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HS Presents: Levitate and Motivate

HS Presents: Levitate and Motivate

By Phoenix
Let's get to our higher desires, higher purpose, higher fulfillment by tackling everyday life struggles and success to help motivate you with self power!
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Unconditional Love 💙 Vs Co dependency/attachment. What does love mean to you? Love is not pain.
Love is NOT pain or equate to pain. Love is patient and kind. Your difference is your gift to bring to the world. Unconditional love is full acceptance with not conditions.
August 27, 2020
Morals Vs Law/You/Books/History
What's your morals? Are we so attached to titles /laws that we push our morals to the side? Do we allow are fears to dictate our Morals? Why not work towards helping ALL instead of separating unity?
August 13, 2020
Death & Rebirth ⚘Passion & Desires
What are you willing to give death to in order to birth something new? What's are you passion and desires? Deaths are not endings just New Beginnings. Are you willing to face death?
June 27, 2020
Handling Situation or allowing then to Handle You? Are your emotions getting the best of you?
Lets take a dive into what truly trigger us and why we remain stagnant. How can we take back our power from situations or things that causes us to react in an unhealthy manner and prevent us from our the best version of ourselves
June 14, 2020
More of my thoughts
June 2, 2020
George Floyd. My Thoughts
Trying to ease the mind of the world. Anger is not the way but how can we come together to find a new way . The system, People Of Color , US ALL
May 28, 2020
Self Love....What is it?
What's self love ? Let's take a deeper dive into understanding what self love truly means? How can we find love within ourselves and act on it?
May 26, 2020
Children Behavior
I talk about what I have experience lately that seems to be evolving around children. How can we find news ways of teaching and discipline without losing your peace. I will discuss things that has worked for me, my failure and successes when it comes to parenting
February 27, 2020