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By David Pinto
Experiencing the social flow within "we-ness".
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Global Unity Nonlinear Trajectories
Inspired by Matt Damon in The Marian, future planning from 2021 and back saying from 2040, pre- and post- events, celebrities, variables, and but sharing we find the right people and we make it more realistic. Day by day.
April 16, 2021
Today at T-19
Our today, gravity of my today, Perseverance landing on Mars, failing attempt to land PhD, presenting Sqale to lovely Piece Lab folks requiring their ability to land it, boo/surprise videos and social tickles, commercial algorithms and boredom, stopping my mum's tickles, kids stopping institutional violence, landing in listening, thank you. [Composition would have been complete had I ended with 'Today'. But then again, may our day today continue well!]
February 27, 2021
Conscious Coastline
Invitation to mindflow. Walking together as a family, as a European, orbiting together, distance to centre is identity, rings of a tree, waking and sharing, Wendy's boo!, representing projects on Sqale, being together, temporal xylem, our living social tree, being together though separated chronologically or geographically, spiritual tango. Experimental background sound. Tell me what you think.
February 23, 2021
The Darkness of Listening
Trialling friends podcasting on Anchor, introducing Richard Lang and science of first person, correlation of his no distance to David's zero social distance, inviting the listening of Matt and others, and exploring the dimensionality of the Darkness of Listening.
February 10, 2021
Welcome to we-ness through collective reflexive listening and global unity.
Welcome friends, thanking Matt, phenomemental, for initiating conversation, and introducing the Anchor as the means of recording and sharing with others. We-ness, mutual reflexive listening, Sqale sharing, global unity. What's there not to like?
February 5, 2021