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Hashtag Actors Life

Hashtag Actors Life

By ARC Productions
Hashtag Actors Life! is a hilarious new podcast where three actors/comedians sit down with guests from all walks of the entertainment industry to discuss what it's like to live in their world and share their most embarrassing stories.
Sit down with Jesse, MJ and Chris as we welcome some special guests each episode to share hilarious stories, tell jokes, discuss pop culture and random topics, play games and each guest reveals the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to them. Its a laugh out loud type of ride and we hope you enjoy!
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35 - Filming through Adversity with Sarah Dinsey
Our very special guest this week is not only the very talented Writer, Director and Producer of upcoming film 'Falling in Slow Motion', but also one of the strongest, incredible, and most inspiring people we've had the pleasure of meeting, its the beautiful, Sarah Dinsey. We chat about Sarahs upcoming feature film 'Falling in Slow Motion' and what strange and inspiring circumstances led both Chris and Jesse to being cast in the film. We discuss what it's like transitioning from creating short films to full feature length scripts, how living with a chronic illness affects her work and lifestyle and how she manages to overcome constant adversity. We share some on stories from being on set filming together earlier this year during a pandemic and discuss how Sarah was able to create a rare and truly special feel on set for the cast and crew. Sarah shares with us one of her most embarrassing stories of all time and we hit her with a rapid fire round of random questions! All this and so much more on another hilarious episode of Hashtag Actors Life! And don't forget to follow us at - Instagram - @sarah_dinsey @fallinginslowmotion_movie @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
September 06, 2021
34 - Bad Auditions, Crazy Jobs and Funny Videos w/ Dom Viney
Ladies and Gentleman, breaking her official podcast cherry, we are joined today by Actor, comedian, content creator and the girl with 106 previous side jobs on her resume, it's the incredibly talented, stunning and hilarious, Dom Viney. Collaborating with Dom has been in the works for a long time and we're so glad to finally be chatting to her here on the podcast about all things career related! We're talking everything about creating content for internet, including why we do it, how we do it, and why we hate all our own content. Dom also shares with us her incredible ability to jump from side job to side job whilst maintaining an acting career as her primary focus and we compare the pitfalls and benefits in being able to do so as opposed to staying in the same job for 13 years (Like a certain SOMEONE). We then discuss keeping alive our old Myspace accounts, why we're too old for Tiktok, utilizing social media for actors, throwing up on cruise ships and we share some stories of our weirdest and most hilarious auditions we've ever done. As per tradition Dom then tells us about the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to her and we finish off with a killer quick fire round of random questions. All this and so much more on another hilarious episode of Hashtag Actors Life! And don't forget to follow us at - Instagram - @domviney @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
August 23, 2021
33 - Quittin' Jobs and Makin' Music w/ Lawrence Ola
Our very special guest this week... you may recognise him from... every commercial ever! It's the amazingly talented, kind, humble and beautiful man, the incredible Lawrence Ola. Lawrence has been on the acting scene for only a few short years but has found a wide variety of success across commercials, films and TV and today we also open up about his music projects and artistic passions. We talk about everything from songwriting, music producing, what its like to take on the life of an artist, how he quit his old jobs and took a chance on acting and his passions, the risks involved in our lifestyle and Lawrence opens up about the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to him. Its a really fun, hilarious, insightful conversation and we can't wait for you to hear it. All this and so much more on another hilarious episode of Hashtag Actors Life! And don't forget to follow us at - Instagram - @lawrence_pola @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
July 29, 2021
32 - Now thats Controversial with Maddie Russell
Our special guest this week is award winning Actor, Writer, Director, Wine drinker and seemingly controversial, the lovely Maddie Russell. Maddie is here to pretty much argue her way through a podcast with us and fight us on all the things we have opinions about. We're talking everything from who would make the better husband, which of our favourite movies are actually shit, pineapple on Pizza, which Choccys are the best in a favourites box, and even the pronunciation of 'controversy' itself. But its not all just a war as we do talk about what it's like to live the #actorslife in these times, how we deal with the struggles of being an actor, and what its really like when we get asked to cry on cue. All this and so much more on another hilarious episode of Hashtag Actors Life! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @maddie__russell @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
July 13, 2021
31 - A patch of Happiness with Anna Patch
Welcome to Season 3 of Hashtag Actors Life! Conflict, Triumph and a positive mindset. Thats whats in store today as our very first guest of the season is Actor/writer/author and life coach, the lovely Anna Patch. Anna sits down with us and talks all things mindset. And what better way to kick it off then with Anna talking about how to bounce back after getting dropped from an agent, the power of positivity, we discuss how some terrible life events have impacted our mindset, quotes and phrases that have strongly resonated with us, what it was like for her to start her own podcast, how the boys move to Sydney came about and what it took for them to actually do it. And then Chris and Anna discuss their differences and similarities when it comes to Manifestation. All this and so much more on the season premiere of Hashtag Actors Life! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @annapatch_ @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
June 08, 2021
30 - The Drunk Podcast with Dion Gleeson (Pt. 2)
We're back! And we're still drunk!! Still intoxicated from the alcohol flowing through our veins we decided 'screw it' let's do a part 2. And if you thought part 1 was just a mess of incoherent nonsense and hilarity then brace yourselves because in part 2 it sure as hell doesn't get any better, in fact we only get drunker. Our special drunk guest Mr Dion Gleeson is still with us and similar to part 1 we don't cover a bunch of topics but rather ALL the topics ever because we're smashed and don't know what we're saying! So enjoy us drunkenly rambling about everything, its messy but its also a crack up of hilarious jokes and moments and its certainly not to be missed! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @greenbloodcell @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
January 20, 2021
29 - The Drunk Podcast! With Dion Gleeson
We're drunk!! Smashed! Off the rails! Sloshed! Hammered! Turnin' up flodded! Thats right! By popular demand we've decided to do a podcast completely drunk for your listening pleasure! To be honest we were so drunk we can't really remember what we talk about in this podcast, we cover so many random topics with seemingly little to no segues. Its a bloody mess but we hope its entertaining nonetheless! And we have a special guest getting drunk with us... Stuntie, Actor, Gamer and Jesus look-a-like, Mr Dion Gleeson joins us in our drunken shenanigans! This is one messy roller coaster ride of a podcast and its certainly not to be missed! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @greenbloodcell @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
December 08, 2020
28 - Can you guess that voice?
DING DING! Its Round 2! Our new game is back baby! Can you guess who that celebrity actor is just from hearing their voice? Well this week we find out if the boys can do it by playing the full 10 rounds to crown the ultimate champion! With nothing but a voice recording they must decide who that voice belongs to and risk losing a point if they guess wrong. Its a hell of a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy playing along at home as well! Drop us a comment or a DM on the socials to let us know how you went and if theres any games you'd like to see us play in the future. And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
November 24, 2020
27 - I want to play a Game!
Time to play the Gaaaammmmeeeeee!!! Thats right, this week we're trying something new as Chris has a very special game he wants to play with Jesse and Mj. The object of the game, for Chris to play an audio recording and for the boys to guess which celebrity actor it belongs to just from hearing their voice. And for the winner... one of the most prestigious items in our household. Its bucketloads of fun but its also our first time trying it so naturally we went overtime and didn't get a chance to play as many rounds as we had planned however a clear winner was indeed crowned. (Don't worry we'll save those rounds for next time.) This is definitely such a fun, play along podcast and we're already looking forward to playing it again. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
November 09, 2020
26 - Comedy Skits and Porn with Kyle McCallion (Pt. 2)
And here's part 2 of our hilarious conversation with actor and comedian Kyle McCallion! If you thought part 1 was good (which lets be honest, it was great!) then part 2 takes it to the next level. In this episode Kyle kicks off this episode by telling us one of the more memorable stories of working in a cinema, Jesse recalls one of the funniest memories he can remember and we talk about the difficulties of telling people that we're actors and why we don't tell certain people. One of us invents tiktok before it becomes Tiktok (remember this was recorded 2yrs ago). We talk about what it's like to create content for YouTube and social media and then we round it all off by playing some film games! All this and so much more in another funny episode of Hashtag Actors Life! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @kylejmccallion @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
November 02, 2020
25 - Comedy Skits and Porn with Kyle McCallion (Pt. 1)
We recorded this episode back in 2018 but unfortunately weren't able to release it until now! And boy are we glad we can release it now because it may be one of our best and our funniest! Why so funny? Because we have our funniest ever (thats right, EVER) guest on the podcast this week for a special two part conversation! Its the hilarious, Kyle McCallion! In this non stop laughs episode we talk everything from how Kyle and Chris met working on a sitcom, Kyle talks about his 'friends of atticus' days including how they formed and what its like to produce sketches on a regular basis, whether we'll all get into porn or not and what the pre-requisites are for getting into porn. Then as per tradition we then ask Kyle to tell us his most embarrassing story, which also brings up a past trauma for Chris too. We then cap off the episode with some good old fashioned poo stories! It's a roller coaster of hilarity and this is only part 1. Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @kylejmccallion @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
October 26, 2020
24 - Talkin' Shit with Loretta Kung
Our first guest since Covid is a super long time coming! Its the superstar herself, you may recognise her from the hit TV Show 'The Family Law', its actor, good friend and a weekly regular at the JMC Ballin' BnB... Miss Loretta Kung. Lorettas at our house pretty much every week hanging out so we thought it was only fitting to have a conversation with her on the podcast... And this conversation does not disappoint! As well as asking Loretta what her most embarrassing story is, we talk about her skills as a stunt performer, the woman that made her fall into acting, why she has so many knives in her house and what she does with them and then we get to the real juicy stuff and share some good ol' toilet stories! How did Loretta mess up going to the toilet? What touched Chris's bum whilst he was pooing? Why was MJ so confused in a public restroom? We answer all these questions and more in our very open and utterly hilarious conversation with Loretta! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @loretta_kung @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
October 19, 2020
23 - Why can't I be kidnapped?
We cover some crazy topics this week! We kick things off by coining a new phrase that we can guarantee you'll be saying within the next year. Mark my words. We then talk about the hectic week that goes into launching our new production company ARC Productions and the films that we've released in the past week as part of that. If you've ever wanted to get a behind the scenes glimpse at what goes on in comedians production house when making and releasing content then you'll definitely want to hear what our week looked like this week. We also explain how we come up with ideas for sketches and the terrible thing we do once we have an idea. We then go into our themed conversation this week which is TIME. We ask what we would do if the three of us busy bees just had the one thing that eludes us... free time, and we can almost guarantee our answers are not what you'll expect. Its a roller coaster of hilarious topics this week and not a podcast you want to miss. Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
October 12, 2020
22 - Prized Possessions
We're back with another special episode of Hashtag Actors Life! This week we thought we might share with you a more personal and sentimental side to us boys. We kick things off with our first ever video segment (follow the links below to see the video) and we show off our hidden prized possessions from our bedroom. And then the almighty question... "If there was a fire and you could only save one thing what would it be?" We discuss what items we would take with us in a fire as well as revealing which one of us is the most likely to light the damn fire! All this and so much more on another hilarious episode of Hashtag Actors Life! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @arcproductions.aus @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
October 05, 2020
21 - Who's the Best Man?
We got a good one for all you cool cats and kittens this week! We kick things off with the week that was and go straight into some pretty crazy topics, including which one of us is planning on dyeing this year, whether each of us believe in fortune tellers or not and why one of us flat out refuses to go to one. Chris then tells us the crazy story of his trip to the zoo this week involving a chimpanzee and a duck (and its not for the faint of heart). Jesse then poses the question to each of us as to who would each of us pick as the best man to their wedding out of the three of us! And we wrap it all up with the returning segment 'Confrontation Corner' and this week Chris takes the mic and calls out both Jesse and MJ, on some questionable traits of theirs! All this and so much more on another hilarious episode of Hashtag Actors Life! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
September 28, 2020
20 - Celebrity Castings
We're back with another brand new special episode of Hashtag Actors Life! In this episode we catch up on the week that was an all the interesting things we got up to this week, including the filming we've done, the auditions we've had and how bad one of us is at Basketball. Can you guess who it is? We then talk about which Celebrities we liken ourselves to for casting reasons and reveal which celebrities other people tell us that we're like, both by looks and energy. And we cap it all off by bringing back a special round of the Celebrity age game from our previous podcast season. All this and so much more on another hilarious episode of Hashtag Actors Life! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
September 21, 2020
19 - Forced to say 'I Love You'
The results are in for the 'I Love You' challenge! Last week Chris threw out the challenge, this week we all bring our results to the table and find out what the reactions were to telling complete strangers that we love them. We review the tapes and reveal who pulled off the challenge the best and how they did it and what we found was quite the revelation. We also catch up on the weeks events by sharing that not one but TWO different feature films that ya boys are starring in that had screenings this past week. We discuss some interesting stories from filming including how Jesse had to learn to ride a horse in under an hour and whether he could succeed. We also bring back our newest segment from last week, 'Confrontation Corner' and this week... MJ takes the stands as he calls out Chris and Jesse for some of their traits that grind his angry little gears. All this and so much more on an all new episode of Hashtag Actors Life! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
September 14, 2020
18 - Ways that we're becoming our Dads
We have a special Fathers Day episode for all you cool cats and kittens out there! In this episode we discuss all our fatherly traits and reveal the different ways that we realize we're becoming our Dads as we get older. We also get blindsided by Jesse in a new segment called 'Confrontation Corner' where we lay it all out on the line and bring to the table, things about the other two that irk us from living together. All with a loose hope that it won't turn into a big fight. But whether it does or doesn't, its sure as hell going to be entertaining for anyone listening. Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
September 07, 2020
17 - Big Announcement
We're back with not only a new episode but we have a huge announcement to make in regards to whats in store for us in the future! And no, we're not breaking up or getting a cat, but it is a big one for us! We also take some time to discuss whats been happening in the entertainment industry and our personal lives since COVID. We talk everything from the new Mulan, Jesse's tinder profile, Chadwick Bosemans death, and how we've upgraded our recording studio to become the JMC 'BALLIN' BNB! All this and much more to come on all new Hashtag Actors Life! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
August 31, 2020
16 - Five Finger Discounts with Kristen Barros (Part 2)
We're back again with the highly anticipated PART 2 of our incredible conversation with Kristen Barros! If you thought part one was good, you haven't heard anything yet! We jump straight back into it and share about our first ever acting gigs, we then play a little association game which leads to Kristen revealing her shocking past as a hardened thieving criminal (Kidding, not kidding). We then share some stories about who in the group has stolen before and trust me you won't believe who it is and how much they've taken. As well as some of the more risky activities all of us are and aren't willing to do that involve breaking the law. All of this and so much more in part 2 of our very self-incriminating but amazing conversation with Kristen. Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
April 30, 2020
15 - Five Finger Discounts with Kristen Barros (Part 1)
We're back with another very special guest on the Hashtag Actors Life Podcast! Our guest this week is one of our closest and dearest friends and one of the most talented actors we know! The lovely, the adorable, the AMAZING... Kristen Barros! We has such a good time talking to Kristen a while back that we had to keep talking and then split the podcast into two parts to give her the attention she deserves! To kick things off in part 1 we throw her straight in the deep end and ask Kristen to tell us her most embarassing story right off the bat! We then discuss Chris's astonishing level of clumsiness as he shares some of his most accident prone moments of his life including how he once dislocated his knee cooking eggs (RIGHT?!). We discuss the unique stories behind how we all met Kristen, including how one of us thought she was Asian and we introduce Kristen to the celebrity age game! All this and so much more in part 1 of our amazing chat with Kristen. Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
April 15, 2020
14 - Patrick Coe vs the World
Here's another episode of Hashtag Actors Life to help soothe your self isolation blues! In this episode we welcome our good friend and favourite man behind the camera, the incredible Patrick Coe. We sit down with Pat and talk about what it's like to work on the other side of the camera and some of his experiences working with some big names on Australian TV. We find out what drew him to working in the film and TV industry and talk about what it's like to direct actors on set. We each pick our all time favourite films and reveal why Jesse is so critical of police movies. Pat then shares with us not one but several of his most embarrassing stories that he can think of. And to cap it all off we debut a brand new segment to the Hashtag Actors life Podcast! A rapid fire round where we ask Pat some of the most random personal questions we can think of. Resulting in one of our most fun and quick-witted podcasts to date. Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
March 31, 2020
13 - Love, Lies and Spiders with Kylie Riddle
We're back with another special guest on the Hashtag Actors Life podcast! This week we are joined by LA's next biggest Aussie star, miss Kylie Riddle. We sat down with Kylie a while ago and recorded one roller coaster of a podcast. We reveal which one of us is in love with Delta Goodrem, we share some extremely weird doctor stories and how MJ passed out on stage. Then things really pick up with Kylie as we talk about some bad experiences with animals including how a spider once outsmarted Kylies entire family, how Jesse would lie to his dad every time he left the house (wait till you hear why) and we discuss the real reason why he's always in the shower for 40 minutes. Some big reveals, some hilarious stories and a whole lot more in this all new episode of Hashtag Actors Life. Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
March 23, 2020
12 - The Positivity Pandemic (Live recording)
Welcome back to Season 2 of the Hashtag Actors Life Podcast! LIVE from the JMC Budget BnB in the midst of a pandemic, the boys are back to brighten your day and share a bit of positivity in these uncertain times. In this episode we focus solely on all the positive, amazing and inspiring stories that have come out of the COVID-19 spread and try to put a smile on your face with some incredible messages of hope. Plus we take some compelling personal questions from our Live stream viewers on social media and as always, our conversations go to some weird places real quick. Its hilarity, chaos, inspiration, and hope all jumbled into our first ever LIVE recorded podcast and kicks off the new season of Hashtag Actors Life! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
March 21, 2020
11 - Nude Modelling and Mispronouncing names with Annikki Chand
We're back with another special guest on Hashtag Actors Life... the multitalented Actor, Model and Dancer and great friend of ours, Miss Annikki Chand. And the conversation starts of very interestingly as she tells us straight away that she only learnt how to say her name a year ago. But it certainly doesn't stop there as Chris reveals that he may have been saying his last name wrong his whole life and MJ reveals that he has a hidden past involving nude modelling (its exactly what you think)! We then go further as we talk about why we can't make our own ringtones anymore, how Vanilla Ice stole from Queen, we discuss the terrible things that have happened to us at drama school and on stage and we ask Annikki about the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to her. All this and so much more in this fun filled episode of Hashtag Actors Life! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
August 28, 2018
10 - Getting Busted with Mitch Camm
We're back! With a brand new special guest and some very interesting conversations our very dear friend, fellow Actor who's currently kicking ass in the Dance scene... Mr. Mitch Camm. Mitch is a loose cannon type personality who grew up in remote farms across Northern Australia, we discuss what it was like for Mitch growing up in such rural areas and how he's adjusting to the city life in Sydney! We ask Mitch the big question and he shares with us the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to him. Chris and MJ share some epic puke stories and Mitch shares an insane and hilarious story about how he managed to escape getting busted for some illegal substances in Germany. All this and much more in this insane story filled episode of Hashtag Actors Life! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
June 24, 2018
09 - De-briefing after Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War... just wow! So much wow that we decided we need to do a podcast about it! So here we are! We're talking everything Infinity war... from thoughts, reactions, favourite moments, theories and much much more in this little bite sized podcast thats perfect to listen to on your ride home! Enjoy! (Spoiler alert if you haven't seen it yet obviously) And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
May 10, 2018
08 - Weird Film Set Stories with Natty and Charlene (pt. 2)
We're back with part 2 of our hilarious conversation with the talented duo of Natalie Baker and Charlene Weston!! And even though in part 1 we explored some great topics... in Part 2 we really take it to some interesting places. Charlene kicks it off by telling us the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to her which leads to some very crazy discussions about tampons, dildos and other other sex stories. Then together we all share some very interesting experiences about being on a film set, and we play a great round of the celebrity age game! Enjoy! And don't forget to ​follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
May 02, 2018
07 - Weird Film Set Stories with Natty and Charlene (pt. 1)
Wanna hear more about the weird and embarrassing side of being an actor? Then you've come to the right place because this episode is filled with all kinds of embarrassing stories! Our special guests this episode are Natalie Baker and Charlene Weston, two actors/directors/writers/filmmakers who are now producing their second short film following the success of their award winning film 'Red Dirt'. They also happen to be very good friends of ours who we've crossed paths with on set multiple times, as you'll hear, along with revealing how we all first met. Plus MJ proves he's the worst at segues in conversations, we discuss how the life of an actor fluctuates so often between getting work and being homeless on the street, Natty and Charlene both share some of their worst audition stories and we discuss how Chris can't control his farts. All this and much more, and this is only part 1 of the incredible conversation! ​Follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
March 19, 2018
06 - Life Lessons with Dave Beamish (pt. 2)
We're back with part 2 of our fascinating conversation with the man himself, Dave Beamish. If you thought part 1 was good then prepare yourself because part 2 is even better! The fun really kicks off in this episode as we ask Dave what the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to him is, we discuss the people and quotes that have inspired us in our careers, the books we've read that have changed us, a very controversial eating habit that both Dave and Jesse share, Dave spills the beans on his most quirky and productive habits, we discuss how we keep our hair staying gorgeous, plus we play a great round of the Celebrity Age Game. In our opinion this conversation might just be one of the best that we've recorded on our podcast and is one you definitely don't want to miss. And if you haven't already, be sure to check our Part 1 too! ​Follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
February 28, 2018
05 - Life Lessons with Dave Beamish (pt.1)
Welcome to the first episode of a very special two-part release with our very special guest... Dave Beamish. Dave Beamish is an actor, producer, writer & musician, based in Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast of Australia. Since leaving a career as an architect to pursue the acting, film, & media industries, he has seen success on national television including Australian favourite Neighbours, internationally distributed horror Charlie's Farm, and most recently played the iconic role of Sir Lancelot in Canadian-Aussie co-production The Siege, rumoured for initial North American release. In the first of this two-part episode we go over a whole range of topics including how David is working towards helping the education system, how he went from being an architect to becoming an Actor and Businessman. Then we start to get deep about our role as actors, we share the lessons we've learn't in our careers along the way and how technology is affecting the way we operate in the entertainment industry today. This is a conversation with some great little tips and tricks that anyone interested in movies and the entertainment industry does not want to miss! Plus its super hilarious episode as we also talk about Jesse being homeschooled, Chris showing up to his graduation on a camel, and wait till the very end of the podcast to hear what might possibly be the funniest thing recorded on our podcast so far! ​Follow us at - Instagram -  @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
February 12, 2018
04 - MJ's Near-Death Experience.
We're back with special guest Chris (Rainman) Rain, in this episode MJ tells us how he's allergic to Chlorine and recalls a very funny story from his school swimming days, we also discuss being allergic to bullets in the war, our amazing idea for a new Olympic Sport, how MJ and Chris both nearly died attempting backflips, and why Chris has worn eyeliner in the gym. This and a whole lot more in this quick yet hilarious episode of Hashtag Actors Life. Follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana Follow Chris Rain at @christopher_rain
January 06, 2018
03 - Chris's Crazy Phobia
Back with special guest Chris (Rainman) Rain in another hilarious episode that we recorded back in 2016! In this episode we get heated and debate over things such as Schnitz, which one of us has the shittiest bank, Nike or Nike?, and we reveal Chris C's very big and very serious phobia which brings out a whole new side to him and leads to some very strange and hilarious stories! This one is filled with non-stop laughs and some unforgettable moments and is truly one you don't want to miss! Follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
January 06, 2018
02 - Jesse's Girl
Back with special guest Chris (Rainman) Rain, this was the 2nd podcast we recorded back in 2016 and we continue the trend of embarrassing stories! In this episode we discuss how we've had some very different experiences with Asian cuisine, Matt Damon whitewashing, what guys do when they have crushes vs. what girls do, Jesse's experience with stalking his crush, and how MJ managed to screw up even the most simplest of stalking tasks! Not only is this episode utterly hilarious but it starts to give you a great insight into the idiots we are. We had a lot of fun recording this so we hope you enjoy it! And be sure subscribe and check out our first episode before listening to this as there's a whole bunch of references to the stories we tell in our first episode too! Enjoy! Follow us at - Instagram - @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
January 06, 2018
01 - The Story That Could Ruin Chris Forever
Welcome the first ever episode of Hashtag Actors Life! We recorded the first four episodes back in 2016 with Actor, Cinematographer and very dear friend Chris Rain as our special guest. In this episode we have so much fun and go over a range of topics including Chris's family Xmas gift gone horribly wrong, Game of Thrones (No spoilers), being addicted to Bold and the Beautiful, what its like to live on Neighbours Ramsay st, Miss America dropping the N word, and a Hashtag Actors Life exclusive... Chris C tells us the story of the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to him. And trust us, the releasing of this story could very well be the end of his career and social life. ​Follow us at - Instagram -  @jessedingo @chris_charterboat @mj_staana
January 06, 2018