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Happy Social Experiment

Happy Social Experiment

By Happy Social Experiment
A podcast of questions we don’t want to answer but we do anyway. Are ghosts real? Could you murder? Who makes the best sandwich? And so on...I sit down with friends, family, and strangers and try to get some answers.
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08 - Is That an Alien in Your Pocket?
At night, when you go outside and look up, what do you see? Do you see a massive black void? Maybe unattainable sparkling lights? Or do you see a possibility? Possible hope for life beyond our planet? There are more questions than stars in the sky and far fewer answers. Far, far fewer! Fractions of fractions. We know little of what is beyond our planet in the grand scheme of things. Our solar system is 7 billion, 440 million miles. If you wanted to drive that distance, you’d hop in your car and travel at an average speed of 60mph; it would take you 124,000,000 million hours or 14,155.25 years. Also, there are not any rest stops, so no Big Gulps. Now our solar planetary system is only one of the 3,221 known planet systems in the Milky Way galaxy. This leaves a lot of room for the possibility of intelligent life. Have we already been visited? Are we in constant contact with aliens and do not realize it? What might the powers that be know that they will not tell us? Is this all horse crap? Let’s find out. Places to visit: GEEK MOUNTAIN 
February 24, 2021
07 - Super Freaky or Super Human, also, a Dog Poo Sandwich.
Why is it that to this day when we see a sheet or towel something in us wants to tie it around our neck and stand victoriously in the bathroom mirror?
February 4, 2021
06 - At the End of the Day with Mental Health
We have a mental health problem. For the most part, we do not know a lot about mental illness. We have an idea. A hunch but what works for one person might not work for the other. The brain locks up a lot of mysteries and has yet to tell us where the key happens to be to unlock it
December 15, 2020
05 - What Are Your Pet Peeves?
You didn't ask the question but we answered it.
December 1, 2020
04 - Do You Lie?
You didn't ask the question but we answered it.
November 17, 2020
03 - Could You Murder?
“If you could murder, would you?” I’d like to think we wouldn’t but are we wired to kill when pushed. Would you have a plan? Completely premeditated or murder of passion?
November 3, 2020
02 - Body Snatchers
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have another body? Even just for 24 hours? What if someone borrowed your body? What would you tell them?
October 20, 2020
01 - Are Ghosts Real?
Asking questions that might need asked. Episodes every other week!
October 6, 2020