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By Hartmut Schumacher
„You can not overtake anyone, if you follow in his footsteps“

Like the french film director Francois Truffaut loved to say. Welcome to my podcast
GO YOUR OWN PATH. In this podcast I want to inform you about alternative Medicine, Treatments, Technology and historical and political events which maybe encourage you to step out of the hamster wheel. The information shall give you the ability to change your perception and to expand your mind.

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The pleasure is mine

Hartmut Schumacher
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What we can do, if we have the feeling that we have been betrayed?
A commentary about dealing with betrayal 1. Situation now 2. How deep goes the betrayal in our society 3. How effects the betrayal ourselves 4. What can we do if the betrayal is already in our heart 5. Recommended action 6. Which role has the betrayal after getting committed to yourself 7. How is the effect on the society
October 18, 2020
Update about the situation in Germany 28th of August 2020
Update about the situation in Germany 28th of August 2020
August 28, 2020
Interview with Robert Sickler the host of the podcast "Raise A Glass"
Robert Sickler, the Voice of Whisky, organizes whisky events, mixology presentations and educational seminars in order to introduce people to all things whisky. Trained in all aspects of the category by experts at some of the world’s most famous distilleries, Sickler enjoys “bringing whisky to the people” and converting enthusiasts “one dram at a time.” Before his career in whisky, Robert taught literature and composition. His passion for wine and spirits prompted him to change course. He became a passionate veteran of the wine and spirits industry, crafting cocktails, studying wine, hosting spirited dinners throughout the land before becoming a Master of Whisky for international drinks company Diageo. As Master of Whisky, Sickler studied in renowned distilleries He also visited dozens of additional distilleries to strengthen his understanding of the distillation process. His extensive knowledge of whisky enabled him to thrive as a leading brand ambassador and valued educational resource for distributors, consumers and trade in Ohio, West Virginia, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Kansas. In 2015 Robert formed the Voice of Whisky, a whisky event and consulting company. As Voice of Whisky he engages with bar owners and managers, food & beverage directors, chefs and restauranteurs on menu development, mixology, spirits education and event marketing. He also hosts exclusive events, offers advice on product development and evaluation, conducts product reviews and is available for media presentations and public appearances. Sickler also instructs The Whisky Ambassador Program, the UK’s only accredited training course about whisky. It is a fun and interactive training program designed for professionals who work in the hospitality and spirits industry. The program gives staff and salespeople the knowledge, skills and confidence to talk to customers about Scotch whisky, leading to a better customer experience and increased sales. Upon completion of the written and practical exam participants receive a Whisky Ambassador certificate and badge to showcase their achievement. When he’s not bringing whisky to the people Robert enjoys expanding his culinary prowess in the kitchen. He incorporates his knowledge of international cuisine and proclivity for unique flavor combinations to create food and drink pairings that “transform hearts, minds and palates” at public and private spirited dinners. His fondness for herbs, spices, and exotic botanicals is also translated into innovative cocktails at his events that participants describe as both “approachable” and “unforgettable”. Robert’s fondness for worldly libations and global cuisine inspired him to join forces with partners Noah Price and Thomas Merrill to establish a whisky and rum cocktail bar and food truck pod, showcasing whisky and rum cocktails and gourmet goodies. The bar, Finn’s Manor, opened in September and will feature a series of ongoing spirited events and classes for the public and trade. The cocktails will pay homage to Scotland, the Caribbean, southeast Asia and New Orleans, places which have inspired Robert throughout his food and drinks journey. Today he is also the host of the podcast „Raise your Glass“. Raise a Glass will explore the world of artisinal beverages, discussing their origins, applications and relevance with fellow professionals and enthusiasts. 
August 18, 2020
Interview with Zahee Girjes the host of the podcast MCC Modern Christian Collective
Mr. Zahee Girjes has established the Podcast MCC to support the minority of the young christians in Iraque and in his community.  He has approximately 20 years experience in Management, Sales, Hospitality & coaching/mentoring and worked with developing disadvantaged Youth. Mr. Zahee Girjes was born in Mosul, Iraq and his family are from a little town called Alqosh. His family migrated to Australia when he was 7 years old. His family left Iraq for 2 reasons. His father got a scholarship to do his Ph.D in Australia and also due to the persecutions of Christians in Iraq. They ended up obviously staying in Australia and became citizens of this great country. He was brought up in Brisbane but has lived and travelled all over Australia. Today he wants to support the youth by explaining them the values of christanity. For this reason he interviews professionals in the teachings of christianity and entrepreneurs who have become very successful by living the christian values as examples. 
August 17, 2020
Introduction of Jeffrey Levy Host of the podcast My Dog Brandy
Jeffrey Levy grew up in the Boston area and still live there.  He went to undergraduate college in Philadelphia and graduate school here in Boston. He spent most of his career in marketing with communication, cable and publishing companies. He has spent most of his career not being entirely happy long term with any one job. But he has always had a love for broadcasting having attended a summer camp in the Berkshires with a real radio station. When he came back home he setup his own station that broadcasted throughout the neighborhood. The only time he returned tot hat industry is when he launched a start-up in the radio space that could tell you whenver your favorite song or contest was about to play on the radio. He grew up with a very special dog. He was a Keeshond (a breed from the Netherlands) who really helped him survive his childhood. He was an only child so he was like a brother to him. That’s why he started my podcast – My Dog Brandy.
August 14, 2020
Physical Therapy station - the human body is bioelectrical field
An Interview in cooperation with Dr. Karl D. Moore the host of make in nature and author of the book Nature's Twist: Water and the Spirals of Life. Our guest is Christian Pichler, owner and CEO of SANZA in Bavaria. A company which produce physical therapy stations which are a combination of Pulsed Electric Magnetic Field Systems, Biological Resonance Therapy and Laser Therapy. Introduction device without side effects How did Mr. Pichler in the development of such a device Electromagnetic radiation – Where is the difference between the harmful and the helpful ones How does the device is used in the practice Is it possible to treat patients who suffers with the NEW VIRUS – by biological resonance therapy The increasing of the oxygen in the blood and ist effects of its flow in the capillaries The effect of a healthy immun system on cancer cells The treatement of bones any kind from the leg to the jaw Increasing the brain functions (BNDF = Brain derived neurotrophic factor) The combination of Laser with Pulsed Electric Magnetic Field Balancing the body by stimulating specific points at the head within one minute from the phenoid bone to the plevis A treatment of a lady with parkinson desease Adjust the difference brainwaves: Alpha, Beta 1, Beta 2, Theta and Delta Disturb flora in the mouth… what is possible? Jaw bone operation – what is possible? Prostate problems or problems with getting fertile Burnout Neugenerative desease Cleaning the pancreas and lever from microbes Regulation of on the cell level MRSA Bacteria – antibiotic resistent bacterias
August 09, 2020
Interview with Steve Fierro - Banker in Singapur and host of the podcast "From Wallstreet To Awakening" -
Talking about alternative treatements and medical devices concerning cancer - How does Steve Fiero become a healer from the Wolf of Wallstreet - How would you like to transform the financial and health industry - Tony Robbins and his effect on his life - Vitamin C Treatment - The importance of the blood PH - How should vitamin C treatment look like - Increasing cancer in a toxic enviroment - What happens to doctors of medicine who make vitamin C treatments - The bioelectricity of the body - People with different awarness – how does it effects their health - How does Steve use his knowledge for supporting people - Description of medical devices in order to support health - The new virus… - Vitamin C and Vitamin D by the sun - Experiences
August 06, 2020
Karl D. Moore from Dublin in Ireland and he is a physicist, homeopath and writer.
He was awarded Ph.D. in experimental physics where he specialized in optics and electronics for the measurement of light in water. He spent most of a decade at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, (University of California) developing underwater laser-based imaging systems for the Office of Naval Research. He has also worked in other capacities in the development of novel instrumentation for in-situ applications including satellite validation. He is also a licensed and registered homeopath and recently has written a book on the ubiquitous spiral motion of the universe, water and its regenerative forces and the title is (“Nature’s Twist: Water and the Spirals of Life”). He has also been involved in testing of EMF exposure and EMF Testing itself. His passion is in understanding Nature, health and the human potential. At the moment he is establishing a PODCAST with the title Made in Nature in which he wants to talk about health with respect the mental and physical aspects, biology – the concept of sustainability, ecology and spirituality – in the world of water. 1. Scientist was establish by the church in order to understand the creation of god 2. Combination of light, color and water 3. Homeopathy - the fascination of water´s power 4. Water connects people over 1000 km 5. Water takes energy from the surroundings to regenerate 6. Difference between water getting in the kittchen and healing water like in Lourdes 7. Many states of water means many states of consciousness 8. Can water be the foundation for a technology 9. Easy Water - like gel - works likes a battery 10. Is it possible to recover the body with easy water? 11. Difference for the body being in nature or in a artifical enviromen 12. Electro magnetic fields - a potential weapon or only science fiction 13. Effect of electro magnetic fields on the body 14. Nanoparticles and how they can effect the body by electro magnetic 15. How to get a vortex in the water artifically and what is its effect 16. How the ancients used the vortex in the history 17. What can we do in order to get good water? 18. The effect of fluroid on the brain - how does it has become a part of our water 19. Reverse osmosis membrane plus energy aspect 20. How important is clean water now with respect the political situation worldwide 21. Why the podcast: Made in Nature 22. Human being is an energetic being - Be Human 23. The memory is not in the brain it is in the heart 24. Water is a gateway
July 24, 2020
Interview with Jayne Marquis, Naturopathic Doctor, Homeopath, Owner of the podcast INPOWERED HEALTH - because Health is an INside job
1. From a ballroom dancer to naturopathic doctor and homeopathy 2.  Aha-Moment 3. Dancing is joy for life 4. Reading the books of Barbara Brennan and Bruce Liption during the childhood 5. Thoughts effects the energy field 6. I asked what the next step would be - becoming a doctor 7. War against being rediculed 8. Homeopathy is nano science 9. Much inpact for less money 10. What diseases can be treated with homeopathy? 11. Treatment for the mask trauma 12. Is there a save way to vaccinate? 13. Social distancing results in a decreasing of the cuddle hormone oxytocin - is a treatment possible? 14. Fear has its own frequency 15. How works homeopathy when the patient lives in a poisoned enviroment? 16. The sign that homeopathy works 17. Healing process timing and how it works 18. Is it possible to increase a relationship by homeopathy 19. Homeopathy and the unconscious mind 20. The aim of the podcast - INPOWERED HEALTH - because Health is an INside job 21. Being patient for the process or the magic pill? 22. Why interviewing cancer patients? 23. How can cancer patients find the adequate treatment for themselves?
July 24, 2020
Hello everyone, thank you for listening to my podcast goyourownpath. My name is Hartmut Schumacher and I am pleased talking to you. My Podcast is about encouraging people to go new ways and what is essential in order to do it and what it means to do it – for example changing the perception and facing fear and learn to go through the fear. Like the french film director Francois Truffaut loved to say: „You can not overtake anyone, if you follow in his footsteps“. He made for example the movie Missisippi Mermaid with Catherine Deneuve and Jean-Paul Belmondo. I see my task in informining you independently and non-partisan with facts. 1. My audience – People who ask questions and people in the hamster wheel 2. Black sheep of the family or wolve and warrior 3. Destroying trust in the System 4. Questioning the causes for the weather changes and the new virus is a sin 5. Warren Buffet´s quote 6. War intelligence against stupidness 7. George Orwell: Who controlls the past controlls the future… 8. Theaiorganisation – Agenda 2045 9. Relationship Germany – China 10. Payment of Germany to WHO 11. The german patent law 12. True past is essential for adequate decisions in the present 13. A Stone on the track – what is to do? 14. My task 15. Topics of the podcast goyourownpath 16. Experience in the Concentration Camp Dachau Topics: 1. Pulsed electric Magnetic Field Therapy - What is possible today? How can it support school medicine? 2. Olive leaf extract - The medicine of gods - What makes it so special for the human body? 3. The Pharmaceutical Industry - How it began and how it influences our society today? 4. Biological Resonance Therapy - How does it work? What can it do) Where are the limits? 5. The structure and the working of the high financing system and its influence in the countries. 6. Vitamines and supplements why they are essential for the human body? What does it  mean to limit its dosis by law? 7. Gravitational telecommunication - an alternative to 5G? 8. Water - only essential food or also the fuel for a new technology? 9. What kind of vaccination does exist and where is the difference? -  We have the classical one, by which the virus is injected in the body and the body attacks the virus - Vaccinationdevelopement: In this case a genetic parts of an very dangerous virus like Ebola is implemented in another virus, so that after injection the immunsystem starts to kill the normal virus and will learn to defend itself against Ebola without getting ill. - Type of Vaccination where genetic parts of a virus will be transported by nano particles directly in the blood. Then of course questions arises like: What will happen to the body? Can the body analysis the virus or not? Will it change us genetically? 10. Thinking proberly - How to know to think you are right but also how to know to think you are wrong 11. Scalarwave Technology - Science Fiction or Reality? 12. How does an Ex-Hedge Fund manager see the political and economical situation right now.
July 17, 2020