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Eating for Health

Eating for Health

By Harriet Holme
Welcome to the Eating for Health podcast with Healthy Eating Dr, Dr Harriet Holme. As a medical doctor, registered nutritionist, and lecturer in nutrition, Harriet is passionate about sharing science backed nutrition information and practical tips that help you to eat for health and reduce your risk of illness.

Dr Harriet’s books, ‘Eating during Pregnancy’, and her latest ‘Postpartum Nutrition: an expert’s guide to eating after a baby’ are available on amazon. For more information, health articles, video courses and free nutrition downloads see and follow @healthyeatingdr
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Skin with Dr Thivi Maruthappu 🩺
It was a pleasure to talk with Thivi on my podcast this week about all things skin. Dr Thivi Maruthappu MA MBBS FRCP PhD is a leading Consultant Dermatologist and expert voice in the field of Skin Nutrition. She studied Medicine at Oxford University and holds a Certificate in Nutrition Science from Stanford, USA. With over a decade of experience as a Dermatologist, Thivi trained at many prestigious centres and for several years led the care of patients with severe and advanced skin conditions at Barts Health NHS Trust, one of the largest healthcare providers in the UK. Drawing on her clinical acumen as well as the latest cutting-edge advances, Thivi has carefully curated a 360°approach to skin health, that is much sought after in her Practice. Dr Thivi is a dedicated academic researcher, who has published widely in prominent medical journals and her scientific advances have garnered numerous accolades and awards from the British Association of Dermatologists and the Royal Society of Medicine. She recently became the first Dermatologist to receive funding for Skin Nutrition research at King’s College, London. An authority on all things skin, Dr Thivi is invited to lecture nationally and internationally by both her Medical and Nutritionist colleagues. She is frequently featured in the media, including The Sunday Times, Vogue, The Guardian and BBC Radio and works with international brands such as L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble to provide an Expert insight into media campaigns in addition to charitable endeavours for the British Skin Foundation. In her free time, you’ll find Thivi in the kitchen, happily experimenting with new recipes to share with her husband and three sons. If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!⁠
December 18, 2021
All types of food and more with Dame Prue Leith
It was such a privilege and pleasure to talk with Dame Prue Leith DBE on my podcast this week. We talk about so many different topics including school food, hospital food, Michelin Stars, school cookery lessons and more.  Prue Leith’s career has included her own restaurants, catering and cookery school businesses; she’s been a board director of companies such as British Rail, Halifax, Safeway, Whitbread, Woolworths, and Belmond (ex-Orient Express) Hotels. She has published eight novels, a memoir, Relish and 14 cookbooks. Her latest cookbook, The Vegetarian Kitchen, which she co-wrote with her niece Peta Leith, was published in 2020. Prue is probably best known for her role as a judge on The Great British Bake Off, but she has also been a judge on The Great British Menu and My Kitchen Rules. She has also taken part in Journey with my Daughter, co-presented Cook More, Waste Less and presented Prue’s Great Garden Plot. Prue has had a deep involvement with education and the arts: she chaired the first of the companies charged with turning round failing state schools and was Chair of the School Food Trust, responsible for the improvement of school food and food education. She started and led the campaign for contemporary sculpture to be exhibited on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. She has been active in many charities and is the Chancellor of Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. She was an advisor for the Government’s Hospital Food Review. Among her awards she has a DBE, 12 honorary degrees or fellowships from UK universities, the Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the year, and her restaurant, Leith’s, won a Michelin star. She is married with two children and four grandchildren. If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!⁠
December 11, 2021
Omega 3 and neurodiversity with Professor Amanda Kirby 🧠
This week I’m joined by Professor Amanda Kirby, who started her career as a GP, then worked in adult psychiatry and stress management, but changed her career when her second child was diagnosed with dyspraxia (developmental co-ordination disorder), at the age of 3. Her family is very neurodivergent, with children and adults diagnosed with dyslexia, autism, dyspraxia, developmental language disorder and ADHD, providing her with a unique understanding, insight and passion that continues to raise awareness. Her experience and frustrations ( at times) as a parent finding her way around the health and educational system led to her consequently starting up an interdisciplinary specialist centre for parents, and children in Wales more than 25 years ago in order to be able to provide practical robust support. Amanda has been on government advisory boards (e.g. Hidden Impairment National Group) as well as advising UK and international charities in the field of neurodiversity. This includes being a patron of the Dyspraxia Association in New Zealand, Chair of Movement Matters UK, and works with great UK charities including the Dyspraxia Foundation, British Dyslexia Association, North East Autism Society, and is a trustee of the ADHD Foundation campaigning to embrace neurodiversity. Amanda is also a paid consultant for Equazen, producer of omega 3 supplements, and I talk with her today about the importance of omega 3, and it’s role in brain function and neurodiversity. If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!⁠
December 04, 2021
Breastfeeding and Tilbea 🤱
This week I’m delighted to welcome two sisters Claire and Nicky, a stylist and former criminal barrister who founded the award winning clothing brand Tilbea. The brand was conceived after Claire had her first baby, and found a gap in the market for breast feeding friendly clothes, that looked and felt great. We are going to talk firstly about their breastfeeding experiences, about the importance and benefits associated with breastfeeding, and then find out more about their brand. I’m also really excited to launch a a giveaway to say thank you to the 10 thousand people following me on Instagram, and Tilbea have very kindly donated a stunning tracksuit. If you aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s still worth entering as they have different options, including a regular fit too. Have a look here and see my instagram for how to enter.  For more information about breastmilk and the infant microbiome have a look at the health articles section on my website. If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!⁠
November 27, 2021
Obesity, candida and reflux with Dr Chris George 🩺
I’m delighted to have Dr Chris on my podcast today to try to answer some topics that are frequently seen on social media. Chris is not only an NHS GP based in London, but he is also a director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and leads the Physical Activity Specialist Interest Group. He is also a spokesperson for the Healthcare Workers Foundation, which is a charity set up by NHS workers during the pandemic for frontline key workers. He is a keen sportsman and can be found regularly appearing on TV, radio and the news. Follow him at on social media. We talk about · Obesity · Reflux · Candida overgrowth If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!⁠
November 20, 2021
Omega 3 with Sarah Ann Macklin
I’m delighted to welcome Sarah Ann Macklin, a registered nutritionist and former fashion model on today to tell us all about her fascinating journey and omega 3. First some background on Sarah, who founded the first not-for profit organisation in the fashion industry called the Be Well Collective and has her own nutrition practice. Her 13 years as a successful international model showed her how young women are expected to look and perform at their physical best without being offered nutritional guidance. For Sarah it was a serious oversight that models who were expected to conform to certain aesthetic standards were not being educated in achieving these goals by eating to enhance their health, wellbeing and mental energy. Sarah has published a book The Great British Veg Out to encourage people to eat their 5 a day. Today on the podcast we talk about: · Some nutrition myths and fads · Omega 3 · Orthorexia · Emotional eating and diet culture If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!⁠
November 13, 2021
Bowel Cancer with @doctorsgetcancertoo 🥦
Today I’m delighted to be joined by Dr Anisha Patel, or you might know her as @doctorsgetcancertoo. As the name suggests, she is GP, who has had stage 3B rectal cancer in 2018. Anisha just completed the London marathon and is over 2 years in remission post treatment. As well as getting back to work post cancer, sharing her journey through cancer and the aftermath, she has been an avid health promoter, raising awareness of Bowel cancer, other cancers, screening and prevention, she also talks about cancer in the young to the public, health professionals and in the media. Anisha is a regular on Lorraine and part of the no butts campaign to highlight the symptoms of bowel cancer. Breaking taboos and stigmas around health is so important and ensuring people have the right information to make decisions regarding their health. When she isn’t working, Anisha loves cooking and experimenting with foods, spending time with her husband and 2 children and exercising! Today we talk about fibre, bowel health, nutrition, health promotion and her personal experience of cancer.
November 06, 2021
Brain health with Kimberley Wilson 🧠
As a huge fan of bake off, I’m really delighted to have Kimberley Wilson, Bake off finalist on to talk with me today. More importantly though, Kimberley is a Chartered Psychologist and author of How to Build a Healthy Brain working in private practice in central London. She is a Governor of the Tavistock & Portman NHS Mental Health Trust and led the therapy service at Holloway prison for a decade, which at the time was Europe’s largest women’s prison. Kimberley believes the way we think about mental health – as separate from physical health – is flawed. Her philosophy of Whole Body Mental Health is a comprehensive approach to mental health care; integrating evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle factors with psychological therapy. Her degree in nutrition informs her approach of looking at the roles food and lifestyle play in our mental health, including disordered eating, the gut-brain axis and our emotional relationship with food. If you would like to hear more from Kimberley, she co-hosts the podcast Made of Stronger Stuff alongside Dr Xand van Tulleken on BBC Radio 4. Follow her on Instagram and see her website for more information.  If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!⁠
October 30, 2021
Menopause with GP and menopause expert, Dr Louise Newson 👩‍⚕️
Today I’m focussing on the menopause, something that affects all women, and indirectly men, but as yet doesn’t have the recognition and knowledge that it deserves. To talk about all things menopause, I’m delighted to welcome Dr Louise Newson, menopause specialist and GP. On this episode hear us talk about: what is the menopause risks and benefits of HRT treating the menopause naturally risk of long term disease after the menopause Louise's role in shaping the future of menopause care Louise is such a busy lady, it’s difficult to know where to start. In summary, she is an advisor to the NHS and on the Clinical Steering Committee for NHSEI’s Menopause Improvement Programme and has also set up a not for profit company focused on research and education called Newson Health Research and education. Louise has authored the Haynes Menopause Manual, and also topped the times best seller list with her new book preparing for the perimenopause and menopause. She is the director of Newson Health Ltd ( She runs a menopause and wellbeing centre in Stratford-upon-Avon which is the largest menopause clinic in the world. She has developed the menopause information website and the free menopause app “balance” – Louise is the founder and a trustee for The Menopause Charity – www.themenopausecharity.orgwhich will support and empower women with evidence-based knowledge in many different ways. She has recently launched the Confidence in the Menopause educational programme - is involved in research with colleagues in Warwick, Oxford and Liverpool Universities and London School of Tropical Medicine. Louise has contributed to menopause related articles in different newspapers and magazines and been on numerous radio and TV programmes. She also hosts a weekly podcast for women (entitled Newson Health). If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give me a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!⁠
October 23, 2021
Heart Health with Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Zarrin Shaikh ♥️🩺
I was delighted to welcome on this week, Dr Zarrin Shaikh a Consultant Cardiologist. Zarrin and I share the same ethos, and she is also a passionate advocate for optimising wellbeing to prevent disease and live happier, healthier lives.⁠ ⁠ Zarrin qualified from the University of Nottingham in 2001 and has been working on the frontline of the NHS since then. In 2008 the British Heart Foundation awarded her a grant to undertake a PhD researching sleep, cardiac physiology and lung disease. Her PhD sparked an ongoing interest in the role of sleep and heart health. In 2017 she qualified as a consultant and now works between the community and St Peters Hospital in Chertsey.⁠ ⁠ Throughout her years as a doctor, she has seen patients getting younger and sicker. Cardiac disease is still the world’s leading cause of death and in the UK kills more women per year than breast cancer. This motivated her to develop the Fresh Heart Project, a platform for positive, accurate health messages to address the root causes of heart disease. She shares evidence-based tools to refocus your energy and optimise your health without judgement and with compassion.⁠ ⁠ Find her at and follower her at @freshheartproject and @freshheartdoc⁠ ⁠ If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!⁠ ⁠
April 30, 2021
Pregnancy and postpartum exercise with Lettie from Planet Mama 🏃‍♀️
I was delighted to welcome Lettie King to talk to me. Lettie is a Women’s Movement Coach and the Founder of PLANET MAMA, a movement hub for pre and postnatal women. She has almost a decade of experience helping individuals and groups maximise their health and wellness. However her journey didn’t start here. After leaving Leeds University, she took her degree in History of Art to London and spent the first years of her career working in award winning advertising and marketing agencies. Realising this was not her dream, fast forward to 2021 and she has carved her own successful career working in the health and fitness industry. Completing numerous trainings in Fitness and Yoga as well as a qualification in Sports and Remedial Massage. Before taking specialist training in pre and postnatal movement with Burrell Education and the Uma Dinsmore Tuli. Her fascination with the power of the female body led to the birth of PLANET MAMA which supports women physically and mentally. Physically through fitness and yoga by helping them to feel comfortable and strong in their bodies. Mentally by breaking down taboos and educating new and expectant mums so they can feel empowered. Follow Lettie @planetmamauk, see to read her blog and download her free ebook. Plus book onto Planet Mama’s online studio. We talked about: · Exercise during pregnancy · How to look for a qualified pre-natal trainer · Diastasis recti · How to know when you are ready to start exercising again after birth · What questions to ask at your 6 week check 1. BLOG about questions for 6 weeks check: 2. Link to BMJ article about the 6 week check: 3. Research paper on returning to running after having a baby: If you are looking for nutrition information for pregnancy and postpartum, see my website and my best-selling books.  If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!
April 23, 2021
Balancing hormones, PCOS, protein and satiety with endocrinologist Dr Anjali Amin 🩺
It was a real pleasure to talk with Dr Anjali Amin, who is a Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology at a London teaching hospital. She has a PhD looking at the effect of protein on appetite and gut hormones. Anjali is a mother of 3 children and keen advocate of healthy eating for the whole family. Follow her on Instagram at @thekitchendoctorandmum. We talked about · healthy eating · Balancing hormones · Protein and satiety  · PCOS If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!
April 16, 2021
Eczema and Rosacea with Dr Zena Willsmore 🩺
I’m really delighted to have Dr Zena Willsmore as my guest today to talk about eczema and rosacea. Zena is a dermatology registrar in London, and studied medicine at Imperial College. She has an interest in both research and skin cancer, and is currently completing a PhD evaluating immunotherapy in melanoma. Zena is passionate about empowering the public about their health, and started her Instagram page during the pandemic as an outlet to discuss dermatology and skin science. She shares lots of really useful information, so go check her out at @drzenawillsmore. If you are listening to this and have a baby with infantile eczema and CMPA, check out about CMPA and plant based milks.  If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!
April 09, 2021
Medical mum chat about lockdown, nutrition, babies and long-term health 🩺🤱
This week I was delighted to invite both Dr Punam and Dr Steph, two GPs to chat with me. We had such a lovely chat about range of topics including being lockdown mums, nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum, nutrition as a doctor, health prevention and doctors on social media.  Dr Stephanie, @the_GP_mum is a GP and mum to two little girls, her youngest being born during the first lockdown. She has a particular interest in women’s and children’s health. Her eldest daughter has multiple food allergies and Stephanie and her husband have been through IVF (their youngest is an IVF baby) so both of these topics are very close to her heart too.  Dr Punam @drpunamkrishan is a GP based in Scotland, has two children, one born during the first lockdown. She is a regular in the media, and you will have probably seen or heard her on @bbcradiolive @bbcradioscot and @itvthismorning.  Stephanie and Punam also co-host of The Medic Mum podcast where they share family medicine and musings on parenthood. 
April 02, 2021
Diet and menopause with Katie Taylor from Latte Lounge ☕
I’m delighted to have Katie Taylor as my guest today to talk about her personal experience of the menopause. Katie is the CEO and founder of the latte lounge, an online platform for midlife women. She founded this support platform at the age of 45 after suffering from debilitating per-menopausal symptoms which had been mis-diagnosed as depression for over 4 years. Katie is passionate about campaigning and supporting women, not just with their menopausal symptoms but all their health and wellbeing issues throughout midlife and beyond. Having been married for 27 years with 4 children, Katie has seen it all, so feels well placed to support, inform and signpost all those who join the community, backed a medical advisory team, which I’m pleased to be part of, who are on hand for professional advice too. Previously she worked for over 25 years in PR, Marketing, Fundraising and Event Organising for a variety of different children's and mental health charities. To find out more, please visit: We also talked about my nutrition checklists designed for menopausal women that are free to download. They are part of a wider range for fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, polycystic ovary syndrome, vegan and adult.  If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!
March 26, 2021
Healthy habit formation with Dr Orlena Kerek ✅
I’m delighted to welcome Dr Orlena Kerek to talk with me today about habit formation. Orlena studied medicine at the University of Bristol, and then trained as a paediatric doctor. She is now a family health advocate, empowerment mentor, pioneer, author, educator and mother. Orlena helps families create healthy habits they love sot that they can all feel fit and fabulous without having to think about it. Find out more about Dr Orlena and listen to her Fit and Fabulous podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!
March 19, 2021
Salt, urine colour, kidney disease and covid19 with Dr Tom Oates 🩺
To celebrate world kidney day I’m delighted to welcome Dr Tom Oates, a Consultant Nephrologist and General Physician at the Royal London Hospital to talk about salt and blood pressure. Curious to find out whether urine colour is related to hydration? Or if gourmet salt is healthier? Tom sees patients with a wide range of kidney problems and general medical illnesses, and specialises in the care of people with nephrotic syndrome, and those with kidney failure treated by haemodialysis and kidney transplantation. He is interested in technology and innovation in medicine, delivering the East London virtual chronic kidney disease service and researching the use of machine learning in medicine. Follow him on twitter @toates_19  Read more about the importance of water and blood pressure. If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!
March 12, 2021
Emotional eating, body confidence, and style tips with stylist Lisa Gillbe 👗🧠
I’m delighted to be joined by Lisa Gillbe, personal stylist, to talk about emotional eating and how to dress for body confidence. Lisa Gillbe is a Personal Stylist, Host of The Style Stories Podcast and a Digital Course Creator and Entrepreneur. She specialises in helping her clients find their authentic style and has helped hundreds of Authors, TV Personalities, entrepreneurs and professionals to get confidence in their style with the best image possible. She also styles for the BBC and other TV channels and is a member of the VIP Style Club at Harvey Nichols. For more information find out about the Lisa Gillbe Style Consultancy see Lisa also has aa super handy pdf download that has lots of practical tips about how to dress for different body shapes. Lisa offers digital style courses and consultations. Her contact details are 07813 830968 and For more information about how stress and nutrition are linked, check out my article. For tips on emotional eating see my instagram @healthyeatingdr If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!
March 05, 2021
Nutrition and fitness with @rob_solly 🏃physical educator 🏃
I’m delighted to have Rob Solly to talk with me about his personal experience of supplements, and how he approaches training his clients. Rob is a fitness educator and personal trainer to the stars (Olly Murs, Paloma Faith, Emma and Matt Willis). He loves training other people and himself, and is set on a path of continual learning. He tells me he been taught by some really smart people and continues to learn from smarter people. What I’ve noticed about Rob from working with him, is that he is incredibly passionate about fitness, and long-term health. We talk about muscle mass, sleep, what supplements Rob takes, what Rob eats, how and why he tracks his various health markers. If you haven’t heard of Rob, check out his Instagram where he has lots of training videos, with tips for correct technique. If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!⁠⁠
February 26, 2021
Nutrition advice as a GP with @doctorkimberley 👩‍⚕️🩺
I’m delighted to welcome Dr Kimberley to talk with me today about being a GP and giving nutrition advice. Kimberley started off training as a surgeon, but is now a GP in North West London. She is a first time mother with an 18-month old son called Paulie and on Instagram is called @doctorkimberley. Kimberley started her account to support other Mums in the steep learning curve associated with having a baby and navigating Lockdown during maternity leave. Kimberley also works with women and new mums as an Empowerment and Life Coach, teaches medical students and is the Chief Technology Officer at a large GP Practice. You can find her on Instagram at @doctorkimberley or at her website at If you enjoyed listening, please leave a review and give the podcast a 5* rating so other people can find it too. Thank you!
February 19, 2021
Acne with Dr Justine Kluk
I’m so pleased to welcome Dr Justine Kluk to talk with me today about acne. Dr Justine Kluk is a consultant dermatologist with a specialist interest in acne treatment. Having suffered with acne herself as a teenager, she studied medicine with the aim of better understanding skin health and disease. In 2016 she realised her dream of opening a dedicated acne clinic focused on tailored treatment for people struggling with the condition. Justine is often quoted in the media, she is a spokeswoman for the British Association of Dermatologists and an ambassador for Garnier UK. More information about Dr Justine and her acne clinic is available here and you can follow her for skin care tips on Instagram @drjustinekluk For more information about diet and acne, check my article here. If you enjoyed this episode, I'd be delighted if you would give us a 5* rating and leave a review, so other people can find us too. Thank you!
February 06, 2021
Rainbow Plate and the wholesome doctor, Dr Preeya Alexander
I’m so pleased to welcome Dr Preeya Alexander as she is someone I love to chat with, because she seems like a fantastically caring GP, just wanting to nurture and help her patients thrive. Preeya is a GP in Melbourne, and a medical educator with Eastern Victoria GP training, supporting and training other GPS. You might know her as the wholesome doctor on instagram. In 2016 she started wholesome doctor to try and combat health misinformation and engage people in discussions around health in an engaging manner. She is a mum of 2, loves reading fantasy novels, pottering in the veggie patch with the kids and cooking with rainbows!! And that brings me onto the topic of her amazing book, with stunning illustrations called Rainbow plate, designed to teach children and parents about eating fruit and vegetables. To find out more about her amazing book Rainbow Plate here.  For more information about me click here or follow me on instagram. 
January 27, 2021
Hello and welcome to "Eating for Health"
I'm Dr Harriet Holme, the Healthy Eating Dr and this is a short introduction to my new podcast, letting you know that something exciting will be out soon! Subscribe if you don't want to miss episodes and tell your friends! I'm a Registered Nutritionist (AfN), and former experienced paediatrician. After studying at Cambridge University, I worked in the NHS for over a decade, ultimately specialising in paediatric oncology. I also have a PhD in genetics from UCL. I lecture on nutrition, and was commissioned to write a novel degree combining culinary skills, nutrition and health. My focus is science backed nutrition, and I'm passionate about sharing credible information to empower people to eat for their health. I have authored two books 'Eating During Pregnancy' available via the shop on my website (also in kindle format on Amazon) that has forewords by @theOBGYNmum and @drsterlingOBGYN . I wrote it to provide mums to be with credible information on pregnancy nutrition. Get your copy here.  My second book is ‘Postpartum Nutrition: An Expert’s Guide to Eating After a Baby’, that was written to support new mums, and their journey through motherhood and weaning. General Practitioner @thewholesomedoctor wrote the foreword, and it is available as a paperback and kindle format on Amazon. Get it here.  I have lots of information in the Health Articles section of my website. I'm excited to be launching a video course soon, for launch offers, sign up to the waiting list here. For free nutrition meal planners and nutrient checklists follow the links below: Fertility Pregnancy Breastfeeding PCOS Menopause Adult I also work with a couple of start ups, one is Nuki.Health that provides paediatric dietetic video consultations, which launched during lockdown, supporting parents who couldn't access face to face services. We were delighted to be awarded an Innovate UK grant despite the pandemic, through a government initiative for funding health innovation.
October 20, 2020