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'Before The Shutter' with Harley Bainbridge Photography

'Before The Shutter' with Harley Bainbridge Photography

By Harley Bainbridge
Before the Shutter is named for both what we see presented in front of the camera and also what takes place before the shutter is released.
Discussions around photographic techniques and principles.
What makes a great piece of photographic art.
Occasional equipment reviews, tips and tricks.
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Photography Kit for Early Career Artists & Photographers - Before The Shutter
Hello Everyone!   Those who know my podcast and channel already will know that the focus of my writing is not on the technological side of photography but the theoretical and critical.   However I understand that some people will ask the inevitable question 'What gear do you use?' so this video is for you!   Here's my 2021 gear list, I think its a fantastic setup for anyone who wants to get the best out of a relatively limited budget especially as I know that it works for not only creating great artwork but working in a commercial role for studios and businesses etc!   Also it gave me chance to try out my new lights and studio setup.  Before I get into more complex subjects. Video editing is a pretty steep learning curve for me at the moment, so I apologise for any errors or issues that are in this video. I did notice that there are focus issues as it got stuck to my mic and not me, there a flickering at one point which appeared during rendering and whilst I did my best to hide all my cuts there are a few I just had to leave in haha.  Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated!   I shot this on my iPhone 1, I could get better results using my cameras but they are in the video plus I'm not so committed to this that I want to dedicate a camera or mess with setting up every time, at least not right now, if I start getting an audience then I'll consider moving to using my a7ii but for now I think the iPhone will be fine once I get used to colour correcting the footage properly and also nailing the lighting setup, it looks better at night but as you see here daytime is quite flat!   Anyway, hope you enjoy the video, if you do please do all the podcast things would love to hear your comments and see you in the next episode!   You can find my work at:   or   and you'll find the podcast of this channel on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Anchor.   Links to all my social media and content can be found here on LinkTree
May 15, 2021
Channel Trailer - Before the Shutter w/Harley Bainbridge Photography
Hello everyone! I want to say thank you for all the new listeners, and apologise for the delay in bringing out a new episode. This last month has been a busy one with the reopening of businesses meaning I’ve been busy in the studio, however that hasn’t stopped me working slowly away on Before the Shutter and happy to say the Podcast is now also available in video format on YouTube. This episode is the audio from the channel intro so quite short and many of you will already know what this show is about. I will be following up this episode shortly with a long form discussion on the influence of 19th century photographic practice on modern perceptions of art, I’ve written the script but need to record and seeing how long it took for me to do 3 minutes today an hour long may be a while ;p As always you can find my work at the following places and with music by Noir Et Blanc Vie - Thanks again for your support and look forward to speaking again soon!
April 30, 2021
Advice - How I Stay Resilient While Developing a Career in Art and Photography.
Hello everybody! I hope this finds you all well and ready for the coming lifting of lockdown restrictions, please remember to stay safe! This week I actually managed to stick to my schedule and record a new episode! I decided to do a very off the cuff episode this week as I had quite a few experiences of misinformation, trolling and general hi-jinx which at some points frustrated and demoralised me but only in passing. This was quite a new thing as usually I struggle to stay on track and recover quickly from career knock-backs but this week I found myself a lot more capable of dealing with those issues and I wanted to discuss reason why I think I was able to move on from those experiences so quickly. I'll be talking about diversifying your audience, trolls, mentors and social pods, well I say talk it's probably more of a rant! I understand how frustrating it is for people to stay resilient, especially when it knocks confidence or instigates a creative block so I thought it would be useful for those who have or continue to have these issues. Hopefully with me talking about my experiences and advising on different ways to overcome knock-backs you'll find a way to manage your own development and continue creating and bailing an audience and career. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated so feel free to drop me an email or message at any of the following places; web - insta - blog - email - Also thank you to YouTuber 'Noir Et Blanc Vie' for the music, you can find their channel here;
April 1, 2021
What Can a Photograph Tell Us? reading 'A Wall in Paris, Texas' - Wim Wenders
HI everyone I hope this episode finds you all well! Apologies as usual for being delayed with my upload, I tried a few times to get this episode down for upload in a week but ended up ordering a new microphone after frustration with my old one. This episode is about reading imagery but I introduce more detail on the academic tools used to gain some additional information from what we see. If you would prefer to read the blog post you can here; As has been quite normal recently I'll be looking at a specific image and that is 'A Wall in Paris, Texas' by Wim Wenders. If you want to view the image along with the podcast this is a link to the image; In this episode I also mention work by Roland Barthes which you can find here; and as also the background music is from a YouTube creator Et Vie Blanc, you can find their channel her; I'm not affiliated so don't receive any kickback from these link, I just think it makes it easier for those looking to find some reference material. If you enjoy this episode please feel free to check out my other episodes available in all the usual places, I'd really appreciate your feedback so feel free to check me out and message me at the following places or directly at Best wishes to all my listeners I can't explain how nice it is to see people listening, thank you!
March 24, 2021
Reading Photographs - 'I Can't Breathe' - Brunel Johnson
Hi everyone! This weeks episode is a little late, but it is also pretty long! I'll be discussing my reading of the photograph, 'I Can't Breathe' by Brunel Johnson. For those who wish to view the image you can find it here And thank you to Brunel Johnson who's work can be found at This was a challenging episode to write and record as the nature of the image can be considered difficult and sensitive but I feel the topics that I touch on need to be addressed more by white content creators in order to ensure questions around representation of Black people and the challenges they face reach as many people as possible. The topics are primarily how the photographer's compositional and post production decisions can influence the perceptions of an audience. If you enjoy this episode, or even if you don't, feel free to drop me a message on either the voice message system or at the following places where you will find my own photographic work and further blog posts... I'd really appreciate your feedback on the content and style of these episodes including the sound production as I am still learning and refining production, Thank you Harley
March 7, 2021
Reading Photographs - 'Jake and Cat, Near Rhynie Aberdershire' - Ellitot Caunce
Hello and welcome back to my podcast! For this episode we will be following from last weeks episode about reading photos with a short reading of one of my favourite photos from 2020. The photo in question is 'Jake and Cat, Near Rhynie Aberdershire' by Ellitot Caunce For those who wish to view the image alongside the podcast can find it at the links below If you enjoy this episode please continue to subscribe and feel free t contact me with any ideas or requests at or My Blog for image and text reference Original Image references
February 1, 2021
Reading Photographs, An introduction to looking beyond what is seen.
HI all,  First of all thank you for the continued support from those who follow my podcast. I hope you enjoy the content and I hope that my work gets better with each episode. This week I've thrown out the script to talk freely about reading the meaning of photographs. the subject is vast and complex but I wanted to talk about it in the easiest way possible as an introduction to the idea. I plan on writing more episodes in which I give examples of reading images but thought an introduction would be a good way to set this up. I'm going to set this as season 2 episode 1 to create a season of 'reading'. I'll carry on with other season as each subject develops :) As always your feedback is greatly appreciated so feel free to message me with suggestions, ideas and requests. Check out my work and contact me at: instagram - @harleybainbridge twitter - @hbainbridge or my blog - Thank you!
January 27, 2021
Book Review - 'About Looking' - John Berger (1980)
John Berger is considered a prominent voice in modern art appreciation and here I'll be giving a very short overlook on one of his most recognised works 'About Looking' If you are interested in this book it is available here from Amazon I'm always looking to improve my work so feel free to get in touch with your feedback and ideas This podcast is supporting my own development by encouraging me to further develop my own understanding of art, especially photography, as I am a full time professional portrait and conceptual art photographer If you like this type of content check out my other work at Website: Twitter: @hbainbridge Insta: @harleybainbridge
January 18, 2021
Book Review - 'Ways of Seeing' - John Berger (1972)
John Berger was considered a contraversial voice during his time but now a leading writer on how the academic art world is systemically flawed 'Ways of Seeing' is an excellent introduction to these  ideas and I highly recommend it as an essential read for any contemporary art lover You can find it on Amazon here:   I'm always looking to improve my work so feel free to get in touch with your feedback and ideas This podcast is supporting my own development by encouraging me to further develop my own understanding of art, especially photography, as I am a full time professional portrait and conceptual art photographer If you like this type of content check out my other work at Website: Twitter: @hbainbridge Insta: @harleybainbridge
January 11, 2021
Book Review - Delphian Gallery - 'Navigating the Art World'
A whole 8 Months since my last upload (oops) It has given me some time though to work on content to keep my going for a while in 2021 This is my first book review with hopefully more to come If you are interested in this book you can find it at: If you like this type of content check out my other content at Website: Twitter: @hbainbridge Insta: @harleybainbridge
January 4, 2021
Digital Exhibition Part 3 - The Decisive Moment
A short look at the principle of the Decisive Moment For the full experience check out For the images discussed in this podcast All images are available for purchase with 92% of the sale going to support Coffee4Craig a homeless charity in Manchester.
April 14, 2020
Digital Exhibition Part 2 - Home is Where the Heart is.
'Home is Where The Heart Is' was a collaboration between Coffee4Craig and I to help raise awareness of the types of people affected by Homelessness and poverty in Manchester. To see the images associated with this podcast visit
April 8, 2020
Finding Inspiration when You Want To Create
A friend asked about how to get back their inspiration when creating. We had a long chat about the subject and I wanted to boil that down and share it in a short(ish) podcast with everyone.
March 27, 2020
Photographic Digital Exhibition 1 - Barrier to entry
An online digital exhibition discussion. In this episode I am covering the images from the collection Barrier to Entry, an exploration of the city of Salford highlighting how the design of the architecture can influence and affect the overall availability and accessibility to education, opportunity and culture within a developing city. To see the images associated with this podcast visit All images are available for purchase with 92% of the sale going to support Coffee4Craig a homeless charity in Manchester.
March 25, 2020