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Poverty, Pitfalls, and the Price of Diapers

Poverty, Pitfalls, and the Price of Diapers

By HappyBottoms with Jill Gaikowski & Ashley Allison
Why do some of us end up in a pile of it while others get out clean? What are we going to do about the rising cost of diapers? How can we all be so much the same, yet so different? Join us as we go on a journey to learn about life, leadership, and how it all circles back to diapers.
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The Repo Man
Entrepreneur, author, father, husband, grandfather, friend, HappyBottoms board member and diaper recipient client, Richard Dixson blows Jill and Allison away!  Richard is fun-loving and lives life to the fullest. He loves raising his four grandchildren who keep him young and exhausted. He has been blessed to be married to a wonderful best friend for 36 years creating adventurous memories along the way. Richard has worn many hats over the years in corporate management and nonprofit organizations. His day job is involved with the Community Action Agency of Greater KC helping to improve the health and safety of poor homeowners throughout the Kansas City area. His passionate life project is dedicated to helping traumatized families create peaceful homes through a 9-step online parenting course he created called Drama-Free Parenting Academy. When he is not working or serving others, his time is spent writing stories for his children book series, Sophie the Unicorn. He loves traveling with his wife and grandchildren making memories they will cherish forever.  Richard gets real and honest about life, and the hard choices we have to make. Enjoy! 
October 11, 2021
Cloth Diapers Are A Luxury
On this episode we talk with former FOX4 News Reporter Tess Koppelman.  Tess served on the HappyBottoms board for many years and understands diaper need very well with two small children at home.  We get into disposable vs. cloth diapering, bonding with others, and how the death of Tess's brother shaped her life.  We still call on Tess from time to time for advice, contacts, or anything media related. She's a lifer for sure! Enjoy!
September 27, 2021
Introducing Poverty, Pitfalls, and the Price of Diapers
Hello and welcome to Poverty, Pitfalls, and the Price of Diapers. I’m Jill Gaikowksi, a mom, sister, daughter, friend, leader, former runner and performer, sometime’s yogi, lover of sunsets and all things travel, and the Executive Director and Founder of HappyBottoms, Kansas City's diaper bank. My co-host, and Marketing Manager at HappyBottoms, Ashley Allison is a mom, daughter, friend, music lover, runner, KC sports nut, and transplant from rural Virginia. Ashley and I will be interviewing everyone from clients to donors, politicians to local leaders, and everyone in between. As we make these connections I hope you will learn, grow, connect and be inspired right beside us.  We'll ask the same set of questions about life and leadership for each episode and see where the conversation takes us.  We may have differences now but we all started somewhere....and diapers were likely a part of it.
September 15, 2021