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Pashu Adhikar, Sabaiko Sarokar

Pashu Adhikar, Sabaiko Sarokar

By HART Nepal
This podcast is dedicated to addressing the issues related to animal welfare, especially dogs and cats.
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Feeding the stray animals campaign and the need for animal neutering work
During the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of COVID 19, numerous animal welfare and animal lovers group initiated the campaign to feed the street animals, not just in Nepal but all over the world. Here we discuss the pros and cons of feeding campaigns, what are the things that one needs to consider while doing so and tips on responsible feeding. Along with it, we will also talk about neutering the street animals to stop overpopulation and how it aids in feeding campaign and creation of a peaceful and healthier community as a whole. 
July 26, 2020
Rescue Operations for Street Dogs and World Zoonoses Day
This episode has crucial information on how to rescue a street dog or a cat. So often, the rescue calls for sick and injured dogs get limited to only calls with not much information about the dog's location and status quo. Hence, we have put together ideas and tips on how one can be a responsible rescuer.  The episode also contains highlights from the webinar conducted by HART in collaboration with Merit Pokhara on the occasion of the World Zoonoses Day. Know more about the various deadly zoonotic diseases and their preventive measures to prevent another pandemic. 
July 19, 2020
'Pashu Adhikar, Sabaiko Sarokar' Episode 01
The episode describes the five animal freedoms and the work that HART has been doing to help both animals, particuarly street dogs and the community.
July 08, 2020