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Harmanny Music Education Podcast

Harmanny Music Education Podcast

By Harmanny Music Education
A podcast by Craig Harmann, a music educator and private lesson instructor about music, private lessons and much more!
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Goal Setting

Harmanny Music Education Podcast

Goal Setting

Harmanny Music Education Podcast

A, B, Twinkle Little Sheep?
What in the world? Well, there is something similar about Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Baa, Baa Black Sheep and The Alphabet Song! Find out more in the podcast! Links to listen to: Mozart: Haydn: Liszt: Saint-Saens:
March 24, 2022
Patience is something we all struggle with. It’s HARD. Whether we’re making music or having to wait for something, it’s really tough to be patient. Find out what Craig has to say in this episode of The Harmanny Music Education Podcast!
October 19, 2021
Performing is something that we do in music that translates to life outside of music. Find out more on today’s episode. Find out more about Harmanny Music Education at
October 12, 2021
Goal Setting
In continuing to talk about the different things we gain from making music that translate into non-musical life, Craig talks today about goal setting. That’s essentially what we do when we learn a piece of music! Find out more in this episode!
October 05, 2021
In this episode, Craig continues to talk about the different things that we get from learning music that translate into all other aspects of our life. Motivation is one major one of those. Whether it's mom or dad encouraging a student to practice to a student finding "that" piece that becomes what consumes them, motivation is important and necessary, whether it's internal or external.  Check out Craig's series "Music in 5 minutes (or less) with Mr. Craig" on YouTube. Find out more about Harmanny Music Education here. 
September 28, 2021
There are a whole lot of things that music lessons give you. Discipline is one of the biggest things you can learn from music. The discipline of practice, the discipline of learning, and much, much more! On this episode, Craig talks about the discipline he's learned from taking music lessons, and how you can learn discipline too!
September 21, 2021
Craig is talking about different skills that we get through making music that translate into other, non-musical, areas of life. Today it's perseverance. The not giving up, not quitting. It's an important skill to have in music and in life.  To find Harmanny Music Education's YouTube channel, click here. To find out more about Harmanny Music Education, go to the website.
September 14, 2021
Why Should Adults Start Taking Music Lessons....or Continue?
Adult learners have been some of my most favorite students. Whether beginners, needing a refresher, or wanting to continue to learn, they are so much fun! If you're an adult (or child) wanting to learn, I'd love to help!
August 31, 2021
It's Too Hard!
Have you ever heard yourself saying, "It's too hard" over something and then, when you actually do's not that bad? Well, Craig talks about that in this episode of the Harmanny Music Education podcast.  Find out more about Craig at or on Facebook
August 24, 2021
What's Your Anthem?
We all have anthems. Whether we realize it or not, we have songs that are our anthem. Do you have one? What is it? Find out more on this episode! Find out more about Craig and Harmanny Music Education go here To see Harmanny Music Education's YouTube page go here
August 17, 2021
Challenging Yourself
Challenging yourself is HARD. But, when you push past those times you may want to quit and continue to make slow and steady progress, you will look back and find that it wasn't as bad as you thought it was. That progress may feel small as you're going, but keep moving forward! Find out more at
August 10, 2021
Practicing is WORK
Taking lessons can be fun. Making music can (and should be) fun. But practicing? That's not always fun. Practicing is WORK. There's no getting around it. You can get by on natural ability for so long and it will take you so far without putting in work. The work will help you improve as a musician. The work will help stretch and grow you to be able to try new things and pick up harder and harder challenges a little bit easier.  To download Craig's 10 tips to practice better PDF, click here. To find out more about Craig and his teaching, go to 
August 03, 2021
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
We all have comfort zones. There's nothing wrong with that. The things we like and the things we dislike. But what about getting outside your comfort zone? In this episode, Craig Harmann, the Mighty Music Motivator at Harmanny Music Education talks about getting outside of his comfort zone, and how he's encouraging his children to get out of their comfort zone a bit more! Find out more about Craig and Harmanny Music Education at
July 19, 2021
Everyone Can Sing!
Did you know that everyone CAN sing! For some, it's really natural and easy. For others, it takes a little more work. For some others, it takes a LOT of work. But it's possible! Check out what Craig has to say! And check out for more information on lessons.
June 21, 2021
What inspires you? Craig talks a bit about what inspires him and a little bit about his most recent inspirational find, Jacob Collier. You can find Jacob's YouTube channel here. To let Craig know what is inspiring you musically, email him at To find out more about Craig and lessons, check out the website here. 
May 27, 2021
Summer Lessons
Why should students take summer lessons? To keep a bit of routine, discipline and structure, have something to keep doing over the summer and to keep their skills up! Craig can help. Go to to find out more. 
May 09, 2021
Why Do You Like What You Like?
In this episode, Craig talks about why we like the styles of music, genres or artists and bands that we like. To find out more about summer lessons with Craig, check out
May 03, 2021
Why should we practice? How do we practice? In today's episode, Craig breaks down why practice is important and talks a bit about it. Don't worry, we'll be coming back to it again.....and again......and again! The song Craig referenced can be found here. And if you're interested in summer lessons, check out
April 26, 2021
An introduction
A little bit about Craig, his background, his philosophy of teaching and why summer lessons are important! Check out for more information about summer lessons!
April 18, 2021