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Haunts and Hops

Haunts and Hops

By Haunts and Hops
3 paranormal investigators, 3 beer enthusiasts, 2.5 comedians. Get ready for a mediocre ride as your hosts Ashley Troub, Jonny Loquasto, and Anastasia Washington take you to a journey through time (wasting yours) and space (really just a purgatory of sorts).
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Swimming with UFOs
UFOs, Haunted Hotels and ghost hunters finding bodies.
May 20, 2021
Haunts and Hops go to college!
We talk haunted Universities!
May 13, 2021
Reincarnation and Sharing Graves
This week we chat about Reincarnation, Sharing Graves, and that Big foot doc that's really a true crime doc.
May 06, 2021
Haunts with Maria De La Ghetto
This week we talk Premonitions and Black Eyed children with Maria De La Ghetto.
April 29, 2021
Origin stories are discussed in this weeks episode. Of us... not the Xmen.
April 22, 2021
Haunted Salons and Hotels
This week discuss More Haunted Hotels!
April 15, 2021
Haunts and Hops at Wondercon!!
Listen to our Wondecon Panel! The Haunts and Hops trio Jonny Loquasto (comic, commentator, host), Ashley Troub (Haunts and Hops, Ghost Hunters, and Pedro Pascal enthusiast), and Anastasia Washington (Haunts and Hops, actress) discuss how pop culture deals with cryptids, aliens, and paranormal in comics and pop culture with panelists Brandon Avis (investigator, technician, author), Mustafa Gatollari (investigator, historian, author), and Nowal “Zee” Massari (co-host of Ghosts-n-Heauxs, paranormal investigator and comedian).
April 08, 2021
Van Kelsing!
We chat with Kelsey Walmer about Aliens, Apartment Hauntings and more!
April 01, 2021
Cryptids and Aliens! Oh my!!
This week we chat about ghost photos, cryptids and aliens!
March 25, 2021
A dance with the Drunken Devil
This week we talk Aliens, haunted funeral home tiktoks, cryptids and more with the Dynamic and Talented duo behind the Cosmic Game and Drunken Devil, Matt Dorado and Mak Manson.
March 18, 2021
London ghost calling!
This week we chat about London Ghosts, Palace ghosts in kilts, How Woman owned the beer world and so much more! 
March 11, 2021
This week we talk Aliens, Black Brewed Beer, and Blacktober fest with Royce Shockley.
March 04, 2021
Chris Villain and the Fifth Dimension
This week Chris Villain is back as we discuss the afterlife, the fifth dimension and reincarnation.
February 25, 2021
Elisa Lam and Hotel Cecil
This week we discuss the tragic death of Elisa Lam, The Hotel Cecil, along with the new netflix documentary Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel
February 18, 2021
This will scare us!
We talk with Shannon Brown of the This will scare you Podcast and discuss Aliens, the axe man and more!
February 11, 2021
Marry a Ghost
This week talk about The Thousand Oaks Siting of a UFO and the woman who married a Ghost.
February 04, 2021
Michael J Epstein
This week we chat with Michael J Epstein, Filmmaker, Writer, Podcaster and author of the very insightful book, BIGFOOT DOES NOT EXIST!: An introduction to the fundamental principles of statistics, science, and logic. 
January 28, 2021
Amanda from Spook-Eats!
This week we chat about ghosts, beer, and the places that have them both with special guest Amanda from!
January 21, 2021
Roswell 1947
This week we discuss Roswell, Area 51, UFOs, and if the truth is out there, or is it already here. 
January 14, 2021
Best of 2020 Pt. 2
Enjoy the Best of our 2020 season with highlights from Brian J. Cano , Maria Quijada, and Chris Villain.
December 31, 2020
Best of Haunts and Hops 2020!
Highlights from our episodes with Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari!
December 24, 2020
Shane Hartline and The Haunting of Grady Farm
This week we discuss The Haunting of Grady Farm  now on Amazon, Aliens, The Zodiac Killer, ghost seeing dogs and more!
December 17, 2020
Galactic Federation
This week the crew drinks beer, Ashley drinks a sour and we discuss dreams, ghost nurses, scary images, and weird conspiracy theories about cartoons.
December 10, 2020
Chloe Dykstra and Phasmophobia
We chat with Chloe Dykstra about Phasmophobia, Birds aren't real, and of course Beer!
December 03, 2020
Thanksgiving Ghosting
This weeks episode we try two beers, ghosts, and do a full reenactment of a ghost trial!
November 26, 2020
Together at last!
Jonny, Ashley, and Anastasia finally are all in the same room! This week we chat about beer, lady in white, things not to worry about in the paranormal, and just in general get weird and giddy together.
November 19, 2020
Queen Mary and other things that Haunt us!
This week the crew discusses some epic Beer, The RMS Queen Mary, and awkwardly discuss Anastasia's Dad's death.
November 12, 2020
1947 UFO Crash in Roswell
It's Election Week! With it being an exciting and unsure time, why should this week's episode be any different? Ashley and Anastasia are unavailable so Jonny rides solo this week giving you a preview of a future topic for when the squad is at full strength, and that's a discussion about the book Witness to Roswell, arguably the most comprehensive and information-packed book ever written about the infamous Roswell UFO Crash back in 1947. If you have any interest in Aliens and UFOs, give this episode a listen!
November 05, 2020
We discuss Halloween lore, divination, predictions and hear some of your scary Halloween tales!
October 29, 2020
Haunted Amusement Parks
This week we discuss Abandoned Disney Parks, Haunted Amusement Parks, Six Flags Nola and more.
October 22, 2020
Haunted Hospitals
This week the gangs chats about Haunted Hospitals, Paranormal Nanny Jobs, Bly Manor, Male Intuition and more!
October 15, 2020
The Uncanny Mandela Effect
We discuss the theories of the Mandela Effect, Uncanny Valley and even take a quiz on whether we are affected. We also have a supernatural scoop about a possessed car, and so much more.
October 08, 2020
The one about Ashley Troub
This week we drink beer... some of us a bit too much beer and interview our very own Ashley Troub about Ghost Hunters, Behind the Scenes, and so much more.
October 01, 2020
Psychic Maria Quijada
Ashley's long-time friend, the incredibly gifted Maria Quijada is our special guest! Her psychic abilities are truly amazing, as she gives us some background into her life, what it's like to have these abilities, as well as vivid stories and experiences that can only be explained by having the unique gift of being a psychic. Subscribe and tell a few friends!
September 24, 2020
Haunted Houses
We chat about haunted house including Whaley House, the New York City "House of Death", and Winchester House and discuss audio dramas with Kerry Wieder. 
September 17, 2020
Kristy Sumner
We chat with Kristy Sumner of Soul Sisters Paranormal. Amazing tips if you are just starting out.
September 10, 2020
Mustafa Gatollari
We chat with Mustafa Gatollari about his new book and so much more!
September 03, 2020
Brian J. Cano
This week we chat with Brian J. Cano of Haunted Collector about Haunted Dolls, Paralosphy and his New Mobile exhibit, The History of the Paranormal!
August 27, 2020
Buy this haunted house!
This week we chat about Haunted Properties up for sale. Would you buy a haunted house?
August 20, 2020
Brea Grant
We discuss Aliens and Paranormal with Brea Grant!
August 13, 2020
Stephen Barcelo and the Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum
Cheers to another round of paranormal discussion! We also pay a visit to the incredible Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum and have a fascinating sit-down with it's founder Stephen Barcelo !
August 06, 2020
Chris Villain
This week we chat Aliens, Harry Potter houses and more with Chris Villain.
July 30, 2020
Karen Rontowski
Tune in as we talk to Karen Rontowski of the Paranormal Karen Podcast, Tarot reader and comedian who has performed on Letterman, has a Comedy special “Ridiculous Me” which just hit 8 million views! 
July 23, 2020
Lets talk about Cryptids.
This week we grab a brew... well Anastasia kind of does... and we talk all things Cryptids including good old Nessie.
July 16, 2020
Brandon Alvis
This week we interview Ghost Hunter's Brandon Alvis and discuss new ghost tech and so much more!
July 13, 2020
Haunts and Hops!
In This Episode: Meet your hosts, learn their backgrounds, and hear some great ghost stories in between! Ashley Troub: a beer enthusiast, jokester, and paranormal investigator. She was blessed to land her literal dream job: being an investigator on Ghost Hunters, a show that she vehemently told everyone that she would someday be a part of. Anastasia Washington: an accomplished actress, writer, singer, and comedian who has always had a fascination with the paranormal. She can be described as Scully with just a dash of Mulder. Jonny Loquasto: a former fat kid who’s passionate about professional wrestling, comedy, and the paranormal. Jonny has most recently been a play by play commentator for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
June 29, 2020