy, love and success in their lives. He shares powerful strategies to get you to start taking the right actions to shape the destiny you want to create in your life. Nate truly lives his life in the life strategies he shares with the world, which you can feel through his passion and excitement about creating change in you and your life. Nate even has a pay it forward program option when you purchase his book. You have the option of purchasing a second book at a discounted rate to give it to a stranger in need of personal transformation, which they will receive for free through your generous contribution. You can purchase Nate's powerful book at: 
July 26, 2021
Why Do You Stay Active or Stop Your Daily Fitness Activity with Allison Jackson
Allison Jackson is an online fitness and nutrition coach. She coaches her clients to optimum health through fitness and nutrition. Hear Alison's journey on becoming a fitness and nutrition coach. The transformations she has witnessed in her client's lives. How she motivates her client's to start their fitness journey and stay on track. To learn more about Alison, how to work with her, and contact her visit -
July 21, 2021
The Steps to Take to Start Loving Yourself with Samantha Long
Samantha Long is a Yoga Instructor and Self-Care Mentor. In this episode, Samantha walks us through her journey to self-love through self-care. She shares with us, her pivotal moment sparked her journey into self-love. She reveals the steps to take to start loving yourself.  *** This podcast is sponsored by - Your online store for highly fashionable, unique and comfortable yoga leggings, natural facial masks, natural soaps, natural candles, sage, crystals and much more self-care products.*** To learn more about Samantha Long, how to work with her and contact her, visit her website: 
July 21, 2021
How to Motivate Yourself and Others to Get Results with Robert B. Foster
Robert B. Foster is an International Personal Development Speaker, Podcast Host of Shut Up and Grind with Robert B. Foster and Fitness Coach. In this captivating podcast episode, Robert dives deep to reveal how to identify personality types and how each one is motivated differently. Robert has a wealth of experience and knowledge on motivating others to get results, most importantly it starts with ourselves. You will learn the reason it is important to be in tune with yourself & others to create win-win scenarios to get results. Robert discusses the art and science of effective communication skills to not only motivate others, yourself, also to connect deeply with others to create positive and strong relationships with others.  ***This podcast episode is sponsored by - Your online store for highly fashionable & comfortable leggings & other self-care products such as natural facial masks, natural soaps, crystals, natural candles and much more. *** You can book Robert to speak at your next event, learn other ways to work with him on his website: You can connect with Robert on Instagram: 
July 19, 2021
The Benefits of Yoga & How People with Physical Pain Can Become Pain Free With Denise Perry
Denise Perry discovered the benefits of breathwork & visualization as early as 14 years old, she developed her yoga practice in the 1990s. Listen to Denise's journey in yoga, how it has benefited her life and the life of her clients. If you haven't committed to a regular yoga practice, you definitely want to listen to this podcast episode to learn the reasons yoga is still growing in popularity as a body movement practice. Denise Perry owns a yoga studio called, Yoga Nook in Chesapeake, Virginia. She offers both in-person and virtual yoga classes. Yoga Nook has an introductory offer of 2 weeks of unlimited yoga classes for only $35.00 (both virtual or in-person).  This podcast is sponsored by - Your online store for fashionable & comfy yoga leggings and the rest of your self-care product needs to live a happier life!  You can get more information or contact Denise Below:  IG:  website: 
July 16, 2021
Learn How Lorrine Patterson Went From Extremely Abusive Relationships to Loving Herself
Lorrine Patterson, best selling author of "Freeing Your Heart For Love" suffered and tolerated abuse from an early age from her upbringing. This naturally lead to low self-worth and a series of extremely abusive relationships. Lorrine experienced horrific abuse. It wasn't until she left her third husband, ended all toxic relationships including cutting her family members off and moving to a small beach town where no one knew her that she was able to rebuild her self-worth. She learned how to love herself through practising self-care!!! is all about self-care to self-love so we celebrate Lorrine! Her journey! and having the courage to empower more women to love themselves! Listen to how Lorrine learned how to love herself and learn the strategies she used to love herself! After learning to love herself, Lorrine manifested a loving husband who loves and supports her.  To learn more about Lorrine on her IG page:  Lorrine's book, "Freeing Your Heart For Love: A Memoir":  Free Self-Care Journal from Happy Being Well: Get a Free Self-Care Journal Here: 
July 5, 2021
Nancy Lockhart Shares How She Up levels The Success of Her Client's Business Using Wellness
Tune in as Nancy Lockhart discusses, how she identifies what is missing and what is blocking her client's from achieving success. She shares her techniques to unlock the wellness blocks that prevent them from succeeding in the world of business. Nancy also reveals how she is able to reveal the magic inside them that they are meant to share with the world. Most people are unaware of their internal unconscious blocks and what their true gifts (magic) are. Her coaching business name says it all, "Coaching With Kindness". You will not find any other genuine, kind, passionate, and highly knowledgeable business/marketing coach than Nancy Lockhart!  Nancy Lockhart has many years of marketing experience and with the law of attraction. She has created iconic health care brands like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Medtronic and Herbalife. Nancy knows how to get you profitable by locking in your heart passion mission! (Just like her name, Lockhart). Take advantage of Nancy Lockhart's freebies! You can take her free quiz: What is your brand? and a business name guide to see if other businesses are operating under that name. See links below.   Freebies: website:    Instagram:  Fackbook: Twitter: Clubhouse: @nanlock 
June 30, 2021
Achieve Higher Levels of Success With This Meditation Now
If you want to achieve higher levels of success, it starts with your mindset. Listening to guided meditations by a trained hypnotherapist like myself retrains your neural programming to propel you to take massive action. You take massive action when you live in a state of certainty and inspiration. This guided meditation will install the beliefs, values and inspiration to propel you to take action today to achieve higher levels of success today. Enjoy! Let me know the results this meditation has brought you by emailing - This podcast is sponsored by - Your online store for high-quality self-care products at affordable prices including free shipping in the USA. Unique and comfy leggings, organic clay facial masks, organic candles, organic soaps, crystals etc. 
June 27, 2021
Abundance/Wealth Meditation
This is a short meditation to listen to daily to create more abundance/wealth in your life. Let me know if you enjoyed this and if it has helped you. I highly encourage you to listen to this daily. 
June 5, 2021
How to Get What You Want with Asanda Madikane
Asanda Madikane is a multi winning entrepreneur/executive film producer/CEO of Shift Pivot Momentum. Asanda tells us why some people do not get what they want. She reveals how to get what we want in life and in business. In this episode, you will learn what is getting you stuck and how to get unstuck in order to gain momentum, attract and accept opportunities for growth towards more success. Asanda is the creator of the Wealth Mind Shift and Pivot Momentum. Asanda helps driven leaders accelerate success with teams, predictability and certainty to scale 6-figure entrepreneurs to multimillion business owners with ease and grace. You can learn more about Asanda's Wealth Shift program here:                     --- Follow her on Instagram at @asandamadikane 
May 28, 2021
How to Transform Your Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit with Ilana Bissonnette
Ilana Bissonnette takes us on a powerful journey of her own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation through a powerful movement method she has engineered. After years of doing yoga, IIana wasn't getting the results she wanted in her body, mind and spirit. Until one day she was inspired by a contortionist pose to try herself in a photoshoot since then, llana has further advanced the traditional methods of movement. Her movement method has transformed the lives of her clients' body, mind & spirit. She has received powerful testimonials of transformational change in her clients. The transformations have been so beautiful to witness, it has inspired llana to one day have an art gallery of photos displaying the beautiful transformation of her clients. Watching videos of llana alone is powerful to watch her move her body in ways that are both awe-inspiringly beautiful and powerful. You can connect with llana Bissonnette on her personal Facebook page to find out more information and work with her to transform your life. She has clients all over the world. llana works with her clients over zoom (live video). 
May 26, 2021
Welcome to Happy Being Well Podcast
This podcast is dedicated to helping you learn how to care for and love yourself more and other wellness/personal development topics to live your best life. We dive deep into all things that make you happy when you are being well. How to end self-sabotaging and learn how to really love & value yourself to eliminate all blocks to success & money once and for all! 
May 21, 2021